open close

strike as ­ parecer
costs involved in
wounded in battle

resident specie
lively debate
make out – entendre

pay the price in life
pioneer in
be   summoned   to
court ­ citat
live off – viure de
exercise great caution think   of   as   ­
in all probability
in   pursuit   of   – touch every aspect of
sign up – inscriure’s
problems   arising life expectancy
lessen problems
bouquet of flowers – disclose – revelar
take in – enredar
deceive into
fall for – creure’s una
take   for   a   ride   – wholly unacceptable  entirely   free   of
tomar el pelo
go under cover as
order a side salad
has   been   likened   to
that of… (comparar)
grain of truth
handful of volunteers scrap of evidence
save hard for
sign up – inscriure’s
trial and error
vast extent
as a matter of course become   a   flaw   ­
flights of stairs
revive interest
food goods

large number
persist for
come   to   light   –
wary of – atent
call   upon   –
scope   expertise   –
recorded temperature
see   through   –
satisfy the humger

product   recall   –
retirar del mercat
height of stupidity
and on occasion
dispose   of   –
be the life and soul of
a party
derive the name from mild fever
relieve pain
medical consultation
meet a demand
come under criticism contract an illuness
huge sums
great deal
no limit
full refund
small discount
long   and   eventful easy
walking hustle   and   bustle   of
everyday life
unspoilt countryside
was a common sight next­door neighbours breakdown
communities   –
acts of vandalism
keep an eye
call   on   people   – piercing scream
apelar a
chiming   clock   –   de catch sight
visible   to   the   naked be in full view
vision of the future
indepth look
a fascinating view at rare sight
the history
make it to – attend
make trouble
let   her   know   in welcome   sight   /
writing – inform
it   doesn’t   pay   to   – meet   with   success   / medical   complaint   ­ undercut   market
the challenge – deal
value   –   vendre   més
room   measures express concern
edge of extinction
on account of this
Comparison: not so much in... but..., is a great deal less, far more... than, near as, slightly less than..., so + adj, such + indefinite article, so much the better,

...nothing like as. that that I’ll never live it down (superar vergonya) far though it may be It   was   only   when… that be   on   good   terms with . by a long way free gaps  that’s  what  is   the most such stones as these above and beyond indulge   in   (permetre luxe) tiny but / yet wealthy state I no longer do in every other way The   difficulty  with which the   problems  there are besides… it’s also inspiration to me spend   well  over  half of the day apart from our increase of object to about it may already be too late be away from X and there   is   evidence  to she   suggest  we  get an awful lot of people towards Y suggest rid of as many as are among the oldest be against the law it's   well  over  10 miles apologize / thank for congratulate/insist on leave me to my  own be   at   fault  for devices something Word transformation very nearly all of By  refusing   to apologise protest/argue against keep  oneself  very much to oneself think for oneself discourage / dissuade from consent / object to get   a   mind   of   your own incredible   as   it   may seem inconclusive discredited they are disproven growth undisputed uninhabited stabilize deafen ineffective oversee (supervisar) deception   (N) deceive (V) Sentence transformation censorship (censura) one solitary reason outcry (protesta) precaution (singular!) majestic temporarily closed unpopular provable (de proof) widespread computerize enrich setting unwelcome overdrawn (numerous rojos) guidance disrespectful creditable inconceivable withdraw (allunyar) evaluate sadden disagreeable eventful (memorable) overrated notoriety   (mala reputació). punt de) what   happened   was All I did was to It was in…. very much the same. comes a close second. inconvenience conclusively transferable uncensored tendency qualify heighten curiosity contentment fraud (N) defraud (V) downplay (minimitzar) It’s not worth… despite the fact that I you   can’t   have   seen was Mary yesterday pull out (retirarse) highly likely you   would   really benefit from was   being   done   up objected to what on   the   point   of   (a (decorated). nowhere near as.

what I need was to a disregard for her were it not for (si no fos per) accused of I was taken aback by be   put   down   to   the weather advise against on no account No matter how badly place the blame on Would rather + past tense (speak about other people) .

On the other hand Finally. / Clearly. ..My duties range from the day – to – day management of the office to experience staff training and new recruitment. / It will also consider..I am writing with reference to your request for X. . Despite this. I consider myself well equipped to respond to the challenge offered by the post of X. For this reason ..2 I suggest you to include. for exemple that..3 .... REPORT with headlines Introductio The aim of this report is to examine... To conclude.2.I am now interested in working in a more dynamic environtment. n P. Conclusion . I think we should have: There  should be no delay in...As you can see from my enclosed CV. which appeared in . for all the reasons I mention above..I look forward to hearing from you / Yours faithfully PROPOSAL with headlines Introductio I would like to make suggestions for the... and given the experience I hace acquired at X. ... / By contrast... / It is generally agreed. n P.1.. P.1 One possibility is to have..also feel I possess the necessary personal qualities to meet the demands of the job. The first point to bear in mind is that... I have spent the last six months working at the..I have included in the CV the contact details of my headmaster. however.. who would be pleased to provide you with a character reference. A further point is that.....ESSAY Introductio n central paragraph Conclusion Evidence seems to suggest that.I am available for interview at any time which might be convenient to you Availability and would be able to start work after serving out the two months’ notice in my corrent job.. P... FORMAL LETTER OF APPLICATION Reason for .Dear Sir / Madam.I am also responsable for organizing .. A recent Spanish survey found that. .. it would be wrong to argue that.. . writing ... Interest I. Relevant .… Conclusion So. .....3 One major factor students take into account when choosing an institution is the opportunities for recreation that it offers.

.Conclusion Future developments: The Outlook for X. and this seems unlikely in the near future. Only a substantial X will improve the situation. is far from bright.