A Thesis
Presented to
Professor Edward R. Torrefranca

In Partial Fulfillment
Of the Requirements for Math-6
Probability and Statistics





Application of computers and advanced technological equipment used in dental treatment proves the relevance of technology to dental health care. prevention. Dental Section must be able to apply the modern technology. Dentistry is the branch of medicine that is involved in the study. At present. the maxillofacial area and the adjacent and associated structures. and treatment of diseases. Introduction The world health information technology in the Dental Health Care industry had become the key reason for the development of medical technology. dental supplies and inventory are manually calculated thru pen and paper. Lastly the researchers could say that the use of this system can greatly help in their yearly dental output. disorders and conditions of the oral cavity. This system aims to help Dentists. expiration date of supplies and out of stock product because there is no such feature for that purpose. Dental Section of Division of City Schools. prophylaxis and restoration to all students and employees of primary and secondary public schools in Quezon City. such as computerized stocks and inventory. Most of public dental offices and small dental clinics do not have a computer system. they provide dental services but failed to record all the details of the patient as well as the procedures. procedure done. RECORD AND INVENTORY SYSTEM”. Quezon City performs oral examination. Dental Aides and Dental Clerk to have an organized system of Dental Section’s patient record and inventory. The Dental Section is currently using Logbook and Microsoft Excel in storing data for patient records and inventory. This can provide an ease of access to Inventory and Patient’s Records. and can help them analyze the supply usage of Dental Section. which is the Dental Supply. diagnosis. In fact. the researchers proposed the “DEVELOPMENT AND IMPLEMENTATION OF DIVISION OF CITY SCHOOLS -QUEZON CITY DENTAL SUPPLIES. In this regard. Dental Organizations and Offices are adapting the modern system. . and their impact on the human body. Records and Inventory System.I. their patient records. Their records does not provide detailed patient record.

followed by ___ Dentists and ___ Dental Aides. They are assigned to provide dental health care to ___ Primary and ___ Secondary public schools in Quezon City with a total population of _____________ SY 2013-2014. It allows locating human resources to the customer. helping customer. Nueva Ecija Street. Conceptual Framework A conceptual model is a visual method (illustration) of representing a set of casual relationship between factors believing to impact the applied programmed (Morgan 1991). The freedom that can afford by the personnel is to devote their energy to what genuinely matters the most. BagoBantay. Ramon C. .It is one of the most helpful and resourceful tools the researchers used for the project planning. Quezon City. Also it is a quick and easy to understand the overview of the development of the study. Dental Section is located at 3rd floor.Description of Research Locale Division of City Schools-Quezon City.Dr. The statement above simply discussed the advantages of using conceptual framework in the study. Eventually to develop a system that provide good outcome. Head of the Dental Section. Atienza is currently in the Dentist IV position. Based on the article of Business Software by Wuorio (1999) the used of conceptual framework is the study can produces greatest advantages to comprehensive DENTAL SUPPLIES. II. RECORD AND INVENTORY SYSTEM.

The researcher used a water fall model Life cycle because it designs such that. . Quezon City . RECORD AND INVENTORY SYSTEM. BagoBantay. III. the study cannot move over to the next phase of development. it will not have much difficult in understanding the process of software development using this method.The waterfall diagram was first published by Winston W. this has been used widely in the field of software development. until the proceeding phase is complete. Based on the article Business Software by Alam (2000) he one mentioned that with the waterfall diagram. Below is the conceptual framework of DENTAL SUPPLIES. Statement of the Problem Upon interviewing the head of Division of School and conducting an ocular visit to their office in Nueva Ecija Street.we identified their problems are follows. Royce in 1970.

This research cannot include the Dental appointment reservation of Dental Section V. and efficient records. including the public school employees. Definition of Terms To have a better understanding of the said study the following terms used by the proponents defined: . VI. Limitation This research study is applicable only for public primary and secondary school in Quezon in City. fast. ● Poor Monitoring of Dental Supplier prior to usage of medicines and supplies to the ration of patient being treated.● Unorganized Dental Records including Inventory and Patient Records. ● The Statistical Report of the Dental Section is a problem since the office clerk is not an expert on that matter and also due to the absence of effective Inventory System. ● Manual computation of treated patients over the total population of recipients is not efficient enough compared to computerized computation program. school teachers and students. Scope and Delimitation Scope The research focuses on the Dental Section of Quezon City Division office. IV. Significance of the Study This research study would make an enhancement to the Dental Section of Quezon City Division office because it would provide an accurate.

marked by deprivation especially of the necessities of life or of healthful environmental influences <culturally deprived children Stakeholder . record inventory system that can decreases risks in errors recording stocks of supplies. Conceptual Literature i. This system is utilized many of the largest companies today. Foreign Literature As Natalie Kawecky (1996) goal of an inventory system is to keep the necessary amount of supplies readily available so that they will be accessible when they are needed. ii. and to avoid purchases of large quantities of supplies that will tie up too much of the practice’s cash flow.Deprived . Local Literature According to Massad discussing supplies.a person or business that has invested money in something (such as a company) CHAPTER II REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE This chapter provides the information of related literature and studies. In the tough task getting the motivated to reorganize your entire office stockroom. It presents various sources and provides data facts and ideas. It consists of information from related literature and studies for both local and foreign. . I.

Foreign Literature Francis Mpwanya stated that the inventory supplies system is one of the important key activities of business logistics Because of its role in business organisations. Through the Health Record Number Registration System. Likewise. Current Status: Developed and for Implementation] ii. updating and generation of reports. The inventory management systems are based on professional techniques that have been developed over the years. This system facilitates integration of data by linking health records that are physically located in different places. The Public Assistance Information System supports the operation and management of the Public Assistance Unit (PAU) in the Central Office. Local Literature As Public Assistance Information System: Funds from the Office of the Secretary were allocated to various hospitals to serve as medical care assistance to indigent patients and under-privileged veterans. health record. the more will be need of resources. or medical chart is a systematic documentation of a patient’s individual medical history and care. the patient is assigned a unique identification code or number on his first contact with the health facility – hospital (admission. Schonsleben(2000) adds that inventory is one of the most important instruments of logistics planning and control. Cost control by an efficient inventory management system is a great challenge and production units. the receiving hospitals verify the authenticity of the request through the system and update the status of service(s) rendered for monitoring. II. . capital item. [Architecture – Online. Current Status: Operational] Health Record Number Registration System: A medical record. physical inventory on stock or patients record from the standpoint of added value. For instance. While inventory on work in process is linked to the production process. greater the inventory. Research Literature i. [Architecture – Online. and also realizing and applying several inventory management systems is essential in a dentistry environment since inventory and resources are associated intimately . emergency room or outpatient clinic) or private clinic. non-expendable item .Lynda Hilling stated that with this system the supplies must be categories in expendable items. All patients assessed and referred by PAU to other DOH hospitals are inputted into the system.

specific outcome should be measured.According to Hill (2003). better supplies monitoring. inventory is a significant asset in most organisations. such as time to change patient management. . manual in term of managing the patient's information and when it comes generating inventory proposed system in term of system rules is reliable and can keep the record more safely and most of all understandable also to have fast and more productive way of managing the records and inventory. It involves a complex set of decisions due to the many forms inventory takes and functions it provides and additional inventories are the result of functional policies within an organisation as well as the short and long term decisions in purchasing. But controlling inventory is far from easy.operations and sales. therefore is a key task within the auspices of operations. the researchers found out some of the problems that Dental Section of City Division School office had encountered problem and how records should be done.unsecured of the patient records listing in a daily treatment records. Its effective management. Relevance of the Reviewed Related Literature of the Present Study After doing the interview and observation. III.

III. Research Design Description of the Participants Instruments Used in the Study Procedures of Data Gathering Statistical Analysis of Data Presentation of Data Analysis . II. VI. IV.CHAPTER III METHODOLOGY I. V.