e) Obligation of employee & employers under Employment State

Insurance Act, 1948.
The Employees' State Insurance Act, 1948, is a pioneering measure in the field of
social insurance in our country. The subject of health insurance for industrial workers
was first discussed in 1927 by the Indian Legislature, when the applicability of the
Conventions adopted by the International Labour Conference was considered by the
Government of India. The Royal Commission on Labour, in its report (1931),
stressed the need for health insurance for workers in India.

Obligation of the Employer
1).Get your Factory/establishment registered within 15
days after the Act becomes applicable. Submit Form to
the Regional office for this purpose. Obtain Employer’s
code No. For use in all ESIC Forms/documents and
correspondence with the offices of the ESI Corporation.

in which the wages fall due. 3 ) Pending receipt to identitycards/ identity certificates you may issue “certificate of employment” in Form 86 to the covered employee(s) enabling them to avail cash / medical Benefits. 5). Minor accidents which do not cause absence from work need not be reported 7).75% and the Employer’s share @1. fill up the declaration form soon after appointment of such employees and submit the same to the Local Office Concerned. 4) Pay ESI contribution (Employee's Share @4.75% of the wages)Within 21 days of the month following.Grant leave to insured employees on the basis of .Maintain an Accident Book as prescribed under the Factory Act/ ESI Act. In respect of newly appointed employees.Submit an Accident Report to the Local Office/ESID is concerned immediately in respect of accidents that could result in death or disablement and within 24 hours of its occurrence otherwise.2) Fill up Declaration Forms in respect of all coverable employees and submit the same to the Regional Office/ Local Office of the corporation well before the ‘Appointed Day’ and obtain insurance Numbers from the concerned Local Office/ Regional Office. 6).

In case of sickness arising out of pregnancy. as the temporary disablement lasts. of. provided that the temporary disablement has lasted for not less than 3 days. The eligibility condition for sickness benefit is that the contribution of an insured person should have been paid/or payable for not less than half the number of days of the corresponding contribution period. This is practically equal to full wages for a period of 12 weeks. of which not more than 6 weeks shall precede the expected date of confinement. and 1Wthe course of. Obligation of employers for employee: 1.)Dependants' Benefit: The dependants' benefit consists of timely help to the eligible dependants of an insured person who dies as a result of an accident. 2.) Disablement Benefit: If a member suffers an injury in the course of his employment. an additional benefit is given for a period not exceeding one month. 4. 3.sickness certificates issued by any authorised ESI doctor. Additional maternity benefit is given in case of miscarriage. premature birth `of a child or miscarriage. employment. excluding the day of the accident. an insured person is entitled to receive sickness cash benefits at the standard benefit rate for a period of 91 days in any two consecutive benefit periods. as long. which is about 70 per cent of the wages. .) Maternity Benefit: An insured woman is entitled to maternity benefit at double the standard benefit rate. out.)Sickness and Extended Sickness Benefit: For sickness during any period. confinement. he will receive free medical treatment and temporary disablement benefit in cash. or an occupational disease arising. Pension at the rate of 40 per cent more than the standard benefit rate (70 per cent of wages) will be paid periodically to the widow and children.

Employees’ Register 6.Inspection Book .Obligation of the Employees… Maintain the following records/registers properly for the purpose of work order 1.Accident Book 7. Cash Book/Bank Book 4.Account Books including Ledgers and Vouchers.Wage register 3.Return of Declaration Forms 9.Returns of Contribution 8.Attendance Registers/ Muster Rolls (in respect of all employees including those employed through contractors) 2. Balance Sheet.Copies of Challans 10. 5.