2ND Year student

and many other personalities must be INHERENT and be practiced by lawyers. Be a trade of all jacks and be a master of nothing is not the motto of lawyers. to counsel him in all his cases in courts and to win his cause forever. be wise.INTRODUCTION The Job of lawyering is not that simple. Lawyer’s life is different from anyone else. defending clients. be full of wisdom. to defend him no matter what. be strong. Without a confusing and problematic world. to advise him of things to do. This field of profession might be considered as one of the most terrifying and exhaustive calling of one’s life and destiny or choice. be generous. And that’s why I LOVE IT! . The clients are the source of revenue. lawyers will be nowhere to be found. or the fuel of each living lawyers now a days. The path of advocating the law. be sociable. The continuous learning of the development of the laws. The life of a lawyer is FULL OF CHALLENGES and A LOT OF VICTORIES. to solve every problems of his life. A super human that will answer every questions that he would be asking. the extravagant loads and volumes of cases and all other works must always be met in accordance with the time tables of each lawyer. because your clients presumes you to be a super hero. Cases and Problems are the main field of harvest to each member of the bar. be a good looking. like anyone would assume to be as such. Be on time. be formal. Instead. be wise in knowing how to master everything. and other more is not ordinary. be intelligent.

however. to have other lawyers to assist us and even with the help of their respective staffs.OBSERVATION Again. Some of the lawyers are on leave. we must have a one on one client encounter and must conduct a legal aid by giving advice to the latter’s case. with their paralegal’s or assistant’s table outside. the main purpose of our visit and observation was not just to appreciate and observe the ambiance of a law firm. The filing was similar with the 1st counselling that we have made. But due to the efforts of the lawyers of the said firm we are able to meet clients. the clients of the firm are mostly corporations. shaped oblong table in the main sala of the firm. And off course a centralize ambiance with air-condition facility. which were given by clients of the firm. I with my group mates was scheduled for an observation of a law firm. wide. A determinative fact that lawyers are deemed rich in nature. to which they receive their clients. again. I was inside a law firm. Paintings are in the walls. walked in clients. which were asked to drop by the firm’s office for fulfilling our request and demand for a conduct . but we are lucky enough. The rooms of each partner can be seen. A big. To be honest. LEGAL AID Again. The ambiance inside was so cool. We are going to have a legal aid with the clients that will be coming to the said office. still. it was hard to do this because.

LEGAL ADVICE The narration of our conversation is provided as follows: ME: Sir. Actually. That they might give an opposite view or affirmation with modification over my advices and that I am NOT yet a lawyer. Also. tall man. Good morning po. I informed him that I am a law student. about his rights over a particular incident that happened to him last month. the advices that I will make is not binding to the Firm’s Position over the case. He is a good basketball player in their place. legal matter. A 27 year old. and the advices that I will be giving will be just a mere opinion based on the impromptu encounter with the said client. MARK JASON alias “MON” DEBABA. What I first did was. he is living near the said office and happens to drop to ask something. I met MR. introduced myself with the said client and told him that I will give him an advice which is I think the proper remedy and answer to the problem case that he will be narrating to me. . good looking. attorney. So. 27 na po ako ngayon. MON: Magandang umaga din.of legal aid. indeed. And. he is residing on the same barangay with the law firm. ME: Anu pong pangalan nyo? At ilang taon na po kayo sir? Mukhang magkasing edad lang po kc tayo. pero ang totoo kong pangalan po ay MARK JASON DEBABA. And. to comply with our finals requirements in law school. MON: Attorney. tawagin nyo nlng po akong MON.

At lilinawin ko lang Mon. because in reality I’m just 22 years old. sir Mon. hindi pa ako abugado. Agad agad akong itinakbo sa hospital. Sinaksak ako nung kalaban naming fraternity. Pag dating sa hospital. he might not disclose or even entrusted me about his case. (I just said this to have a mutual feeling with the client. ay isang conclusion at opinion ko. jan lang papasok sa eskinita. tapos ung nakasaksak sa akin tumakbo at hindi na abutan ng mga kasama ko.ME: Sabi ko na nga ba magkasing edad lang tayo Mon. anong atin? MON: Habang nakaupo AKO sa may court dito barangay naming. pero kung gusto mo. Okay ba un? MON: Oo attorney. tawagin mo nlang akong Cavz. hindi naman daw malala ung saksak sa akin. Mon. kya wag mo muna ako tawagin sa pangalang yan. Sinakay ako sa tricycle. maayos naman na. ME: So. duon din naman tayo tutungo.) ME: Sir Mon. lahat ng I aadvice ko kung ano man ung problem mo. Na hilata ako sa floor ng court. okay lang naman din. ME: Cge. sinaksak ako bigla sa likod. un kc ang tawag sa akin sa law school. Nakalabas din naman agad ako nung araw na un. ME: Okay ka na ba ngaun? Kaylan ba nangyari yong saksakan? . pagkatapos nito ay kakausapin ka din ng mga totoong abugado para mabigyan ka ng mas maayos na sagot at mga alternatibong solusyon sa mga problema at kaso natin. If he would probably know that I’m younger than him. ako nga pla si CAVIN RIGOR.

MON: Okay naman na ako. Nagcomplain ako sa barangay naming ditto. Ayun sa batas. pero hanggang ngayon hindi pa rin nagbabayad ung nakasaksak sa akin. at hindi malalim ung naabot. at ung karapatan mo ay binabaliwala o na sasawalang tabi. ME: Okay. 10 thousand pesos lang naman. ay gumawa ka ng letter to demand na iaadress mo duon sa barangay chairman. sa aking palagay. mga Februray 15-20 ngayong taon (2015). medjo may kirot lang konti. Humingi ako ng certificate of action sa barangay chairman pero hindi niya inaasikaso. yan ay tinatawag na cause of action na pwede nating ihain sa korte. Nag hearing . ME: Tapos ano pang nangyari? MON: Aun. ME: Una mong gagawin. Un ang pinaka poblema ko Attorney. Mon. ginawa ko na un. May karapatan ka. sa tagiliran kc ako tinamaan. Buti nga 3 saksak lang. ME: Dapat bumalik sa barangay para ipa enforce ung karapatan mo duon sa perang pinagkasunduan nyo? MON: Oo.tapos umabot kami sa compromise agreement. ME: Okay naman na pala Mon? Ano bang naging poblema? MON: Okay naman na sakin nga ung compromise Attorney. yang sitwasyon mo e pwede nang isampa sa korte. Pagkatapos nuon. Nahuli ung sumaksak sakin. Last month lang Attorney. Duon sa letter mo ilagay mo ung kwento mo at ung concern mo na hindi pa nababayaran ung .

ME: Thank you Mon. ME: Pag walang akson ang nangyari. sabihin nating within 3 weeks. ME: Duon mag fifile tayo ng case for writ of mandamus for the immediate enforcement and implementation of the compromise agreement between the parties. at kakausapin ka na ng mga abugado para mag file ng case sa compromise agreement. Dahil dito. Sana nakatulong ako kahit papano. at ung nakasaksak sayo ay kaylangang magbayan sa abot ng makakaya nya dahil kung hindi nya magagawan ng paraan ay mad dudulot ng mas matinding bunga ng kanyang sala. Gumawa ka ng dalawang kopya. CONCLUSION In the end. God bless you. ang korte ay inuutusan ang mga taga barangay na gumawa ng aksyon kaukulan dito sa kaso mo. Yan ang sa tingin kong mga dapat mong gawin at mga mangyayari sa sitwasyon mo ngayon. Kasama sa hihilingin mo sa korte e ung damages dahil sa mabagal na pag akson ng mga kinauukulan sa kaso mo. Pumunta ka dito ulit. He said that it was so good to hear that he still have hope to change things in the proper and . ung isa e pa receipt mo duon para may ebidensya ka na nag bigay ka ng letter duon. May mga tanong ka pa ba? MON: Wala na attorney. at ung mabagal na hustisya sa kaso mo. MON: Thank you din po. the Mon was satisfied with my advice. ME: Aun lang Mon.

His regrets and burdens somehow ease. Hence. After the entire interview of me and my other group mates. notwithstanding the fact that I disclosed to him that I am not yet a Lawyer. and stressful one. It was a heart whelming experience that someone talked to me and kept on recognizing me for a title of being a lawyer. no matter what. They told me that I’m ready to be a lawyer. As I heard the story of my client. . wee. complicated. was the best experience ever! This field was indeed so hard. the strategies of winning a case was indeed an analytical area which really satisfies me. technical. AGAIN. the laws and jurisprudence that I’m familiar with and studied for my first 2 years in Law School. he thank me for the advice that I gave. I WILL BECOME A LAWYER. The lawyers actually wanted to applaud to my interview. I also thank the lawyers and staffs of the said firm. secured the best possible remedies available. However. pursue and secured the case for the benefit of my client.true perspective. Justice will prevail. we shake hands and thank each other with a big warm smile in our faces. we then said goodbye and left the law firm. PERSONAL EVALUATION I felt like I’m really a lawyer. And thereafter. evaluated the narrations.