Strategic Human Resource Management

Introduction................................................................................................................ 3
Task 1: Human resource management strategy.........................................................3
1.1 Importance of strategic human resource management in organizations..............3
1.2 The purpose of strategic human resource management activities in an
organization................................................................................................................ 5
1.3 The contribution of strategic human resource management to achieve
organizational objectives............................................................................................ 7
Task-2: Human Resource Planning..............................................................................9
2.1 Business factors that underpin human resource planning in an organization......9
2.2 Asses the human resource requirement in a given situation............................10
2.3 Developing a human resource plan for an organization.....................................12
2.4 Critically evaluate how a human resources plan can contribute to meeting an
organization’s objectives.......................................................................................... 13
3.1 Purpose of human resource management policies in organizations...................15
3.2 The impact of regulatory requirements on human resource policies in an
organization.............................................................................................................. 16
Task -3: Reviewing human resource management...................................................16
4.1 Analysis the impact of organizational structure on the management of human
resources.................................................................................................................. 16
4.2 Impact of the organizational culture on the management of human resources. 18
4.3 How the effectiveness of human resource management is monitored in an
organization.............................................................................................................. 19
4.4 Justified recommendations to improve the effectiveness of human resource
management in an organization...............................................................................21
Conclusion................................................................................................................ 22
References................................................................................................................ 22

Human resource management involves the process of acquiring, training, appraising, and
compensating employees and meeting their job relation, health and safety concern of the
employee. Human resource management is all about managing human capital. This process
involves developing the new recruited employees and retaining the existing employees of the
organization. Maintaining equity and avoid discrimination is also an important task for a human
resource manager. This assignment is very much important for new HR manager as well as the
manager of a expanding business. To expand the operation of business outside the domestic
country manager should learn the environment of that place. Understanding the organizational
culture and structure is also important for the employee to easily cope up with the organization.
Designing HR practices firms overall cost strategy should be followed and cautious that it
enhanced shareholders wealth that means profitability of the organization.

Task 1: Human resource management strategy
1.1 Importance of strategic human resource management in
Strategic human resource management is the procedure of formulating and executing human
resource policies and practices that helps to enhanced employee competence and attitudes the
company eagerly wants to achieve in its organizational plan. In strategic human resource
management policy all the activities of Halo and Aqua Corporation are targeted to organizational
goals. Halo is a Northern Ireland business angel network a joint initiative of the two companies.
From the beginning of the activities Halo wants to be the market leader of finance industry to
capture wide range of customer that’s why for them recruiting, hiring, assigning them in different
department and other activities are important to achieve organizational objectives. If they success

reward is given. On the other hand Aqua Corporation is private limited company which is
product oriented. It sells products which are related to fluid control systems. As a new manager
of HR for both of this company we need to understand the goals of the organization and do work
according to it (Armstrong and Armstrong, 2000, Strategic Human Resource Management,
p203). To understand the goals of Halo it is clear to the employee to distribute the investment
product among customers on the other hand goal of Aqua is to grab the international market as
its product market demand is very high. For Aqua management of international market is
important. First of all we need to understand the hierarchy of the organization of Halo and Aqua
corporations. The goal is dispersed among the hierarchy of the work group but these two
companies are different in nature so the activities and scope of discussion will be different. Top
management set the goals of the Aqua Corporation (Armstrong and Armstrong, 2011,
Armstrong’s Handbook of Strategic Human Resource Management, p135). Then the lower level
manager set the strategy, work processes, labors to achieve the smaller part of the goals say for
specific targeted sales volume. So in strategic management of Aqua Corporation creates a chain
of departmental goals from upper level to lower ranked managers or even employees. Some of
the benefits of understanding strategic human resource management for both Halo business angel
network and Aqua corporations are
 Helps to achieve goals and also for survival in domestic and international market.
 Successful implementation of business strategy and disperse financial instruments of
 Provide competitive advantage for the company in the process of loan disbursement and
product export for Aqua.
 Increase company responsiveness to any difficult situations and encourage employees to
innovative and creative activities
 It increases the chance of analyzing different feasible strategic option
 Provide top management effectively disperse responsibility among subordinates
 A strong communication and cooperation between line and HRM managers.

Strategic practices can boost firm achievements for AQUA and Halo Corporation when they are
internally organized with one another to manage human resource in a way that provides the firm
opportunity of competitive advantage. This can create value for a firm when the individual
practices are aligned to develop critical resources or competencies (Forhad, 2007).

1.2 The purpose of strategic human resource management activities in
an organization
Due to overall economic downward growth globally businesses face problems in managing
human resources. In UK this economic problem was too much severe. Halo also passes a tough
time in that time. Now it’s time to put focus on this matter of improving business performance. It
is very much important for firms to reduce the number of unproductive human resources and
makes the best uses of the remaining and makes them more skilled and knowledgeable for Halo
and Aqua Corporation. Firms need competitive advantage in domestic and global market for
growth and also for survival (Mike Mccormick, 2015, How HRM ensures economic growth and
survival, [online] Available at: <> [Accessed 9th May,
2015]). Recently it has been seen in Halo business angel network that they are now practicing
strategic human resource management policy by seeing its potential benefits in the organization.
Hopefully Aqua Corporation will also adopt this beneficial tool for managing human resource
policy ( ). The main purposes are described
 High quality employee: attracting high quality human resource and to developing them
for the environment of Halo network is too much important. Strategic operational needs
of Halo and Aqua are matches with the skilled human resource by putting them into right
places (Fombrun, Tichy and Devanna, 1984, Strategic Human Resource Management,
p267). This strategy helps to reduce employee turnover for Halo as its business
sometimes affected by large firms which are provides funds for large and small business
firm. Halo business angel network just provide private fund to the client.
 Managing talent: The purpose of Halos HR policy to ensure that skilled talented
employees are recruited and positioned them into right position in the firm. Provide them
right facilities to retain and motivate this asset.
 Working environment: this HR policy of Aqua Corporations helps to create values
among employees, provide place for showing leadership quality, flexible working
environment helps to manage work life balance and also accomplish diversity of work.

 Job and work design: Provides individuals with stimulating and interesting work and
gives them the autonomy and flexibility to perform their jobs well. Also helps to enhance
job satisfaction and flexibility, which encourages high performance and productivity.
 Learning and development: helps to increase skills base and develop the level of
competence that is essential in the workforces for aqua tech trading corporation.
Emphasize on discretionary learning, which takes place when individuals actively seek to
acquire the knowledge and skills that promote the organization’s objectives (Kramar,
2013, Beyond Strategic Human Resource Management: Is Sustainable Human Resource
Management the Next Approach?). It also helps to create a climate of learning – a growth
medium in which self-managed learning and coaching, mentoring and training flourish.
 Management knowledge and intellectual property: this process helps to learn new
things and provide an opportunity to disseminate own knowledge and experience
throughout the organization of Halo and aqua. It is the responsibility of the top
management for both firms to respect the innovation and protect his right that external
uses of creativeness is protected and pay for his or her innovation.
 Motivation and commitment: it helps the employees of the Halo to think about the
company and they believe it is their own property, the success and failure of the
investment company results their livelihood and promotion. So they will be committed
and do more for the achievement for the organizational goals and satisfied customer
service effectively.
 High performance management: helps to achieve productivity, quality, satisfied
customer services, organizational growth, and high profitability that ultimately increase
the shareholders value. Improvement of employee behavior that creates a positive
company image in the competitive market. That helps to attract clients.
 Managing reward: Develops motivation, commitment, job engagement and positive
work attitude by valuing and rewarding people in the way of with their contribution in the
firm (Dessler, 2011).

1.3 The contribution of strategic human resource management to achieve
organizational objectives

Business strategy

HR strategy

Quality of goals and services
HR effectivenessHR outcomes:
Employee competence
Organizational performanc
HR practices

Figure : HR strategy effects
The above figure states that the business strategy of Halo business angel network is now directly
related with the firms STHRM and this is very much related with the HR effectiveness and
practices that results employee competence and their commitment to the organization and
flexible working condition (Analogue, 2007, Strategic Human Resource Management, p156).
Halos investors put more than Euro 8 million in the Northern Ireland companies. So management
will be more target oriented to achieve a significant return from their investment. Flexible
working environment provides employees Aqua tech to take decisions and work as their wish but
not violating company procedures and rules. This enhanced benefit helps the firm to achieve
targeted goals thus increase productivity and organizational performance for Aqua and Halo
investment corporation. So there is a positive relationship between SHRM (strategic human
resource management) and firm performance. In financial measurement it might not be so
important for both of two companies but intrinsically it is HR practices can enhance firm

performance when they are internally aligned with one another to manage employees in a
manner that leads to competitive advantage. HR practices can create value for a firm when the
individual practices are aligned to develop critical resources or competencies necessary
nowadays for firm growth and survival.
Recruitment and Selection: A major concern of human resource management of Aqua is the
recruitment and retention of valued employee just because of international operation of the
company for trading products. HR policy helps to run a campaign that benefits to identify a
number of applicants who can potentially meet the requirements of particular jobs or roles
(Chen, 2009, Strategic Human Resource Practices and Innovation Performance: The Mediating
Role of Knowledge Management Capacity, Strategic Direction, 25[6]). The hiring managers then
select, among the candidates with the aid of a competency profiles (knowledge, skills, abilities
and other attributes) in this selection pool, those that would add the highest value to the firm.
Halo follows the same procedure in terms of managing HR in their company.
Training and Development: It helps to finding out the weakness area of the current human
resource policy and also employees where improvement is required. Although Halo Business
Angel Network incorporates in Ireland but investments are mostly outside from it. This new
policy will help to select the proper training method and developing them for making them
skilled and knowledgeable.
Performance Appraisal: In case of evaluating employee performance strategic human resource
policy helps to appraise unbiased appraisal of an employee.
Compensation System: Firms can affect the motivation of employees in several ways. They can
use performance-based compensation to provide rewards to employees for achieving the specific
goals and objectives of the firm.
Quality service: Aqua trading corporation is doing business with fluid control material so for
them it is very much important to provide quality product. Achieving customer satisfaction is
crucial for them. Maintain communication with int. buyers and searching new market is
essential. The firms need to focus on competitor strategy to quality control and improvement of
human resource policy is important. (Davenport, 2000).

Task-2: Human Resource Planning
2.1 Business factors that underpin human resource planning in an

company chosen Kensington College of Business (KCB) and Chelsea and

Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

The strength of the strategic HR is to placing the right person in right position. It helps the
management of KCB business school to develop management structure of the organization. If the
college can apply this strategic option in their HR managing teacher and staffs policy it definitely
will bring a new dimension in Business schools HR practices. In recent economic downtown we
can see that students can’t afford tuitions fees and also for Chelsea NHS people can’t afford
medical treatment fees. So it should be important to keep eye on how to achieve efficiency
without compromising the quality, goodwill, maintaining higher profitability of the company.
Though these two organizations are not business organization but confronted with service
provider quality of service is the key to success in their own field of work. But some factors are
common that can be analyzed in terms of organizational HR planning of KCB and Chelsea NHS.
Growth of the service business The growth of the business school in UK is high and
management would be ensured if the strategic HR management properly ensured by the top
managers, line managers and lastly by employees and workers. It helps to expand its current
facilities among the students and related stake holders by their diversified services or range of
services. Qualified skilled teachers, nurses, doctors, staffs and overall workforce is enough to
manage diversified management that dispersed in different department of KCB and Chelsea
NHS. Allocation of resources will be effective as a result of this.
Location of operation: for the establishment of a college and university location doesn’t factor.
But health care service getting patients and easy access near to the town is important.
Productivity of managing human resource and increases the efficiency and profitability both of
these organization (Gilmore and Williams, 2009, Human Resource Management, p190) .

Of course the prerequisite is the skilled innovative human resources like teachers, staffs, doctors
which sometimes known as human capital. A country or an organization which have more this
they are simply one step forward than competitors.
Business change: of course new human resource policies always appreciate change in the
organization KCB they always appreciate change for good for their school of business for the
betterment of learning. Online library, e-learning are introduced recently. And in Chelsea health
care telepathy is introduced. New ways of doing things say for new technology for producing
products, disseminating messages, new desks for providing customer service, online
advertisement, online sales that reduces cost of the firm to set up sales stores etc are now used
by. Use of internet helps the .Nowadays students distance learning is quite popular due to its
cheap cost of education is encouraged also by KCB. As a result cost of education will be
reduced and creates employment opportunity for students, housewives etc. Firm get skilled
workforce from different part of the world. Existing employees will get flexible work
environment due to change in the working environment (Robert M Noe, 2005).

2.2 Asses the human resource requirement in a given situation
As a result of the human resource manager in service oriented organization it is very much
challenging job for work in KCB or Chelsea likes healthcare services organization. To work in
this types of organizations suppose we know that KCB Kensington College of Business expands
its facilities in country rather home country by opening students consulting center (Chaudhuri,
2010, Human Resource Management, p155) . The number of human resource, process of
acquiring them, compensation package, and labor rules will be followed in accordance with the
foreign countries policies. To do this the KCB authority whether hire local consultants or home
country advisor depends on the strategic decision. Sometimes it is mandatory for foreign firms to
hire local manpower for a certain percentage. On the other hand if we analyze Chelsea NHS
generally they appointed top management form home country and department managers from
foreign country to which the firm is going to operate. Doctors who are specialized can be hired
internationally and nurses and other staffs can be hired from developing country for cheap labor
but need to follow the labor rules and regulation of UK.

Government policy (laws): The human resource practice should be in accordance with the laws
and regulations of the country in which the firm is operating its business. Suppose a British firm
wants to expand its business in India. British firm must bound to obey the human resource
procedure of Indian law. They can just change not violating any laws of that country.
Government policy (education): To get more skilled knowledgeable workforce an organization
can establish its own human development institution. Online academy is now quite popular for
employees. Employees can easily learn in which their depth of knowledge is not that much
sufficient. But it should be kept in mind that to do it firms overall cost doesn’t increase that affect
its profitability (
For Chelsea NHS to improve the quality of human resource services they have More than 3,000
staff work for us including staff employed directly by the Trust, facilities staff employed by
contractors, and hospital volunteers. Specialist services for patients from London, the South East
and beyond include pediatric and neonatal surgery in the new Chelsea Children’s Hospital, the
most extensive HIV and sexual health service in Europe, high risk maternity care, the regional
burns unit for London, bariatric (weight loss) surgery, and many more. Chelsea and Westminster
met all essential standards of quality and safety assessed by the Care Quality Commission during
an unannounced inspection in July 2012. Patients put the hospital in high rankings in their
feedback collection report. According to the hospital authority 89% of adult inpatients rate their
care as ‘Excellent’, ‘Very good’ or ‘Good’ in the latest National Inpatient Survey . women and
child health care facility is excellent in this hospitals 96% of women rate their care during
pregnancy as ‘Excellent’, ‘Very good’ or ‘Good’ in the latest National Maternity Patients Survey
( .

2.3 Developing a human resource plan for an organization

As the mentioned two organizations are run through same trust and successfully operating its
activities since their silver jubilee we can assume that with a strong evidence that it both of these
two organizations has its own human resource plan. As a new human resource manager a new

proposed plan can be made for better performance. A new strategic HR plan can be discussed
into several segments (Mike Gordon, 2015, Laws Relating to Human Resource Management
Practices, [online] Available at: [Accessed 9th May, 2015]).
Organizational objectives: for any planning a common phrase is used that is the use of
SMART techniques. SMART stands for (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time
based). So the planned policy would be purpose oriented for which the task is carried for, the
cost related with the plan should be identifiable and measurable, any unachievable plan should
be avoided just because of incapability of the planning. Time is an important factor for any plan.
Every activity requires specific time to finish the job. If it consumes more time it has no
acceptability to the top management. So before planning for new HR policy above factors should
be considered. But Chelsea showed outstanding performance in their health care service.
Evidence support their clam according to them they have 363,000 patients in 2011/12 that is
outstanding and proves that quality services. They have enough facility to accommodate clients
of different segments such as children, old people, mother, daily consultants, primary healthcare
services. A simple output claim can tell the true story Chelsea and Westminster has 430 inpatient
beds, ore than 107,000 patients were treated in our A&E Department in 2011/12 including more
than 30,000 children and young people in our dedicated Children’s A&E. 80,300 children were
treated at Chelsea and Westminster in 2011/12 . 80,300 children were treated at Chelsea and
Westminster in 2011/12. So it can be said that organization is near to success the organizational
objectives (
Selection and recruitment: new policy should be design in a way that attracts most of the
potential candidates for the job. Job analysis, job description should be design in a proper way
that is eye catching to the new staffs such as teachers, doctors, nurses etc. Written or verbal
examination can be taken for the first shortlist; selection is the first process of human resource
management and then comes recruitment that should be based on the departmental requirements
to avoid extra manpower recruitment that is unproductive and cost raising. For specialization
special recruitment process can be followed which is part time in nature (Messmer, Bogardus and
Isbell, 2008, Human Resource Management, p187).
Employee development: after recruiting fresh teacher in KCB it requires employee
development process. Training is given to them based on need such as course outline and related

subject. Proper feedback should be taken what they learn from their training. And close
supervision and monitoring is required to whether fruitfulness implementation of training
program and effectiveness.. For Chelsea NHK new intern doctor should be motivated that’s why
they will work for them permanently.
Retention: it one of the most important part of human resource manager task of KCB or Chelsea
whether we looking for . To create a skilled human worker firm expends lot of time, money. If
the employee turnover of the firm is too high firms HR policy would be spoilage.


performance appraisal is important and promotion is given to the right person in right time. Other
motivational technique can be applied to retain existing employee. Competitor retention strategy
should be kept in mind in case of decision making (Holbeche, 2008).

2.4 Critically evaluate how a human resources plan can contribute to
meeting an organization’s objectives
Generally human resource plan is made for optimum use of human resources. Effective human
resource planning helps to find out right person for the right position at the right time. HR should
work to fulfill the management set objectives. KCB has experience of rendering education
service more than decades so they know the need of effective HR in their daily operation of
college. CB has more than 30 years of experience in delivering Undergraduate level and
Postgraduate level courses of prominent British Universities such as Wales, Glamorgan,
Hertfordshire, Portsmouth, Thames Valley and others.
Best uses of human resources: The HR of KCB is liable for hiring right person for right
position. Hiring wrong person having no good characteristics is a worthless for the firm. A
skilled employee is an asset of the firm and he helps to achieve organizational objectives. The
faculty members at KCB are highly competent with extensive academic and industrial

Number of the employee: it is very much important to ensure the number of course instructor.
Over and under is costly for an organization. KCB has its own permanent course instructor. But
sometimes for special courses they need to hire guest teacher from other business schools. KCBs
plan is to Guest speakers who are top consultants and practitioners at leading companies are
invited to deliver guest lecturers as well as speeches at KCB for the benefit of students (Dubois,
2004, Competency-Based Human Resource Management, p130). This allows students at KCB to
gain valuable insights into both past and contemporary business practices in real life.
Improve performance: of course strategic HR helps to improve performance of the human
resources as a result of proper distribution of responsibility in accordance with experience of the
workforce. The College aims to give students of all backgrounds and diverse cultures the best
possible educational opportunities by improving our knowledge and understanding of the world,
nurturing personal development and maturity etc.
Business cost: Extreme human resource policy helps to reduce cost of unwanted HR practices.
KCB s pan is focused on providing a friendly multicultural environment, in which students from
all over the world may benefit from the best of British education at an affordable cost.
Succession planning: The principal’s message can be quote as. Chelsea NHS runs through a
trust basis so here there is no succession planning and same criteria are applicable for KCB also.
NHS Foundation Trusts are set up as Public Benefit Corporations with a legal duty to provide
NHS services to NHS patients and according to them Our Foundation Trust is run by a Board of





Executive, Chief


Officer, Finance

Director, Medical Director and Chief Nurse. Professor Sir Thomas Hughes-Hallett chairs both
the Board of Directors and the Council of Governors. Actually they determine the way of

3.1 Purpose of human resource management policies in organizations
The main purpose of maintaining a human resource policy is all about managing total human
related activities of the firm. It includes health and safety, equity and diversity, gender biased,

harassment to female workers, opportunity for physically challenged person etc. some of the
policies are discussed below.
Health and safety: a safe work environment can ensure the safety of the employees and
workers. Proper training in disaster moment like as fire, machine blasts etc. determining break of
working hour and proper dieting, medical facilities etc helps to fit employees and workers that
they feel safe in working with the firm.
Equity and diversity: it depends on organizations philosophy how it values its local cultures.
Many organizations strictly follow their own culture which might nor preferable. For example
Indian workers may prefer vegetarian food (Stredwick, 2013, Introduction to Human Resource
Management, p154). Muslims avoid Haram food etc. in case of promotion performance appraisal
and experiences of the employee should be given priority.
Harassment to the employee: it is quite unexpected in twenty first century. Sexual harassment
is now quite seen in most of the organization which is unexpected. Only top management actions
can eliminate sexual, gender, mental, physical harassment from the organization.
Gender biasness: States laws are strictly maintained. In case promotion, remuneration and
transfer no gender biasness id tolerated nowadays. Male and female are treated equally (Neel
Saniels, 2015, HRM Policies in Organizations, [online] Available at: [Accessed
9th May, 2015]).

3.2 The impact of regulatory requirements on human resource policies in
an organization
For the purpose of proper practices of human policies regulatory requirements on human
resource is important. Human policies should be designed in accordance with the legislation
described in the country’s constitution. Put emphasize on payment system or salary systems,
discrimination, EEO(equal employment opportunity), rights and responsibility etc. the impact of
regulatory requirements of an organization is discussed below.

Sex discrimination act: in every legal system in labor law it is completely prohibited to
discriminate a person on the basis of sexual identity or marital status. Same rule is abides by in
case of pregnancy or maternity period (Hill, n.d., 2009, International Business, p190) .
Division on the basis of race: no one should be treated on the basis of race, ethnicity,
nationality, color, religion etc. it is very harmful for the bonding of human resources. Conflict
should be eliminated. Anyone failed to comply these rules should face legal obstruction.
Employment act: in case of hiring employees and workers existing laws should be folloed.
Above mentioned discrimination that means in case recruiting no base would be on the basis of
race, color, nationality etc is seen. Merit would be the first criterion. Child labor should be
prohibited by the organization. In developing country child labor practice is seen among
household workers (Pearson, 1998).

Task -3: Reviewing human resource management

4.1 Analysis the impact of organizational structure on the management
of human resources
Organizational structure provides a framework of activities of an organization and specifies the
role of each person to achieve goals and objectives of the organization. For strategic human
resource management a good structure is so important that make or break the organization. So it
should be designed in a way that everybody can easily understand their assigned job and
responsibility and perform according to that that ultimately helps to achieve organizational
objectives. For Tesco mobile management of human resource is quite different from ASDA and
Waitrose. ASDA and Waitrose are similar line firm selling consumer products via online.
According to the theory of mintzberg (mintzberg, 1998) there are two basic approaches of
formation organizational structure. One is contingency approach and the other one is
configuration approach. Contingency approach is based on the nature of the business, size,

strategy, geographical location of activities, age of the business, nature and history and also
environment of the business. He argues that business structure should be based on configuration
approach rather contingency approach. Businesses structure whether centralized or decentralized
control are the matter of discussion of configuration approach. It divides the management
activities and everybody is responsible to his superior level manager. Geographical,
centralization or decentralizing impacts the human resource planning.
Geographical impact: human resource plan should be made to take in mind geographical
factors. For example – a grocery shop business like Waitrose should plan its human resource
requirement based on business of the activities. It should reduce the number of employees where
it gets less customers and provide high skilled manpower in city where there are large number of
online shopper of different income level. On the other hand for Waitrose online shop are popular
only in town where people are busy and don’t have time to shop. After finishing daily job they
just simply sit before the PC and ordering items and stores are delivering these products to the
door of customers. So for both company geographical factors matter, Waitrose has thousands
stores all over the UK (Briscoe, Schuler and Claus, 2009, International Human Resource
Management, p129) .
Centralization impact: centralization of activities or management decisions can easily
disseminate information and task among groups. But sometimes it is too much lengthy or time
consuming to take decisions from top management on small matter. For Waitrose decision
making power is diversified in different location. That’s why it will be easy for the employees
and suppliers to take decision promptly by considering existing environment. For Waitrose they
have to maintain diversified relationships with the farmer, consumer, supplier, government
controlling agency. Environmental agency and food and safety authority are very much concern
about grocery shops. So geographical location to sell products and collect as a good within a
definite time period is important. So geographical factors should be taken into consideration




Structure [Accessed 9th May, 2015]).






4.2 Impact of the organizational culture on the management of human
For management to make the employee the culture of the organization understandable and for the
employee promptly learning organizational culture is very much essential to achieve
organizational objectives. It helps one to understand his job well and perform according to that.
Organizational culture can be defined as the pattern of shared values, beliefs and assumptions
considering appropriate way of thinking and acting within an organization.
For management practices organizational culture is the key element. It represents the company
that’s why stakeholder of the organization can easily understand about the company. Employees
can easily understand the work environment in which they have to expend most of their working
hour. Organizational culture is the form of cognition, ideas and value of the organizations
internal behavior.
Relationship between culture and HRM: it is the internal function of an organization. HRM
practices are designed according to the established culture. In every aspects of management
decision making implementation of culture is ensured so that it gives the firm an unique identity
in the competitive market as well as employees would be satisfied by thinking that they work in
a unique atmosphere ( The Economist, 2014).
If we analyze the largest grocery Waitrose we can see the culture and values the company holds.
Their aim is to disclose to the consumers from where their product comes from, how it produced,
farmers earnings, benefits etc. It’s all about long-term relationships with our farmers and
suppliers, and continues with our beliefs in championing British produce, supporting responsible
sourcing, treating people fairly and treading lightly on the environment. Wait roses values
reflects their CSR activities to the community, their Community Matters scheme has donated £14
million to local charities chose by consumers. Their principle with stakeholders is to 'fair-trading'
is about giving a fair deal to the people who produce our food in some of the world's poorest
countries. They have some outstanding activities such as Lunch clubs for the elderly, soup runs
for the homeless and cooking classes for adults with learning difficulties - we champion
thousands of fantastic local projects and charities. One example could be One project we are
proud to support is a weekly lunch club in Hampshire, which was the focus of our Christmas

advertising campaign. The club was 1 of the 3 monthly Community Matters causes in Waitrose
Dibden, Hythe. By seeing their volunteering activities British prime minister invited them and
given Euro of 13 million for their charitable purpose. Like Waitrose other grocery shop should
also have cultural values within the organization and also outside the firm. Waitrose is committed
to provide quality products at lower prices than any other competitor. Among competitor
Waitrose has special eye on enhancing organizational culture and also for community
development program by their CSR activities. (

4.3 How the effectiveness of human resource management is monitored
in an organization
Of course to achieve organizational goals effectiveness of HR practices should be monitored
with established criteria of Tesco mobile. It helps the management of Waitrose to put right person
to the right position so that with a minimum time job are getting done from employees. An
effective HR policy of Waitrose helps to reduce costs and increase profitability thus increase
shareholders wealth. It creates positive image among consumers so sales growth will be
increased (Rothwell et al., 2012, The Encyclopedia of Human Resource Management, p290).
Workers will be motivated to attach with the organization and turnover rate will be reduced
which is another objective of HR manager.
Human resources efficiency in Tesco: Waitrose online grocery store follows strategic human
resource policy increases accountability among employees; as result of this activity they perform
their duty with integrity. It also provides employees of Waitrose the most desire things by
employee nowadays independence in decision making to do the job in his/ her way in a given
time. So he takes the job not as burdensome and feels comfortable to that.
Performance appraisal: Waitrose’s management team in terms of appraising employee user
several tools for performance measurement for further promotion. Performance appraisal is the
process of identifying the contribution of an employee to the firm and measuring it with the
established standard. Motivational technique is used to get high performance from the employee.
To monitor the performance of the employee survey report can be measured and track and make
decisions (Gary Dessler, 2012).

Effective human resource policy is a prerequisite for the Tesco to maintain quality service they
have offered over the period. It is the employee to whom customer’s satisfaction is dependent.
Waitrose coverage significant area of the UK and ensure consumer that have get excellent
services for shopping for all grocery items. To Diversified HR this grocery has stores in different
location and transfer employee for change in the work environment. As a result of strong and
effective HR policy Waitrose’s customer service department awarded for best customer care
provider. For Waitrose management of HR is crucial. They offered variety of products or services
named online grocery shop, mobile network services, tire for cars, investment functions
including transfer of money, insurance facilities etc. they also run wine shop all over the UK.
Waitrose’s human resource policy is designed to encourage employment. It encourages the
student to retired person to work with them and show Excellency by proving their capabilities.
Offer part time job for students at the shop, delivery personnel, van driver, and retired army to
ensure the security of the different venture the group owns. Lastly the organ gram of the Waitrose
is full of ethical and moral values. From the beginning of their journey they are committed to
provide efficient service to the consumers for this HR policy should be motivational and full of
accountability. Employees of the firms are directed to engage in benevolent work. That’s why the
firm donates its significant earnings to improve the livelihood of the different stakeholder of the

4.4 Justified recommendations to improve the effectiveness of human
resource management in an organization
To get maximum results from strategic management of Waitrose employees of these three firms
should work by following the organizational structure and culture of the organization. Everybody
should accountable to his performance to the immediate boss. Corrective actions should be taken
promptly. Dissemination of information can be made in the proper channels as a result Waitroses
stores are located in different region. To consider the portfolio business of Waitrose for them
managing large human resource from different background also need for different purpose work
is very much important. For Waitrose although the large grocery shop takes care of all related

stakeholders but special consideration is needed to manage the internal workforce for retaining
goodwill and quality services. Their corporate responsibility activities are remarkable and British
government understands that and truly recognizes them and inspired them to enhance benevolent
activities among society. Some employee may not likes the activities of the Waitrose because of
extra work they have done just reducing their productivity and recreational time etc. mental
motivation is required for this. To retain employee all firms need training, outdoor campaign,
recreational benefit, motivational technique should be applied. Competitor’s human resource
plan should be studied continuously so that if necessary any change can be brought easily. At last
but not least to get something more positive to give more to the employees in order to achieve
organizational objectives or goals whichever is called (Pearson, 2011).
For Waitrose the effectiveness of strategic human resource management is the strategic structure
and the cultural value of the organization in order to provide better customer service. Reporting
and meetings among farmers, suppliers, employee’s can be the effective way to justify the
performance of the Human Resource in Waitrose the largest grocery in UK.
Benchmarking HR performance: Internal performance appraisal would be the looking at the
competitive HR performance of other grocery shop in UK market. But overall analysis in above
part we can’t see any lacking or negligence in the management procedures of the Waitrose. If we
analyze the growth of the business we can find that there are Waitrose shops throughout England,
Scotland and Wales. Locations range from high streets to edge of town sites, The John Lewis
Partnership as a whole employs nearly 68,000 Partners and has a turnover in excess of £6 billion.
As well as Waitrose, it runs 26 John Lewis department stores throughout the UK, several
manufacturing concerns and a farm all these are possible just because of management teams
integrity, loyalty, courage, candor, honesty. So Wait rose grocery could be the standard who are
new in this industry and want to join in this industry. Lastly it is the king in grocery business
industry and have a successful future of this grocery shop, not doing businesses but also cares for
society (

From the above discussion it has been clear that in modern world managing human resource is a
challenging task for a human resource manager. Understand the departmental need and recruit
skilled manpower, assigning them into right position and employee developments are the main
functions of HR. Succession planning is important aspect of HR. In last line human resource plan
should be cost effective and helps the firm to increase its profitability.

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