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Beauty is the most charming and enchanting gifts of God.

Beauty is a characteristic not limited to a particular object,
person, place, or idea but perhaps is exhibited in most multitudes.
Beauty is described as being in balance and harmony with nature.
Something beautiful is a pleasure to look at so beauty provides
meaning and satisfaction and its harmonious character leads to
feelings of attraction towards that particular object or person.
Beauty is inherent in almost every creation of nature. Human
creativity and imagination can also create beauty. Beauty is
perceived differently by different people. The sunset, a sculpture,
a painting, a valley, a waterfall, snow capped mountains, a
woman and a butterfly are all beautiful in different contexts. One
may appreciate and enjoy watching the sun set but may not be
able to envision the beauty of life. Two people may not appreciate
the beauty of the same painting and two men may not find the
same woman attractive. Some try to perceive things in black and
white while others tend to enjoy a colorful life.
Symmetry can increase beauty. There is a strong
connection between mathematics and beauty although it may
seem odd. Objects proportioned according to the golden ratio are
often more attractive as it lends a factor of symmetry. People
whose facial features are symmetric and proportioned according
to the golden ratio are considered more attractive than those
whose faces are not.
Beauty is the summation of the parts working together
in such a way
that nothing has to be added, taken away, or altered.
Harjeet Inder Singh Sahi


Inner beauty is a concept used to describe the positive

effects of something that is not physically observable. Personality,
intelligence, grace, charm and elegance constitute inner beauty.
Health, youthfulness, sexiness, symmetry and complexion
constitute outer beauty.
Its beauty that captures your attention; personality
which captures your heart.
Beauty is indeed a gift of God; but that the good may
not think it is a
great good, God dispenses it even to the wicked. - St.
Beauty of a sword
Can beauty be associated with symbols of power? Yes.
Emperors always paid special emphasis on how their swords were
forged, how they were bejeweled, purity of the metals used and
other ornate carvings and writings. Similarly in the modern world
expensive cars which are style icons and symbols of power have
beautiful bends in their design and leather bound books with gold
lettering are used to attract collectors.
Beauty of life
Life is full of beauty. Notice it. Notice the honeybee and
the butterfly, the small child, and the smiling faces. Smell the rain
and feel the wind. Live your life to the fullest potential, and fight
for your dreams.
Life is beautiful in all its forms and manifestations. The
colorful butterflies, the striped zebra, the spotted leopard and the
dancing peacock all demonstrate beauty in life. Life unravels in
the most unexpected ways; destiny shapes life and carves out a
distinct pattern of events for every living being. Future can never
be predicted but there is one thing about future, it changes every
time you look at it and the change is because you looked at it. At
Harjeet Inder Singh Sahi


many times you may find yourself at crossroads with many

possible outcomes. They say life is simple if lived truthfully but it
is a fact that simple things are the most difficult to master,
masters are those who perfect the art of simplicity. Life is a
mystery and that is what makes it interesting and beautiful to

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Harjeet Inder Singh Sahi