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54. everything that is found bears the characteristic stamp of one mind.lk Website: http://www. “The Consistency of the Dhamma” From The Buddhist Outlook Buddhist Publication Society Inc. Sri Lanka E-mail: bps@sltnet. this consistency gives us a feeling of awe... And considering its tremendous scope and breadth.O. We seem to be listening to the voice of one who has seen things never seen before.lk Tel: 0094 81 2237283 Fax: 0094 81 2223679 . realized depths of insight never reached before. a mind of incalculable depth and power: This is not the mind of an ordinary philosopher. yet who still keeps his. Here we are face to face with the working of a great mind. still less is it that of an inspired prophet . at least. P.bps.Box 61. Sangharaja Mawatha. There is something superhuman about it. Kandy. immediate needs of humanity:” Francis Story. it is a masterpiece of homogeneity.Book Publications Basic Books Translations from the Pali Abhidhamma Expositions and Studies Meditation Reference Forthcoming Other Titles The Wheel Introductory Specific Teachings The Three Marks of Existence Meditation and Mind Training Dhamma Reflections Philosophy and Psychology Ethics Faith and Devotion Monastic Life Comparative Studies Biography Buddhist History and Culture Buddhism and Today’s World Translations from Pali Canon Buddhist Literature The Hallmark of the Dhamma “One of the most striking features of Buddhism is the consistency of its teachings. In the Theravada. and at the same time the minuteness of its analysis. contact with the earthy.

5cm $2. and vigorous as if it were just written. it is now in its 16th English edition.5cm $1.5x18.00 CLICK HERE TO BUY THIS The Buddha’s Path to Deliverance Nyanatiloka Maháthera t Reprin The Buddha and his Disciples S.5cm $6. Life of the Buddha Bhikkhu Ñáóamoli The Buddha’s Ancient Path Piyadassi Thera Noble Eightfold Path Bhikkhu Bodhi Buddhism in a Nutshell Narada Thera The Buddha and his Teachings Narada Mahathera 2010.BASIC BOOKS The Word of the Buddha Nyanatiloka Mahathera This superb little work by the eminent German scholar-monk is probably the best compact sourcebook in English on the Buddha's basic teachings. 240 pp.50 CLICK HERE TO BUY THIS TO BUY THIS TO BUY THIS TO BUY THIS TO BUY THIS TO BUY THIS TO BUY THIS Book Catalogue 2012/2013 ~ Buddhist Publication society . BP103S 14x21. 104 pp. 412 pp. 90 pp.00 CLICK HERE 2010. 148 pp.50 CLICK HERE 2010.5cm ISBN 978-955 24 036 4 BP201S $ 2.5cm $5. Dhammika 2006. all expounded in his own words.5cm $2.00 CLICK HERE 2005. BP202S 14x21. BP 105S 12.50 CLICK HERE 2003.5cm $9. 114 pp. yet still reads as fresh.00 CLICK HERE 2010. BP 423S 14x21.5cm $7.  14 x 21.50  CLICK HERE 2010.5x18. BP101S 14x21. 232 pp. clear. BP 106S 12. BP102S 14x21. Translated into a dozen languages. 379 pp.

3.2” x 4. 209 pp.00 CLICK HERE 2007. 108 pp. .TRANSLATIONS FROM THE PALI The Dhammapada Acharya Buddharakkhita The Path of Purification By Nyanamoli Thera 2007. The translation by Ven.5cm $8.M. John D. 258 pp. 158 pp.5cm 5cm $5.00 CLICK HERE MORE INFO & BYE 2011 N.R.00 CLICK HERE Book Catalogue 2012/2013 ~ Buddhist Publication society int Repr MORE INFO & BYE MORE INFO & BYE MORE INFO & BYE MORE INFO & BYE by Acariya Buddhaghosa.5cm BP203S $4. Ñáóamoli itself ranks as an outstanding scholarly achievement.7 BP203SME $2.75 MORE INFO & BYE CLICK HERE The he Visuddhimagga is the most important non-canonical 16x24cm work of theravada Buddhism. 212 pp.50 CLICK HERE Miniature size edition 2007. 14x21.00 CLICK HERE MORE INFO & BYE 2007. the book serves as a systematic encyclopaedia of Buddhist doctrine and a detailed guide to meditation. Written in the 5th century $12. BP212S 14x21. BP209S 14x21. Ehara. BP210S 14x21.5cm 5cm m $8.5cm 5cm $3. Ireland The Fruits of Recluseship (Sámaññaphala Sutta) Bhikkhu Bodhi ISBN 978 955 24 0023 6 BP207H MORE INFO & BYE $13.00 CLICK HERE 2008. Soma Thera. 370 pp.00 CLICK HERE 2006. BP214S 14x21. Kheminda Thera BP208S The Path of Freedom: Vimuttimagga All-Embracing Net of Views (Brahmajála Sutta) Bhikkhu Bodhi The Root of Existence (Múlapariyáya Sutta) Bhikkhu Bodhi The Udana and the Itivuttaka Trans.

5cm $3.5cm $6.5 x22cm m ISBN 955 24 0017 8 BP211S print $4. MORE INFO & BYE MORE INFO & BYE MORE INFO & BYE MORE INFO & BYE MORE INFO & BYE Book Catalogue Catalo ogue 2012/2013 ~ Bu Buddhist uddhist t Publication society .00 CLICK HERE Last Days of the Buddha (Mahaparinibbána Sutta) Sister Vajirá and Francis Story The Questions of King Milinda 2011. Burlingame Anguttara Nikāya Anthology The Mahanidana Sutta is the Buddha’s longest discourse on dependent arising. 156 pp. 14.5cm $8. BP217S 14x21. W.00 CLICK HERE 2010. 250 pp.50 MORE INFO & BYE CLICK HERE Re N.8x18. 260 pp. 208 pp. By Nyanaponika Thera and Bhikkhu Bodhi BP222S 14x21.50 CLICK HERE 2007. G. Trans. 116 pp. often taken to be the key to his entire Vimuttimagga & Visuddhimagga teaching.Great Discourse on Causation By Bhikkhu Bodhi 2007.00 CLICK HERE 1996. K. 232 pp. expla-ined in an appendix. Mendis A Treasury of Buddhist Stories E.V.5cm $6.00 CLICK HERE 2007. The commentary treats this doctrine according to P. BP220S 14x21. BP621S 14x21. A penetrative introduction lays bare the sutta’s structure and the philosophical significance of dependent arising.5cm $5. Bapat the Abhidhamma method. BP213S 12.

The work contains a translation of Acariya Anuruddha’s Abhidhammattha sangaha along with the Pali text and a detailed explanatory guide to this ancient philosophical psychology.Bhikkhu Bodhi This is the classical introduction to the study of Abhidhamma. int Repr 2007. tables to clarify the factors of consciousness.50 CLICK HERE Rs. have been included as an appendix.00 Book Catalogue 2012/2013 ~ Buddhist Publication society MORE INFO & BYE int Repr 2008. etc.5cm ISBN 978 955 24 0321 7 BP302S $6.00 Abhidhamma Studies Nyanaponika Thera (To sale in Asia only) 2008.5cm $4. 262 pp. 178pp.  14x21. the Abhidhamma Piþaka. As a further aid. and thus aid the study of them. The principal aim of this book is to clarify the structure of the Abhidhamma works.225.5cm BP304S ISBN 978 955 24 0103 9 $9. BP303S MORE INFO & BYE CLICK HERE 14x21. A long introduction explains the basic principles of the Abhidhamma.50 MORE INFO & BYE CLICK HERE This book contains an ou outline or synopsis of the seven books of the advanced analytical collection of the Pali Canon.ABHIDHAMMA Guide Through the Abhidhamma Pitaka Ñáóatiloka Thera A Comprehensive Manual of Abhidhamma . This book is indispensable for students of Abhidhamma as well as for those who wish to get an introduction to and overview of the Abhidhamma Piþaka. 20 426 pp. most of which are quite large and complex.  14x21. Includes 48 charts and tables. . Each of the seven books of this collection is introduced and then systematically summarised by the renowned German scholar.monk Ñanatiloka Mahathera. the Buddhist philosophy of mind and mental processes.

5cm $6.5cm $14. which are used to launch into a deeper exposition of mindfulness. 300 pp. love and compassion.5 cm $5.60 CLICK HERE 2007. 90 pp. 136 pp. BP428H 14x21. In each story the raw edge of evident.5 cm $3.5cm $3. BP412S 14x21.00 CLICK HERE 2011.5x18.50 CLICK HERE 2007.00 CLICK HERE 2009. 126 pp. 218 pp. BP410S 14x21.5cm $4.00 CLICK HERE 2011.300.  14x21. BP 427S 14x21. BP 505S 14x21.00 CLICK HERE MORE INFO & BYE MORE INFO & BYE MORE INFO & BYE MORE INFO & BYE MORE INFO & BYE MORE INFO & BYE MORE INFO & BYE Book Catalogue 2012/2013 ~ Buddhist Publication society . 216 pp. My Refuge Bhikkhu Khantipálo King Asoka and Buddhism Anuradha Seneviratna (Editor) Similes of the Buddha By Hellmuth Hecker Just Seeing By Cynthia Thatcher The Requisites of Enlightenment Ledi Sayádaw 2010. truth is evident nt.00 (Sale in Asia only) Rs.50 CLICK HERE 2007.00 MORE INFO & BYE CLICK HERE In this collection of teaching hi stories i are many true-to-life tales.5cm ISBN 955-24-0285-9 BP619s $3. EXPOSITIONS & STUDIES Facet of Buddhist Thought Francis Story The Magic of the Mind Bhikkhu Ñáóananda Buddha. wisdom. 230 pp.5cm $1. BP405S 14x21. 146 pp.Opening the Door of Your Heart By Ajahn Brahmavamso int Repr 2011. BP409S 12.

25 CLICK HERE 2007. Bullen Analysis of Perfections Ven. 158 pp.50 CLICK HERE Book Catalogue 2012/2013 ~ Buddhist Publication society Buddhist Nuns MORE INFO & BYE Mohan Wijayaratna MORE INFO & BYE 2010. BP 426S 14x21.5cm $6. This book describes in detail the structure of the organization of their Community.50 CLICK HERE 2007.5cm $3. 448 pp.00 CLICK HERE 2007.5cm $1. chastity and obedience.In the Buddha's Discourses Dennis Candy Beginnings: Collected Essays by S. BP 425S 14x21. 142 pp.5cm $3. BP109S 12.00 2008. BP 620S 14x21. In this book Dr.A.) Peace . 142 pp.5cm $2.50 CLICK HERE 2003.5 cm $3.Kamma and its Fruit: Selected Essays Nyanaponika Thera (Editor) Vision of Dhamma Nyanaponika Thera A Technique of Living Leonard A. 374 pp. 250 pp. BP420S 14x21. 24 pp. BP 424S 14x21. .5x18.50 CLICK HERE 2008. 184 pp. BP 417S 14x21. 104 pp.5cm $12. BP413S 14x21.600. the author uses the oldest texts of the Pali canon.00 CLICK HERE 2011.00 CLICK HERE Rs.5 x18.00 CLICK HERE 2009.50 CLICK HERE 2007. 252 pp. Rerukane Chandavimala Thera Manual of the Excellent Man Ledi Sayádaw Parents and Children Medagama Vajiragnana Great Disciples of the Buddha Nyanaponika Thera & Hellmuth Hecker (For sale in Asia and to BPS members only.00 MORE INFO & BYE MORE INFO & BYE MORE INFO & BYE MORE INFO & BYE MORE INFO & BYE MORE INFO & BYE MORE INFO & BYE MORE INFO & BYE MORE INFO & BYE CLICK HERE int Repr The Community of Buddhis Buddhist Nuns is one of the oldest women’s organizations in human history.5cm ISBN 978-955-24-0345-3 BP605S MORE INFO & BYE $6. P.00 CLICK HERE 2007. Nibbána. Several chapters of this book discuss the position of Buddhist nuns in the field of the three famous monastic themes: poverty.5cm $8.5cm $6.5cm $4. 129 pp. BP419S 14x21. and how it developed gradually. To show the motivation and the way of life of these ordained women. BP414S 14x21. Wijayaratna explains how this community was started by the Buddha in the 5th century BCE. and the virtues and mental discipline through which they strove to attain the sublime goal. Bodhesako The Manual of Light Ledi Sayadaw A Constitution For Living Ven. BP416S 12.5cm $3.  14x21. their day-to-day practices. Payutto 2003. 110 pp.

75 CLICK HERE 2007. 94 pp. BP503S 14x21. 224 pp.5cm $5. BP501S MORE INFO & BYE MORE INFO & BYE MORE INFO & BYE MORE INFO & BYE MORE INFO & BYE MORE INFO & BYE Rs.Beset by Birth Decay and Death By Ayya Khema B 2003.5cm $8.50 CLICK HERE 2006. 59 pp.5cm $7.) Sayádaw S U Pandita TThe Heart of Buddhist Meditation Nyanaponika Thera N TTranquility and Insight Amadeo Sole-Leris A AAll of US . 184 pp. an and inspiration nd n d a gen gentle inspiratio on o n for practice.50 CLICK HERE MORE INFO & BYE MORE INFO & BYE MORE INFO & BYE Book Catalogue 2012/2013 ~ Buddhist Publication society .00 2004. BP510S 14x21. 194 pp.5cm $2. BP506S 14x21. 321 pp. p The Seven Stages of Purification Sri Ñánaráma Maháthera Modern Buddhist Masters Jack Kornfield In This Very Life: The Liberation Teachings of the Buddha 14x21.00 CLICK HERE 2008. BP508S 14x21.5cm $4. BP504S 14x21. 350.00 MORE INFO & BYE CLICK HERE The Way of Mindfulness Soma Thera Practical Insight Meditation Mahási Sayádaw New The Progress of Insight Mahási Sayádaw For many years Godwin n was the resident meditation teacher at the Nilambe Buddhist Meditation Centre in the beautiful hill country of Sri Lanka. They serve as an introduction to the practice of meditation.5cm $2. BP509S 14x21.5cm $7. 176 pp.50 CLICK HERE 2011. BP 521S 14x21. BP507S 14x21.) 2011. 294 pp.50 CLICK HERE 1999.5cm $2.  14.MEDITATION A Beautiful Way of Living By Dennis Candy and Sampath Dissanayake (Eds.5cm $2. A Beautiful Way of Livingconsists of a number of his talks and discussions given at different locations around the world. 84 pp.5x22 2 ISBN 978-955-24-0358-3 BP430S $4. 70 pp.00 CLICK HERE (For sale in Asia and to BPS members only.50 CLICK HERE 2007.00 CLICK HERE 2010.

75 .50 CLICK HERE MORE INFO & BYE Seven Contemplations of Insight 1998.00 Curbing Anger.00 CLICK HERE 2010. 172 pp.5cm $5.5cm $5.5cm $6.  5.5cm BP 518S $2. the meditative practic icee of o mindfulness of breathing.5” x 8” ISBN 978-955-24-0167-3 S 9 8 955 0 6 3 BP502S 50 S $$1.5cm This book br brin ings gs together thee most important suttaas fr from o the Pali Canon and extracts int Repr from fr om the commentaries dealing wi with th ánápánasati.5cm $3. 325. BP 520S 14x21. 160 pp. 126 pp.5cm $4.00 CLICK HERE 2010. BP517S 14x21.50 CLICK HERE 2008.5cm $4.5cm $6. BP511S Sri Ñánaráma Maháthera BP512S $5.  12. BP514S 14x21. 134 pp.00 CLICK HERE 1996. 176 pp.5cm $10. BP513S 14x21. 332 pp.5x18. 300. 100 pp.Being Nobody. 228 pp. 190 pp. BP516S 14x21. 5 2006. 199 pp.00 2006. BP515S 14x21. Spreading Love 2007.00 .00 CLICK HERE MORE INFO & BYE Rs. Going Nowhere Mindfulness of Breathing Ayyá Khemá (For sale in Asia and to BPS members only. 2010.Webu Sayádaw An Unentangled Knowing Upásiká Kee Nanayon Mind Overcoming its Cankers Acharya Buddharakkhita MORE INFO & BYE CLICK HERE MORE INFO & BYE MORE INFO & BYE MORE INFO & BYE MORE INFO & BYE MORE INFO & BYE CLICK HERE Walking the Tightrope David Young Meditation Ajahn Chah The Experience of Insight Joseph Goldstein Satipatthana Bhikkhu Analayo (Sale in Asia only) Book Catalogue 2012/2013 ~ Buddhist Publication society MORE INFO & BYE MORE INFO & BYE MORE INFO & BYE MORE INFO & BYE Rs.5cm $6.00 CLICK HERE 2004. BP 519S 14x21.00 CLICK HERE 2005. 184 pp.50 CLICK HERE Bhikkhu Visuddhacára The Way to Ultimate Calm: Selected Discourses . 158pp.) Within Our Own Hearts Bhikkhu Nyanamoli Ayya Khemá 14x21. 14x21. BP 422S 14x21.50 CLICK HERE 2007.

161 pp.  14.5x22cm $7.5cm $15.00 Buddhist Dictionary An Analysis of the Pali Canon is a comprehensive overview of the contents of the works that make up the Tipitaka. 272 pp.00 CLICK HERE in Repr 2011.00 CLICK HERE 2008. BP609S 14x21.00 CLICK HERE 2008. Middle Way S. 120pp. as well as an extensive bibliography of the translations of canonical works and secondary literature.108 pp.REFERENCE Analysis of the Pali Canon Russell Webb & Bhikkhu Nyanatusita 2004.5cm $5.00 CLICK HERE Pali-English Glossary of Buddhist Technical Terms 2007.5cm $1. 192 pp. Dhammika GGreat Revival MORE INFO & BYE MORE INFO & BYE MORE INFO & BYE Book Catalogue 2012/2013 ~ Buddhist Publication society .5cm $7.00 CLICK HERE Thera Piyadassi 2010.50 CLICK HERE 2003. t MORE INFO & BYE CLICK HERE Nyanatiloka Maháthera Buddhism a Living Message MORE INFO & BYE MORE INFO & BYE MORE INFO & BYE Bhikkhu Ñáóamoli Middle Land. BP107S 12. BP601S 14x21. the Canon of the Theravada school of Buddhism. BP 616H 21x28.5x18. BP608S 14x21. BP617S 14.5x22cm ISBN 978-955-24-0376-7 BP607S $ 5.5cm $6. It also contains an index of the suttas and sections of the Tipitaka. Dhammika SSacred Island SS. 232 pp. 222 pp.

50 CLICK HERE MORE INFO & BYE Price: $2.00 a volume. MORE INFO & BYE CLICK HERE CLICK HERE Dhamma CDs & DVDs D Exploring the Word of the Buddha Exp A Systematic S Study of the Majjhima Nikaya Complere Set: Vol 1. age price p Average $ 10. forthcoming. dealing with various aspects of the Buddha's teaching.2 & 3 (MP3 Format) DVD Co by Bhikkhu B Bodhi Price: $3.00 CLICK HERE MORE INFO & BYE Three Blessing Suttas Thr Bhi Bhikkhu Bodhi (MP3 Format) Course Cou in the Pali Language by Bhikkhu B Bodhi (MP3 Format) Life of the Buddha by Martha M Aitchison Book Catalogue 2012/2013 ~ Buddhist ddhist Publication society Price. -2012. More aare re printed coming. $1.. 2011-2012. en volume olume es have been Fifteen volumes ed so o far.50 CLICK HERE MORE INFO & BYE Price: $2. ume.BOUND VOLUMES Collected Wheel Publications Various Collected Bodhi Leaves Five volumes have been printed so far. ach volume contains tthurty numbers of the renowned Each Bodhi Leave Publication series.00 CLICK HERE MORE INFO & BYE . MORE INFO & BYE Each volume contains fifteen numbers of the renowned Wheel Publication series.00 CLICK HERE MORE INFO & BYE Discourse on Buddhism Dis by Bhikkhu B Bodhi (MP3 Format) Price: $2. int r p e Average price R $ 10. 2011-2012.000 a volume. dealing with various aspects of the Buddha's teaching.

156pp. both Buddhist and non-Buddhist. Crucial values for developing wholesomeness are the topics of these discussions.5cm $3.00 CLICK HERE by Martha Aitchison MORE INFO & BYE MORE INFO & BYE Book Catalogue 2012/2013 2012 ~ Buddhist Publication Pu society . quizzes. BPC03 21x28.Morals in the Life Story of the Buddha CHILDREN’S BOOKS New Lisa Knight This book contains a set of stories from the life of the Buddha told in simple modern English familiar to today’s youth. Students can easily relate to the discussions that directly show them how to apply the moral to their day-to-day life with its modern cha challenges. and other entertaining activities to help students remember and apply the teachings. BPC 01 Morals in the Life Story of the Buddha 21x30cm $3. 2010. there are questions.00 MORE INFO & BYE The Golden Goose by S.5cm ISBN 978-955-24-0348-4 BPC 04 $6. or for younger students to enjoy together with a parent. BPC 02 22x29. Along with each story are the Buddha’s words from the Dhammapada or another Buddhist text highlighting the CLICK HERE moral illustrated by the story. These stories are suitable for the student to enjoy independently.5cm $10.  14x21. This book makes the Dharma come alive in every aspect of a child’s life. and a detailed Dharma discussion. games.00 CLICK HERE The Life of the Buddha 2009. 30 pp.00 CLICK HERE MORE INFO & BYE Stories and Activities for Youth Margaret Lisa Buschmann 2010. 218 pp. In addition. puzzles. 32 pp. Dhammika 2005.

00 CLICK HERE WH 357/359.00 CLICK HERE WH251/253. 102pp. 112 pp. $3. without good reasons. 60 pp.  125x18.50 CLICK HERE MORE INFO & BYE MORE INFO & BYE WH054AB. 2007.00 CLICK HERE WH 463. 58pp. $2. 2006. They are also meant as an introduction to the general spirit of mindfulness and as pointers to its wide and significant perspectives. may hesitate to take up.  $2. $1. 46 pp.00 CLICK HERE MORE INFO & BYE Satipatthāna Vipassanā . to show the actual power of mindfulness. 95 pp.00 CLICK HERE WH031/033. $2. 2011. $3. that is. 69 pp. 2006.50 CLICK HERE MORE INFO & BYE MORE INFO & BYE MORE INFO & BYE The Jhānas in Theravāda Buddhist Meditation Bhante Henepola Gunaratana WH351/353.5cm ISBN 978-955-24-0002-5 WH 121/122 Four Sublime States and the Practice of Loving-Kindness Nyanaponika and Ñáóamoli Thera The Roots of Good and Evil Nyanaponika Thera Mirror of the Dhamma Narada Mahathera. 2006.Insight through Mindfulness Mahási Sayádaw Wise Reflection Steve Weissman Manual of Insight Ledi Sayadaw WH370/371. In this essay a number of such “good reasons” are therefore proffered for the reader's scrutiny. $2. 64 pp. $2. Those who do not yet know the Buddha's teaching well enough to accept it as a reliable guide.50 CLICK HERE WH303/304. $2. . 2008. Kassapa Thera Contemplations of Feeling Nyanaponika Thera A Taste of Freedom Ajahn Chah WH 6/ 7.00 MORE INFO & BYE CLICK HERE The purpose of this essay is to demonstrate and explain the efficacy of the method of mindfulness (satipaþþhána). 2006. 104pp. 50 pp. 2008. a practice that just on account of its radical simplicity may appear strange to them.50 CLICK HERE Book Catalogue 2012/2013 ~ Buddhist Publication society MORE INFO & BYE MORE INFO & BYE MORE INFO & BYE int Repr $1. 2007.WHEEL PUBLICATIONS Power of Mindfulness Nyanaponika Thera 2011.

By Thea Mohr and Jampa Tsedroen (Eds.By Bhikkhu Bodhi $18. $18. Foreword by Lama Zopa Rinpoche $14. Change engaged buddhism in a globalizing wolrd .95 CLICK HERE Mindfulness in Plain English .95 CLICK HERE Awakening Through Love . Culture.95 CLICK HERE MORE INFO & BYE MORE INFO & BYE MORE INFO & BYE MORE INFO & BYE MORE INFO & BYE MORE INFO & BYE MORE INFO & BYE MORE INFO & BYE MORE INFO & BYE MORE INFO & BYE MORE INFO & BYE MORE INFO & BYE MORE INFO & BYE MORE INFO & BYE MORE INFO & BYE Book Catalogue gue 2012/2013 ~ Buddhist Publication so society .By Bhikkhu Basnagoda Rahula.By Deborah Schoeberlein and Suki Sheth $16.95 CLICK HERE Dignity and Discipline .By Kathleen McDonald $15.95 CLICK HERE Unlimiting Mind .By Geshe Tashi Tsering.95 CLICK HERE Four Foundations of Mindfulness . Gunaratana $14.By John Makransky $16.95 CLICK HERE Buddha's Teaching on Prosperity .By Buddhadasa Bhikkhu $15.95 CLICK HERE Heartwood of the Bodhi Tree .by Bhante H.By Andrew Olendzki $15.By Sulak Sivaraksa $14.95 CLICK HERE Mindful Teaching and Teaching Mindfulness . Clarke $16.95 CLICK HERE Awakening the Kind Heart . Silananda Thera $16.00 CLICK HERE The Awakening Mind .95 CLICK HERE Conflict.95 CLICK HERE In the Buddha's Words .95 CLICK HERE The Wisdom of Listening .) $16. Foreword by Arthur C.By U.BOOK FROM OTHER PUBLISHERS Eight Mindful Steps to Happiness .95 CLICK HERE Middle Length Discourse of the Buddha .by Bhikkhu Bodhi & Bhikkhu Nanamoli $65.By Mark Bady (Ed.By Henepola Gunaratana Thera $16.).

is a government approved charity dedicated to making known the Buddha's teaching which has a vital message for people of all times and climes. Sri Lanka E-mail: bps@sltnet. Kandy. Always authentic. 54. lucid and reliable.lk Tel: 0094 81 2237283 Fax: 0094 81 2223679 . Sangharaja Mawatha. Buddhist Publication Society Inc. founded in 1958.O.bps.lk Website: http://www.Box 61.BPS BUDDHIST PUBLICATION SOCIETY The Buddhist Publication Society (BPS) of Sri Lanka. BPS publications present Buddhism as it truly is .a dynamic force which has influenced the receptive minds for the past 2550 years and which meets the challenges of modern life with insight as valid today as they were when first proclaimed. P.