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The article illustrates the benefits we can derive from having English as a important language. The
author is optimistic and advocates its significant because an English education enables us to improve
ourselves and contribute to the betterment of the country.
Firstly, English education provide us with a solid base of knowledge and skills to perform in our
career. We should ensure that our students pay serious attention so that they have lots of advantages
to get job. Students need to equip themselves with the skill and ability to communicate and write well in
English. It is because companies want employees to not only possess academic qualifications but also
do well in corporate world and it obviously English is the effective tools. English is important in the
private and also public sector because they also need to deal with foreign companies which indicate
them to use English as medium to communicate. Moreover, we need to have a command of other
languages for progress and development. Malaysians are already proficient in speaking Malay. They
need to master several languages especially in English language to increase their knowledge and to
develop the country in many sectors such as business, technology, science and commerce.
Furthermore, children will easily follow their parent footsteps as they are fast learner.
The article is clear and well-supported. This can be seen when author explains about the
recent news MH370 tragedy. It proved how important it was to have a good command of English when
briefing a large contingent of both local and foreign media about the letters development of the tragedy.
We need to know the English accent well so that we can understand what they are explaining to us
about the tragedy.
Yes, the author provide counter-arguments. The main counter-arguments that author explained
that Bahasa Melayu as our official language, we must also accept the reality that in this modern and
technological age, knowledge of one language is insufficient. Besides, in this modern era English is
very important as they are national language. We need to study more in order to be better in English.
I totally agree with the author with the point of argument. Malaysians will lose out of the field of
information and technology in the new millennium if they are not proficient in English. In helping us to
achieve objectives of vision 2020 but also in helping our country to fulfil its aim of becoming a regional
centre for education. I am sure that when people are able to master in English, the country will be more
advanced and is not easily suppressed by foreign countries.

In summary, I reaffirm my stand that English education is important for our future success and
for national progress. Nevertheless, I firmly believe that it is not the only passport to success, as there
are many other contributing factors. Therefore, education or academic qualification are not the only
criteria for success.

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