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Leading Change

Time & Stress Management



During this session, operators will gain the skills required to effectively

This session is designed to help operators increase their performance

and efficiently obtain the commitment from their teams in order to

at work through effective time management and dealing with the

ensure success and mitigate risks to their change- related projects. As

stress of becoming a new supervisor. Participants will learn effective

new leaders, operators will learn how to leverage critical factors and

time management techniques along with ways to cope with and

resources in order to significantly improve their teams results.

combat stress.

Learning Objectives:

Learning Objectives:

Upon successful completion of this module, operators will be able to:

Upon successful completion of this module, operators will be able to:

Define change management

Identify stress symptoms and triggers

Incorporate change management principles into their leadership

Leverage assertiveness to manage time and reduce stress


Apply critical thinking and effective decision making skills

Explain why change is necessary and why it fails

Set effective goals and apply action planning techniques

Future ready
leadership program
for water and wasteWATER operators

Equipping employees with the skills needed to

become a leader within the industry.

Use the change model to lead their team through change

What we will cover:

What we will cover:
Goal Setting: Planning Your Success
What is Change? Why Do Organizations Have to Change?

Identifying Stress

Why do People Resist Change? Fear of Change etc.

Symptoms of Stress

Principles of Change Management (Why Change Fails?)

How to Deal with Stress

Helping Teams Deal with Constant Change

Developing Stress Maps

o Regulatory changes

Time Management Tools & Techniques

o Municipal Requirements


o Change in Municipal Direction

Critical Thinking
Decision Making


Future ready
leadership program

for water and wasteWATER operators


to reflect leadership challenges
and situations faced by Water and
Wastewater Operators.
Baby Boomers are retiring now and retirements will peak around
2018-2020, leaving a huge talent gap. The #1 need in business today
is to hire, develop, and retain those who will be leading at every level of
their businesses.
MCE is creating the next generation of high impact diverse leaders
by equipping high potential employees with the winning playbook
and personalized coaching needed to reach their potential
and maximize their impact at every stage of their career with your

This 5-day program is

equivalent to 30 hours
of on-the-job practical

This program is based on our flagship Future Ready Leadership

Program and customized to provide Water and Wasterwater operators
with the skills they need to tackle challenges unique to their industry.


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This program is composed of five
customized leadership training
sessions. Each of these sessions helps
to develop and shape emerging leaders
by providing theory with practical
application, experiential team building
and insight into the minds of established


Power of Teams

Impact Communications

Leadership Dynamics




In this highly interactive experiential session, operators will learn

In this session, we explore the communication process and provide

This session outlines the characteristics of a successful supervisor.

the value of working together as a team. They will gain the skills and

an understanding of the communication skills required to effectively

Operators will examine skills, knowledge and attitudes required to

knowledge required to build and develop a high performance working

interact with employees, other leaders, staff and, taxpayers or

be an effective supervisor. The session will culminate with operators

team and an appreciation of how this leads to delivering a productive

general public. Personality profiles will be completed and examined.

recognizing and applying different leadership styles and the value of

customer experience.

Operators will gain an understanding of different personality types

bringing clarity and integrity to the role of leader.

and different generations, identifying motivators that encourage

Learning Objectives:

people, barriers to effective communication, active listening and

Upon successful completion of this module, operators will be able to:

Demonstrate how to build and sustain high performance teams

Upon successful completion of this module, operators will be able to:

Learning Objectives:

Evaluate the value of different types of teams

Demonstrate effective team behaviour and team communication

Demonstrate the impact of different personality types on

What we will cover:

Identify differences in communication preferences and styles

Apply the Communication Model when communicating with others

Introduction to the session and the concept Power of Teams

How to Work Together, Team Structure and Behaviours (Trust,
Integrity and Accountability)
Team Development Model

Develop a thorough understanding of generational and

communication diversity at work

Articulate and apply leadership styles

What we will cover:

Competencies of a Great Leader (Difference Between Managing and
Leading for Results (Power of Feedback/Seeking Input at all

What we will cover:

Situational Leadership (Clarity and Integrity)

Strategies for the Controlling Manager (Delegation or Dumping)

Hard and Soft Skills

Different types of teams

DISC Assessment

Developmental Leadership (Problem Solving)

Interactive Team Roles and Responsibilities Communication,

Basic Needs and Motivations of Each Type

Constructive Feedback and Meaningful Rewards


The Value of Self-Awareness for Leadership Development

Working and Communicating With The Other Personalities
Recognizing and Leading Different Generations in the Workplace

Scenarios and/or case

studies are customized
to be applicable to Water
and Wastewater Leaders /

Identify the differences between managing and leading

Lead for results, using the power of feedback, input and delegation

Upon successful completion of this module, operators will be able to:


Each of the modules are designed to reflect

leadership challenges and situations faced by
Water and Wastewater Operators.

Learning Objectives:

constructive feedback skills.

Develop competencies required for high performance teams