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Summer 2015

The Digitization
of Everything
Trends and Success Stories - 2015 EMEA Edition

Table of contents

The Digitization of Everything

We will become a deeply connected, digital world

HP Software for the New Style of Business

Service Brokering and Cloud

Transform IT into a true Service Broker

Service Management

10 HP Service Anywhere
11 Automate Everything. Be Continuous.
12 Enterprise DevOps, by design
14 HP Software Services, Education and Support
15 Customer Success Stories
16 Seize the Data: We all need better insights
17 Analytics
18 Enterprise Security
19 Build security into your Apps
20 Summary

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The Digitization of Everything

As digitization shapes every aspect of modern business, it is having an equally significant

effect on the expectations of IT. Brands now have to embrace the age of the digital solution,
whilst still maintaining the cornerstones of experience, security and loyalty. What has
emerged is a bimodal IT paradigm, where both traditional Core IT and modern Fluid IT are
essential to the IT environment of a successful modern business.
Core IT deals with the backbone of business needs, providing a continuity and certainty upon which the business can run. Fluid IT is all about
rapid development, working with minimal viable products released to market and developed in real time. If you are working with only one of
these strategies, there is a good chance your competitors are not dont get left behind.
In a world where outstanding customer experience and pushing the boundaries of what is possible are expected, HP is bringing this to life. In
the following pages we will show you how organizations are using HP Software solutions to deliver engaging applications into the hands of
their customers and insightful data into the hands of their employees.

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Watch the webinar

The Digitization of Everything and Bimodal IT
(part 1)

Watch the webinar

The 5 cross-overs of Core and Fluid IT
(part 2)

HP Software EMEA e-book

We will become a deeply connected,

digital world
Digital everythingeverywhere, everyday, everyone connected
Emerging technology is creating a disruption of the traditional economy. Some may see the
new trends of mobile and software-driven work as a challenge, others as an opportunity.
Whatever one may think, the fact remains that the digital age is:

Transforming how
we live and work

Creating new
business models
and lowering
barriers to entry

Generating new
digital ecosystems
and insights

Disrupting every
business, in every

As these changes occur, market entry barriers are lowered and a new generation of
business models emerges. These new business models spawn new augmented
products and services, with new insights that fuel growth, profitability and efficiency.
Consumerization is driving change from the outside inand markets are learning to
adapt and change at almost immediate pace, to keep up with the demands of a new
generation of consumers who have never been made to wait and are used to a
timescale from concept to market that can be measured in days not years.

HP Software for the New Style of Business

Core IT
Great price/performance
Plan and approval driven
Long life-cycles

Fluid IT
Agile and fluid
Think brand and revenue
Think continuous
Think days, weeks

The new bi-modal IT environment can be defined as Core and Fluid IT. The first is what we
may think of as a traditional system which offers slower development but stable compute
and solid security. Fluid IT is a reaction to the demands of the modern worldit is all about
speed and agility as concepts are taken to market with ever-increasing speed, starting with
minimal viable products. But this is not a case of old versus new, or good versus bad;
successful businesses are those that learn to implement the 5 key factors for delivering
Core & Fluid IT:

Transform IT into a true Services Broker

Service Provider / Service Consumer relationship between
Core IT and Fluid IT

Continuous Innovation and DevOps

Fast application delivery from Fluid IT to Core IT

Seize the Data

Extract business value from all your data to gain competitive advantage
today and power your next generation of applications and services

User Experience is Everything

On mobile devices and smart devices

Think like a Bad Guy

Protect and secure all of your applications, data and infrastructure

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Service Brokering and Cloud

The first area of cooperation and convergence between Core and Fluid IT is Service Brokering
and Cloud. Core IT becomes the provider and Fluid IT the service consumer. The resulting
hybrid services typically need to be performance managed.

Core IT becomes an internal Service Provider

Auto-provisioned services using dynamic resource allocation and flexing

Fluid IT is a Service Consumer

All services bought through a single IT Storefront, either Core IT or external

Hybrid IT Operations Management

Core IT is able to manage hybrid cloud-based applications

Discover how you can succeed in a multi-supplier environment, and build a coherent
roadmap for service integration, through our HP Service Broker Transformation
Click here to download the service brief for more information

Fluid IT is
Service Consumer

Single IT

Cloudified Core IT Services


Dynamic resource
allocation and flexing

External Cloud

HP Software EMEA e-book

Transform IT into a true Service Broker

Make your customers happy by making your services easy to access and easy to use.
HP Propel is the services framework that transforms IT into a true services broker. It provides
a centralized portal for all your users needs, so IT can capture 100% of user demand. Within
the HP Propel Portal, users get all IT services at a glance, including a single aggregated
catalog, a rich Knowledge Base, IT Support, IT News, and full mobile capabilities for ondemand access.
HP Propel Walk-through
Walk through the main concepts of HP Propel.

Click here to watch the video

Customer Case Study, E.ON

CIO Edgar Aschenbrenner explains how the global
energy giant partners with Hewlett-Packard to take its IT
infrastructure from a distributed localized business-specific
model to a service-oriented, multi-supplier environment,
using HP Propel.

Click here to watch the video

Closing the IT credibility gap

To stay relevant and compete with public cloud service
providers, IT must evolve into a service broker, and ensure
that its services are easy to access, elegantly designed, and
easy to use. Learn how to do this.

Click here to watch the video

Has your organization kept up with how users interact with IT services?
Take our survey at

Service Management
A single point of contact for all core IT processes
IT Operations Management
If you are struggling with complexity, meeting user
expectations, and compliance demands, we can show
you a clear path to bridging the gap to drive business
performance, speed up delivery and manage risk.

Click here to watch the webcast

HP Service Manager now includes a fresh and superior user experience, extended big data
capabilities, easy-to-use and configure reporting and a simplified request management
process based on Process Designer. You can therefore easily improve your service desk
productivity and increase service quality.
Whats New in Service Manager 9.40
HP Service Manager 9.40 has been designed to improve
the productivity of your IT Service Desk, and to harness the
analytical potential of Big Data. From this video you get a
general feel for the new features of the release.

Click here to watch the video

Customer Case Study, HEMIT

Big data analytics: the power to act now! HEMITs
Thore Senneset talks about how HP Smart Analytics
revolutionizes service management and has the potential
to deliver great time and cost savings using unique features
such as Hot Topic analytics.

Click here to watch the video

Top 12 tips for ITSM ebook

HP Software EMEA e-book

HP Service Anywhere
HP Service Anywhere provides a self-service ask the experts Google-like experience. This
allows you to deliver better answers, faster, integrated with big data analytics, so you can
improve the quality and speed of your customer service.
We have two 3-minute videos that will give you a bit more background:
HP Service Anywhere Overview
This video gives a brief overview of HPs Service Anywhere.
It details the HP approach to SaaS and why it will mean
better Service Delivery for you organization.

Click here to watch the video

Case Study: PointClickCare

Craig Schultz, Director of Operations at PointClickCare,
discusses how the senior care software provider uses HPs
Software-as-a-Service to speed process improvement and

Click here to watch the video


Automate Everything. Be Continuous.

DevOps speeds up release cycles and brings new meaning to continuity
DevOps brings together development and operations professionals early in the application
delivery process, and enables them to collaborate closely and work as an integrated team.
Along the way, DevOps automates many processes so one organization isnt left waiting on
the other. Visibility, automation, and lower latency are keys to success, with continuous
phases meaning non-stop development and operation.

Continuous Assessment

Continuous Integration and Testing



Continuous Operations



Continuous Delivery & Deployment

We automate everything, which allows us to be continuous. We continuously deploy new

versions to clients, then automatically put the application into production and use Big Data to
measure application production and further improve release cycles.
Learn more about DevOps, and how it can improve your business, with this slide-free
Click here to find out more about the DevOps Workshop

HP Software EMEA e-book

Enterprise DevOps, by design

Accelerating innovation, assuring quality

Better apps faster

The Digital economy is changing everything. You know that
your existing HP software infrastructure is the right step to
increase business value, but what modern businesses really
need is to step up to the New Style of Business.
It is all about agility, velocity, collaboration and visibility. It is
about maximizing the potential of your HP environment to
unlock new potential in your business. In short, the New Style
of Business is all about DevOps.
DevOps mixes development and operation to make the big
idea of an agile compute into a real-world solution. It is a
matter of taking concepts and implementing them through
virtualized and automated environments; the test lab
becomes the business landscape as developers take live
responsibility for improving and implementing business
solutions. DevOps is the most modern and efficient way to
configure environments and scale up to meet todays
business need for more and better applications.

Forrester Research and HP DevOps

Kurt Bittner, Principal Analyst at Forrest Research talks
about how HP DevOps provide the tools to refocus your
efforts and how to build a foundation for the successful
adoption of Agile Software Development Technology.

Click here to watch DevOps Video

Click here to watch Agile Dev Video

Vodafone is the leading total telecoms provider in Ireland.
To maintain its leadership position the company needed to
deliver new services faster and to a higher quality while
keeping control of its operating costs in a challenging
economic environment.

Click here to read the full story

Sky is the pioneer of satellite TV in the UK. It is now a tripleplay operator across TV, telephone and broadband, with
10.5m customers.

Click here to read the full story

Mobile Application Testing Survey

How do application delivery teams hone skills and strategies to do even more? By building on what you already know. You need to
bring the same level of focus and quality to mobile applications as you do to traditional applications.
Take our 5-minute survey to see where your organization fits on the mobile application delivery maturity model and the next steps
we recommend you take.

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HP Software EMEA e-book

HP Software Services, Education

and Support
Strategic consulting, implementation, support and education services give you the power to
transform IT into actionable intelligence for both Core and Fluid IT infrastructures.
HP Software Professional Services
To stay relevant IT must deliver business value.
HP Software Professional Services helps you forge the link
between IT and business goals. Take a look at our ebook to
learn more about our services.

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HP Software Education
Your software is only as powerful at its users. This is why
effective training and education is essential. Learn how
HP Software Education can help you maximize your HP
Software investment.

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HP Support
Increase uptime, reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) and
drive business outcomes. Visit our website to understand
more about the different options.

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ART Trial
Watch HP Adoption Readiness Tool (ART) demo
or try a sample.

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Customer Success Stories

Learn how BSkyB are using HP Adoption Readiness Tool to
consolidate commercial and bespoke solutions to create
consistent training and knowledge transfer materials.

Click here to read the full story

Hear how EVRY achieves up-to-the minute training and
cuts deployment time with HP Adoption Readiness Tool.

Click here to watch the video

Phoenix cuts provisioning time for cloud platforms. HP
Professional Services masterminds successful delivery of
HP Cloud Service Automation.

Click here to read the full story


HP Software EMEA e-book

Seize the Data: We all need better insights

No matter what your role or industry, Big Data is changing everything. You may not even feel
that you have a specific Big Data problem, but every industry has questions about the
business impact of a trend that is impacting everything.
At HP we do not shy away from these questions. We face the deepest computer sciences
challenges of our age with knowledge that existing toolsets are not architected to help you
exceland belief that we are creating the tools that will drive the future.
Is your organization asking the following questions?

How do I use data to

improve service for all IT

With todays loads and

complexities, how do
I performance test my

How do I filter all these

log files to isolate
problems faster?

How are end users

experiencing my mobile
apps on all platforms and

How do I analyze 100%

of relevant data?

How to I dedice what

to archive and what to
delete? And how do I
manage it all?

In a world of cloud, mobility, and big data, how

do I filter through and protect myself against
new security threatsboth inside & outside my
network, as well as across my applications?

Vertica for Analysis at the speed of business
Rapidly derive insights from your data with HP Vertica . Leverage real-time analytics, derive
valuable insights, and rapidly respond to opportunities with Verticas cost-effective as-aService modelwithout investing in software licenses and hardware.
KDDI Case Study
KDDI streamlines data warehouse to improve mobile
services. HP Vertica delivers real-time analysis of huge data

Click here to read the full story

Structure and insight from chaos

HP IDOL is an information platform for processing free text, audio, video and images, as well
as creating structured data. It uses probabilistic modeling and pattern-matching to
understand concepts in information in context, using diverse forms of unstructured
information to probe and explore data.
Supercell Case Study
Mobile gaming company leads with creativity supported by

Click here to read the full story

IDOL on demand signup

HP Vertica Trial Download


HP Software EMEA e-book

Enterprise Security
Outthinking the bad guys
The bad guys innovate, and the good guys respond. Enterprises once survived using this
reactive strategy, but to stay ahead of the 21st century adversary, organizations need an
end-to-end cyber-security strategy that makes the entire enterprise ecosystem increasingly
impervious to new cybercrime techniques.
To protect your business from cyber attack, you must understand where you are vulnerable
and structure defenses accordingly.
Outthinking the Bad Guys
To mitigate the risks of increasingly sophisticated,
innovative and persistent threats, we need to change the
way we think about our security programs.
Art Gilliland Outthinking the bad guys Webinar

Click here to watch the webinar

Banca Intesa
HP solution makes it possible to quickly recognize
suspicious activity on the Internet.

Click here to read the full story

Did you know?

According to the 2014 Cyber Risk Report, the cost of data breaches has increased by
78% over the last four yearsyet the time it takes to resolve a cyber-attack has
increased 130% over the same period.
Click here to read the report
Click here to take the 5-minute Security Maturity Survey


Build security into your Apps

Scalable, Comprehensive Application Security Testing
HP Fortify on Demand is the right choice for organizations that need a flexible security testing
solution and do not have the resources to implement an application security program inhouse. Whether you want application security testing, open source analysis, vendor
application security management, or discovery and risk analysis of your web assets, we have
the services to meet your needs.
Start your Fortify on Demand Trial
5 scans at no charge (purchase additional scans anytime),
All 3 types of express mobile, dynamic, and static scans
(sign up using a business email address; dynamic scans
wont work with public email domains like Gmail, Yahoo!
Mail, etc.)
No downloads or installation: 100% cloud-based

Click here to view the page

HP solution makes it possible to quickly recognize
suspicious activity on the Internet.

Click here to read the full story

HP Fortify on Demand not only helps us improve application quality in terms of security, it
also increases our developers awareness of security issues and use of best practicesa key
component of PCI compliance.
Roberto Baratta, CISO, Novagalicia Banco


HP Software EMEA e-book


Everything is digital. Industries are transformed as products and services become

software-defined. Organizations win by putting engaging applications in the hands of
customers and insightful data in the hands of employees.
This new style of business requires a new style of IT: Core IT to deliver the backbone of services to run business operations, and Fluid IT to be a
partner in building brands, experiences, and loyalty.
IT faces a challenge how to be efficient and consistent, as well as experimental and innovative.
Deliver exceptional user experience
At HP we believe in the power of people and technology. HP Software solutions analyze and connect 100% of your human and machine data,
creating connected intelligence that drives smarter collaboration and automation to deliver exceptional, secure user experience.

Transform IT into a true Services Broker

Continuous Innovation and DevOps

Seize the Data

User Experience is Everything

Think like a Bad Guy

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