the Neolithic revolution - Everyones nomadic at first Then they began to settle down and learn to grow seeds into food Creates the basis for striation in that society The feudal system – serfs trade labor for protection Mercantilism.History of capitalism No date but its an important revolution.the estates It was funny because some lawyers had more money then the aristocrats because of the power status The creation of the middle class with the tennis court oath Napoleon lead this charge and spread the Napoleonic code across the globe .raw goods into finalized goods and then trading post Exchanging labor to private organizations which is way worse French revolution.

Karl Marx – all life is the struggle of capital and that’s how history is founded - Everything was a struggle for resources Exchanging labor for capital Exchanging labor for something is idiotic because your labor is what makes you you We are forced to compete with one another for the little resources that are available which means people can never life to their full potential The world exists because of this line that determines between good and evil Socialism - The workers would rise up and over take the system ie people like zapitistas You have to share the resources You can still have nice things but large areas of land is the communal land Communism - You have the disappearance of this and a move towards this areas of communes Crimes of necessity are no longer there because people will care Crimes of passion will still exist You will just not have to compete for funding Why is cap necessary? - Competition is at the heart of capitalism And this is what makes society better Competition for marx is a way that capitalism would inevitably fall Cap conditions have to get so bad for cap to fall Race and Gender - This is what defined us the most Conflict of resources Racism - Over economic resource concerns We are afraid that other people will take necessary resources away from us If you take that away and have them realize that theirs no class and nothing to compete over then we will see them as equals Gender - Men doing the heavy lifting and women taking care of children As tech advanced free time came to be and people believed that women should take care of the kid You will get rid of this distinction and allow for everyone to work in factories or in any role because theirs no difference between the two .

Freud Foreground of the field as a psychoanalyst Life was defined by the unconscious and that’s shaped by your relations to your mom and dad The oedipal desire to understand the differences between the genders ie father is authority figure And the mom is the caretaker Unconscious is where all the bad things come out when you don’t want them to Cant control the id and it came about to keep you safe Superego helps you understand Ego is your everyday business .

you have no idea about partial objects but you are connected to everything around you theirs no distinction between things Mirror stages – you realize that you are separate from the world and you are not connected to the world like you were The lack – the yearning for something more the yearning for the something that was taken from us so we do things like create connections with other people and we do that through communication The world is not structured by the economy but by a form of singifiers and use it to creat a form of wholeness The trauma of the real – the veil gets lifted and you see the world as it is because you cant handle the world of the prelingual .Lacan More focus on language The family is important but its more a focus on language and how we focus on signs Stop sign – signifier is the word “stop” the signified the sign post and the sign is the image in your head Life is defined in stages Prelingual – 0-2.

1950’s France Politics – different factions of anticap structures Deleuze – was super radical academic May 68 workers and the academics fight together to change the system Deleuze and Guatarri met up and hit it up Why did the revolution fail? Well because static relationships were counterproductive and self-involved Arbor societies need to have arbor revolutionsthese operate because of desire Desire has no lack Striated and smooth space No singular understanding of identity .

because if you prove reversibility is true then your failings will result in hatred towards yourself internal self hatred and it was worse then any other impact .ex capital it used to be the amount of gold but now its dollars and now its credit cards The revolution just replicates capitalism Resistance allows us to think that the world is getting better but in actuality it isn’t Why are they burning their own community - The third no – it’s a no towards the entire system Reversibility - Neoliberal policies will twist and reverse upon themselves Actively do nothing and not engage the strategy of the masses Tyranny of the self.Baudrillard Hyperreality.