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The Epic Campaign

Kalashtar appear very close to humans, although a clear
examination shows them to have almost an alien grace and
beauty. Standing slightly taller than humans and usually a little

The Story So Far...

thinner, their hair color, eye color and skin tone have all the


same ranges as humans. The only definitive difference


between a human and a kalashtar is a complete lack of any

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natural blemish, regardless of the circumstances.

The Opposition
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While the Kalashtar can claim the small mountainous
country of Adar as their homeland, they tend to congregate in
any area that has a large enough population to accommodate
different ethnic districts. The largest collection of kalashtar
outside of Adar is in Sharn.

but the confusion caused by tradition for tradition sake often leads to a simmering sense of frustration. the need for strong self-discipline is common among adventures. placing most as lawful good. the relationship becomes more formal and less personable. Thakakhad. Thinharath Female Names: Ganitari. their own religion is more of a philosophy. Panitari. Most often. or 'Il-Yanah' in the Quor language. Lanamelk. Thakashtai. but as one moves into stranger cultures. Alignment and Religion Kalashtar are more often than not good-hearted and community-oriented. the Inspired and all that they stand for. Certainly. kalashtar will take levels in psionic classes to better combat this specific threat as well as provide an unsuspected edge to more traditional combatants in Eberron. Thatari Pathfinder Version . Adventurers Given the ingrained opposition to the Dreaming Dark. Nevitash. many kalashtar become adventurers in order to best oppose this pervasive enemy. Names Male Names: Halkhad. Lakashtari. making lawful of some form more common than not. like the dinosaur riders of the Talenta Plains or the elves of the Undying Court. Kanatash.Relations Kalashtar appreciate all life and respect the harmony that comes when neighbors are there to help one another. Novakri. While kalashtar respect the faiths of the other races they encounter. they don't often understand most of the finer details of other cultures and come off as a little aloof or condescending when it comes to cultural matters that have no direct correlation to their own. Khashana. Minharath. known as the Path of the Great Light. almost all kalashtar venerate the presence of the Great Light and it's struggle against the Dark that would cover all of Eberron. Humans are by far the easiest for them to get along with. Its important to note that most kalashtar try very hard to never be rude or disrespectful. Parmelk. While this faith has few actual clerics. That said. Mevakri.

chosen at character creation. Dream Warrior: Many kalashtar train their minds to fight the darkness of quori. usable once per day. If they ever take a level in a class that gives them a manifester level. Bonus Languages: Any. Size: Medium Size Type: Humanoid (Kalashtar Subtype) Base Speed: 30' Languages: Common and Quor. They gain Slumber as a psi-like ability. Naturally Suspicious: Kalashtar have many enemies and know they could be hiding anywhere. Charisma is the related attribute.Ability Score Racial Traits: +2 to any single ability score. The manifester level for this ability is the kalashtar's character level. Mindlink (as per Psionics Unleashed). Diplomacy and Intimidate. The manifester level for this ability is the kalashtar's character level. Naturally Telepathic: Psi-Like Ability: 1/day. This racial trait replaces naturally telepathic. They gain Mind Thrust as a psilike ability. Age: Adulthood: 40 years Intuitive: +2d6 / Self-Taught: +3d6 / Trained: +5d6 Middle Age: 75 / Old: 113 / Venerable: 150 / Maximum +4d20 Base Height & Weight: Height: 5' 4" (male) or 5' 2" (female) Weight: 135 lbs (male) or 105 lbs (female) Modifier: 2d6 / Weight Modifier: x3 Alternate Racial Traits The following alternate racial traits may be selected in place of one or more of the standard racial traits above. The manifester level for this ability is the kalashtar's character level. except Druidic and other secret languages (although they usually take Draconic and Riedran first) Dream Native: +2 racial bonus vs. This racial trait replaces naturally telepathic. mind-affecting saving throws and are immune to dream-based effects. Naturally Social: +2 racial bonus on Bluff. They get a +2 . usable once per day. Charisma is the related attribute. Charisma is the related attribute. Keeper of Dreams: Some kalashtar seek to heal other's sleep rather than fight. that bonus feat is replaced with the Psionic Talent feat instead. Bonus Feat: All Kalashtar gain the Wild Talent feat as a bonus feat.

They get a +4 racial bonus to concentration checks. and unless otherwise stated. Sense Motive and Stealth. Oracle: Add +1/2 to the oracle's level for the purpose of determining the effects of one revelation. This racial trait replaces dream native. This power must be at least one level lower than the highest-level power she can manifest. Razor Sharp Concentration: Some kalashtar can hold a thought so focused that little can be done to break their train of thought. Monk: Add +1/4 point to the monk's ki pool. Build Notes ARG Build Type: Humanoid (Kalashtar): 0 RP Size: Medium: 0 RP Speed: Normal (30'): 0 RP Ability Score Modifier: Human Heritage: 0 RP Language: Linguist (Common and Quor): 1 RP .racial bonus to Perception. This racial trait replaces naturally social. Psion: Add +1/2 psionic power from the telepath power list or psion / wilder power list to the list of powers known. Rogue: Add +1/2 to Bluff checks to deceive or lie and +1/2 to Sense Motive to see through deceptions and lies Soulknife: The soulknife gains +1/6 of a new blade skill. This racial trait replaces dream native. Favored Class Options The following favored class options are available to all characters of this race who have the listed favored class. They get the Unlocked Talent feat as a bonus feat. from the psion's own discipline or the telepathy discipline. which are treated as 0th level powers and have the same limitations as the discipline talents the psion gets normally. This option can be used to select discipline talents. for good or for ill. Any: Kalashtar can always spend their favored class point to gain 1 additional power point instead of a hit point or skill point. the bonus applies each time you select the favored class reward. Soul of Taratai: Some kalashtar are more connected to the original source of Dal Quor.

Racial Traits: Skill Bonus (+2 racial bonus to Bluff): 2 RP Skill Bonus (+2 racial bonus to Intimidate): 2 RP Skill Bonus (+2 racial bonus to Diplomacy): 2 RP Resistance (+2 racial bonus on mind affecting effects and poison. 16 Comentarios No tienes permiso para añadir comentarios. Mindlink. Lesser as Spell-Like Ability. No tienes permiso para añadir comentarios. If they ever take a level in class that gives them a manifester level. Manifester Level at Character Level): 1 RP Static Bonus Feat (All Kalashtar gain the Wild Talent feat as a bonus feat. Iniciar sesión | Actividad reciente del sitio | Informar de uso inadecuado | Imprimir página | Con la tecnología de Google Sites . Lesser (1/day.5 Version Humanoid Type (kalashtar subtype) Medium Size Base Speed: 30' No Attribute modifications +2 racial bonus vs. pg. that bonus feat is replaced with Psionic Talent instead): 2 RP Favored Class Option: Kalashtar can spend their favored class point to gain 1 additional power point instead of a hit point or skill point. but drop the bonus vs. poison for immunity to dreambased effects): 2 RP Psi-Like Ability. Diplomacy and Intimidate Psi-Like ability: Mindlink with ML at 1/2 Character Level Naturally psionic: +1 power point / character level Automatic Languages: Common and Quor. mind affecting abilities and possession +2 racial bonus on Bluff. Total: 12 RP 3. Bonus Languages: Draconic and Reidran Favored Class: Psion Source: ECB.