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By Aldous Huxley
Reading guide
1. A Brave New World, where humans are bred and conditions scientifically
to create a society in which people have peaceful, reasonably happy
lives, but no individual freedom or opportunity for passion. Do you think
this is a perfect society?
2. Everybody has a work and nobody is dissatisfied with their position in a
socially stable society. Is that a quality of a good society?
3. But there is a shadowy emptiness at the heart of this existence which
only a few people are aware of. What do you think that emptiness is?
4. What is A.F.?
Chapter 1. The Centre.
1. The World States motto suggests that community, identity, and stability
are the most important qualities in their society. Do you agree? Are those
qualities important in any society?
2. Details, as everyone knows, lead to virtue and happiness; generalities,
though necessary for some purposes, are dangerous. A peaceful and
efficient society is based on practical workers, not on thinkers. Do you
agree with this statement?
3. Explain the fertilization process used in Brave New World.
4. What is Bokanovskys process? Which classes undergo this process?
5. Why would Bokanovskys process help create social stability?
6. What is the purpose of depriving some embryos of adequate oxygen?
7. According to the Director, what is the secret of happiness and virtue? Do
you agree with him?
8. Explain some of the processes that the Centre uses to prepare embryos
for their inescapable social destiny
Chapter 2. State Conditioning.

What are the Conditioning Rooms?

What is the purpose of the lesson?
Why shouldnt lower classes like flowers or books?
Why are lower classes conditioned to love country sports if they are also
conditioned to hate the country?
5. What is the Principle of sleep-teaching? What do they use it for?
6. What is the Elementary Class Consciousness about?
7. Explain the exclamation Oh, Ford!
Chapter 3. Off duty.
1. According to the dialogue between Lenina and Fanny, what is considered
correct behaviour in this new world? (pp. 14-15)
2. Why does Lenina want to go out with Bernard Marx?

3. Why doesnt Fanny like Bernard Marx?

Chapter 4. Bernard Marx

What social class does Bernard Marx belong to?

Does Bernard like talking in public about private affairs?
Why is Bernard disappointed with Leninas behaviour?
Why does Bernard speak more roughly to members of lower classes?
Who is Helmholtz Watson?
What do Bernard and Helmholtz have in common? P.22
Words are the most powerful of weapons if you use them properly
theyll cut through anything. Do you agree with this statement?
8. Why is Helmholtz unhappy?
Chapter 5. The social sea.
1. Why is it important for everybody to think that Everyone works for
everyone else. We cant do without anyone?
2. What was the Unity Service like?
3. Why did Bernard say I hear him; he is coming if he actually didnt hear
4. Was the Unity Service useful for Bernard? Why / why not?
Chapter 6. Passion.

Why does Lenina want to go out with Bernard?

What is soma? Why doesnt Bernard want to take it?
What is Leninas reaction to Bernards desire to be alone?
In what way are Lenina and Bernard different?
Why is Bernard disappointed that he slept with Lenina on their first date?
How does she respond to his suggestion that it would have been better
to have waited?
6. Who is Mustapha Mond?
7. What happened to the Director when he went to the Savage Reservation
in his youth?
8. How does the Director threaten Bernard? What effect does the treat have
on him? Why do you think Bernard responds this way to being
9. What is life in the Reservation like, according to the Director of the
10.What is Malpais?
Chapter 7. Among the savages.
1. What was Leninas reaction when she got to the Reservation?
2. Why does John, the savage, look different like the others and can speak
3. Who is Linda?
4. How does Linda react when she sees Bernard and Lenina?
5. What does Linda think about the savages?
6. What has life on the Reservation been like for Linda?

7. Why was it difficult for Linda to answer Johns questions when he was a
Chapter 8. John.
1. Are Bernard and John similar in any way?
2. What ceremony is John excluded from participating in? How does he
respond to his exclusion?
3. What does Bernard offer to do for Linda and John? How does John
respond to that offer?
Chapter 9. My father!
1. Why does the Director want to send Bernard to Iceland?
2. What is Bernards reaction?
3. What is the reaction of the workers when they hear John call the Director
4. What is Lindas reaction when she sees the Director?
5. What is the Directors reaction to the whole situation?
Chapter 10. New lives.
1. What did the Director do after the scene in the Fertilizing Room?
2. Why is there enormous public interest in seeing John, but not in seeing
his mother, Linda?
General questions
1. Find examples of the use of terminology related to Henry Ford.