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Dana Spicer

40,000 lb. Tandem Drive Axles.

Built For What You Need.

Dana Spicer 40,000 lb. Tandem Axles

Dana has the right 40,000 lb. tandem axle

no matter what you need

The DSH40 is

over 400
pounds lighter
than competitive

Dana Spicer DS404

Tandem Axle

Are you looking for economy with durability? Are excellent ride characteristics
most important to you? Do you want high torque and high horsepower for
heavier payloads? Or do you need to handle high GCW for linehaul applications?

Exclusive Dana features make the DS404

axle an economical choice for applications
where durability is particularly essential.
For example, the Flow Thru lube system
provides much of the protection of a
lube pump, without the additional cost
or horsepower degradation.

No matter what the question, Dana has the answer. With the most complete
line of 40,000 lb. tandem axles in the industry, theres a Dana Spicer drive axle
thats right for you. Each one features the quality construction and rugged
durability you demand and every axle delivers proven performance, the
longest standard warranty, and the best value available.
No matter what your specifications, Dana has a tandem axle to fit.

The DS404 is the lightest standard

40,000 lb. tandem axle in the industry.
Options include differential lock, pump,
and wide-track housing.
Its larger inter-axle differential assembly and
lockout clutch design make it ideal for a
wide range of vehicles and applications. A
broader range of hypoid primary gear ratios
allows optimum powertrain specification.

Choose the Dana Spicer

40,000 lb. tandem axle thats right for you

Whatever your application demands, Dana has a 40,000 lb. tandem axle to help you get the job done.

The D40-170s
lube pump provides

without robbing

The DST40 reduces

driveline vibration to

If you need

Low cost / durability

Torsion reduction

High horsepower / torque

High horsepower /torque /GCW

DS404 Standard
Tandem Axle

DST40 Torsionally Tuned-40

DSH40 High Performance-40

Tandem Axle

D40-170 Super 40
Tandem Axle

GAW rating

40,000 lbs.

40,000 lbs.

40,000 lbs.

40,000 lbs.

GCW rating

80,000 lbs.

80,000 lbs.

110,000 lbs.

140,000 lbs.






Maximum torque





You should choose:

Tandem Axle

extend the life

of the U-joint
and synchronizer.

Learn more about Dana Spicer 40,000 lb. tandem axle solutions at

Dana Spicer DST40 Torsionally

Tuned-40 Tandem Axle

Dana Spicer DSH40

High Performance-40 Tandem Axle

Dana Spicer D40-170

Super 40Tandem Axle

Innovation is at the core of the Dana

Spicer DST40 Torsionally Tuned-40 Tandem.
The pairing of hypoid and spiral bevel
gearing decreases inter-axle driveline
angles, reducing driveline vibration. This
prevents drivetrain component damage
and extends U-joint and synchronizer life,
without compromising on gear and bearing
loads, for the best combination of gearing
strength, bearing system reliability, and
ratio flexibility.

In high torque, high horsepower engines

subjected to increased payload applications,
nothing compares to the Dana Spicer High
Performance-40 tandem axle design for
optimum performance. The thick wall,
square-edge, high strength axle housing is
designed for todays air-ride suspensions.

Drivers in high GCW linehaul applications

shouldnt have to worry about their axles.
The Dana Spicer Super 40 tandem axle
delivers the confidence they deserve.
An integrated ring gear and wheel differential
mounting system eliminates the bolted
joint, improving reliability in high torque,
high horsepower functions.

A popular range of standard axle ratios

ensures flawless performance, while
lowered vehicle vibration and improved
ride characteristics provide a more
comfortable operating experience for drivers.

Approved specifically for engines up to 650

horsepower and 2,050 lbs.ft. of torque, the
DSH40 High Performance-40 axle is more
than 400 pounds lighter than typical
18-inch ring gear tandems for high torque
applications. It also costs much less than
46,000-lb. tandems for premium, high
horsepower applications.

The D40-170 Super 40 offers the largest

wheel differential in its class, and its
patented on-demand lube pump protects
against spin-out without robbing valuable
horsepower. The robust bearing system
was designed specifically for high torque,
high horsepower applications.
In addition, an integral pinion cage and
carrier add strength and eliminate a leak
path, contributing to overall durability.
With ratio coverage from 3.07 to 7.17:1, the
D40-170 Super 40 axle provides maximum
performance across a variety of vocations.

The Roadranger Promise

The Roadranger System is an unbeatable combination of the best products from Eaton Corporation,
Dana Corporation, and other trusted partners, backed by the Roadrangers the most experienced,
expert, and accessible drivetrain consultants in the business. The Roadranger mission is to provide the
most comprehensive customer support offerings available. This begins with a 24-hour-a-day technical
support call center network, an excellent source of information on warranty coverage, parts and vehicle
specifications, parts and service literature, repair strategies, and warranty claim decisions.

Searching For Proven Performance,

Durability, and Reliability?
Learn more from the leaders in advanced, reliable 40,000 lb. tandem axle technology:
Dana. Call 1-800-826-HELP (4357) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (Mexico: 001-800-826-4357).

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