“Love Letters from an Angel” is....

A book that will change your life.
A book that can inspire and enlighten you.
A book that gives you a dose of needed guidance
every day.
A book that can heal whatever ails you.
A book that can end depression, anger, or angst
in your life.
A book about the power of forgiveness, a power
so strong that it will transform your life.
All of this comes from meeting a real-life angel in print.
He wrote the book that you need to own, underline,
read again, and affirm its lessons for you.
Get the book that can change your life for the better, bringing joy into your life today.
Love Letters from an Angel is part of the Ascension Series, and is available through
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The Ascension Series

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Awakenings to
...is about ascending,
which is the purpose of your life.
Learn about
Awakening as the
way to Ascension to
be with Father
Mother Source.

Ascension Is All That
There Is ...continues
Awakenings to Ascension, with essential meditations on all aspects of

Grace to Ascension
...leads you to recognize
that grace is all around
you. Each and every
instant, grace is in your life,
propelling you towards

Love Letters from
an Angel
...is a collection of
essays from Angel
Hal to womeneverywhere. His concern
is their spiritual
welfare---but this is
an angel who can

Ascension and Nothingness ...takes you through
the experience of nothingness and its role in all we
believe and all we can

Hal Schroeder is a student, facilitator, and writer on A Course in
Miracles subjects. Although Hal has three traditional degrees, he asserts
that his most important degree is from The University of the Holy Spirit,
with whom he has been communing since 1988.
His writing is centered on the forgiveness affirmation:
I forgive all that is not; I remember all that there is.
Hal believes that his “practice and writing on forgiveness and
spirituality are part of the new divine order of things, carried forth by me
as a messenger of forgiveness as directed by Spirit.” He organized and
ran two humanitarian foundations, one in Ethiopia, one in the
Philippines, both devoted to empowering people. He created numerous
innovative programs as a three-time superintendent of schools in the
United States and abroad. Contact him for book signings or counseling
on spiritual matters at 405-320-0616 or hal.schroeder@aol.com.

Hal Schroeder