Lesson Plan


: English


: 10th April 2015/Friday


: 5.30 p.m. - 6.30 p.m.


: Year 2 Kreatif

Number of pupils

: 38 pupils

Proficiency Level

: Average


: World of Self, Family and Friends


: I Am Special (Unit 5)

Focused Skill

: Writing

Integrated Skill

: Listening and Speaking
Content Standards:

Learning Standards:

3.1 By the end of the 6-year primary schooling,
pupils will be able to form letters and words in

3.1.1 Able to write in neat legible print:
b) words

neat legible print including cursive writing.
3.2 By the end of the 6-year primary schooling,

3.2.4 Able to spell common sight words.

pupils will be able to write using appropriate
language, form and style for a range of
1.2 By the end of the 6-year primary schooling,
pupils will be able to listen and respond

1.2.2 Able to listen to and follow:
a) simple instructions in the classroom.

appropriately in formal and informal situations
for a variety of purposes.

Learning Objectives

: By the end of this lesson, pupils will be able to:

circle at least six out of eight hidden objects in Kevin’s bedroom

ii write at least five out of eight names of hidden objects correctly.
iii spell at least three out of six words correctly.

the word  1 i. fork. iv. ‘jar’. Pupils read the words. . car ii. Teacher asks pupils to read the 6 1 words on the board. Teacher writes pupils’ answers 5 on the board. To introduce the lesson. understandin comb. v. bed pillow wardrobe mattress blanket table Presentation Language Content: (15 minutes) 1. iii. Teacher asks pupils what are 3 the things they have in their  bedroom. vii. vi. torchlight. Language Content : Nouns i. Teacher explains the words 3 using pictures and realia. iii. jar iii. verbal-linguistic ii) Thinking Skills: Critical and creative thinking. viii. realia (shoe. ii. bell iv. To test pupils’ shoe. trolley v.Previous Knowledge : Pupils have learned some or the words in their previous lesson such as ‘car’.  To introduce Pictures the language and  realia such as content. Educational Emphases car jar bell trolley shoe fork torchlight comb : i) Multiple Intelligences: Visual-spatial. ‘fork’. activity book and pupils’ exercise book Stage/Time Content Teaching-Learning Activity Set Induction Word (5 minutes) Things in Teacher 2 ‘bedroom’ on the board. fork. comb. bedroom writes Rationale To get Remarks the pupils ready for the lesson. and bell). ii. Proposed Solution : Teacher explains the words using pictures and realia. Anticipated Problem : Pupils might not be to understand certain words. iv. shoe the objects. and ‘torch’. Pupils list the things they have 4 in their bedroom. vi. Nouns: i. v. Teacher asks pupils to name the bedroom: i. making association iii) Contextual Learning: Relate content knowledge to daily life activities Moral Value : Use things wisely. Teaching Aids : Pictures. Teacher introduces some words 2 to the pupils.

Teacher asks pupils to turn to  names of the Production  of 1 eight hidden objects in g picture. Pupils read the words. and bell To prepare 2 hidden objects. comb Words: i. 5 Spelling the torchlight. Teacher asks pupils to read the 6 words on the board. . vi. 5 Teacher collects pupils’ exercise book to be checked. ii. 4 Teacher reads out the words again. fork vii. Kevin’s bedroom. viii. pupils for the next activity. lesson. shoe vi. 1 Teacher explains the task to  the pupils. trolley v. pupils’ answers. bell iv. 3 Teacher recaps the lesson by highlighting the moral found in the lesson. torchlight viii. Write the Words: Closure (2 minutes) i. jar iii. Teacher checks the words in legible print. book onto their exercise book. car jar bell trolley shoe fork torchlight comb Moral Value: Use things wisely. Teacher gives pupils ten minutes to do the task. fork vii. car ii. 1 Teacher asks pupils the words  To sum up the they learned in today’s lesson. Pupil circle and write the hidden objects. v. torchlight viii. vii. To highlight 2 Teacher pupils list the words they  the learned. a) Circle the b) objects. comb Practice Activity book: (20 minutes) There are 4 5 Pupils name the objects. To enable Activity book page 30 of their activity book. value moral value found in the lesson. iii. iv. 2 Teacher reads out the words. 3 Pupils spell and write the words To enrich Pupils’ pupils’ exercise spelling.vi. Teacher shows how to do the pupils to write page 30 3 task. Teacher asks pupils to circle neat name the hidden objects in the 4 6 (18 minutes) words.