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John Locke SM 300 Chapter 1 Activity

MegaTech, Inc.
Case Study 1

Question 1 What is it about project management that offers MegaTech a competitive advantage
in its industry?
Project Management offers a competitive advantage by allowing Mega-Tech to remain
competitive in their now larger market. With NAFTA Mega Tech found itself having to compete
with overseas markets and found its competition had grown. Projects provide Mega Tech a
foundation for new design and better organizational strategies. Through Project Management
companies are able to establish teams to develop and meet a common goal. If Mega-Techs goal
is to become more customer oriented a Project Management team would be developed to
establish a plan that would allow them to be customer driven. Project Management is also a great
way to develop and implement the newest and most improved products. Mega-Techs goal is to
help speed new innovative products to the market before their competition. With the new
competition Mega-Tech will be under pressure to get their products to market before the
competition. Project Management will develop a plan to market and push their new product to
the market. Mega-Tech can also use Project Management as a way to cross the functional and
organizational boundaries. Mega-Tech is finding the new culture change to be difficult. With
Project Management Mega-Tech can bring unity to the company that will strengthen the overall
production. Using the different departments to meet a common goal maximizes on Mega-Techs
overall resources. Project Management will provide Mega-Tech the competitive advantage it will
need to compete in innovation and production of new products.

Question 2 What elements of the marketplace in which MegaTech operates led the firm to
believe that project management would improve its operations?
Mega-Tech felt the need to develop Project Management to improve its operations because of the
new market competition. Mega-Tech in the past was able to work in a predictable and stable
market with the ability to predict their environment and annual demand. With product efficiency
they have grown all the while the competition has grown as well. Mega-Tech now faces a highly
competitive market coupled with the need to develop and rush new and innovative products to
the customer. Top Managers decided that product updates needed to be much more frequent. This
required Mega-Tech to develop new technology and design to meet the demand. Project
Management gives them the ability to implement plans to achieve these goals internally through
cost effective teams. Project Management allows for change in the present and future. With the
changing competitive market Mega-Tech needs to stay ahead of the market in innovation and

John Locke SM 300 Chapter 1 Activity

design. Mega-Tech also used Project Management to develop a research and development team
that is focused towards future product innovations. With this team Mega-Tech has the ability to
work for the future of the company and stay ahead of the competition.