TASK 1 : Building items for interview

1) What is your opinion regarding the paradigm shift that has been applied to the
current education system?
- In my opinion, the paradigm shift has put a lot of impacts to the education
system, in a good way, which helps the students to get optimized learning
experiences, for example through the newly developed KSSR. As the
modernization and globalization take place in the current era, there are many
things that we need to consider in teaching. I am glad that the new KSSR has
emphasizes on the fun learning part as well as the awareness of ICT usage.

2) Has your teaching approaches changed over the years of experience you have
in the teaching profession? What are the impacts from your different teaching
approaches to your teaching experience?
- Yes, through my decades of teaching experience I have tried and found the best
teaching approaches in particular situations. It has to do with the environment of
school, the background of the pupils, their abilities and interests which are the big
factors in managing my teaching. With the newly introduced KSSR, I have found
that teaching in a learner-centred approach has a lot of advantages especially to
the development of the students themselves. Not saying that teaching in a
teacher-centred approach is no better, but it is great to mix and match the
teaching approaches and strategies.

3) What are the challenges that you have faced in your years of experience in the
teaching profession? What are the impacts of these challenges to your
personal development as a teacher?
- There are countless of challenges that I have faced throughout the years. I can
say that those are the things that make me who I am today, which I am proud
because the challenges are unique to each teacher. There are challenges in
handling the administration works, parental issue, student disciplines and so on. I
have also faced a conflict with myself whether or not I should carry on with this
profession. It is normal. However, I have remained in this profession as I got
strength from the lessons I learned through the challenges. They gave big

You have to remember why you are being chosen of all people to be an educator. They are more advanced than I was when I was their age. yes. Therefore. If I am not aware of their interests and needs. but as a teacher you will get by. All teachers do. 5) Throughout the years of experiences in teaching profession.So far. They also made me more skilled and experienced. I tried to make them understand my job and their responsibility as students. and customer is always right. perhaps thinking that teaching is a very difficult and stressful job. discipline issues may come from poor classroom management. All we need is motivation. I am going to have issues in the classroom. As a teacher. Why do you think this happen? Can you explain how you cope with this situation? . However. there will be times where you are at the very bottom of life. we know that they did not mean it. colleagues and so on. . Have you ever experienced such thing? How do you handle this conflict? . I face these challenges all the time because I am now teaching little children from a different generation. Little children can say things that will hurt you. I did experience such times during my teaching profession. why do you face challenges relating to students in the classroom? . school administration and parents. 4) In your opinion. we have seen in the news headline lately that there are students who will go as far as hurting the teachers physically when they are not satisfied about a certain thing. With help from other teachers. 6) It is known that the students are the teachers’ customers. these challenges come from the teacher’s skills and professionalism. It can come from our family. it is very important for teachers to always improve themselves as well as understand the young generation nowadays. In my opinion. I have experienced a situation where students went as far as hurting each other physically. For example.Yes. It was a difficult task. In my opinion. friends. emotionally. but as adults. However. we can handle students who are not satisfied with their school life.Every teacher faces challenges relating to students. I have never experienced such thing where I am hurt physically.impacts to me as they made me appreciate this profession more and more each day. Anyhow.

It can be in the form of language games and so on. what are the impacts of using ICT in your teaching? . Sometimes they are also courses that I have been in. Reading on educational theories can also strengthen our understanding on our students. They love role-playing. brightly coloured pictures. I believe that you do have the tactics to tackle many kinds of little children. This is because the repetition of the knowledge taught will make me improve better. It can also improve their memory. These courses provide a lot of knowledge and information as well experiences. 8) As we know that the era of technology is getting more sophisticated nowadays. The pupils are attracted to the moving images. Based on your experience. building networks and so on. Little children are easily attracted to things that are fun. I will just imagine myself in the classroom. We all have been little children once.From my experience. I will never reject the offer. video playback and such. it is always convenient to use multimedia in my teaching such as Powerpoint Presentation. the use of ICT has made wonders in my teaching and learning process. . they are able to focus on the lesson. I found that students can learn more in games. but when I was re-selected for the same course. and especially colourful. 9) As a teacher. I love reading books about self-empowerment which never fail to make me appreciate myself. In my experience. besides being concern about the young children’s interest. I also look for examples of lesson activities in different books in order to make my lesson more creative. I find that they can understand lesson better through their test scores.7) As an experienced teacher. you have gone through and met all kinds of students. loud sounds and so on. It attracts the little children as they are familiar with these. it is important for us to know how to manipulate ICT especially in the education aspect. How do you make your teaching more interesting and appealing to the students? .How I make teaching more interesting is easy. Therefore. However nowadays. how do you upgrade your teaching skills and professionalism in your career? - I am thankful for the plentiful of courses that are always being offered by the ministry. even though there also shy kids who will not participate. Besides that.

Although many people would put teacher as their last choice for profession.10) How do you motivate yourself into being a teacher who does not give up in transforming teaching into the profession of choice? . . it is a career that touches the heart and soul of the nation.I always remind myself that I am among the chosen ones to be blessed with this profession.