Republic of the Philippines

Malvar, Batangas


Name of FS Student:Argel R. Doctora
Program, Year & Section: BSED CTE 3
Resource Teacher: Mrs. Julieta M. Olaes
Cooperating School:Tananuan School of Fisheries


Identify and classify resources that facilitate teaching and learning process.

My Analysis

My Reflection

My Portfolio






All tasks were done
with outstanding
quality; work

All or nearly all
tasks were done
with high quality

Nearly all tasks
were done with
acceptable quality

Fewer than half of
tasks were done;
or most objectives
met but with poor

Analysis questions
were answered
completely; in
depth answers;
grounded on
grammar and

Analysis questions
were answered

Grammar and
spelling are

Grammar and
spelling acceptable

statements are
profound and clear,
supported by
experiences from
the episode.

statements are
clear; but not
clearly supported
by experiences
from the episode.

statements are
shallow, supported
by experiences
from the episode.

statements are
unclear and
shallow and are
not supported by
experiences from
the episode.

Portfolio is
complete, clear,
well-organized and
all supporting
documentation are
located in sections
clearly designated.

Portfolio is
complete, clear,
well-organized and
most supporting
documentations are
available and/or in
logical and clearly
marked locations.

Portfolio is
documentation is
organized but

Portfolio has many
components; is
unorganized and

Before deadline

On the deadline

A day after the

Two days or more
after the deadline

Clear connection
with theories

Analysis questions
were not answered
Vaguely related to
the theories

Analysis questions
were not
Grammar and

Sub Totals





Its functionalities of the library are to serve the students in order to gain and acquire information and knowledge if students want to know about the other things. it was organized . Another is it serves as a review room for the student if they want to have a conducive and peaceful learning to read and analyze their projects. In a paragraph of not less than 100 words. The characteristics of the library are clean and it is well thought-out. LEARNING RESOURCE CENTER LIBRARY Paste a 4x6 picture of you while observing the learning resource center. assignment and seatwork. PA GE | 2 . describe the learning resource center observed.The information table where you can borrow book is very accessible because it is in the right corner of the front where the door is located.MY TOOL As you visit and observe alearning resource center relative to your field of specialization in your respective cooperating school. The books shelve has its own division of every book in every subject. Ask the assistance of the one manning the center courteously. Kindly include its characteristics and functionalities. The learning resource center I observe is the Library of the school. As I enter the library. use activity forms provided for you to document your observation. It is equally divided the subject in every corner of the library and it has a name on the shelves.

After your observation. classify the resources available in the learning resource center. PA GE | 3 .

Print Resources  The capabilities of these  These resources printed material is. it is is useful in serve as a channel to the intergration of student to gain approaches on information and the Learnerknowledge about the centered subject matter they want teaching to know. dessiminate the informtion. still new because every because the book has its own plastic teacher uses the cover. PA GE | 4 . it is seen on this approaches as the learner searches for the information  Teacher-centered  The printed materials teaching are clean and some are approach. book as a source of information in the classroom. approach. Audio Resources  The capability of the  Speaker is use in speakers to help the the teacherteacher to disseminate centered information to the approach for to students around the faster school campus. 2.  intergrated approach for injecting other subject in the topic and subjectmatter teaching approach beacause much of the topic and project are seen in this materials.Name of Center Observed: Date of Observation : Name of Observer: List of Available Learning Resources Available Learning Resources Characteristics and Unique Capabilities Teaching Approaches where the Resource is Most Useful 1.

because I engaged myself on reading and knowing about the things that I need to explore. 3.MY ANALYSIS 1. as I said earlier it is the channel or medium of acquiring new things. I have the knowledge but is minimal and least compare to the knowledge I have in handling and reading the books. chart of every subject matter. PA GE | 5 . MY REFLECTIONS 1. why because since in my childhood days up to my college and training as a pre-service teacher. What suggestions can you make? I would like to suggest that the library may have it others resources like audio visual and ICT because nowadays visual learners are the new to trend so in order for the library to be conducive and appreciative to the learner they might provide these materials for those students and as well it is helpful to the teacher to have so many references about the subject matter they are handling. because Im not that aware on the different money. because I am keen on to see and to differentiate the color and style each of money. it is lacking of other resources such as audio. there is a way for the fresh air to come up because the ceilings are so high. 2. shelves and the tables and seat. Which ones do you feel you need to learn more about?Why? The things I need to learn more is the bank notes. What are the strengths of this Learning Resource Center? the learning resources I found in the school is the Library.visual. book is the best companion to get to. it is ventilated. Lastly. Which of the materials in the Learning Resource Center caught your interest the most? Why? The chart of the bank notes caught my attention most. it is very accessible to the student because it is placed on where is available for everyone. What are its weaknesses? The weaknesses I see in the library is. it is very organized from the books. Another material that caught my attention is the books. cd and tape that is need in a class that conducts film showing and ICT resources that is the trend in the 21st century world 3. 2. Next. The strength of this learning resources are the following. Which gadgets/materials are you already confident to use/operate?Why? I ‘am very confident of using the books.

and homework if they are engaged into viewing something knowledgeable.MY PORTFOLIO After seeing all the available resources in your field of specialization. motion picture in a learning center. seatwork. there is a need to improve when it comes to other resources because I see that the learning center is lacking of other resources. In summation in order to have a conducive and knowledgeable learning center we need to provide for the learners in order to have meaningful learning on the part of them. you may be thinking of other resources that you can add to the collection of the learning center that you have observed. I choose the learning center Library because I believe this is another home for the students to acquire new information about the things they need to know. What material can you improvise to support instruction? How can this be useful in instruction or teaching? IMPROVISED INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIAL PROJECTOR/ ICT RESOURCES We know that Philippines is facing the challenge of the diverse world of 21 st century and as a future educator we need to think on how to get trend and to provide what is needed. why? Because learners of 21st century are fun of visual. The Projector is very useful in teaching because as they see moving picture. The material I think that is needed on the Library is the ICT resources. PA GE | 6 . They find it fun when it comes to learning because they see moving picture and animatronics. as I observe and see the Library. animation. they are highly motivated to do projects. they find irresistible if they see some visual.