Space Hulk 3 Edition Miniatures

Space Hulk is the game of man verses alien in desperate battle, a classic board game pitting the might
of the Space Marine Terminators against the lethal menace of the Genestealers that infest the
cramped corridors of the space hulk, Sin of Damnation.
In Space Hulk one player takes on the role of the Blood Angels Space Marines while the other acts as
the Genestealers. The Blood Angels are tasked with boarding the monstrous Space Hulk Sin of
Damnation, retrieving priceless relics from within its labyrinthine bulk and eradicating the Genestealer
threat. The Genestealer player must do everything in his power to hamper the Blood Angels, staging
daring ambushes and butchering the Blood Angels in brutal melee. Of course, with Space Hulk, half
the fun is seeing if you can do better than your opponent, so players reverse roles after each scenario
to see who is truly the best.
The new edition of Space Hulk features twelve all-action scenarios pitting the Space Marines in deadly
missions. Veterans from previous editions of the game will recognise these as the 6 classic Space
Hulk scenarios, and six others chosen from amongst original Space Hulk supplements such as
Genestealer and Deathwing. This new edition of Space Hulk is a complete, stand alone boxed game there will be no supplements or expansions, so when games designer Jervis Johnson commenced
work upon it, he cherry-picked the very best of the missions and rules from previous editions to make
this the ultimate Space Hulk experience.
In fact, calling this the ultimate edition of Space Hulk isn't just blowing hot air - every element of the
boxed game, from the evocative artwork adorning the box cover, to the full-colour card tiles and the
sumptuous Rulebook and Mission Book to the masterfully produced plastic Citadel Miniatures that
serve as the playing pieces for the game - the Studio design team responsible for Space Hulk have
raised the bar with this new boxed game.
Here in the Studio, we're so excited about the phenomenal plastic miniatures contained within the
Space Hulk boxed game that we simply had to include a showcase that displays them in all their glory:
The techniques used by master-sculptor Alex Hedstrom and our elite team of plastics tooling
engineers have broken new ground, pushing the limits of Games Workshop's cutting edge mould
making facilities. The result are push-fit plastic miniatures with an unprecedented level of detail: each
of the Space Marine Terminators is a stunning centrepiece in his own right, and the Genestealers
ooze dynamism and alien menace.
Over the following pages we'll introduce the Space Marines of Blood Angels Squads Lorenzo and
Gideon, as well as the survivors of Squads Callistarius and Leodinus in a lavishly detailed 360˚
rotating gallery. It would be wrong to leave the villains of the game without their moment in the
spotlight too, so we've included the mighty Broodlord and one of the 22 individual Genestealers.

Over six hundred and fifty years old. happy to flaunt doctrine and tradition if the need arises. One of the battle-psykers of the Blood Angels Librarium. he continues to question his own courage and commitment.Sergeant Lorenzo The Blood Angel's most experienced 1st Company Sergeant. Gideon was once a member of a Terminator Assault Squad. his armour seized up after being hit by a round from an Ork gun and Gideon declared that its machine spirit had been offended by the change of armament. The Librarian's powerful mind and supernatural abilities set him apart from his battle-brothers. Calistarius has faced the horrors of the Warp and daily wrestles with damnation and temptation. Sergeant Lorenzo is a veteran of more wars than any other Terminator in the 1st Company. but his precognitive powers and devastating psychic blasts are a priceless asset to Captain Raphael. Lorenzo was one of only fifty warriors to escape the disastrous boarding action six hundred years ago. he inhabits an entirely different sphere of existence. choosing to wield a thunder hammer and storm shield instead of the usual wargear of a Terminator Sergeant. Lexicanum Calistarius The precognitive abilities of Calistarius have proven to be an enormous boon to the Blood Angels boarding the Sin of Damnation. and every night for six centuries he has prayed for a chance to redeem himself. As a result Calistarius finds it difficult to look upon his fellow Space Marines with any empathy. In truth. In the next battle. he has refused to relinquish his beloved thunder hammer and storm shield again. but upon being promoted to Sergeant replaced his thunder hammer and storm shield with the customary storm bolter and power sword. . Ever since. one day of failure haunts Lorenzo. Sergeant Gideon is considered to be something of a maverick individual. This is no more evident than his choice of weaponry. As a Space Marine in a squad of the 3rd Company. Every day Lorenzo is haunted by these thoughts. Calistarius is an honorary member of the 1st Company for the Sin of Damnation boarding. an isolation he seems to encourage. Despite his achievements. Sergeant Gideon Sergeant Gideon is a powerful close combat fighter. Now he must seize that chance. His battle-brothers were butchered around him and though absolved of all responsibility.

Like his fellow Blood Angels. Brother Goriel The battle-scarred Brother Goriel has successfully combined the ferocity of his past life with the battle skill and savvy of the Blood Angels. In his former life on the irradiated planet of Baal. Since joining the 1st Company twenty years ago he has become a highly valued member of Squad Lorenzo. Goriel was the leader of a vicious gang of brawlers known only as the Murder Elite. He has been awarded the Chapter Marksmanship award many times over the years. Brother Deino has fought alongside Sergeant Lorenzo for the best part of a century. Though his morals were questionable. displaying an almost supernatural accuracy on the firing range and in battle. He earnt great honours as an Assault Marine. Aboard the Sin of Damnation Claudio's fellow squad members were slain by a surprise Genestealer attack and now he is filled with cold fury and bloodthirsty desire for vengeance. . Claudio is skilled at close-quarters combat. possessed of a singular talent for accuracy when using his custom storm bolter. A warrior in Terminator Assault Squad Leodinus. Brother Claudio is utterly devoted to his mission. once serving with dedication in the Honour Guard of Captain Raphael. and his battle-brothers take great pride and comfort from his calm and effective shooting. Thousands of foes have fallen beneath Claudio's blades over the centuries and he is lauded amongst his battlebrothers for his unflinching dedication to his brothers. His preferred armaments are a pair of deadly lightning claws. and the protection of his battle brothers in squads Lorenzo and Gideon. As well as his Badge of the Marksman.Brother Claudio The last remnant of his squad. the psycho-conditioning processes of the Adeptus Astartes have fused his natural ferocity with the discipline of a true Space Marine. he carries the customised storm bolter that earned him such reward. Deino prides himself in the pursuit of perfection and has raised marksmanship to the state of art. Brother Deino Brother Deino stands as an exemplar of the marksman's art. Deino combines quick reactions with nerves of steel.

there's only one thing that matters in a battle: kill ratio. adding his own litanies and benedictions to their machine spirits. He has been marked out as potential Terminator Sergeant material. Brother Noctis The stoic and unwavering Brother Noctis can be depended on to obey his orders without pause or hesitation. If a rusted grate or dank tunnel needs guarding. This has caused some controversy with the Techmarines of the Chapter. who have repeatedly requested that Gideon bans Leon from the armoury when unaccompanied by one of their order. Brother Scipio Quick-thinking and resourceful. the happier Leon is. but his lack of communication has held him back.Brother Leon Trigger-happy and utterly devoted to the machine spirits of his wargear. sometimes those are the exact qualities a commander needs most. Brother Noctis will guard it to the absolute best of his ability or die in the attempt. Brother Noctis is as solid and dependable as a rock. Leon fastidiously maintains his weapons and armour. The more targets presented by the foe. Brother Leon bears Squad Gideon's assault cannon. provided he can overcome his independent nature. having little imagination and obeying all of his orders to the letter. then by the Emperor. Brother Scipio is a fast-acting warrior who thinks on his feet and adapts to new situations with astonishing speed. Brother Leon doesn't say much. When not fighting. Scipio's resourcefulness has extricated the squad from certain death on more than one occasion. a true bulwark within Squad Gideon. Though Noctis is jokingly criticised for being boring. For Leon. Sergeant Gideon has come to rely on Noctis' clear head and immovable patience over the years. . making small adjustments. Bearer of the title of Castellan of the Black Tower. but his devastating assault cannon is eloquent enough for the both of them. However. Scipio is just as likely to set off on his own initiative as to pass on his insights to other members of the squad. Brother Scipio has a bright future ahead of him within the 1st Company.

His self-belief and unshakeable courage make him a reliable and reassuring presence within Squad Lorenzo. Valencio is young by the standards of the Terminators. but his valour is beyond question. Zael knows that humanity is destined to rule the stars. which he uses to bring purifying flame to the wretches who oppose the Imperium.Brother Zael Brother Zael is possessed of unquenchable faith in the Emperor and the Imperium's dominance of the stars. . Having served the Blood Angels for less than one hundred years. desperate to impress Lorenzo ever since the Sergeant saved Valencio's life during the Threxian Cataclysm. some would say foolhardy. He rarely smiles. Even for one of the Blood Angels Valencio is eager. Zael carries the squad's heavy flamer. but within his breast burns the fire of hope. In fact. but has earned his place amongst them with his forthright. His own transformation from a scavenging mongrel to one of the Emperor's chosen is proof that the Blood Angels can overcome all obstacles. courageous actions in a dozen wars. To the other members of Squad Lorenzo he is still an untested youth. he intends to make sure of it. The scouring of the Sin of Damnation is Brother Valencio's first combat action since his induction into the 1st Company. Zael has communed with the Emperor every day of his life since he was an infant on the rad-trails of Baal's dust sea. who has earned his place among the veterans of the 1st Company through his unquestioned valour. Brother Valencio Brother Valencio is a fearless Blood Angels warrior.

and slaughter the Space Marines with ease. seeding the way for the Tyranid invasion fleets that follow in their wake. frequently seen at the vanguard of a Tyranid invasion. The Genestealers The Genestealers are the horrific vanguard of the Tyranid invasion fleets. the true menace of the Genestealers is manifested in their vile reproductive cycle: Genestealers implant their genetic material into their victims by means of a tube-like tongue. or merely the strongest members of their particular brood is a matter of some debate among xenos-biologists. infiltrator warriors possessed of incredible speed. What is completely undisputed.The Broodlord The Broodlord is the strongest and most deadly of all the Genestealers aboard the Sin of Damnation. Genestealers are foremost amongst the infiltrating creatures that have made their way onto the worlds of the Imperium. not just to conceal its infected state. effectively impregnating the host body with a horrific hybrid Genestealer. able to weather hails of fire and devastating psychic attacks. however. which all-to-often serve as a means for Genestealers to infiltrate a planetary system. undermine society in preparation of a fullscale invasion. Broodlords are monstrous close combat killing machines. and sympathetic hosts. which in turn will infect others. but to protect and nurture its disgusting progeny. Whether they are in fact a separate evolutionary strain of the Genestealer race. Such a threat as this cannot be borne. is that the Broodlord encountered aboard the Sin of Damnation is the most deadly of the Genestealers that the Blood Angels face. where they fulfil the role of shock troopers advancing unseen to assault the enemy in a violent offensive of fangs and claws. In this fashion just one or two Genestealers can destabilise an entire planet as their offspring. ferocity and cunning. The victim's consciousness is psychically mesmerised. Though they are swift and deadly in close combat. and thus the Space Marines maintain constant vigilance against space hulks. .