HCL RETENTION STRATEGY Retention of key employees is critical to the long-term health and success of any organization. It is a known fact that retaining an orga nizations bestemployees ensures customer satisfaction, increased product sales, satisfiedcolleagues and reporting staff, effective succession planning and deeplyimbedded organizational knowledge and learning.E m p l o ye e r e t e n t i o n i s o n e o f t h e p r i m a r y m e a s u r e s o f t h e h e a l t h o f a n organization, which brings multi face ted benefits. With the objective of studying the Strategies and Practices of Retaining employees prevalent intoday’s business houses with special study on retention strategies adopted by HCL, this project aims at understanding why employees leave in the firstplace, and what strategies are undertaken to get the employees stay in theorganization. The project is based on exploratory research. The source of information of the study consists of primary and secondary data. For the purpose of primarydata a set of questions was put together in the form of questionnaire. Andsecondary data was collected from Newspapers, Journals, Reports & variouspublications, business magazines etc. on the basis of information gatheredfrom these sources findings and data analyses was prepared which suggestst h e p r i m a r y r e a s o n o f l e a v i n g t h e c o m p a n y b y e m p l o ye e i n H C L . T h e s e include the pay packages, compensation, position in the company, workingconditions, and proper career development opportunities and company’sinflexibility towards an employees family responsibilities.Based on the limitations of the company some recommendations have beenpresented in the end so as to meet the current most important trend of growing attrition rate. This includes- adopting a Retentio n Strategy at all stages starting form recruitment and selection of employees, providing aneffective pay packages and compensation, outlining an ef ficient careerdevelopment path for employees and most imp ortantly catering to theiremotional, mental and family needs. Also practices should be followed tobring the ex-employees back in the company. Recommendations  Employees retention strategy should be adopted to bring back theex employees in the organization as well as to retain the presentemployees.  Compensation and salary should be matching with the employee’scontribution to the organization.  Periodic reviews of the employees satisfaction level regarding toissues like salary, work position and environment etc  The company should initiate the career development path o f itsemployees along with the development of the organization. Conclusion The present report indicates that the following features:1.Better job opportunities in outer market & pay are the main reasons forincreasing attrition rate.2.The employees do not feel valued by their employer. 3. The working environment in the company also make them to leavetheir job. 4. Performance Appraisals are not given at regular intervals so that theEmployee feel motivated for its work.5. The work schedule is very much inflexible & Stressful.H o we v e r a n e f f e c t i v e r e t e n t i o n p o l i c y c o u l d b e f o l l o we d t o m a k e t h e employees stay in the company starting form recruitment and selection of employees, providing an effective pay packages and compensation, outlining an efficient career development path for employees and most importantlycatering to their emotional, mental and family needs. Also practices shouldbe followed to bring the ex-employees back in the company.