Name: Sean Cornelius

UNESCO Tentative List Research Form
Country your group is representing: Indonesia
Group Members:
Sean Cornelius

Tentative Site Each Member is Researching:
The Raja Ampat Islands

Jonathan LittleBunaken National Park
Rachel KeenerSemarang Old Town
Tentative Site: Using the information provided by the UNESCO tentative list website and other resources,
provide the following information about your potential site. This is an official form and should be typed and
in complete sentences.
1. Where is your site located? Give absolute location and relative location.

Relative- Northwest of Papua New Guinea
Absolute- 0.2333° S, 130.5167° E
2. What is this place? Be as descriptive as possible. Include physical and cultural features.
This Collection of about 1,500 islands covers about 46,000 square kilometers. Most of this Archipelago is on
the Sahul shelf. With these islands being on the shelf the water is of a clear light blue color. And a large
portion of these islands contains Limestone. The Islands have 10 districts and approximately 85 villages with
a population of nearly 50,000.

3. Detail the history of this place. How did this place come to be here? What processes are responsible for its
location? How has this place changed over time? What did it used to be like? What is it like now? Do
continuing changes represent a threat to this place?
Tidore Sultanate, a kingdom centered in the Maluku Islands, governed the Raja Ampat Archipelago in the
15th century. To overthrow its government, the Sultanate of Tidore chose 4 local kings to rule in the 4 largest
islands The term 4 Kings who rule the islands is the root of the name Raja Ampat. The physical changes

a couple was walking into the forest seeking for food. But mostly. when they arrived home the eggs were stored in a Teluk Kabui Kampung Wawiyai Kabui. What makes this place more significant than other places? Why is this place a better example of a world heritage site than other places? *Look to question 4* 8. How is this place linked to the cultural and/or physical geography of the rest of the country? There is a story the goes. At night. Are there any nearby places that are similar to this site? Is this site part of a group of sites that should be protected? No the surrounding places are physically different from the Raja Ampat islands 7. The eggs were stored in noken or a bag and they took them. What effect(s) does this place have on nearby areas? High tourist attraction 6. they were shocked after seeing that the five eggs already hatched four sons and a daughter dressing finely showing that they were the royal descendants. Is there any other information you feel you need to include about this place? These islands have the highest marine Biodiversity in the world making it a tourist hot spot and a must do for diving enthusiast . culturally the islands have remained the same 4. 5.include erosion has broken down edges around some islands. as soon as they arrived on the Waikeo riverbank near a bay they found six dragon eggs. they heard the sound of whispers.

What is this place? Be as descriptive as possible. Where is this site? Use absolute and relative location to describe where it is. 4. Absolute. This region has a very large biodiversity. .5000° S. What effect or influence does this place have on nearby areas? 6.Comparison (Official) Site: Each member of your group will also research an existing heritage site that is similar to their proposed site in terms of significance and criteria.5000° E Relative. 101. How is this place similar to your tentative site? How is it different? 5. What makes this place more important or significant than other places? Is this site more or less significant than your tentative site? Explain. Include physical and cultural features. 3. Does this place reflect the presence of distinct culture groups or specific physical geography? Is this place linked to your tentative site? If so.2. explain.Just South of Mainland Mylasia 2. Group Members: Official Site Each Member is Researching: Sean Cornelius tropical rainforest heritage of Sumatra Jonathan Little Rachel Keener Historic town of Vigan 1. It contains three large National Parks that house many endangered species.

Are there any threats to this site? If so. explain.7. . 8. Poaching also popes as a major threat to the region. The most threatening processes are due to the access provided by roads and failure to actively enforce laws. Conservation has greatly reduced poaching. Is there any other information you feel you need to include about this place? The collection of national parks contains the worlds largest flower and the worlds tallest flower. Threats include: road development plans as well as agricultural encroachment.