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when the radius of maximum wind within a tropical cyLandfall is the event of a storm moving over land after clone moves ashore.[3] These effects are high surf, heavy
rains that may cause flooding, water buildup along the
coast with minor storm surge, coastal beach erosion, high
winds, and possibly severe thunderstorms with tornados
around the periphery.

2 Tornado or waterspout
When a tornadic waterspout makes landfall it is reclassified as a tornado,[4] which can subsequently cause damage
to areas inland of the coast. When a fair weather waterspout makes landfall it usually dissipates quickly due to
friction and a reduction in the amount of warm air sup[5]
Cyclone Marcia immediately losing its impressive structure after plied to the funnel.
making landfall over Queensland

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being over water. When a waterspout makes landfall it
becomes a regular tornado, which can then cause damage
inland. When a fair weather waterspout makes landfall it
usually dissipates quickly as it loses the inflow of warm
air into the vortex.

• Rainband

4 References

Tropical cyclone

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A tropical cyclone is classified as making landfall when
the center of the storm moves across the coast; in strong
tropical cyclones this is when the eye moves over land.[1]
This is where most of the damage occurs within a mature tropical cyclone, such as a typhoon or hurricane, as
most of the damaging aspects of these systems are concentrated near the eyewall. Such effects include the peaking of the storm surge, the core of strong winds coming
ashore, and heavy flooding rains. These coupled with high
surf can cause major beach erosion. In low lying areas,
the storm surge can stay inland for a long time and mix
with chemicals already in the area to create a toxic mess.
When a tropical cyclone makes landfall, the eye closes in
upon itself due to the weakening process, which causes
surf to decrease. Maximum sustained winds will naturally decrease as the cyclone moves inland due to frictional differences between water and land with the free

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Landfall is distinct from a direct hit. A direct hit is where
the core of high winds (or eyewall) comes onshore but
the center of the storm may stay offshore. The effects
of this are quite similar to a landfall, as this term is used

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