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Ego Mind


Awakenings to Ascension
By Hal Schroeder
Spirit of Life by Daniel Chester French

option, and that is forgiveness. Forgive that the

ego mind does not and cannot exist.

Fight, flee, or forgive there is nothing else.

I have talked about the fact that we are living in
a dream illusion, ruled by an insane ego mind,
which we created and gave the power to rule our

Thus, every thought generated anywhere, anytime has never existed, in our minds or elsewhere. Thus, we need to awake from this dream
of ego mind, and separation to our right mind of
unconditional love and Oneness, because that is
who we are.To go further, ego mind has twelve
distinct functions within its insanity. Please examine and learn them, then apply them to your own
life, and be shocked on how everything seemingly falls into these ego patterns.

Why? So we can play our games of separation

and dreams, trying to find a way to make permanently separate so we can establish our own little
kingdoms, kingdoms of individuated and separate
Let us examine this consciousness, which we
think is real, and which A Course in Miracles calls
the ego delusionary thought system.

For example, why do we go to church on Sundays? For many of us, it is to find God. This is an
ego function, because God is already whole and
part of us, within and without us, and thus cannot
be found. It already is omnipresent.

It is insane, and ultimately it is nothing, since it is

pure illusion.
Yet we created this dream and this mind to rule
the dream.

Please never interpret this to say we shouldnt

go to church, because ego thought process will
spin it that way. Simply, we are beings of light and
love, and we do everything to love, give, co-create and serve, thus church is a great and grand
place and an occasion to bring our rightful gifts of
Spirit to bear.

Who else is there? Who else could have done it?

Sorry, the tooth fairy only deals with teeth.
Ego consciousness is based on the premise of
ruling, controlling and conquering, and it does this
by taking in everything and making it right.

Before ego seeks, it runs, and never finds what it

is looking for. It cannot, because what it ultimately
hopes to find is Immortality, so we can become
our own separate little gods, which can never exist in the Oneness and Allness of the Universe.

In its delusionary thinking, it makes sure it is

right by fighting until it is made right. Ego mind
argues; it will argue ad infinitum until it proves
with insane logic that it is correct, until it rules the
Or it flees; it runs away from any situation that
it thinks it cannot make right, and lives to fight
another day, to once again, rule, conquer, and
control. It is its DNA. Thus, there is only one other

The mind of God knows not separation, and we

are of the mind of God. Next, ego mind gets,
grabs and takes, and thus, loves to accumulate.
I guess that is why we invented pockets, purses,
and love large houses with basements and attics,
so we can accumulate all the things of nothing-

ness. The ego mind makes, does, and admires.

It has a constant energy of movement, and does
not know how to sit still and listen, which is why
meditation is so difficult for many.

cause the concepts of right and wrong are only

dualistic concepts of this ego dream mind.
I am reminded of a poem by our famous English
writer, Geoffrey Chaucer, entitled The House of
Fame. It is a house populated by all of our skeletons hanging from its rafters, indicating the worth
of fame and adulation. All of our fame, celebrity,
adulation and admiration are ultimately worth
about fifteen seconds in eternity before we become the very skeletons of our beings, becoming
the examples of the worth of fame, becoming the
carrion of the next generation of adulation junkies.

Next, admiration or adulation is, perhaps, the

most powerful drug or inducement of ego mind
to trap us in its spider webs. You might think this
does not fit. Well, we seek adulation, perhaps
unconsciously at times, from everyone and everything.
Our self-centered ego separate beings are absent from the overflowing light force that we
are, or, I should say, think that we are absent
because, always remember, illusion rules this

Sorry, but that is you and me, as we inhale the

constant fumes of ego mind, translated into our
ego thoughts and consciousness.

Thus, we seek admiration for anything and everything, because when we are admired, when
adulation is offered to us, we drink in the light of
another to fill our perceived lack of light, our void
of darkness. In our little kingdom of our little ego
gods, those who admire and who give us adulation are always in the first row.

Why do we continue? Ego mind is a master at

teaching us denial of what is, especially the actual
truths of spirituality, which is why it is absolutely
necessary to take everything, including every word
in this piece, within to the Holy Spirit.
If we are truth seekers, once we forgive the illusion
of ego mind, why would we ever seek anothers
light? In truth, our light already and always overflows from us.

Can ego mind be anything else but this insanity

of our illusion, the very minds we wake up with
every morning?
Still dont see it?
It applies to all ego dreamers. We love adulation;
we love the adulation of our friends, our children,
our bosses and employees. We drink the drugs of
recognition and praise, and fill ourselves up with
that perceived light.
Thus, we have become a celebrity-driven culture, looking for our fifteen minutes of fame, in
any way, shape, or form. That plaque on the
wall brought us that light of fame to fill ourselves
up. Fame and adulation, one and the same,
are sought in our little ways, as well as the wellknown ways. The best maid, gardener, or trash
collector is seeking that infusion of light for their
Please never think I am ever saying this is right
or wrong, but only a function of ego mind, be-

Lastly, ego mind operates on trying to rule, conquer, and control its world, in whatever way it can,
to become the little gods, or large gods, of its own
little kingdoms. It is suspicious at best and vicious
at worst to anyone who tries to intrude in its turf.
To review, our ego minds that we use to stay separate from who we really are, are constantly running, seeking, and never finding; getting, grabbing
and taking; making, doing and admiring, ruling,
conquering and controlling, in a constant insanity
of delusionary thought.
What do we do about it? The good news is simple:
we forgive this ego mind out of existence, and
awaken to our true minds of Love and Oneness,
where duality is not known.

This is our destiny, and is ours when we decide we

want to stop dreaming these ego games.
We can spend years and lifetimes searching for

how we can seek this in religions and spiritual

paths. We can meditate, seemingly ad infinitum,
and see the semblance of the truths of our true
existence. Yetwe can fall back into the dream after
all of our efforts. We need to find the way that will
permanently awaken us to our true selves. That
answer you have heard from me before. It is in
forgiveness, and in particular, in the strength and
power of the affirmation:

The Ascension Series


Awakenings to
Ascension. The purpose
of your life is to ascend
to be with Father Mother
Source. Awakening is the Ascension,
described in this book.

Forgive all that is not; remember all that there is.

This affirmation, given to me in 1996 by Elder
Brother Jesus, is the answer to awakening. We,
the light workers, who are all of us who treasure
the truth, must put it into collective consciousness
so we may awaken.

Love Letters from an Angel

is a collection of essays from
Angel Hal to women
everywhere. His concern is
their spiritual welfare---but
this is an angel who can

Hal Schroeder is a student, facilitator, and writer on A Course

in Miracles subjects. Although
Hal has three traditional degrees, he asserts that his most
important degree is from The
University of the Holy Spirit, with
whom he has been communing
since 1988. It was revealed to
Hal that his writings are a continuation of the ideas contained
in A Course in Miracles.

Ascension Is All That

There Is continues
Awakenings to Ascension
with essential meditations on
all aspects of ascending.

Hals writing is centered on forgiveness and ways to

practice it. The forgiveness affirmation is the center of
each of his books and the basis of each essay:

Grace to Ascension leads

you to recognize that grace
is all around you. Each and
every instant, grace is in your
life, propelling you towards

I forgive all that is not; I remember all that there is.

The affirmation is italicized in the text. He believes that
his work on forgiveness and spirituality is part of the
new divine order of things, carried forth by me as a
messenger of forgiveness as directed by Spirit.

Ascension and Nothingness takes you through experiencing nothingness and its
role in all weAscensionist
believe and all
we can believe. Series

Hal organized and ran two humanitarian foundations,

one in Ethiopia, one in the Philippines, both devoted to
empowering people.
He was also a superintendent of schools three times
in the United States and abroad, creating numerous
innovative programs, while encountering the wrath of
those who did not want fundamental change.

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