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Dell . It is assumed that the vWorkspace software has been downloaded and is readily available.Confidential . Any variances to Operating Systems listed in the requirements table may cause an unsuccessful Proof of Concept.Internal Use .Dell vWorkspace Product Validation Abstract This document was created for the purpose of providing a set of requirements necessary for a successful vWorkspace Proof of Concept implementation.Customer Workproduct Page 4 of 16 . The system requirements list was created as a baseline and can be implemented in multiple different configurations.

g.Customer Workproduct Page 5 of 16 . wallpaper. drive mappings) Dell .Dell vWorkspace Product Validation Introduction Please indicate the features that should be included as part of the Product Validation and complete the contact and address information and return to your Dell Account Manager or Systems Consultant:  Connection Broker High Availability  Integration with hypervisor (Microsoft. graphics acceleration and so forth)  Universal Printing features  Web Access  Windows client  Other ________________________ The following items are typically not handled inside of the context of a Product Validation due to complexity.Confidential .  Integration with hypervisor (Parallels)  NetApp integration  User Profile configuration  Environment configuration (e. FMMR.  EOP Features (MMR. Please indicate if any of these extended features are required for a successful Product Validation.Internal Use . time constraints or network infrastructure requirements. VMware)  VMware\Microsoft linked clone\differencing disks integration  Virtual Desktop delivery  Terminal Services or Remote Desktop Services delivery  Physical desktop or Blade delivery  Microsoft App-V integration (App-V environment with sequenced applications must be ready prior to Product Validation start date).

Dell vWorkspace Product Validation  Linux client  Thin client. The Success Criteria section on page 6 can be used to score the Product Validation.Customer Workproduct Page 6 of 16 .Internal Use . Please confirm the point of contact and address for the Product Validation: Main contact: __________________________________ Address: __________________________________ City: __________________________________ Zip: __________________________________ Telephone: __________________________________ Email: __________________________________ Dell . specify vendor ____________________  SSL Gateway The response to this section will form the basis of the statement of work.Confidential .

so it is critical that you download the software before the scheduled installation.  Download the vWorkspace installers from http://software. The download is several hundred megabytes. if a test instance is not available.  If it is desired to broker connections to VDI Desktops. No GPOs should be applied and anti-virus software may need to be temporarily disabled. However. Ideally.Confidential . The servers should not have any other software installed on it. In the case of vCenter. Before the Product Validation start date. you will have to complete a very short registration process. other than that required by your corporate IT standards. an agent will be installed on the SCVMM server. When you download the software.Customer Workproduct Page 7 of 16 . it is best that you have made the following preparations.  All servers should be a fresh install and should be patched to the latest level as provided by Windows Update. A production AD domain can be used as vWorkspace does not make any schema modifications to the domain. admin level access to VMware vCenter and/or Microsoft SCVMM/Hyper-V and/or Hyper-V will also be required.Internal Use . production infrastructure can be used. Dell . and select the TRY icon.Dell vWorkspace Product Validation Server Requirements Thank you for your interest in an assisted Product Validation of vWorkspace. In the case of SCVMM/Hyper-V. a test instance of vCenter or SCVMM should be used. If not already the Active Directory Domain should be a test domain.  Domain Admin access to a Windows Active Directory Domain. please select the appropriate version for the server you will be using (either 32 or 64 bit). nothing will be added or installed to the vCenter installation.

Confidential . Please do not use a “P2V” or other previously used template.  In the interest of simplicity.Customer Workproduct Page 8 of 16 . but makes installation of the vWorkspace easier. all components (the test server.Dell vWorkspace Product Validation  If it is desired to broker connections to VDI Desktops. It should be a clean build from ISO with no GPOs applied. This is not a product requirement. vCenter. Windows XP or Windows 7 can be used for this template. a template will be required as well.Internal Use . SCVMM) should be on the same VLAN or Subnet. Dell .

but extra space is useful to have) o 2 separate brokers needed for High Availability (HA)  SQL Database .Internal Use . This is recommended for Product Validations and installed on a Broker server by default.Customer Workproduct Page 9 of 16 .SQL 2005/2008 (mandatory) o Typically installed on broker (SQL Express).Dell vWorkspace Product Validation Virtual Server Infrastructure Requirements: Note: Not all servers listed are required for a Product Validation. o Can be use production SQL server or Cluster for HA. This is recommended for production use cases. not Product Validation.Confidential .  Terminal Server / RDSH (mandatory for TS/RDSH use cases) o Windows Server 2003/2008/R2 x86/x64 or 2012/R2 o 2 (v)CPU o 4096 MB RAM o 40 GB Disk space free ·  Web o o o o o Portal/SSL Gateway (optional) Windows Server 2003/2008/R2 x86/x64 or 2012/R2 1 (v)CPU 2048+ MB RAM 1 GB Disk space free IIS Installed  Print/Profile Server (optional) o Windows Server 2003/2008/r2 x86/x64 or 2012/R2 o 1 (v)CPU o 512+ MB RAM o 10 GB Disk space free Dell . Your Systems Consultant will help you determine the needed mix of servers required.  Connection Broker (mandatory) o Windows Server 2003/2008/R2 x86/x64 or 2012/R2 o 1 (v)CPU o 2048 MB RAM o 20 GB Disk space free (the installation only takes about 4GB. Add 1GB RAM and one virtual CPU to broker.

Dell vWorkspace Product Validation Additional Requirements Include: Administrative access to Microsoft Active Directory Administrative access to hypervisor and/or console (SCVMM / vCenter) A working Windows XP/Win7/Win8 (8.  DNS name resolution infrastructure.from clients (can also be Web-IT server) to Connection Broker o 80 TCP . Direct access to DNS administrative staff is acceptable.from client subnet to Web-IT server o 443 TCP .  Firewall Ports: o The firewall needs to be either disabled or the following ports need to be opened up to allow for a proper vWorkspace experience.1) template or base virtual image Space and resources on the Virtual Center or Hyper-V infrastructure to host 5 Virtual Desktops based on template configuration. o 5203 TCP .from client subnet to servers and Managed Desktops o Need to have access to file shares (C$ etc) or the Managed Desktops.from Connection Broker to Managed Desktops o 5201 TCP .Customer Workproduct Page 10 of 16 . The associated firewall ports should be open from the Connection Broker to the Managed Desktops.Internal Use . DHCP administrative access is recommended.from Managed Desktops to Connection Broker o 8080 TCP . Direct access to DHCP administrative staff is acceptable. DNS administrative access is recommended. Note that these port numbers might change depending on the setup of your environment so it is recommended to have access to resources to open up any ports should the need arise.Confidential .  For Applications that will be tested in the Evaluation o Installation documentation o Installation Sources o Windows Server installation media preferably in an ISO format o Windows XP/Win7 installation media preferably in an ISO format     Additional Considerations:   Typical Product Validation limitations include a maximum of 10 concurrent users for both VDI and Terminal Server/RDSH This Evaluation is not meant to do “load testing” or “capacity testing” Dell .  A dedicated OU for the Evaluation that have no Group Policies applied to it (Block Group Policy inheritance)  DHCP infrastructure.from client subnet to Secure-IT server o 3389 TCP .

5 +/Virtual Center 2.Internal Use .0 S S S O O SSL Gateway Windows Server 2003/2008/R2 x86/x64 or 2012/R2w/SSL Certificate S S S O O Virtual Desktop Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8 S S na Y N Client Connection Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8 S na na Y Y Y Yes N No S Supported O Optional na Not Applicable Dell .Confidential . Hyper-V or Parallels Virtuozzo na na na Y N Web Server Windows Server 2003/2008/R2 x86/x64 or 2012/R2 with Microsoft.Customer Workproduct Page 11 of 16 .NET Framework 2.Dell vWorkspace Product Validation Server Requirements Table Requir ed for Termi nal Servic es Function Operating System Physi cal Virtu al Shared Server Requir ed for Virtual Deskt ops Connection Broker Windows Server 2003/2008/R2 x86/x64 or 2012/R2 S S S Y Y Database SQL Express 2000/2005 S S S Y Y Terminal Server Windows Server 2003/2008/R2 x86/x64 or 2012/R2 S S S N Y Hypervisor VMware 2.5 +.

Fair. Not Tested CONNECTION BROKER VMware Virtual Center Integration Microsoft Hyper-V and SCVMM Integration Microsoft Hyper-V Integration Parallels Virtuozzo Integration NetApp Integration Connection Broker Redundancy (without 3rd party load balancer) Connection Broker Scalability Configuration Database Scalability Granular Delegated Administration of the Management Console Active Directory Integration Create Computer Accounts in any OU Built-in Sysprep Editor Delete Computer Accounts when deleting VMs .Confidential .Dell vWorkspace Product Validation Success Criteria Feature Required / Nice to Have / Not Required Results Poor.Option Delete Computers that have not been used in X Number of Days MSI Application Deployment to desktops from Management Console Automated Management of Remote Desktop Users Group Automated Management of Power Users and Administrators Groups Dell .Internal Use . Good.Customer Workproduct Page 12 of 16 . Average. Excellent.

Fair.Simultaneous VMWare thin provisioned clones Autocreate VMs as load increases Task Automation for VM operations Restrict access to VMs by day of week and time of day Suspend Idle Virtual Machines Microsoft App-V (SoftGrid) integration User Profile Management Environment Management (logon scripts. Excellent. Not Tested Power Management of Physical Computers User Profile Management Agent Installs on Physical PCs Remote control user sessions from Management Console Windows Task Manager functionality from Mgmt Console Virtual Desktops Clone VMs across multiple Resource Pools . wallpaper etc.Internal Use .Simultaneous Clone VMs across multiple Datastores / LUNs .Customer Workproduct Page 13 of 16 . Average.) Terminal Services\Remote Desktop Services Terminal Services Application Publishing Terminal Services Session & Application Load Balancing CPU Fair Sharing Memory Rebasing Map Network Drive Map Network Printer via Universal Printer Driver Dell .Dell vWorkspace Product Validation Required / Nice to Have / Not Required Feature Results Poor.Confidential . Good.

Good. Not Tested Host/Website Restrictions User Profile Management Apply Group Policy Admin Templates w/o Group Policy Apply Logon Scripts without AD or Group Policy Restrict users to specific applications during specific days and times USB Handheld Synchronization Virtual IP Addressing File & Registry Redirection Microsoft App-V (SoftGrid) Integration CLIENT Windows Client Linux Client Web Client MAC Client Java Client Windows CE Client Sunray integration Wyse Thin OS CLIENT FEATURES Graphics Acceleration / Compression Universal USB Device Support Multi-Monitor Support Bi-Directional Audio .Confidential . Excellent.Customer Workproduct Page 14 of 16 .Internal Use .Dell vWorkspace Product Validation Required / Nice to Have / Not Required Feature Results Poor. Fair.Microphone Support Dell . Average.

Confidential .Dell vWorkspace Product Validation Required / Nice to Have / Not Required Feature Results Poor. Average. Good.Smart Card SSL Gateway . Excellent. Fair.Customer Workproduct Page 15 of 16 .connection files cannot be saved and reused PRINTING Universal Printer Driver for Client Printers Universal Printer Driver for Session / Network Printers Universal Printer Remote Relay Configurable printing bandwidth between remote and main office Configurable Naming Convention for Client Printers Dell .Internal Use .Connectivity from untrusted networks Secure Ticketing . Not Tested Multimedia Redirection Seamless Windows Applications Centralized Management of Client Settings Universal Printing CONNECTIVITY Tested from LAN Tested across WAN Tested via SSL Gateway Tested via VPN SECURITY Passthru Authentication Kerberos Authentication Two Factor Authentication .

Customer Workproduct Page 16 of 16 . Not Tested Configurable Naming Convention for Session / Network Printers Configurable Compression for Client Printers Configurable Compression for Session / Network Printers Built-in Client PDF Writer Speed to print 400 page document Speed to print first page of 400 page document EASE OF USE Ease of VM Deployment Ease of Agent Deployment Ease of Application Installation Ease of User to VM Assignment Ease of Broker Installation Ease of Hypervisor Integration Ease of Overall Management Console Ease of Client Deployment Ease of Client Use Dell . Good.Dell vWorkspace Product Validation Required / Nice to Have / Not Required Feature Results Poor. Excellent. Average.Confidential . Fair.Internal Use .