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Basic Mobile Antivirus With Scan Landing Page
Basic Mobile Antivirus With Scan Landing Page
Aug 30
This is a free exclusive landing page for Mobile CPA Immersion members.
Basic Mobile Antivirus With Scan Landing Page
This is a Basic Mobile Antivirus with scan landing page you can use on mobile tr
affic sources.
Basic Antivirus Scan Landing Page
Dwonload 201.62 KB

How to Install
Changing the link URL is ea,asy.
Step 1.
Download the ziii*p file and unzip onto your desktop.
Step 2.
Open index.html on your text editor.
Step 3.
Search and change the variables below.
On line 88 insert your tracking or offer link
HTML Code:
<a class="button" href=""><strong>REMOVE ANY VIRUSES</s
<a class="button" href=""><strong>REMOVE ANY VIRUSES</s

Step 1. mobile campaigns.yourdomain. Download the zip file and unzip onto your desktop. mobile with your offer or tracking domain. Open index.href='http://www.href='http://www. mobile landing page Permalink Select a Gift Sweepstakes Landing Page Select a Gift Sweepstakes Landing Page Aug 30 . Step 2. Save and upload the folders content onto your own domain or directory.Step 4. Search and change the variables below to fit your offer. Questioner Sweepstakes Landing Page This is a Questioner Sweepstakes Landing Page you can use on mobile traffic sour ces.yourdomain. *Replace http://www.html on your text editor. affiliate marketing.yourdomain. Step 3. Save and upload the folders content onto your own domain or directory.* HTML Code: Line 108 <button class="button butt" onClick="location. mobile antivirus. mobile landing page Per malink Questioner Sweepstakes Landing Page Questioner Sweepstakes Landing Page Aug 30 This is a free exclusive landing page for Mobile CPA Immersion'"> Continue</button> 1 <button class="button butt" onClick="location.51 KB How to Install Changing the link'"> Continue</button> Step 4. Preview Download Questioner Sweepstakes Landing Page Download 38.

yourdomain. Step 2."><a target="_top" href="http://www.* HTML Code: Line 205 <div class="left" style="background:url(index_files/imagestrip-10-ipad. voluum Permalink Boost Your Mobile Landing Page CTR by 10% to 20% Boost Your Mobile Landing Page CTR by 10% to 20% .jpg) no-r epeat 3px" onclick="exit _alert()"><img src="img/ with your offer or tracking domain."><a target="_top" href="http://www.yourdomain. Step 1. If you have any questions or nee d help please make a post on the help and support forum.png" width="60" height="80"></a> Step 4.png" width="60" height="80"></a> 1 <div class="left" style="background:url(index_files/imagestrip-10-ipad.html on your text editor. Download the zip file and unzip onto your desktop.This is a free exclusive landing page for Mobile CPA Immersion members. Save and upload the folders content onto your own domain or directory.jpg) no-r epeat 3px -3px. Open index. mobile campaigns. Preview Download Sweepstakes Select a Gift Landing Page Download 127. Step 3. *Replace http://www.50 KB How to Install Changing the link URL.yourdomain. Search and change the variables below to fit your offer. mobile landing page Permalink How To Install Voluum How To Install Voluum Aug 30 This is a video guide on How To Install" onclick="exit _alert()"><img src="img/ipad_air. Select a Gift Sweepstakes Landing Page This is a Select a Gift Sweepstakes Landing Page you can use on mobile traffic s ources.

} </style> Javascript Code: <script> function goto(){ location.Aug 28 In this guide i ll show you how to boost your mobile CTR by up to 20%! Every Dollar Counts Quick tip for you mobile affiliates struggling to get your landing page CTR up.enterPage{ cursor:hand. The CSS and Javascript part needs to be put before the </head> part of your land ing page. However getting a better CTR on a landing page doesn t necessarily 100% guarantee your conversion rate will increase but its always worth trying to squeeze every dollar out of your CSS Code: <style>" } </script> 1 2 3 4 5 <script> .enterPage{ cursor:hand. This method requires a little coding but but nothing too complicated. The method i describe below works better if you already have a good converting l anding page that s getting anywhere from a 20% to 30% CTR but after dozens of s&6* (&plit tests still can t get the CTR I ve been using this method my self for a while now to boost the click through rat es on my mobile landing pages. First off there could be loads of reasons why you re not getting the CTR you want such as yo ur call to action button appearing below the fold of certain mobile dev ices. all you re s imply doing is turning the main body of your landing page into a clickable link using a little CSS. this would obviously affect your CTR negatively. Javascript and html. } </style> 1 2 3 4 5 <style> BODY.href = "http://www.

co.href = "http://www.function goto(){ location. charset=utf-8" /> <title>Untitled Document</title> <style>" } </script> </head> <body class="enterPage" onclick="goto() } </style> <script> function goto(){"> <head> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/" } </script> Once you ve done that you need to amend the <body> tag in your landing page to thi s HTML Code: <body class="enterPage" onclick="goto()."> Your Content </body> </html> 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 .href = "http://www."> 1 <body class="enterPage" onclick="goto().enterPage{ cursor:hand.w3."> The finished code should appear something like this HTML Code: <html xmlns="http://www.

</script> 1 .enterPage{ cursor:hand."> Your Content </body> </html> Now when a visitor clicks anywhere on the body of your mobile landing page they will be redirected to your affiliate offer page Making it Rain The 2nd method i use is an intro pop. charset=utf-8" /> <title>Untitled Document</title> <style> BODY.15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 <html xmlns="" } </script> </head> <body class="enterPage" onclick="goto(). This just requires you to enter some javas cript just before the </head> tag in your landing page.w3.href = ""> <head> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html. Javascript Code: <script>alert("Hello\n\nWelcome to affiliate fix\n\n Have a good day"). } </style> <script> function goto(){ To add a new paragraph t o the intro pop you wo^%&huld need to add \n\n at the end of your previous parag raph.

charset=utf-8" /> <title>Untitled Document</title> <script>alert("Hello\n\nWelcome to affiliate fix\n\n have a good day"). } </style> <script> function goto(){ location.enterPage{ cursor:hand.</script> <style>"> <head> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/" } </script> </head> <body class="enterPage" onclick="goto()."> Your Content </body> </html> 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 .</script> I very often use both these strategies together to boost my landing page CTR.href = " Se e the example below <html xmlns="http://www.<script>alert("Hello\n\nWelcome to affiliate fix\n\n Have a good day").w3.

enterPage{ cursor:hand.yourdoamin. mobile marke ting Permalink How to Upload Your Website Using cPanel How to Upload Your Website Using cPanel Aug 28 To upload your webiste using cPanel you ll need to first login by going to were it is hosted on your domain which is normally something like www. affiliate marketing.href = "http://www. } </style> <script> function goto(){ location.26 27 28 29 30 31 <html xmlns="http://www.</script> <style> I m an amateur coder at best but if you have any questions just post them in the h elp and support forum and i ll try my best to answer them. boost click through rate. hopefully that will help a few of you increase your landing page CTR" } </script> </head> <body class="enterPage" onclick="goto(). charset=utf-8" /> <title>Untitled Document</title> <script>alert("Hello\n\nWelcome to affiliate fix\n\n have a good day") anel Login with the username and password you created for your cPanel account in WHM Once logged in you want to select the File Manager option Make sure you have Web Root (public_html/www) selected and click go . mobile landing page."> Your Content </body> </html> Thats"> <head> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html.

a pop-up box will appear that will allow you to choose what types of characters you wish to use and how long the automatically generated password will be. cpanel. once you ve logged into you WHM scroll down to Account Functions and select Create a New Account which located on the left hand side of your WHM dashboard.You will be redirect to the File Manager dashboard. You ll have to enter in some information such as what domain you would like your c Panel to be hosted on Domain In this field. The password should never contain the cPanel username. if you don t know what that is you ll need to cont act them. Password It is very important that you use a unique. Email . Please keep the following criteria in mind when creating a username: May consist of 8 characters or less Must be letters and numbers only with no spaces May not use special characters or spaces Also. If needed. you can create a cP anel account for a subdomain. Once uploaded select the zip folder and clic k the extract icon. secure password when you create a cP anel account. Select the file you wish to upload to your server. Username WHM will automatically suggest a username when you click this field. simply click the upload icon on the top left hand corner. you must enter the domain name for which you are creating the cPa nel (do not include www. upload website Permalink How to create cPanel account for your domain in WHM How to create cPanel account for your domain in WHM Aug 28 Once you have purchased your domain and VPS/Dedicated server you ll need to create a cPanel account for your domain in order to upload your websites. If you are uploading multiple files and folders for one website (which in most cases you will be) you ll neey^d to convert them into a ZIP folder. It is recommended that you use the Password Generator tool. To this you simply need to login to your WHM with the password and username your hosting provider set up for you. you cannot use the username of root as it is already taken by the server. in front of the domain). When you click Passw ord Generator. and it shou ld never be identical to your WHM password (not even as a default or temporary s olution) as this is a security risk.

Wikipedia List of mobile network operators . The y have a low pay out threshold for weekly payments. If you want to receive these emails. This is to prevent package name collisions with other users packages on th e server. check this option so that WHM will set the DNS for the private nameservers in t he zone correctly. If you can generate $100 a week in revenue they ll put you onto weekly payments ri ght away. leave this box unchecked to use the default namese rvers configured in the server configuration. You only need to hit $50 in revenue per week. The support the affiliate account mangers provide is fantastic as well. Otherwise. WHM Permalink Resources For Your Mobile Tool Box Resources For Your Mobile Tool Box Aug 28 Furthermobi If your new to mobile affiliate marketing and have a small budget but want to be able to scale up fast. Package The Package drop-down menu contains a preset list of limits and settings that ca n be applied to the accounts you create. You can quickly use Appannie to find out what co untry the app is most popular in and what country it is getting the most install s in as well as a lot more analytical stuff. Saves you time when you want to promote an app that accepts traff ic from 12 different countries. This allows you to specify if the domain should use its own private nameservers or if it should use the loc ally configured shared nameservers. I would defiantly recomm end you sign up to the affiliate network Yeahmobi.The email address entered in this field is used by WHM for automatic notificatio n of issues with the account. Packages created using a reseller accou nt will be automatically prefixed with your reseller username and an underscore ( _ ). Yeahmobi If you want an unlimited pool of offers to choose from. I would recommend the affiliate network Furthermobi. Appannie Appannie is a great tool for finding out how popular a particular app is in any given country. If you have specified private nameservers for the domain of this new cPanel acco unt and these private nameservers have already been configured at the registrar. Once you have completed all that simply click the create button upload website. The sheer number of offers th ey have available is almost scary. simply enter your own email address instead of the account holder s email address. WHM will aut omatically send an email with the account information to the address provided wh en the account is created. DNS Settings This setting has the following option: Use the nameservers specified at the Doma in s Registrar (Ignore locally specified nameservers). The support is amazing and at least two times a week they send out lists of new and top converting offers.

Browserstack Browserstack is great for testing out your landing pages on different mobile bro wsers to make sure they are rendering the way you want them to. Let them know what you re looking for (you can even use the illustration s from this eBook) and they will get the job done for you to a satisfactory stan dard and there after care service is brilliant. mobile cpa. It allows you to set your location to almost anywhere in the world.000 Promoting Download Content Offers Mobile Case Study: Over $100. These t ypes of campaigns have generated me over $100.000 Promoting Download Content Offers Aug 28 For the past couple of months content download offers have been the staple of my affiliate mobile marketing diet. Adobe Muse and Adobe Photoshop At some point you ll probably have to learn or outsource the development of landin g pages and banners. I ll also be adding my own tuto rials in the Affiliate Fix Dojo over the next couple of weeks. It s always good to know if the carrier the advertiser wants traffic from has more t han just two people on their network. feature phones and Blackberries. but I was at one point running thes e offers in over six different countries and across four different affiliate net works as week to week conversion rates differed from network to network.The Wikipedia List of mobile network operators is a must if you plan on running mobile CPS offers as a lot of them only accept traffic from certain carriers. One reason being you can promote these offers on all smart phones regardless of OS. as sometimes dif ferent mobile browsers render web pages a lot differently to what you would expe ct. The Landing Page Guys If you have no coding experience and don t know the difference between a <html> ta g and a donut or just don t have the time to build your own landing pages. These have been by far the easieghy%st type of mobile CPS offers I have ever promoted. If you decide you want to teach yourself I suggest getting familiar with Adobe Muse and Photoshop. This case study will focus only on Thailand.000 so they will always be spe&*(c . mobile marketing Permalink Mobile Case Study: Over $100. I would recommend you check out The Landing Page Guys. mobile affiliate network. You can get access to them for a small m onthly fee via the Adobe Creative Cloud and there are loads of free tutorials al ready on the Adobe website showing you the a day I would also strongly recommend adding the extra proofreading as poor translations on your banners and landing pages can potentially cost you money. One Hour Translation If you need to get your banners or landing pages professionally translated I wou ld suggest using one hour translation. They are one of the best in the business. If you are getting the translation for a campaign that you ll be scaling up to $x. This comes in h andy when you want to view mobile offers on your network or spy on your competit or s campaigns that are located in a different region of the world. ma king the offer easily scalable. Hide My Ass Pro Hide My Ass Pro is probably the best VPN provider I have come across so far.

wh ich of course I was happy to do.ial to me. I ended up switching the main image from a flash logo to a download logo and ame nded the text to say the visitor needed a content upda%$te. I tested over four different angles before striking gold with the one that would convert the best over any of the future angles I would go on to try. The landing page would then go on to gen*&*erate just over a 100% ROI. At the time I was still a little bit of a rookie and had to learn a lot about tr ademark violations and similar things. . Screenshot of earnings with one of the networks I was running the Thailand Downl oad Content offer with In the beginning. but it was still in the green at about a 65% ROI. The idea w frr%as simple: I understood that redirected users enter in a URL or click on a l ink to get to a certain page. If they don t arrive at that page their first questi on is: Why did my browser not take me where I wanted to go? If they land on a page that does not provide them with a good enough answer they leave. I ran this successfully for 3 weeks before my affiliate manager contacted me say ing that the publisher wanted me to remove the flash logo and amend the text. one offer and the possibi()_ -)lity to experiment with endless amounts of different angles. Below are a few s creenshots so you have an idea of what a basic Download content offer looks like Humble Beginnings The first traffic source I decided to test this offer on was Zeropark because at the time mobile Thailand traffic was cheap and there was a little bit of Volume . it started with only one country. So. This landing page di dn t perform as well as the Adobe Flash branded one. I took visitors to a landing page with an intro pop explaining that they cou ld not get where they expected to go because their flash player for {insert bran d} had expired on {insert date} and it needed to be updated with this particular version. The first affiliate network I ran the offer with was Furthermobi.

and I was running these same o ffers very profitably on popup and redirect traffic sources.I eventually moved the campaign over to Plugrush and a few other pop and redirec t traffic sources where again. no matter what type of banner I could come up with my landing pages per formed horribly. and it was not the offer performing poorly as I knew affiliates who were making bank on Decisive. As I predicted the BEST performing typ^5*es of apps and sites where those where users would go to download music. . That is a simple bridge page. When I first saw it I remember looking at it thinking: Wow. Persistence Pays Off Eventually. so I decided to go back to the drawing board knowing two faa cts: It was not the traffic source. effectively tripling my ROI. APKs and videos so I set up a separate campaig n targeting only those specific sites. I removed banners with a CTR of le ss than 1% and replaced them with fresh ones until the campaign got into the gre en. videos and so on. However. so maybe direct linking the offer would be good enough. it was very successful. with a little optimization and split testing offe rs. Then it struck me: I recalled when looking in to the data I had gathered from De cisive that a fair bit of it came from sites where people go to download music. I decided that I wanted to test banner ads with Decisive and see if I could get these download content offers profitable with that type of traffic. Examples of download now banners used in this campaign After this I simply followed the data . I proceeded that night to design ten simple download type banners and ru(^5n the m in conjunction with the ones supplied by the advertiser. Certain apps/sites were eating up budget w ithout providing conversions so they got cut. A few days went by and one of the advertisers released the same offer but with a bridge page . APKs. Apple OS and Blackberry were the poorest pe rformers so I stopped targeting them.

45 EPC (earning per click) on some offer in Poland. I m a little tipsy from several hours wit h Russian Vodka and don t pay much attention to it. mobile affiliate network.911 in 3 Days with Plugrush. The more aggressive the landing page the better the co nversion rates were Initial test results during the first week of running this campaign looked very promising. mobile case study. It s like Magic (Full Versi on) Aug 28 . I had been banking with Downloa d content offers in Thailand up until mid July when most of them were pulled due to new carrier regulations. mobile marketing Permalink Mobile Case Study: Revenge of the Trojan Mobile Case Study: Revenge of the Trojan Aug 28 It s 03:00 AM in the morning. . but I have a feeling thei r time is coming to an end. mobile campaigns.000 in the last 3 months alone. as well as keeping banners with 1% C TR and good CVR running for as long as possible. All in all. EPC started to drop so8 I contacted my affiliate manager b ut she had no answers for me. I take that with a hint of salt. They re excited about this new Poland antivirus offer they just got in. Network: Yeahmobi Offer: PL Sonxxie Android Antivirus & Security Payout: $4. The details of the offer are below. Week on week however. mobile antivirus. .50 Traffic Source: Plugrush. It s like Magic (Full Versi on) Mobile Case Study: $2. Until then I had never used them but now seeing how they could help boost a declining campaigns ROI I have started applying them on all my landing p ages: I continued to run the offer until the only thing it would do is just about brea k even. Zeropark Believe the Hype . I experimented with a few other landers before deciding to put the campa ign on ice and focus on my more pro_+fitable campaigns. I just got in from a decent night out with the lads whe n my affiliate manager starts blowing up my Skype. mobile marketing Permalink Mobile Case Study: $2. so I suggest you bank with them while you can.I was constantly having to rotate in new banners to prevent the dreaded banner b lindness that goes with running a campaign. and we re still hustling It s 03:00 AM on a Friday. I managed to boost the EPC by adding an aggressive intro pop. Sometimes I tested many different styl)*&hjes of antivirus landing pages to try and get th e best out of this offer. I check my email and see that the offer she mentioned last night is in the top EPC category on their news letter.911 in 3 Days with Plugrush. Download content offers have been my most succesghsful campaigns gen erating me ovyher $100. I double check with her ahy^^nd she says simply It s the best converting an tivirus offer on the network. mobile case study. . . I wake up the next morning and vaguely remember the exchange: something about a $0. . . so I turn my phone off before falling asleep.

. or import the URLs you want to block. browser apps. I had been searching affiliate networks looking for a Thailand antivirus CPS offer for a week or so with no luck. For any of you who wants to run mobile campaigns on Plugrush. utility apps or utility CPS offers that accept traffic from at least three or four of the largest mobile carriers in that parti cular country. .Cleaning out my closet It s early June and I m knee deep in mobile pin submit offers. To create a blacklist you need to log in to your Plugrush account select lists. so a cleaner o ffer was the second best thing. it had a higher payout of $2. While scanning through this wonderful piece of literature I see TH Phone Cleaner [WAP] I almost fall out my seat. it was pr ofitable straight away and generated over $2. one of the best performing landing pages for this campaign was simpl e and had my favourite. the original offer still performed far better.20. with the top and new offers for the week. si milar offer TH Mobico WAP Phone Cleaner. The only type of redirect traffic that wasn t converting was Dump sites and MP G. I have included this wi th the The Affiliate Mobile Marketing Blueprint. so I unchecked those. and then create list enter in. Details of the offer are below: Network: Yeahmoi Offer: TH Mozzi Regular Phone Cleaner Thai Version Payout: $2 Traffic Source: Plugrush Tip: The only type of mobile offers I would recommend running on Plugrush would be launcher apps. I get an email from one of my f avorite affiliate networks: Yeahmobi. and select wh ich campaign you want to apply the blacklist to.911 in three days at about a 309% R OI. Due to the URL blacklist I had applied before launching this campaign. I Think I did it Again Once again. and alone has prob ably saved me around $x. relevant picture. Long Live Plugrush I decided to run this offer on Plugrush redirect traffic as I had successfully r an a few other utility CPS and CPI offers on there in the past and built up a st rong blacklist of the 166 very worst performing domains. strong headline. However. this list is an absolute must. I m sitting by my desk chatting to another affiliate over Skype about how great pi n submits offers convert in Thailand and in o rder to maximize the landing page CTR. a sense of urgency in the main body text and a strong call to action: Onehourtranslation was used to translate the original English text to Thai. Plugrush is Dead . Why You Jacking Me Bro? . I also split tested the original TH Mozzi Regular Phone Cleaner with another.

with download content and utility apps offers like: battery saver. You ll know when you have developed this when you see new offers coming up on your affiliate network and you can quickly make an educated guess as to the odds of t+&&^he offer performing well in your chosen region. I would suggest picking only one region and sticking with it until you have a in tuitive understanding of what type of landing pages. sweepstakes and download c ontent offers being top performers. Top Countries: Thailand. but. mobile campaigns. ad copy and offers work bes _)Kt in that region. Top Countries: Argentina South America has done amazing for me when running sweepstakes offers. Africa. 2. I noticed that I had gone from 1st highest bidder to eighth. After further investigation I discov ered that a few other affiliates had got wise to my lander and offer. and the re is no way to segment carrier traffic on Plugrush. In the beginning they had probably wondered where all their Thailand android traffic had gone and decided t o investigate themselves. mobile pinsubmit offers Permalink Anatomy of a Good Basic Mobile Landing Page Anatomy of a Good Basic Mobile Landing Page Aug 28 Over the last couple months I have experimented with many different landing page .After about three days of running this campaign full throttle. Malaysia and Vietnam Mobile CPS offers convert easily. some regions perform better than others depending on which type of offers you re running. plugrush Permalink My Favourite Regions for Promoting Mobile CPS Offers My Favourite Regions for Promoting Mobile CPS Offers Aug 28 The reason why mobile is becoming huge is because there are offers available in most parts of the world.S If you re new to mobile affiliate marketing I would not recommend starting out with Plugrush as there traffic and approvals can be very erratic. Asia. and we wer e all now aggressively competing for the same traffic. I have do ne thousands of leads with that single vertical. from the United States to Liechtenstein. Tip: if you run a campaign on Plugrush they ll probably chuck some international t raffic your way even though you didn t ask for it so make sure you have a good INT offer set up to redirect it to :) P. 3. Here are my top three regions for promoting mobile CPS offers as of July 2014: 1. and I had no decent offer t o redirect the DTAC traffic to. South America. as you ve p robably guess(UYTed. mobile marketing. A s DTAC was the top converting carrier (it s also the largest in Thailand). mobile landing page. mobile marketing. with adult content. I made the decision to stop running the campaign and move on to greener pastures. I decided to pull the offer when my affiliate manager requested that the adverti ser wanted me to stop sending DTAC traffic as it was not backing out for them. Top Countries: South Africa and Kenya Just like Asia CPS offers convert easily. antivirus and Wi-Fi booster doing well.

layouts and designs. A lot of the top mobile affiliate networks can have anywhere from 800 upward s of active offers to choose from. but eight times out of ten it has always been the most basi c of landing pages that have performed best. Don t worry if you haven t decided worth of testing. Now what do you do once you have this information? You have one of two choices: the ideal scenario would be to pick an offer with a good EPC. Yes. what if I told you that mobile affiliates all over the world were freely g iving away valuable data on the best converting mobile offers. All the offers I ve made the most with have come from me doing the above. such as the US or Western Europe . Trust: Try to add trust in to your pages by putting logos or images of familiar icons that people recognize Clarity: Tell your visitor what they need to do once they get to the offer page in the simplest way possible. however. and all you have to do is ask your affiliate manager for a report containing the latest EPC. mobile landing page Permalink Choosing a Mobile Offer: Where to Start Choosing a Mobile Offer: Where to Start Aug 28 This will most likely be the most daunting task any new mobile affiliate will fa ce. . The first thing you ll need to do is make a decision. and you ll have to stick to it. you ll have to brush your indecisiveness to one side and make a choice about what type of vertical yo*^u want to run on mobile. Okay. Tip: Urgency: Having a strong sense of urgency on your landing page can pay great div idends. however from time t o time a more creative approach is required but that tends to only be necessary when competing in the more competitive markets. In chapter four I discuss and show you a few examples of some of the top performing mobile verticals at the moment along wit h proven ways to promote them. conversion rate an d that is also doing high volume. outscored the job. . I wo uld suggest doing the next best thing by picking the offer in your vertical that other affiliates are doing the most volume with. if that option is not available. The annotation below is the sum of $xx. conv ersion rate and the top offers based on daily volume in your chosen vertical? It s that easy. where do you go from there? Well. I have e ven put some examples below just in case some of you need further clarification. ripped and improved up on the competitions. You log in and see that they have 50 differ ent types of offers in 28 different countries in you chosen vertical . I ve built my own. so let s say you ve signed up to an affiliate net_(*work with tons of mobile o ffers and you ve chosen your vertical. . such as a countdown timer or stating that XYZ offer ends on said date.

mobile offers Permalink Types Of Mobile Offers Types Of Mobile Offers Aug 28 as pay-outs a higher pa you could e a slightly Okay. mobile cpa. TH Download Content. and that s just the ones that I know of. however. I would stare at the offer description in my affi liate account perplexed as to what the hell MO Flow. my name is Taiwo AKA Cash Money Affiliate. there are up to ten or more different types of mobile convers ion flows. I had developed this intuition by spending almost three months testing over 30 different landing pages. I spend most of my time making mo ney promoting Mobile CPA offers and teaching others how to do the same. So w ll be worth your t process of tri Clean master was an offer I decided to run in early February after looking throu gh my network s top offers by volume and seeing it in the top spot two weeks in a row. CPI Flow and MT Flow all me ant. this sixth sense is only developed through a al and error. Below is a list of ten types of conversion flows and how they work. mobile affiliate network. over time you ll develop ike intuition of what type of offers perform best in a particular hen new offers come up. Recent Posts . Believe it or not. TH Phone Cleaner was a new offer on the network I decided to run. Hopefully now you at least have a basic understanding of what it takes to pick a potentially good offer. types of mobile offers mobile affiliate network. we re about to enter hazard filled terrain so I m going to keep everything as simple as possible in order to ensure that you don t get lost along the way. Network A could have y out then NetJ&^work B but have a 25% worse conversion rate meaning arn more promoting the same offer on Network B even though they have lower pay out. Tip: Always split test the same offer on multiple affiliate networks and conversion rates will differ. mobile offers Permalink Previous 1 2 3 Scroll to top Cash Money Affiliate Hi. an almost Jedi l vertical. which it did. I came across these types of offers for the first time whi le going through an email detailing a list of the Top Offers based on volume sen t to me b+(_)y one of my affiliate networks. Download Content type offers would end up becoming one of my best performing offers. you ll almost instantly know whether they ime or not.Once you get used to picking offer_(((s. I remember when I first starte d promotinKIO(g mobile offers. But there s no need for you to spend the next several hours tra(&wling through Goo gle to find out exactly what your visitor has to do once he gets from your affil iate link to the offer page for you to get paid. 360 Antivirus was an offer I decided to run after asking my affiliate manager at the time what CPI (cost per install) offer had the best conversion rate on thei r network. many different types of offers and dif ferent variants of ad-copy in that region of the world. For example. and I made thi s decision based on my intuition where I predicted it would convert amazingly we ll.

There Is No Special Traffic Source How To Get Any Mobile Campaign Approved 99% Of The Time [BLACKHAT] Android System Notification Landing Page Join The Mobile Immersion How To Choose Offers & Direct Link With Decisive Categories Banners Campaign Optimization Guides & Case Studies Hosting Internet Marketing Landing Page Templates Landing Pages Mobile Advertising Mobile Immersion Area Mobile Offers/Affiliate Networks Promo Videos Resources for Your Mobile Tool Box Traffic Sources Tutorials Voluum Tracking Software Terms & Conditions Privacy Policy .