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Exploring the infinite field of possibilities that lies in each of us...

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A Loving Relationship


















z A Note from the Editor z
Like a book unfolding for the past three months, I have been sharing with you the process of how your dreams come to you and how to manifest those desires. We started with The Tap in the August Issue which is the initial nudge that you feel from Spirit that announces to you a new dream or goal that you might not have imagined possible. The next step is to decide what to do with this announcement from Spirit and this new dream or goal which we explored in the September Issue. For Scott Blum in Waiting for Autumn, he was given an idea for a book and held it inside until it was no longer humanly possible to do so. Waiting for Autumn explores some of the different blockages that can hinder us and keep us from experiencing our dreams. Each of the TIFM contributors explored various ways of letting go and releasing our fears. This month, October, we will go on another profound journey together into the flow of life. Some like, Kristopher & Kalyn Raphael, founders of The Toltec Mystery School call it The Golden Flow. David Breslow, a Peak Performance/ Success/Change and Resilience Life Coach & Mental Game Trainer for Professional Golfers and Actors calls it The Flow Zone. Others like myself call it, The Infinite Field or The Infinite Flow (a newly coined phrase by Kristopher Raphael). Whatever you call it: It is the place where, like spokes on a wheel, everything just starts coming together. This really is what the Cosmos must have experienced when Spirit spoke these words, “Let there be...” This month TIFM shares with you, how to get in “The Flow” of your own life. We explore how to get into the rhythm of life where you consciously draw ALL the things that you need and desire into your life effortlessly. If you have a dream that is just waiting to manifest itself, then you’ll want to read every article this month. Study them. Re-read them again and again. From how to deal with your emotions, using your imagination, eating peak foods, meditating, conscious parenting, relationships, your health, your money, your mind, body, and soul, you will learn how to get in and stay in the flow. I am so excited to share this month’s issue with you! Welcome to The FLOW! Infinitely Yours,

The Infinite Field Magazine


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No Accidental Encounters
David Breslow

Let’s look at how intelligent the universe really is today. That’s right, the universe is intelligence in action. In fact, it is so intelligent that it continually provides you the exact lessons you need for your growth and development. Are you paying attention? If you doubt this, take a look at the situations that repeatedly “show up” in your life because if you do--you’ll begin to notice there are no accidental occurrences or

re-occurrences. This is not “eerie” stuff here— take a close look---you’ll see it for yourself! In his book The Prophet, Kahlil Gibran writes, “Much of your pain is self-chosen. It is the bitter potion by which the physician within you heals your sick self”. Consider what he’s saying for a moment. He’s saying that we continually “heal our sick selves” by putting ourselves near people and situations that contain the very lessons we need in order to grow.
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Are you looking? Yes--this includes the painful ones and the beautiful ones. If we choose not to see the “painful” or negative lessons they will reappear with greater intensity and with greater consequence in the future. For example, do you seem to have the same general “issues” when it comes to relationships or success or finances? The names, faces and personalities may change but the core challenges, problems and issues probably have a consistent theme to them, don’t they? Do you find yourself in unsatisfying relationships? Do you find yourself in a financial bind? Even if you procrastinate, criticize yourself harshly, lack confidence or exhibit some other continual negative habit the impact these habits have on your life provide you opportunities to learn valuable lessons and make important changes. Are you looking? Daniel, a 64 year old Investment Broker shared this story with me. “I tend to be a person who has excellent problem solving skills and I like to help others with their problems. I communicate in a very honest and direct manner and because of that I can also turn people off at times. For years, I’ve noticed people get frustrated and upset around me and I always assumed it was their problem, not mine! People would nod their heads in agreement when I offered advice but they really wanted to get out of the conversation as quickly as possible and I didn’t know why. I soon discovered that my attitude, voice and body language were causing others to be uncomfortable.
The Infinite Field Magazine

Even though my ideas were good, it didn’t matter because I was turning people off. The truth is, what I was doing was not getting me the results I wanted and when I was able to look at the lesson instead of my own need to blame them and be ‘right’, I was willing to see that I was the cause for my own frustration.” Think back upon your own experiences and notice how often a “lesson” was there for you to see. What comes to mind right away? I’ll bet an image or feeling hit you almost immediately when you read the sentence above. I believe we all know what the lessons are because chances are we’ve had more than one opportunity to see them. Lessons unlearned will repeat themselves time and time again. However, even when a lesson is repeated we can continue to ignore it because of our greatest human gift; free will. We can simply stick our heads in the sand if we want to. The appearance of a lesson does not guarantee a change. The lesson is merely a signal, like the warning lights on the dashboard of your car. When the oil light appears on your dashboard, it reminds

you to check your oil because it’s low. If you ignore the warning light the consequences become more severe over time and what began as a minor inconvenience can turn into a big expense as you write your check to the mechanic. This is exactly the way lessons in our lives operate. The warning lights let you know that a lesson is in front of you and it is up to you to do something. When you are aware of any lesson you always have 3 choices. You can:

page 9

1. 2. 3.

Deny it’s even there See it and do nothing See it and take action

How often do you deny the lessons presented to you or act as if they aren’t really there? How often are you aware of a lesson and choose to ignore it hoping that somehow it would “be ok” all on its own? How many times do you see a lesson, attempt to understand its meaning and decide to take action on it? If you’re not sure where these lessons are in your life, take a look around you. They are available to you every day through the people, places and situations you encounter…if you choose to be aware of them. It’s not them—IT’S YOU! What will you do with the lessons reflected in your life today?

David Breslow…until next time! David is happy to offer you 2 FREE gifts (!) Get an E-Book titled "50 Ways to Take Action Now!" AND 13 installments of The Peak Performer newsletter (filled with insights, inspiration and strategies)...all for free. Go to


avid is a Peak Performance Consultant, Actor, Author (“Wired To Win”) and Speaker. He works with Pro/Amateur Athletes (PGA/LPGA), Professional Actors and Fortune 500 Companies (Ameritech, Motorola, etc.) and many others. His unique approach focuses on undeniable “Laws of Human Performance” that govern everything you do. This creates faster shifts in how people think, feel and perform every day. David has appeared on The Golf Channel, ESPN radio and has spoken to all size businesses across the country. Book orders: 888.280.7715. To learn more about presentations or workshops, call: 847.681.0247 or email: or visit the web: Get your subscription here: It’s FREE For MORE Great free stuff-go to
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by Tonya Parker

Comparing the body to God’s or Spirit’s temple is a concept found in various religions and spiritual paths. In order to reach the highest level of spiritual consciousness, vibrating our energy at a level to maintain alignment with our higher power, we must make sure that our physical body is in order. According to the late Edgar Cayce, this means our body is “properly assimilating nutrients needed to maintain high levels of life and eliminating wastes and toxins that build up in the system.” He also advocated exercising and receiving massages and adjustments to keep the fluids and electrical energies flowing smoothly throughout our entire system. Many of us first start with managing our weight as a way to get our physical body in order. As the fall and winter holidays approach, we are often faced with challenges to weight maintenance because of the abundance of opportunities to feast. Consequently, many of us have developed patterns of putting on extra pounds, followed by periods of frantic efforts to release the excess weight. Unfortunately, the choices we make in improving our physical body do not always support the system as a whole as we take an extreme route to weight release. According to Sheri Barke, MPH, RD on the website http:// HORestrictiveDieting.pdf, depending on the plan, restrictive dieters may develop a decreased metabolism, a drop in the sex hormones estrogen and testosterone, decreased sexual interest, absence of menses, bone loss, constipation and gastrointestinal upset. Additionally, one may experience sleep problems, weakness, feeling cold all the time, loss of lean body mass, and changes in brain chemistry that increase appetite and food cravings. The body goes into starvation mode, which triggers bingeing. These are just the physical effects—Barke reports there can be effects to cognition, as well, including decreased concentration, poor judgment, and apathy. The emotional and social effects can include depression, anxiety, irritability and anger, mood swings, psychotic episodes, personality changes, and social withdrawal. The Every Diet website,, lists almost three hundred little- and well-known nutritional diets. The sheer number can seem daunting to someone desiring to make a conscious choice about a nutritional plan. Below are a few diets and lifestyles often encountered by many seeking to strengthen their body temple in a more holistic manner.
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e v ery d a y di e ts fo r y ou r t em p l e
Natural Foods Diet:

Natural foods are minimally processed, meaning there is an absence of refined sugars, flours, grains, hydrogenated oils, sweeteners, food colors and flavorings. You will see obvious substitutions like stevia (a natural herb), raw honey, agave nectar and maple syrup used in place of sugar, and sea salt used vs. table salt. The belief is that refined ingredients promote obesity, diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. Natural foodists also often eat organic.
Organic Foods Diet:

Macrobiotic Diet:

There are several components to this lifestyle, but here are just a few. The diet calls for followers to eat whole grains as a staple, supplemented with vegetables, fruit, beans, nuts, seeds, and fish. The primary avoidance foods are those that are highly processed or refined, like with Natural Foodists. The dietary recommendations also include chewing thoroughly and avoiding overeating.
Body Ecology Diet:

Raw Foodism:

Organic crops are touted to be grown without non-organic, toxic pesticides, insecticides and herbicides. Organic livestock are developed without growth hormones. Some who follow organic diets choose to consume processed foods—there are many on the market which contain only organic ingredients and have omitted during the processing artificial additives, and artificial methods/materials/conditions like chemical ripening, genetic modification, and food irradiation. The Environmental Working Group has generated a list, called The Dirty Dozen,, which emphasizes produce that tends to soak up pesticides and chemicals and should always be purchased organic.

This diet is based upon the fact that our digestive system is linked closely to our other major systems such the immune, endocrine, circulatory and central nervous. These systems are greatly impacted by helpful bacteria needed in our intestines to help maintain health. The diet is designed to restore balance to this intestinal “ecosystem,” often resulting in improving chronic health conditions. The three main dietary practices to begin this process includes adding cultured foods to the diet (such as organic yogurt or kefir, a fermented drink made of organic milk or coconut water), changing the quality of the fats and oils that we eat, and significantly eliminating or decreasing our intake of carbohydrates and sugars.

Followers of this lifestyle tend to eat at least 75% raw food. Some raw foodists consume only raw plant foods, though others will eat raw meat and other raw animal products. Raw foods are uncooked, unprocessed, and often organic —fruits, salads, sprouted beans, soaked nuts, and fermented foods feature heavily in the diet. Followers believe the enzymes in food are activated when eaten raw, and digestion is improved. Proponents of this lifestyle also believe this diet prevents and heals many types of chronic conditions and promotes weight release.

This diet, in its purest form, excludes meat of all kinds, including poultry, fish, and shellfish. Protein is gleaned from non-animal proteins such as nuts, seeds, whole grains, and beans and legumes. Vegetables and fruits are eaten in abundance.

The Infinite Field Magazine

page 12

e v ery d a y di e ts fo r y ou r t em p l e

Vegans are vegetarians who


exclude all animal products from the diet. So this includes not just meat, but dairy products, eggs, and honey. Many vegans take this to another level by choosing to abstain from use of animals for any purpose, including leather and fur.

This is basically a vegetarian diet that includes fish and shellfish. It is also called pescovegetarianism, though some mistakenly claim vegetarianism, which can be a source of confusion.


AKA fructarianism. This is a type of vegetarianism in which dieters limit their intake to fruits, nuts and seeds. Some factions avoid grains and seeds, some cooked foods, some use the botanical definitions of fruits and consume legumes, such as beans and peas, and others include root vegetables in their diet.

Our body is our temple. Just as each person’s relationship with the divine and path to enlightenment is an individual experience, how we provide nutrients for our bodies is individual, as well. Cookie-cutter, onesize-fits-all approaches, especially of the extreme variety, can be risky. Being conscious and taking a holistic approach to nutrition is important. Make sure you educate yourself fully and check with your health care provider before choosing to adjust your nutritional lifestyle. Finally, pay attention to when your temple communicates if an approach is supportive or not—it is your temple, so be familiar with its signs of breaking down.

Tonya nurtures Mind Body & Spiritworks, the vehicle for her natural health ministry, providing massage, Reiki, aromatherapy, conscious catering/personal chef services, holistic wellness consulting, and training workshops. She currently is working on a book based on her Natural Sistah adventures, and is completing her first e-cookbook, Natural Sistah’s Recipes for Healthy-As-You-Wanna-Be Living.Visit Tonya at and

The Infinite Field Magazine

page 13

Butternut Squash & Apple Soup
One way to support the body temple is to eat locally and in season. Autumn is my favorite season of the year, and this dish celebrates two of the tasty treats found at this time of year—butternut squash and Granny Smith apples! You can also substitute acorn, spaghetti, and yellow squashes for the butternut. Organic ingredients are chosen based on guidelines by The Environmental Working Group. Although the navy beans can be included for protein, meat lovers can sauté spicy turkey sausage instead and add it to this flavorful soup for an extra kick. INGREDIENTS

• • • • • • • • •

1 butternut squash, peeled, seeds removed, chopped 1 organic Granny Smith apple, peeled, cored, chopped 3 cups low-sodium vegetable broth 1 large red onion, chopped 1 rib of organic celery, chopped 2 cups carrot, chopped 1 can navy beans, drained (optional) 2 Tbsp cold-pressed extra-virgin olive oil Pinches of sea salt, black pepper, cinnamon, and nutmeg to taste


1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Wash the fresh vegetables thoroughly before peeling and chopping. Sauté onion, celery, and carrot in olive oil in a large saucepan for about 5 minutes. Add squash and apple and continue sautéing until they begin to soften. Add broth and beans. Simmer for about 10 minutes or until squash is soft. Puree mixture in a blender or food processor until smooth, adding more broth or water if needed for your ideal consistency. Add spices to taste.

Serves 6-8.

ChakraCize Your Spirit

by Robin Marvel

For Kids & Their Grown-Ups!


here is a shift taking place in our world and Universal Awareness will prevail! As parents we have the opportunity to guide our children to a path of self awareness to enhance their knowledge of the bigger picture of life. Children are the future. So, where better to start encouraging self awareness?

We are energy beings. Full of life force also known as Chi. This life force energy flows through each of us in all we are. By learning how your energy affects each of your seven major chakras you can start to focus and heal them.The seven chakras are like a pearl necklace starting from the base of your spine with the root chakra and end at the top of your head with the crown chakra. The chakras are: Root Chakra located at the base of the spine, Sacral Chakra located right below your belly button, the Solar Plexus Chakra which is located right below your ribcage, the Heart Chakra is located in your chest area, the throat chakra is located at the base of your throat, the third eye chakra is located on your forehead between your eyes and the crown chakra is located on top of your head.

The Infinite Field Magazine

page 15

Each chakra vibrates at its own frequency and that determines their color and characteristics. Knowing how your chakra system works you will have the ability to pinpoint what in your life may be out of balance. You have seven major chakras and many smaller ones throughout your body. Chakras are spinning circles of energy. They are 2-3 inches in diameter and spin clockwise. Your chakra system is like a strainer that filters all of our energy experiences. Each chakra has a great influence on your mind, body and soul well-being. Each chakra acts as a magnet drawing energy from all of your experiences past and present. A healthy, balanced chakra system operates with positive energy flow allowing you a high personal vibration and optimal health. Knowing your chakras and how they function properly will put you in charge of your own energy--and we all love to be in charge! As you move upward through the energy centers or chakras you learn more about whom you are and the attitudes that have and are creating your reality. Your chakras are the central processing center for all aspects of your being--blockages in the system are created by too much energy or not quite enough energy flow. A blockage can be a lack of energy flowing through your chakras. Blockages are caused by negative events and situations causing you to feel tired, low energy, just not yourself. All illnesses and low vibrations manifest first in the chakra system as a blockage. Any time you are feeling ill or out of sorts you have a blockage within your chakra system. These blockages if not cleared will end up in disease. Blockages can cause low energy, a lack of self confidence as well as a general out of sorts feeling. To keep a healthy spirit free from dis-ease your chakras must receive a consistent flow of positive energy. The more positive your thoughts the more free flowing energy. When in a negative situation your chakras slow down and your energy force becomes sluggish--this can create many issues within your bodies such as colds, low energy levels and just feeling out of sorts. --as long as the negative situation is temporary your energy will resume its natural flow- but if the situation persists for a long time the chakras will need stimulation to become active again.

The Infinite Field Magazine

page 16

ChakraCizes do just that. ChakraCizes are a set of seven exercises created to kickstart your chakras and encourage a consistent positive energy flow within your chakra system. These chakracizes will enable you to get the energy flowing freely through your chakras resulting in a more vibrant, healthy life. By learning and continuing to practice ChakraCizes you are learning a new way of healing and growth for your mind, body and soul. They will help to release any physical and mental tension contributing to the improper functioning of your chakras. So lets ChakraCize!

ChakraCize your Spirit is a worldwide workshop offered by Marvelous EmPOWERment to encourage all beings to learn a new and healthy way to heal themselves from the inside out and grow spiritually. You can find more information on ChakraCize Your Spirit at

Robin Marvel is an author, Empowerment and life positivity coach and motivational speaker for children and adults as well as the senior editor for Marvelous Spirit Press. Using tools from her “Awakening Consciousness” book series she is expanding creativity and self awareness in beings everywhere. Robin is Leading Out Loud as the owner of Marvelous Empowerment. Providing a variety of workshops to encourage empowerment in all ages. More information on Marvelous Empowerment can be found at, a website designed to strengthen your being while encouraging Universal Awareness. Check for upcoming lectures and workshops.

The Infinite Field Magazine

page 17

Let me give you a little recap from last month’s experience. You have decided to consciously manifest the life of your dreams. You understand that having a firm grip on the reality of where you are now will allow you to move toward your new destination. Now that you are clear about how you arrived at your current destination let us examine, “THE WHAT!” What do I want in my life? Do I really want what I am attracting and what is showing up NOW? My own journey took a great turn for the better, shortly after it took, what initially seemed like, a nasty turn for the worst. Things became very clear after I discovered, “ THE WHAT!”

Be Here, Now Part II by Doreen Sweeting, MD

I will spare you the details of the origins of the issue that brought me to my crisis. I do not believe that examining why you are where you are is nearly as important as what you are doing to keep yourself there. This knowledge is important whether you consciously want to keep things as they are or keep things moving. You know that sick feeling you get when your brain finally screams out, “What am I doing here? I’ve worked all my life to get here and it is not making me happy!” This was a very frightening moment for me. First, because I knew that I was the only one who could hear this loud voice in my head. Second, because it brought with it a blinding moment of clarity that pierced through the big bag of denial in which I was keeping all of my nagging feelings of dissatisfaction. By all outward appearances I should have been happy. So, what was the problem?
The Infinite Field Magazine page 18

Living is all about me.   Living is all about YOU!
“THE WHAT,” came to me shortly after I fought hard stay where I was thru examining what I was feeling. But by allowing myself to feel what I was feeling and listening to the scary voice, a great realization lit up my current position on the map of my journey to my desired destination. I realized, only days after listening to the voice, that every action that I had ever taken was taken for the benefit of somebody else. In a misguided attempt to be loved by ________, I had taken millions of actions, either to prove myself worthy or punish myself when I fell short and did not receive the love and recognition that I desired. “THE WHAT,” showed itself clearly for me as continuing to do things for reasons other than to make myself happy. This is when I decided to take action and start living for me and my own happiness. Selfish? To some. But living is all about me. Living is all about YOU. We've all had this experience at varying degrees in our lives. Perhaps, you have done this in your own life. Chosen a particular path, job, or decision simply to make some one else happy without considering your own feelings. Stay with me here. I know what you are thinking. There are things that I just simply have to do. No. That is not true. You can and always have done what you have decided was the best or right thing to do for you. But if your current course of action has not left you wildly happy and deeply satisfied WITH YOUR OWN LIFE, you have probably left your personal preferences of happiness out of the equation. By putting yourself first and realizing that your happiness is the key to your wildest dreams, you can begin living the life that you were destined to lead. You can be the star of your own show. More next month...... In the meantime, Shine! Doreen

Dr. Doreen Sweeting is currently working on her new book Musings of a Medical Mystic. She is the founder of Psychosomatic Wellness Intuitive Life Coaching. Doreen is a medical doctor with a specialty in Internal Medicine and Acupuncture. She has studied in the United States, Asia and India. She is also a medical intuitive and energy healer. Consultations are in person, by Skype and by telephone. Visit Doreen at www.GOD-AS-ART.COM The Infinite Field Magazine

page 19

e c n w ie lo r e F p x en E ld o G e Th



“when everything comes together”
Life has it’s own natural rhythm. It shows up in nature, it appears in the changing of the seasons, and it’s very prevalent in human lives. When we flow in the natural rhythm of life, it leads to peace and abundance. Getting into the natural rhythm is where some people seem to struggle. They don’t seem to be able to find their flow. For me, my imagination allows me to get into the natural rhythm of life. Using my imagination allows me to be open and creative. The imagination is that human capacity to receive and respond to God’s revelation in our everyday lives. I believe it is this human capacity that plays a key role in flowing in the rhythm of life. The imagination is an instrument of the soul/mind. It helps to explore the endless possibilities of one’s self. It always provides and answer, but sometimes we don’t know to what. Some may struggle with the fact that we really imagine a lot when we are asleep. Face it, for some, that is the time in-which we are still enough to receive thought and creativity from the universe. It has occurred to me for some time that there is a fine line between imagination and reality. Imagination is that thought or dream of what we would like to happen. The reality is we have to allow it to happen while understanding that we have the power to make it happen. How do you flow in the rhythm of life using your imagination? First, you must acknowledge that the universe has sent you a request that it wants you to perform. You have been given a vision that will help you to continue to flow in the perfect rhythm of life. Second, you have to create a process of turning what you imagined into reality. You must decide “the how.” Your job is to now bring the idea into the universe as a piece of music, a book, or a message. It is your responsibility to create the flow or the process to give back to the universe what it has given to you. The first time that I used my imagination for the universe, I found myself quite unintentionally and very naturally entering a quiet place of meditation and creation. From that space, I began composing music almost 12 years ago. This was something I had never done before. When you allow your imagination to flow freely, you experience a sense of something deeper at work within your creative process that is connected to the creative median of the universe. It allows you to preform and create things that are beyond you own individual amazement. You may find yourself writing several books, teaching great workshops, composing wonderful works of music, or writing articles for a great magazine. Everyone has this powerful tool at their disposal. You have the ability to use it at anytime you wish. It is your divine connection to your imagination that will allow you to flow in the rhythm of life. What are you imagining?

The Infinite Field Magazine page 21

BY JEN ALY Anger is a clue. It’s a clue that a need is not being met. When it is present, listen. Often people are afraid of anger because they’ve had bad experiences with it, such as being on either side of abuse, losing or hurting something or someone or a combo of all of the above. This may be obvious, but I’m going to say it anyway, anger is not violence. Anger is an emotion. On Abraham-Hicks’ Emotional Guidance Scale it’s on the way up from fear, powerlessness, depression, grief, guilt and unworthiness (and more). Why? Because at the very least you are feeling! If a client has been in a funk of fear or depression or doubt, I encourage them to clarify what they don’t want and to ask questions about what they need and we get to the bottom of what the anger is signaling. And when we get through that, there’s more energy to work with and it starts moving. At the bottom of the scale, there is depression and fear. It’s so easy to stay there. It’s like a stagnant pool without much happening. But anger is flowing and alive.

The Infinite Field Magazine page 22

Many of us haven’t been taught how to be with, express or ‘manage’ anger. There’s no solution that’s right for everyone. The 3 tools and practices that follow are what I have found to be most effective: 1) Express it as soon as you feel it. If you shove it down it will build up and turn into Mount Vesuvius. What I’m talking about here is prevention of reactive outbursts, not controlling your emotions. Trying to ‘control’ anger is like trying to control the ocean. Talk to the person (see Happily Ever Now™ blog entry on Compassionate Communication for more about how), talk to someone else you trust, write about it about twice as long as you think you need and/or try tool 2 or 3.

2) Move your body. This is truly miraculous. When you feel angry simply move your body. The first time I experienced this I was triggered by someone who had triggered me daily for months and my new friend said, “Go jump on the mini-trampoline.” Though reluctant to let go of my anger, I did it anyway and quickly felt less tension and more lightness. One technique, called “joint play,” I learned from fellow relationship coach Cliff Haggerty who trained with Gay & Kathlyn Hendricks. While standing, you simply move your joints around in a goofy and simple way while you keep breathing. I like adding the expression of whatever noises want to come out. The first time I tried this during a fight with James, I simply went to the bathroom, did joint play and when I came back in the room the energy had shifted. It’s not always that effective, but it’s worth trying. You can also beat your couch or some pillows while making whatever noises want to escape from your body. 3) Talk to the anger. This only works if you are really in touch with it, you have a facilitator and/or you are really open to this idea. For some it’s a challenge for the ego to get into ‘talking to the anger.’ Sometimes anger is so old that it comes from a part of you that is so young that it doesn’t speak with words. To speak with it, start by asking it how old it is. Ask it why it’s angry and what it wants/needs/isn’t getting. Negotiate with it and create clear action steps. Anger is an opportunity to access and acknowledge a part of yourself you may not be as in touch with as the sunshiny parts. With willingness and courage you can face anger, increase your awareness of its gifts and use tools like these to move you into more love and connection.
Jen Aly, M.S. is committed to supporting women to live Happily Ever Now™. Author of Happily Ever Now™ For Your Love Life. She facilitates international women’s groups via the web and phone from her office in Maui. Jen has been a Certified Martha Beck Life Coach since 2003. Visit her website at

The Infinite Field Magazine page 23

By Jan Bowers

“Keep Winter Hibernation from Harming your Health” photo caption: The author pauses during a snow machine trip with family and friends to take a photo of Mt. McKinley. Plan ahead to make sure winter fun like this is part of your season. ( Photo by Jason Bowers)


he world is filled with young girls and young

boys writing novels, imagining great inventions, building forts, decorating them, and then constructing elaborate fantasies in a single afternoon. We grow up believing that we all have a book inside of us, a story worth telling and if not a book, then at the very least a painting, gasp-worthy photograph, or an amazing design that is begging for release. As we move into adulthood, our forts often become filled with computers and our novels gather dust in the face of mounting demands from family and work. We are more likely to end the day wondering where our joy in painting, writing, and photography went, rather than simply picking up our pen or practicing the art of losing ourselves in a piece of music or beautiful scenery. As the dust on our creative selves gathers and builds, men and women alike begin to express extreme dissatisfaction with what one might consider the staid state of our lives. We become bored by life in general. We are achingly aware that we lack fulfillment from jobs that chain us to our desks. We are often haunted by the hobbies that bring us effortless joy. We begin to feel detached from our spouses and families; we may even resent and blame them for failing to recognize that our creative mind, the essence of who we are, is withering away. Our physical health suffers as our stagnation manifests itself in weight gain, skin problems, and the worsening or evolution of chronic pain. As our joints tighten, our spirits begin to fail, registering depression and disillusionment. Luckily, a [flagging] spirit is not a hopeless one, and a dimming of the creative spark does not mean the flame has burned out. – embers have a lot of life in them yet, and are fully capable of becoming a roaring fire. To ignite your creative mind does require conscious effort in our modern world. As you begin your work, remember that: "Creativity" is one of the easiest ways to connect with Spirit and the Universe. Our individual creativity is at the core of our being and the way that we think and live our lives. With creativity, our lives are

fulfilled and alive. Without creativity, our lives can be mundane and lack joy and fulfillment. Creativity is unique and individual to each person. For example, you do not have to be the next Picasso to enjoy the colors and sounds of life around you or Mozart to use a beautiful piece of music which moves people to tears. If it entails making something evocative, or even beautiful, from your own energies where nothing existed before, then it is creative. Many of us often come to the realization of that certain something, that zest for life, the creative power has not left us, nor have we lost it..... we simply walked away. Maybe we walked due to a traumatic loss or event, or maybe we became overworked to the point that the capacity for creative thought now feels foreign .... whatever the reason, take a deep breath, forgive yourself for walking away for a bit, and trust that your embers are still capable for expanding into a roaring flame.

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But how do we achieve a greater connection to our creativity?

Here are a few tips:
1) Turn off the television, NOW!
Nothing great has ever been created while the latest reality show blares in the background.

2) Turn off the email, the instant
messaging, cell phones, and anything else that remotely smacks of technology.... again, the creative process, an encompassing one, simply cannot engage when technology is actively competing for the mind's eye and energy.

3) The radio can stay on. Try
classical, jazz, or anything else without lyrics or a singer - other people's words can make it hard to hear your own. Since our own words are nothing but the faintest of whispers when we first begin to uncover our unique creative process, nothing must be allowed to interfere or distract.

your mind, heart, and gut. Pictures of Alaska, the place where I feel most alive and inspired, do it for me. I have a picture of myself fishing on the Copper River with no makeup, camping hair, sunburn, and an absolutely happy smile tacked on the bulletin board behind my writing desk, and a similar picture of myself behind the easel where I paint. This is the “me” that I want to be – to me, these pictures are portraits of a happy, creative woman. My ideal reminds me to harness the energy of that woman whenever I pick up a pen or a paintbrush. Although displaying pictures of ourselves is neither modest nor socially acceptable, it can be inspiring, and that is what matters.

eating near a painting, the lure worked - some days I painted only because I really, really, really wanted pretzels, but I painted.

6) Create regularly. This is
perhaps the most important point of all – if you do not make time for creative work, who will? The responsibility, and they joy, both lie with you. Once you feel the creative thoughts flowing, and have succeeded in crafting an environment and lifestyle that supports your creative process, never, ever let it go. Set aside the time you need; create the space you need; mine your family and friends for inspiration and new experiences. A creative life is one worth loving. Love Your Life! CREATE! Jan Jan Bowers is a naturopathic practitioner, iridologist, nutrition consultant, and personal trainer who calls Alaska "home." She works with both people and animals, and currently serves on the board of the International Iridology Practitioners Association. Jan writes about how to heal your mind, body, and spirit the Alaskan way. She blogs about Alaska at , and also maintains the educational website

5) Make the process your own. The
first year after I returned to painting from the depths of major depression, I always had a bag of pretzels and fruit juice with me. These were my sweet treats (I was also fighting to rid myself of a sugar addiction at that time), and I only allowed myself to enjoy them while I was painting. Despite the lingering voice of the instructors who would have condemned me for

4) Surround yourself with colors,
images, quotations, or anything that makes you feel that creative pull in

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Minute Meditation
By Susan Marek It takes only a minute to read and breathe.

Connecting with Spirit Meditation
This meditation may be used at any time to assist you in a mindful connection with Spirit. I encourage you to first call on your angels and guides to be at hand and to provide a comfortable, loving presence during your meditation. You may also find it helpful to record these words in your own voice and play it back during meditation. I recommend you perform this meditation sitting comfortably on the floor or a chair.

Minute Meditation

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Close your eyes.

Take a deep breath. Inhale through your nose, letting the breath flow easily and effortlessly into your lungs. Exhale slowly, allowing your breath to gently flow upward and out through your mouth. Relax deeper into yourself as you take another deep breath, again letting it effortlessly flow in through your nose and out through your mouth. Visualize yourself standing at the bottom of a small hill on the edge of a lush meadow. It is a bright, sunny day, and there is a cooling breeze that softly brushes by your face. You begin to walk up a gently sloping path that winds its way around the hill to the summit. This walk is effortless, and you seem to easily glide along at a relaxed pace. You can hear the chirping of birds in the meadow. You are fully relaxed and enjoying the day. As you ascend further, you notice the sounds have shifted and now seem to be coming from above you. You hear soft tones, which surround you in a gentle vibration. You are at the top now, and the light around you is an intense gold light. You feel lighter than you have ever felt before and more relaxed than you have ever been. You sit in the grass at the top and allow the light and tones to completely envelope you. Breathe deeply and relax into this Divine light and vibration, knowing you are complete just as you are, and that you are connected at your core to Spirit. The vibrations are aligning your higher self to the Oneness of the Universe. You are perfect, whole, and complete. As you breathe in the golden light, your body drinks in the energy, replenishing and repairing itself, aligning itself with its Divine blueprint. Breathe… You stand and begin to walk slowly down the path toward the meadow. As you descend, you feel blissful and renewed. You reach the bottom and again hear the birds and sounds of the meadow. You are grateful for the divine connection and know that you may return to this spot at anytime. When you are ready, take a deep breath and feel the energy flowing through your body as you gently come back into the room and continue with your day, fully energized and refreshed.

Susan Marek is a life-long intuitive who uses her gifts of claircognizance, clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience to be of Divine service. She works with angels, ascended masters, and elementals to provide healing, guidance, and insight to earthly issues. Trained as Reiki Master and as an Angel Therapy Practitioner® and medium, certified by Doreen Virtue, PhD, Susan uses her knowledge to be of service to others through readings, speaking, and writing. She is the author of “A Children’s Guide to Chakras.” For more information on Susan, please visit

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by Mike Dooley
Choose Them Wisely encourages us to dream big and think and act as though those dreams have already manifested. The wit, and even the small doses of sarcasm sprinkled throughout, makes for an entertaining read and adds to the easy accessibility of Dooley's insights. What began as a series of emails sent to customers of his family's former tshirt business, has been compiled into Choose Them Wisely:Thoughts Become Things! Mike Dooley, a featured teacher in The Secret, believes wholeheartedly that, as co-creators of our lives, we can bring about all the good things we desire for our lives simply by cultivating the right thoughts. We don't have to seek out more of this or more of that, instead we are to just be and think about what we want and not what we have or don't have. He offers up his own original rhyming poetry and proverbs to bring this idea to life. Mike Dooley says, "we're each the co-creator of all that we share and our experiences spring from an eternal now." He suggests to the reader to "just open this book to any 'random' page and see what you get." One can assume that this randomness works as each bit of wisdom is seemingly always relevant and relative. So, I randomly flipped the pages and the book landed on "The Voyage":

The Voyage Your dreams are gifts that set you in motion on the tides of time where life is an ocean. And your sails are filled with the winds of desire to surge through the waves of murk and mire. But when you awaken with your goal at hand, you'll see your true destination was the voyage not the land.

One sentence in his thoughts following this poem sums it up nicely: "A lifetime is made up of journeys, not destinations." Here, the idea that the journey itself, not the end result, is what makes us is what resonates. For all of his brevity (most of these bits of wisdom are on a single page), Dooley's Choose Them Wisely can certainly impress upon you thoughts that have the weight of lead and, at the same time, leave you feeling light.
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Terri's Thoughts:
  Choose Them Wisely encourages us to dream big and think and act as though those dreams have already manifested. The wit, and even the small doses of sarcasm sprinkled throughout, makes for an entertaining read and adds to the easy accessibility of Dooley's insights. The book's readability is very flexible as it can be devoured in one short sitting or read daily just as the original emails were delivered. The helpful content is timeless; it will always be relevant. The visual appeal of the pages gives the feeling of revisiting a cherished journal. Mike Dooley has given us that bedside table book which we can pick up at any moment, turn to any page, and get just the morsel we need to nourish our spirits and instigate self-development. Writer and Speaker Mike Dooley is creator of the website, TUT's Adventurers Club, where you can sign up to receive his free spiritual and inspirational emails Notes From the Universe and to learn more about upcoming events and his other resources. He is also a featured teacher in The Secret book and DVD.

Terri Lee-Johnson is Assistant Editor and book reviewer for The Infinite Field Magazine. She also reviews books on her blog, BrownGirl BookSpeak.

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Meditate. Live purely. Be quiet. Do your work with mastery. Like the moon, come out from behind the clouds! Shine. ~ Buddha

Feng Shui Tip The excitement of Autumn surrounds us as we begin to witness all the abundance and joy that life has brought us this year. At this time the holidays; Hindu, Jewish and perhaps others I am not aware of are encouraging us to look inward and review our recent life. This mirrors earth energies as they begin to contract towards winter's stillness. Like the autumn leaves changing colors, when their brilliance culminates - It is at this peak that we can enjoy all of fall's wonders and celebrate with gatherings. Take a last look at the exterior of your home as you prepare to nest for the winter. Complete any Feng Shui adjustments that you set out to do to harmonize the energies before they flow into your home. This is most important now, because much of your time will be spent indoors over the coming months. For example: the home that sits on a T-intersection or cul-de-sac has to create some stability and motion to the space as these energies bring tension to the property. Be sure to "square off" the house if you have found a "missing piece." And, of course maintenance like chimney work, painting and the like should be taken care of before the weather turns us inside. Feng Shui for Health: A green crystal hung from the ceiling fan chain will enhance the health and healing of those sleeping in the room. To be sure to only enhance positive energy, de-clutter and clean the space prior to hanging the crystal.

Janice Schneider Girgenti, D.D., HHCP Feng Shui Studios & Holistic Counseling
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Share Your Heaven With Others
! ! ! ! a feature by Milton Craft

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by Lori Saitz
In his book “Think and Grow Rich,” Napoleon Hill wrote about imaginary Council meetings with a group he called his “Invisible Counselors.” His council included nine individuals whose lives and work Hill admired, such as Ralph Waldo Emerson, Thomas Edison and Abraham Lincoln. He would “meet” with this imaginary group every night for the exclusive purpose of “rebuilding (his) own character so it would represent a composite of the characters of (his) imaginary counselors.” You’ve heard it before; if you want to soar like an eagle, you have to hang out with eagles, not turkeys. So if you want to live a more grateful life, then it makes sense to surround yourself with people who recognize the importance of gratitude in their lives. What if you created a “Gratitude Council” to help you become more grateful? One way to do this is to create a list of nine to twelve people who have inspired you to bring more gratitude into your life or who have set a good example for you in that regard. Think of your friends, family, world, religious or business leaders, artists, etc. They don’t necessarily have to still be in physical form in this world and you don’t have to know them personally. Mother Theresa comes to mind, or you might include Ghandi or Nelson Mandela on your list. Now connect with them energetically and create this awesome circle of wisdom and support. In what aspects are you choosing to grow and expand your awareness? What is it about each of your council members that you respect and admire, specifically? Think about and thank them for their character and grateful acts you would like to emulate.


Allow them to guide you on your journey of a gratitudefilled life. When you are faced with a challenging situation, where appreciation is not your first, or even your fifth most forthcoming emotion, turn to the council. Ask them how to see the gift within the challenge. Ask them what you’re not seeing that would help you better respond with thankfulness. Ask them how to transform your view of detour and delay into an understanding of divine timing.

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Allow them to guide you on your journey of a gratitude-filled life. When you are faced with a challenging situation, where appreciation is not your first, or even your fifth most forthcoming emotion, turn to the council. Ask them how to see the gift within the challenge. Ask them what you’re not seeing that would help you better respond with thankfulness. Ask them how to transform your view of detour and delay into an understanding of divine timing. Hill said, “On scores of occasions when I have faced emergencies, some of them so grave that my life was in jeopardy, I have been miraculously guided past these difficulties through the influence of my Invisible Counselors.” Sometimes I’m asked how to distinguish your own thoughts or imagination from the words or messages from the counselors. Sit quietly for a few moments. Some people like to put on “spa-type” music to help themselves get into the right mind-state while others prefer complete silence. Set the intention to clear the channels of communication. Open your mind and your heart to hear your

counselors. Picture them sitting and talking with you, individually or as a group. Whatever you “imagine” them to say to you is really what they are saying to you. The more you consult with your Gratitude Council, the more adept you will become at appreciating your surrounding circumstances. You will go to gratitude more quickly and be better able to respond appropriately rather than react. You’ll find yourself feeling happier and more content. In due time, you’ll be the inspiration for others and perhaps they’ll ask you, energetically, to join their Gratitude Council and help them on their journey.

Lori Saitz is the Founder and Chief Executive Rabbit of Zen Rabbit Baking Company, which makes the world famous Gratitude Cookie™. The Gratitude Cookie™ is perfect for showing appreciation for valued relationships, whether business or personal. To sign up for F.R.E.E. “Gratuities-Tips on Bringing More Joy to Your Life” and learn more about The Gratitude Cookie™, visit

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Dr. Peter C. Rogers, D.D., Ph.D Author/Motivational Speaker/Life Coach Ultimate Truth: Book I

‘The Divine Mind is the consciousness of nonduality. It is omniscience, omnipresence and omnipotent. In the consciousness of non-duality there is complete union with unlimited consciousness. Inside of this realm in the Divine Mind is where instantaneous manifestation occurs. In essence there is nothing to "create" outside of one's self as all is already in existence in the Divine Mind and universal realm. All we have to do is unite with that consciousness which is already inside of us. In the Divine consciousness there is no separation, no limitation. It is the human consciousness which creates separation from the Divine Mind to create the "small" self, individuality, differentiation, doubt and judgment’. These are the words of DATTATREYA SIVA BABA on the Divine Mind. Dattatreya is considered by Hindus to be god who is an incarnation of the Divine Trinity Brahma. Research is uncovering a fascinating connection between the Divine Mind and the nature of human consciousness, which involves layer within layer of frequency bands, each with its own conscious function. In reality, we are the off spring of the Divine Mind and the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree. We are all chips off the old block when it comes to our Divinity. Unfortunately, we live in a world where fear is pumped into the masses in order to keep us submissive and afraid. Fear is implemented to ensure that the secret to our Divine birthright will be kept, and we have become paralyzed by this fear and remain trapped in this matrix. However, once we come into the true awareness of our spiritual physiology and we start to understand that we are a spark of Divinity, we begin to take back our power. As such, we are a reflection of The Divine and we were created in Its image and likeness. We are able to create and produce just as It does. Sarah B. Dougherty says in ‘Thoughts in a Divine Mind’, (From Sunrise magazine, November 1979; copyright © 1979 Theosophical University Press), ‘As reflections or sparks of the whole, all contain within themselves, evoked or unexpressed, the full potentials of their parent, which they seek to unfold in ever greater measure.”

ULTIMATE TRUTH: Book I "The truth is not out there's inside you!"

Ancient prophets and mystics have all said that, "Creator is in everything and is everything." Why have we become so afraid to claim our birthright and heritage as true children of the Most High? Is it because we fear being looked upon as being blasphemous? Blasphemy is the act of claiming the attributes of deity; therefore it is perfectly within reason to blaspheme. No matter how hard the powers that be try to dupe us into thinking that we are not Divinity, something far within the recesses of our being calls out for acknowledgment. The truth within us will not sit by and willfully accept the denial of its nature. We cannot be separated from our source which originated in the Divine Mind. We were manifested from the stardust that all of creation was fashioned after. We can’t escape our essence no matter how hard we or the social order tries. I only ask that you try to remember that it was you in full splendor that thought up the heavens and the earth. We were all there as a derivative of the ultimate mind thinking up all that is. We are Divine Mind and It is us. Accept it-Embrace it. Dougherty writes; ‘all of us are thoughts of the divine, fragments of Its very essence, striving to fulfill our spiritual heritage.’ We have manifested into physical beings so that we may fully express our Divine consciousness through the pure and unadulterated source as Divine Mind.

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Just as the weather man predicted, another afternoon rainstorm passed through. Only this time, I decided to sit in the garage to watch and experience it, instead of heading for cover by hiding out in my bedroom as usual. I watched as the rain drops pounded the cement and exploded. As I stared at one small area, I noticed the many drops that hit it in a short amount of time. They were far too many to number. This reminded me of a place I’d been before and where I was in that moment of my life. I was repeating a pattern. I felt as though it was raining in my life and that it was coming down hard and abundantly. The rain appeared so thick that I could not see what was right in front of me. My car which was only 10 feet in front of me could not be seen through the heaviness of the rain. I felt like Paul must have on the Road to Damascus- Blind! I could not figure out where my life was headed or how I was going to get there. All I knew is that I had to keep one foot in front of the other and just step; one step at a time. I had to continue down the path to where my life was leading me, only in this moment without being able to see where that was. There were times where I wanted to quit and give up and go back to the way things had been before, even though they did not make me happy they were comfortable and familiar. As soon as I began to have these thoughts of drifting back to the old, the rain suddenly stopped and the sun came bursting through the clouds. Just like that, it was over. The clouds were still visible.......still there for me to see, yet, the sun was shining through. It was as though the sun was winking at me and letting me know that everything is fine. This made me smile. My 8-year old niece who had also been watching the rain, commented, "That was weird.” "What was weird?" I asked. “That the rain just stopped and now the sun is out and I can already feel the change.” Yeah, I thought. The storm is over, the sun is shining again, and the change has come. Just as quickly as the rain came, it left. All that was left were remnants of the storm to remind me of what had just passed through. I returned my focus to the sun and smiled for I knew that the storm in my life would soon be gone and the sun would shine again. So, what do you do when life seems to not be cooperating with your desires? Do you react out of fear only to repeat the lesson or do you respond knowing that this too shall pass? Just something to ponder.

Rhonda Jones is the assistant editor/contributor acquisitions for The Infinite Field Magazine. She is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, where she earned a degree in Media Studies. She is currently a Ministerial Student at Inner Visions Institute of Spiritual Development, Rhonda can be reached at


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“When I pray I feel my heart go deeper into my God. Right here, right now, right where I am, I pray.” ~ Daniel Nahmod “He told them a parable on the necessity of praying always and not losing heart.” ~ Luke 18:1

I recall a time when I was teaching and a student asked, is the best time to pray, morning, noon, or night? I said, yes! The class chuckled thinking I was making yet another corny attempt to keep humor infused with my teaching. However, this time I was not joking. There is no wrong time to pray. As we spiritually mature we begin to realize that every moment offers another opportunity to pray. Ask a hundred people on the street when they pray or, better yet, why they pray, and you’ll get a hundred different answers. Most people who pray will affirm that they pray because it is how they connect, communicate and commune with their Higher Power. Often our prayers have a request attached to them and sometimes our prayers are simply our way of having an intimate relationship with the Infinite, deepening that sense of connection and oneness with something larger than ourselves. I think we can all find comfort in prayer. As we evolve in our relationship with Life, perhaps our intentions and the content of our prayers do as well.

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What I find most amazing about prayer is that it is the one thing that virtually all religions and cultures have in common. While the words, rituals, form and intentions may vary greatly, the unifying factor is that we all seek a relationship with that Infinite Presence, call it God, Atman, Brahman, Allah, Baha'u'llah, The Christ, The Buddha Nature, Wakan Tanka, The Creator, The Great M a k e r, J e h o v a h , Elohim, Yahweh, The Father, The Great Spirit, The Beloved, He, She or It. Prayer is the one thing that ties us together as a human race. When we are able to look past the particular words and methodology “we” use in our prayers and consider that millions of individuals around the planet are doing the same thing at the very same time, our souls meet together in the heart of the Divine. Perhaps as we deepen our awareness that this is happening we shall experience that peace which passes all understanding, allowing it to spill out into our world. Perhaps that is the real power and purpose in prayer.

If you resonate with what I am sharing with you today, I have a delightful surprise for you. My dear friend, Lisa Cameron, who is a web designer and graphic artist has created an amazing video titled “Pray Always.” It is put to the penetrating music of Daniel

slideshow.php> The four minute video is high resolution and may take a few minutes to download but trust me, it is worth the wait. When we say, pray always, does this mean you should stop whatever you are doing and close your eyes? Maybe so, maybe not: If you really consider prayer as an intentional effort to be at one with Infinite Presence, every thought you have can be a prayer. It sort of depends on what your moment-to-moment thoughts are—if they bring you closer to Presence it is a prayer. As my friend Daniel Nahmod sings, right here, right now, right where I am, I pray. Can I get an Amen? Peace, Dennis

Nahmod, which, in and of itself, will open your heart. The music, combined with Lisa’s video, will align you with the awesome power of prayer. Lisa is making this video a gift to the world. After you view it I know you will want to forward the link to everyone you know and she invites you to do so. This is a wonderful opportunity to start an Internet ripple with something that will make a difference in the lives of many thousands. You can view it right now at the following link:

Dennis is a universal speaker who is equally comfortable speaking to an audience seeking spiritual inspiration or to those seeking a purely secular motivational message that moves people toward specific goals and fulfillment of their desires. He has a deep understanding of universal principles and draws on wisdom from both eastern and western philosophies. Dennis believes that there is a new consciousness of unity, cooperation and reverence rising in humankind where the value of all life is sacred. He believes this consciousness of unity, cooperation and reverence for all life will be one of the most significant spiritual influences upon society, helping to ground a realistic, spiritually mature approach to the challenges of 21st century living. For more information, please contact

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5 Ways to Surrender to the Flow of Life
by Liara M. Covert, Ph.D. You may have heard that it is a good idea to ‘surrender to the flow of things.’ At the same time, the prospect of giving in to how you perceive things to be may also seem like giving up or allowing fate to control the direction of your life. These kinds of thoughts draw attention to your own restlessness, discomfort and resistance. What is there is a different underlying message here? Many people assume surrender must mean giving up something good, that is, sacrificing what they think they want or assuming they will not get enough. Yet, true surrender is something very different. It is the key to balance, integrity and reconnecting with the authentic self. This part of you is temporarily hidden until you choose to work through and reinterpret negative feelings. Another kind of surrender is to sense when it is in your interest to yield to what feels right. Such surrender is when you trust intuition. You recognize controlling circumstances is not your job. This has nothing to do with giving into possession or external power. You realize you have a choice about how to think, feel and respond to what is happening. Rather than feel you are losing something, you can realize that this attitude enables you to gain something meaningful. You shift inward and are no longer primarily ego-driven. Instead, you sense an expansion of love consciousness.
The Infinite Field Magazine page 41

Consider these five ways to surrender to the flow of life: 1) Let go of resistance. Any sense of tension implies the body resists something that prevents inner balance. This is an invitation to figure out the root cause of a particular fear. Realize your soul harbors no negativity, no anger, no grudges, no frustration and no misunderstanding. Soul accepts energy flow as it is. It discerns value where you may choose not to look. 2) Be open to everyone as a teacher. The flow of energy reveals you need not change people. This is not your job. The soul or core self is tolerant, grateful, understanding, and able to reframe perceived limitations as opportunities to grow. Further, focusing on “now” and what you can learn releases illusions that prevents you from sensing value wherever you are. 3) Sense benefits in all seasons. Your innate state does not judge or express negativity about conditions. To detach from this, choose to find advantages or benefits in all seasons. This does not only concern climate or perceptions of a calendar year. Take in the knowledge that you are offered in every circumstance. Apply it. Allow this to inspire the creation of uplifting feelings. 4) Rise above dense emotion. The flow of love is unaffected by fluctuating mindsets, reactions, obstacles or disruptive emotions. You focus on whatever you choose. Physiology, biochemistry, biology and unseen elements of mind- spirit, all adapt to changing external events. You can learn to shift attention from the external world of triggers to the internal world of pure tranquility. 5) Reconnect with Inner Knowing. Universal consciousness or the higher self reveals the deepest part of you and knows what you are and how things are. Part of you recognizes events unfolding without reason or dismay and dissatisfaction. Fear is pure illusion. To be alert and present enables you to rise above illusions that you create to learn. As you sense the unchanging and loving state of your being, you notice you alter vibrational frequency as part of awakening. In essence, it is possible to learn to notice more than one kind of surrender. Initially, you may feel the urge to

judge which kind is right or wrong. Yet, as the inner judge subsides, you may choose to be guided by a loving, inner voice that appreciates every perspective and sees them all as equally important teachers. To raise awareness of what is going on inside you is very empowering. This enables you to be more informed of existing choices of where to go from where you are. Part of the process of learning to quiet the mind is learning to listen to the noise and choosing to make sense out of what matters. As one moves from listening to mind and begins listening to the heart, one knows exactly what to do.

Books: Self Disclosure: Changes from Within (Strategic Book Publishing, March 2009) Excerpt available on Ebooks: Harness the Energy of Your Dreams (expected completion before end of August 2009)- TOC can be provided (includes astral, lucid dreaming, dream walking, exercises) Ph.D. in areas of psychoanalysis and international relations.

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What is Spiritus - The Spiritual Marketing Directory?
My name is Shelagh Jones, and I want to tell you a little about how Spiritus - the Spiritual Marketing Directory, came to be created. Business Promotion First, being involved in internet marketing myself, I was a member of several social networking sites, where the prime intention was to relationship with other people. But behind this intention was another intention, the intention to attract people to my business. And sometimes this secondary intention got in the way of the first intention, and I began to think to myself - What if there was a business directory where people could openly and cleanly promote their business to like-minded people?

Law of Attraction – like is attracted to like
A second place was from my work with small businesses, helping them to build their list of customers. A common cry was - I wish I could find more customers who are just like me. People who have the same values, who think like me about how to live a life, how to run a business, how to have business interactions work out to the best advantage of all involved. And often I would introduce suppliers to customers and see a business relationship flourish because of the shared values of the people involved.

Market from Spirit
A third place was meeting people who were operating in industries which have a poor reputation for customer service but who were choosing to do things differently, to do what felt right and good to them, not what everyone else was doing. I thought - what if there was a place where people looking for a company in that industry could find out about the values of businesses, about what motivated them, before starting a business relationship with them? Out of these three ideas, Spiritus - the Spiritual Marketing Directory was born.

spiritual solutions
(Rev. Alan A. Rowbotham, a native of England, moved to the United States in 1967. An ordained Unity minister for over thirty-seven years, he is now retired from full-time church ministry. Rev. Alan publishes a blog and a free inspirational e-mail newsletter, to which he invites you to subscribe. Please feel free to share this article in its entirety with a friend.)

n the scriptures we read, a story of the boy Samuel when he was very young and was in training with the priest Eli. Samuel was asleep and he heard a voice calling him, “Samuel, Samuel!” He rose up and said, “Here I am, Lord.” He went to his teacher, his priest Eli, and said, “You called me?” Eli said, “No, I didn’t call you. Go lie down, go to sleep.” So Samuel went back and lay down again. Three times this happened. After the third time, Eli perceived that the Lord was calling Samuel; the voice of God was speaking to him. So he said, “I want you to go back and lie down, and if that call comes again, just say this: ‘Your servant hears. Speak, Lord.” So Samuel went back, lay down, and the voice came again, “Samuel, Samuel!” He said, “Your servant hears, Lord. Speak.” It was then that he was shown a vision of his future, in harmony with God.


The prophet Isaiah, when he was young, also had a vision and he heard a voice saying “Whom shall we send? Who will go for us?” And a voice within Isaiah prompted him and said, “Here I am, send me!” In other words, “Count me in, God, count me in!”

The Infinite Field Magazine page 45

spiritual solutions

Just as God called Samuel and God called Isaiah, God is calling you and me. God is calling us into life, into a life of abundance, into a life of wholeness, calling every one of us into that new life. We experience a radical newness when we really listen to that voice and respond to it by saying, “Count me in, God! Count me in.” Don’t discount yourself; count yourself in, because you are worthy! You are worthy! You are important! You are loved! You are needed! You are needed by God. You are needed in our world. You are needed to stand up and be counted. Count me in, God! Try this experiment with me. Say the words aloud “Count me in, God!” with added emphasis on in God saying, “Count me in God!” When we add the emphasis on the words “in God” we realize and emphasize that it is actually in God that we live, move, and have our being. St. Paul shares this amazing lesson that it is “In God we live and move and have our being.” While in Athens, Paul found an altar with the inscription “To an unknown god.” In Acts 17:22-28, we read that Paul was there to tell the Athenians about that unknown god by teaching them that "It is in God that we live and move and have our being." Thus God is not unknown at all for it is in God that we exist. Since we exist "in God" and have our being in God, then it is also true that we have only an inkling of how powerful and wonderful we are. When you count yourself “in God” you’ll see how great and capable you really are, because the truth of your being will begin to express itself enthusiastically. The gift of enthusiasm concerning your own life, your purpose, your talents, and your gifts will well up within you. Then joy and peace and self-love will spring forth and blossom!

Charles Fillmore, co-founder of the Unity movement, at age 93 and in the last year of his life, declared, “I fairly sizzle with zeal and enthusiasm and spring forth with a mighty faith to do the things that need to be done by me.” All of his life, he felt the presence and power of God and expressed it in the enthusiastic spirit that he had. Enthusiasm doesn’t wane, doesn’t diminish as we grow older. We can let that Spirit express throughout our whole life. Neale Donald Walsch said recently, “Enthusiasm means everything. Not just a little. Everything! If you are involved in some kind of project right now, or launching any personal endeavor, your enthusiasm (or lack of it) will directly determine how successful this undertaking will be. If you are not excited at the core of your being by it, drop it right now. If you are excited at the core of your being, demonstrate that in everything you think and say and do.” The word “enthusiasm” comes from the Greek “En Theos,” which means “In God.” It means the creative fire of God, the celestial fire, the creative potential within us at all times ready to flame forth for us to help us become what we may. It might burn as low as a pilot light sometimes, but you are able to turn it up again. You can see enthusiasm expressing through people – like the salesman who fulfills his orders, like the gardener who produces beautiful flowers in her garden, like the artist who paints a beautiful picture. You can see that enthusiasm at work, you can see the energy coming forth in multiple ways, but you can’t see the energy itself. When you get still, when you get quiet inside, can you feel the energy of God at work within you? Allow that energy field in which you live and move and have your being. Let your inner being clap its hands with joy. Feel the enthusiasm build up within you until it spills out to move you in the direction that you need to go. Say aloud to your spirit: “Count me in, God! Count me in!”
The Infinite Field Magazine page 46


Q A &

Artwork by Dora Taggett

an interview with Kristopher & Kalyn Raphael
Kristopher & Kalyn are the founders of The Golden Flow System and the Toltec Mystery School. Read the full article on the Raphael’s on page 49. The Infinite Field Revealed provides quick and easy tips, suggestions, and examples to help you live in the Infinite Field. Listen to Kristopher & Kalyn on Click on the links below. Part 1 Part 2

The Infinite Field Magazine

page 47

I am Here to Help!
Allow Me to provide MUSIC for your next project: Website Book Trailer PodCast Multi-Media Production YouTube Video Film TV Ad Original Scores Background Music/Tracks Special Event

Musician & Composer

The Golden Flow
An Interview with Kristopher & Kalyn Raphael by Synolve Craft

Have you ever been in “the flow” of life where everything you touched turned to gold? Have you ever experienced moments or seasons in your life where everything just came together seamlessly without effort? These times often manifest themselves as shear perfection leaving us to wonder if we can recreate this Golden Flow again and again. When I think of The Golden Flow, I automatically think of Neo fighting Mr. Smith in the movie The Matrix. Neo taps into an inner power where all the power of the Universe is at his disposal. Magneto (X-Men) also taps into to this inner power and can literally bring metal to him by simply stretching out his hands. Watching Magneto is really watching the law of attraction at work in divine form. Moses also experienced it as he raised his rod and parted the Red Sea. Many of you have read about “the flow” and have secretly wondered if this was something that was possible for you to experience in your own life.

Whether you call it ”the flow” or Divine Karma, synchronicity, The Infinite Field or The Golden Flow, this power is as innate as walking and breathing. Yes, each of us has this power...this inner force within us that can be used to create the life that we desire. In my own life, I call it The Infinite Field. I have experienced this infinite power many times before. When I met my husband, everything just seemed to naturally fall into place and an Infinite Love from the Divine came forth. (I’ll talk more about that in our Infinite Love issue February 2010). I’ve also experienced this extraordinary power with this magazine time and time again. As I searched for

someone to discuss “the flow” and to teach us how to flow in this Divine power without end, first Kristopher’s face and then Kalyn’s face magically appeared. I wanted to talk with someone who was able to tap into this extraordinary energy, and who knew the secret of how to keep this energy flowing.

G e Th

If you have ever experienced this flow, then you may find yourself wondering: How can I get back in “the flow”? or How can I experience this everyday? I sat down with Kristopher & Kalyn Raphael, creators of The Golden Flow System and founders of The Toltec Mystery

n e ld o

w lo F

School, to find out how each of us can live in The Golden Flow every moment of our lives. Like a love story straight out of the pages of an Indiana Jones novel, Kristopher & Kalyn were married in the beautiful Teotihuacan Pyramids, the 2nd largest Pyramids in the world, near Mexico City. They were married by Don Miguel Ruiz, the author of The Four Agreements who is a Toltec Path Shaman. Kristopher and Kalyn now lead “journeys” to sacred places around the world for their students and spiritual seekers to embrace the wisdom of the ancient and divine.

The Infinite Field Magazine

page 50

Continued on page 50

Synolve: What is The Golden Flow? Do you find that other people who are also in “the flow” - whether they are teachers or spiritual seekers also attract to you and your vision? Kristopher: We call it The Golden Flow, but it is the same thing as The Infinite Field. It actually comes from your source energy and flows from your source through you. In that field, everything is there that you could ever desire. All the answers that you could ever want to know are there. And all of the people that are in “the flow” or who are in the Infinite Field will naturally appear to you. Synolve: That’s amazing. Share with us some of the things that can happen to you in your experiences with The Golden Flow?

Synolve: I’ve had a chance to listen to your teachings: The Golden Flow System which is available at And one of the things that I realized is that just like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, I’ve always had my shoes on all of the time...I’m already in The Golden Flow and I’ve always been in The Infinite Field. Kristopher: Yes! Absolutely, “the flow” is always there. The only difference is people have some resistances and blockages about stepping into it. It’s like if you could imagine a large huge river, and in that river all your desires are already manifested. Say you have a deep desire authentic desire, your source..where the infinite field comes from, has already created everything for you and all you have to do is to step into that river.

Whatever the fears are...those resistances, that’s all that stops you from moving into “the flow”. Once you step into it, it’s all there. You don’t HAVE to MAKE IT happen. It’s already done for you in that infinite field or in what we call The Golden Flow. Synolve: I read in the introduction to The Golden Flow System, that once you are into The Golden Flow that you don’t have to concentrate on releasing anything anymore. That it just comes natural to you. How is that? Why is The Golden Flow System different from other systems in that way? Kristopher: One of the biggest difficulties people have...And it is the very first step in The Golden that they resist any pain or fear or anything from their past (and they’re all past memories). They are afraid to look at them [pain or fears] and to feel them. The problem with that is: By doing this, they [memories] just stay in your subconsciousness. The Golden Flow and many other systems, such as The Toltec System that Don Miguel does, teaches us to Welcome the Fear in or whatever block or fear that exists for you. Welcome “it” in:

Kristopher: We were traveling in Mexico and were at a hotel. Sitting at the table next to us was the hotel owner and the Minister of Tourism. The gentleman can over and we began talking about our trip. At the time, we had no idea who he was. He told us unique places to visit and he also arranged everything for us. This is what happens when you’re in “the flow”. You find people where ever you are to assist you on your path. You will naturally attract those people to you.


G e

n e ld o

w lo F

Synolve So what keeps us from our flow or makes us feel like we are not in “the flow”? Kristopher: The difficulty is that people encounter is that they have blocks. For example, maybe they want to have a more intimate relationship, but they’ve had some bad relationships in the past. So they have some fear of intimacy; therefore, they don’t really step into that infinite field or that flow. Maybe they want or desire a new job or career, but they are afraid or have had some bad experiences with bosses or jobs in the past.

The Infinite Field Magazine

page 52


Exploring the infinite field of possibilities that lies in each of us...


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Continued on page 52

Step 1:
Kristopher: Welcome the fear. Allow it to be there. Once you do that it will naturally flow thru you. When you do that, then step by step you begin to clear all those resistances. Kalyn In Depth: At that point, you start to go back to an authentic state where you were meant to be. In other words, for all of us, we’re meant to be in a place where we’re feeling great....where we’re enjoying life. Things happen, but we have to look at it as if we were a young child. For example, when a child trips and falls, they may cry for a minute. But then they get back up and go back to what they would prefer to do or to what they prefer to experience or to what they would to prefer to have. And so [with The Golden Flow], we come back to more of that authentic place where we are flowing with life. Instead of being stuck with all of our problems or feeling riddled with problems or weighed down with problems, The Golden Flow System teaches you how to let all of that flow so you’re back in your sources flow. There you’re having that genuine authentic natural experience in which life is a beautiful thing and your dreams come true. You work through problems. They [problems] are not monumental. They’re just small things. You can shift and become who you truly are. Also, it is really at that point which allows you to connect with more of your divinity. Because when you are in “the flow”, you get a better sense of your connections with your source. You get a better connection with everything including your life, your work, or other people. Whereas when you’re really worried about problems or when we’re not in “the flow” and we’re having a hard time, we tend to forget our connection. We tend to forget who we are.

We tend to forget who we really are. We just get bogged down with what we’re preoccupied with, so when you’re in “the flow” and you’re letting things flow on by and you’re staying in “the flow”, then your life is just in a much more fluid place. Synolve: It’s interesting that you used the example of a child. I remember when my children were little, and I would think that if they climbed on something and fell or hurt themselves that they wouldn’t want to repeat the action or do it again [whatever lead to them getting hurt]. Kristopher: Yeah! That’s right! Kalyn: Right! Synolve: But I was always surprised that they’d want to go right back to whatever it was that they were doing before they got hurt. As adults, we will say over and over to ourselves ‘You know I can’t climb that or I can’t do this, because you know I fell last time.’ And we’ll repeat that story over and over again. Kristopher: The Toltec’s and what Don Miguel teaches is that this is called domestication. A child, like our daughter for example, will keep jumping off of a wall until she masters the art and no longer has to hurt herself in the process. Children teach us such great lessons.


G e

n e ld o

w lo F

The Infinite Field Magazine

page 54

Kalyn: That’s the kind of thing that keeps us from staying in that flow...when we keep telling ourself that same story. Children do a really good job of staying in “the flow”. Kristopher: One thing that Scott Blum said in last month’s issue is that “The Infinite Field is that NOW moment.” Children live in that NOW moment. They may have skinned their knee, but they don’t dwell on it. They just get back up and do it again. They are excited and only think about how far they can jump. They concentrate on how much they are enjoying the moment. The Infinite Field is living in that NOW moment. If you think about it, if you’re always worried about the past, then it’s just that...the past, and that puts you out of “the flow”. It puts you right out of The Infinite Field. Synolve: Oh! WoW! It just clicked for me! I just got the NOW moment. The NOW moment has been something I’ve struggled to understand. I’ve struggled for a long time with the NOW. And although I’ve heard it explained many times before, I just got it! When you said it Kristopher...about the NOW moment, and Kalyn, with your example of children enjoying the moment, I GET IT!! Children are only into the wholeness of the NOW moment....enjoying now. Children enjoy what they are experiencing now and aren’t worried, for example, if they reach for a pot whether something might fall on their heads or if they might get hurt. They are just solely focused on the moment. Meaning: How shiny the pot is or how good the pot feels. They are oblivious to whatever else is going on around them. They are just

enjoying the pot NOW and all of their energy is focused on the moment NOW. Kristopher In Depth: And not only do we do it the other way too when we get to be adults. But we also begin future tripping. Wondering what’s going to happen in the future. Am I gonna have my job in a year from now? Am I gonna have enough money to do this or that? How’s this person gonna react when I see them? When we look at children, they don’t worry about things like that. They
When you are in this place, in The Flow, life conspires to support you and works with you to make your dreams come true.


G e

n e ld o

are completely enjoying that NOW moment....experiencing solely that NOW moment. The Door Way to The Infinite Field or to The Golden Flow is always in the NOW moment. That’s why one of the first steps is to remove the blocks because those blocks put you out of the NOW moment. There’s usually something in the past that has created the fear or apprehension or worry. Or there is some pain in the past you’re afraid might happen again. When you’re thinking about recalling something that happened in the past, that puts you out of the NOW moment because those are all past moments. Synolve: Now, I understand. That is why gratitude opens you up to the NOW, and puts you back in the NOW. Kristopher: Yes. Gratitude is a wonderful and powerful way that puts you back in “the flow”. Another way which is very similar to gratitude is to cherish every moment of your life. And really appreciate your life. Appreciate the person that you’re with, and appreciate the house you live in. No matter how bad things are, you can find something to be grateful for and something you can appreciate. This can put you in The Golden Flow and in The Infinite Field. Synolve: What’s the next Step after Welcoming It?
The Infinite Field Magazine page 55

w lo F

Step 2:
Kristopher: The second step is what we call “To Flow It.” The first step is that you just allow it to be there..whatever it is. You don’t chase it away or wish it was gone. You just Welcome it. After that, there is a point where you realize that there is a energy that flows through you like a river. And you take the pain or whatever you have allowed to be there, and just let it release it and allow it to flow down the river. You would be very surprised at how powerful “letting go and letting it flow really is” and how wonderful you feel after you do it. But you can’t do the second step until you welcome it and release the blocks. So the first step is very important. Kalyn: At that point, after you’ve done the first two steps, people are generally flowing pretty well. Those first two steps are very significant because it tends to be really hard for people to let their experience fully come to them especially if it’s something that’s pretty negative. It can be really difficult for people sometimes to just allow it to be with them. Once they’ve done that, then the next step is to let it flow because at that point it requires you to really let it go. And that tends to be hard because we’re so used to holding on to negativity. So those first two steps are really important. If people can get to that second step they’re doing really well. At then, people begin to feel lighter and they feel that they can handle life better. They feel like life’s problems aren’t really so persistent.

Step 3:

The 3rd step is to Allow the replacement to come. And for that to happen, you simply go into your flow. You allow that source energy to come to you. So there’s nothing really to do, but to allow. What happens is your source does come and that Golden Flow or that infinite field which is always present, opens to you because you open yourself to it. You start to connect to it [source energy/The Golden Flow/The Infinite Field] more and receive more of that energy. Synolve: Kalyn, you and Kristopher have worked with many clients over the years. Tell me what some of your clients have experienced after going through The Golden Flow System. Kalyn: For a lot of participants that we’ve had who’ve worked with The Golden Flow, they start to find the resolution to a problem or they start to see and figure out how to attract something to themselves. Everything starts to fall into place. A lot of that is happening in that 3rd step where there is nothing to do, except allow. Because at that point you have gotten yourself into your flow. Everything shifts then. EVERYTHING changes. Kristopher: What we tried to do, when this system was downloaded to us, is to make it simple for everyone. By the time you enter the 3rd step, you’re already flowing and have already entered The Infinite Field or The Golden Flow. Then what you need, will then be given exactly as you need it. Exactly what you need will be given to you. Whether its a solution or an answer that you have been looking for, maybe you need love or maybe you need security. Whatever it is, you call the replacement: (your source energy, that golden flow, that infinite field) you will be there, right there where it is. And it will always be there for you. That 3rd step is when you are actually in the infinite field.
The Infinite Field Magazine page 56


G e

n e ld o

w lo F

My talk with Kristopher and Kalyn is perhaps one of the most fascinating conversations that I have ever had. This conversation is most fascinating because for the first time since I first stumbled upon The Infinite Field, I am getting some direct insight from God/Source/Universe/Spirit on exactly what this divine gift that I call The Infinite Field really is and really means. Ask and you shall receive. Yes, I had asked to know more and to learn more about The Infinite Field. I wanted to be able to understand it myself and to be able to coherently share it with others. Kristopher and Kalyn were so generous with their knowledge. They took me step by step and explained so purely and so plainly what The Infinite Field is and how we can live there. Not only that, they live it by example and have allowed me such a private and personal peak into their journey. It is one of authenticity and spirit. Something broke inside me and opened up. During our conversation, I went through the steps. I welcomed some things that were deep inside me...things that I had pushed far away from me. I welcomed them. Then I allowed them to flow down the river of The Infinite that flows inside me. Instantly, I was back in “the flow.” Back doing what I love, which is sharing good stuff with all of you...back in The Infinite Field where I belong. Ahh, yes...It never left me. It has always been there. All I had to do was click my heels and I am home. What a beautiful place The Infinite Field truly is for me and for all who choose this as a dwelling place. If you’ve been lost or perhaps couldn’t find your way, I welcome you home. HOME. This is your final destination. The Golden Flow. The Infinite Field.

Namaste Infinitely Yours,


To learn more about Kristopher and Kalyn Raphael, visit them at the following websites: The Golden Flow ( Kristopher Raphael ( Kalyn Raphel ( Toltec Mystery School ( Sacred Journeys (

G e Th

n e ld o

w lo F

Synolve Craft is the Editor-in-Chief & Publisher of The Infinite Field Magazine.

The Infinite Field Magazine

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Steps to Manifesting
by Evan Craft
Manifesting is when you have a dream that you really want, and you use your own gifts inside to make your dreams come true. How do you know if your dream is something that should manifest or come true for you? If you think about it for months on end, then this is probably a dream that you are serious about, and one that you really want to come true. Manifesting is a great thing to do and itʼs much better than sitting in the corner and pouting about what you donʼt have. The 1st step is to relax and calm your mind. Think about what you want. You can concentrate on what you want while you meditate or sit silently. The 2nd step is to create a vision board. A vision board is a poster board with things like magazine cut outs of all of things that you want on it. The 3rd step is that you can put something like a picture on your bathroom mirror. So that when youʼre getting ready for school in the morning or getting ready for bed at night, you will have a mental picture in your head and you can dream about it. The 4th step is that when you walk into a store and you see what you want, imagine that you already have it. (Just make sure you donʼt walk out the door of the store with it or you will be in big trouble!) The last step is that you will receive what you want. You really can manifest what you want. Most of us do this already on our birthdays and at Christmas. Now, all you have to do is realize that you can do it. Then practice it all the time as a regular part of what you do everyday.

The Infinite Field Magazine

page 59

the mantra begins change happens through trees swaying that soft sultry way it baffles the eye the heart can hear its whisper welling up preceded tears like aroma from a seaside scented candle sneaks up on a nose before it grows to draw on thoughts it salts the tips on the tongue making juices flow in time the concerto of owls and crickets change shifts take form as eyes catch limbs that wave dancers’ hoorays frogs awaken lily pads the hypnotic potion existence rises from the waters to blow in the wind as the mantra starts over POET - WRITER - ARTIST again

Adeola Fearon
The Infinite Field Magazine page 60


In essence, we are bioelectrical beings. As organic systems we are primarily water which brings rise to the questions: What is the rest of our bodies comprised of? Are we building our bodies from substances that lead to stagnation of bodily systems until stasis? Or are we crafting our bodies from substances to increase the flow of bioelectrical fluid dynamics for ever expanding equilibrium. The latter perhaps providing for a fine tuned instrument increasing conductivity to energies, we pray, love, and imagine from. Health is our birthright and we can choose to live in a state of continuous peak energy, mood & beauty, the easy way. Peak Energy. What is that? That is what happens when a person’s eating style is centered around foods that require very little energy to digest. When a person eats foods that are very low in nutrition, they are required or inspired to eat more and more food just to extract some amount of nutrition. Processing all that mass requires large quantities of energy and so we can see why rather than experiencing a burst of energy from eating appropriately we end up in a food coma and feel like falling asleep. Living on nutrient dense foods which satisfy our body's nutritional requirements and are calorically sparse result in less energy being put towards digesting food all day long and provide more available energy towards whatever we enjoy doing.

The Infinite Field Magazine

page 61

Continuous Peak Mood. Satisfaction is one of the side effects experienced when nutritional requirements are met continuously. Plus, when a person’s diet is Super Food centric, with proper synergy, the foods cleanse and build the body simultaneously without the detox symptoms. For example my choice Super Food synergists consists of fully fermented Cacao Powder, Hemp Seeds, Whole Coconut Flour, Rhodiola Rosea, Maca to name a few and primarily what happens is 3 things: First, Cacao is an amazing dilator which mechanically expands a person’s fluid passages throughout the body which allows for built up debris to be flushed out. Second, these types of foods are alkalizing in nature. In comparison to a detox or cleanse program where a person experiences the pain resulting from acidic toxins being released, these foods neutralize the acidic properties of toxins being released as a person’s health comes upscale. Third, when we work with cacao that is fully fermented, natural state, and cold-processed we can live on it without any of the negative attributes people associate with chocolate because it is a food. Beauty the natural way. As a person's eating style becomes centered around Super Foods synergy, your nutrient uptake increases on a cellular level as pH will tend to be more balanced continuously.  This is due to an eating style consisting of many alkalizing foods which neutralize the released acidic accumulated

soled shoes. Grounded? Feeling disconnected to spirit and nature even when you’re out in it? Some answers are right underneath your toes and you may find as your health comes upscale how the electricity really flows.   Enjoy Everyday! Ben
I am Ben Child and I am here to provide assistance for everyone making a choice to bring their health upscale through simple effective health technologies. I resonate with those who desire to achieve their highest state of well being so that the well being of our planet regenerates as a result of rapidly evolving intentions. I have ventured into the realms of Raw and Living Culinary Arts to inspire the appetites of others who have a taste for bioremediation technologies, giving thanks for our ecosystems through righteous environmental action. My name is Ben Child, now and continuously at the speed of spirit, I choose to see humanity transition into a state of co-creative sustainable vitality where we leave survival far behind, and remember how we thrive with grace and ease. Through past experiences as a Certified Gourmet Raw Food Chef, Bachelor of Science in Health & Physical Education with focus in Health Promotion & Fitness Management, adventures as a permaculture intern coupled with continued educational exploration into mycoremediation, I am excited to share the abundance of knowledge available now from those genuine individuals who took a path much less traveled and never looked back. I carry very unique super foods which are my highest choices of natural state botanicals and encourage your most inspired life experience expressed to your fullest potential.

toxins. When pH is too acidic, a person’s cells decrease and shutdown fluid exchange resulting in inadequate water and nutrients in the cells. So when pH is on or slightly alkaline, a person's skin will reflect the state of which fluids flow in and out of cells and they literally become younger.   With appropriate hydration and nutrition in combination with sunshine and breathing, natural inspirations for exercise arise as the natural requirements to life synergize. Now we can enjoy having continuous peak energy, mood and beauty the easy way and pain free all the way.   Then we remember and are perplexed at why we give attention to being connected to spirit, each other, and to nature when we walk around everyday wearing rubber-

The Infinite Field Magazine

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Affirmations for Achieving The Flow
Week 1: I am the flow of life. I allow Spirit/Universe/God to flow with in me. The flow runs through me like a river. Week 2: The flow of life can not be turned off, stopped, or shut down. It is a natural occurrence in my life. It is the very essence of my being. The flow cascades within me like a waterfall. The Flow within me is greater than Niagara Falls. It is and will always be. Week 3: I feel the flow of Spirit/Universe/God with in me. We are one. I know that everything I need, desire, and want comes to me. The flow is always working for me...with me. Creativity abounds. Love, joy, peace, and abundance express themselves fervently in my life. All my needs are met. All my dreams are fulfilled. This is my truth. Week 4: I yield myself to the the the Divine Wisdom that is within me. I listen. I hear. I acknowledge. I welcome the flow in my life. I follow the flow of the Spirit/Universe/God that is within me wherever it leads me. I am open and receptive to the flow at all times. It is ever-present within me. I am never alone. Week 5: I am in awe of my life. The flow spreads thru me. It is me. My toes tingle as the flow moves within me. My heart beats with merriment as the flow bubbles inside me. My mind swirls with creativity, imagination, and manifestation as the flow explodes within me. My life expands. My reach expands. My impact expands. I expand as the flow of God/Spirit/Universe expands within me. an so it is! synolve

Gutowski Lisa

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Emotions, once we are aware of when we are having them and even by being aware of when they have us, can be a phenomenal barometer to how aligned to source we are at any moment. Chemicals called hormones are created when we have emotions, they free flow in and out of the body, seeking target cells or working near where they are expelled. Chemicals are incredibly boisterous energetically. Their particular vibrational signature screams out to the Universe- and the law of Attraction brings more of the same frequency back to the source of the vibration. The emotions of joy and bliss are higher in vibration, thus closer to source than sadness and hate. When you are in happiness and bliss you get more of that, and it feels really good, like you are light as a feather. When you are in a negative state, you get pounded with more than you can usually handle. It just feels horrible to be in the lower vibrations for any length of time. The longer you remain in the lower vibrations, the harder it is to climb out of the negative space because you keep attracting the heaviest of vibrations, which will continually weigh you down. So, the quest is to be in the happy vibes more often than the sad vibes, right? Not really- because even the highest bliss humans can experience is still nowhere close to the indescribable experience of being in full connection to source! The point of the 2012 Human Consciousness Evolution is to become one with source while

remaining in our physical body. Emotions, and the vibrations they create, are a 3rd dimensional experience. We now have the availability of being multi-dimensional, meaning we can operate on many different levels simultaneously. When we create something in a higher vibration, it has a trickle down effect into this dimension. Lower vibrations cannot exist in higher dimensions- too much incompatibility, this includes the frequency of emotions. In order for us to remain multidimensional, we must remain in the perfect neutral state where all dimensions intersect, and where we can interact freely in harmony. Move into complete connection to source once through neutrality, and having that connection available in this dimension occurs. Knowing during meditation that all is in divine right order, and that peace fills your heart here, right now. The technique: At any given moment you can choose to either stay in the emotion (and deal with the consequences) or move into a differing emotion, and change what you are experiencing, immediately. The key is awareness, for you cannot change that which you do not know about. Knowing that you, and only you, are in control over every aspect of your life, that no one can make you mad, no one can make you cry, there is not a single person in the world that is in charge of your happiness and only you get to choose which emotion you are experiencing is empowering.

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Once that crucial element of awareness is firmly rooted into you being, that you get to choose your experience, then it is time to practice. Practice does not make perfect- you can practice something wrong and just because you have practiced it well doesn't make it right. Perfect practice makes perfect. So, make this a game. See how many times every day you can notice yourself having an emotion. Paste sticky notes around yourself so whenever you see one you can check in with yourself to see where you are emotionally. Ask your body how it is feeling as you move through the energy of this emotion. Watch yourself as an observer, with complete detachment, as the emotion plays out. Alter the emotion and simply watch how everything around you shifts.

Now that you are a master over your emotions: Moving beyond the technique:
Practice being in neutral, with no emotional charge whatsoever. As often as you can, simply see your emotions as a gear shift on a car. See your hand moving the gear from drive (or overdrive!) to neutral, or reverse back to neutral. Breathe. Breathe. And, did I mention breathe? With every repetition of your moving from emotion to neutral, you are building neural pathways in your brain, and like a muscle, these pathways get stronger and faster every time you repeat the process. Soon, you will notice that the time it takes you to get back into neutral decreases. Then, it will seem like it is on automatic. This is being. Happy Neutrality! Lisa Marie Gutowski’s teaching style integrates energy healing with easy to understand science into a simple yet profound experience for the spiritual seeker. Lisa is a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist, Reiki Master Instructor, founder of New Earth Reiki, 2nd degree Black Belt, meditation instructor, with a wealth of knowledge of various modalities and energy work. Her teaching, lectures and workshops have helped raise the consciousness and bring heart centered healing to thousands of people. She is the Author of Beyond Techniques: the 2012 Shift, Evolving From Lightworker to Light. See her full profile at You can contact her at

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Reiki Explained
by Alice Langholt
You may have heard of Reiki, and it may sound like a supernatural kind of spirit summoning or psychic channeling. These are not quite accurate, although aspects of Spirit connectedness and channeling energy are part of the essence of Reiki. Here’s a straightforward explanation for a simple, yet profound energy healing technique. Reiki is a Japanese-originated method for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes physical and emotional healing. Reiki treatments are given by a light hands-on touch, and follow the idea that an unseen "life force energy" flows through us and is what enables us to be alive. When stress and other emotional factors drain our life force energy, we are more likely to get sick or feel exhausted. With thriving life force energy, we are more capable of being emotionally balanced and healthy. The word “Reiki” is a combination of two Japanese words – Rei, meaning "Spiritually guided," and Ki which is "life force energy". So Reiki translates to "spiritually guided life force energy." Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit, and brings relaxation and feelings of peace, security and comfort. Many have reported accelerated healing after Reiki treatments. Reiki is available to anyone, and can easily be learned by anyone. Reiki works in complement to all other medical or therapeutic techniques to relieve side effects and promote healing. The ability to channel Reiki energy is transferred to a student during a Reiki class. This ability is passed on during an "attunement" given by a Reiki master, immediately enabling the student to access the unlimited supply of "life force energy" for its many physical and emotional benefits.

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Although Reiki is spiritual in nature, it is not a religion. It has no commandments or requirements for worship, and Reiki works whether one believes in it or not. Reiki’s spiritual aspects and tangible results often give people a spiritual connection that their religion may not. Dr. Mikao Usui, the founder of the Reiki system of natural healing, recommended that one practice certain simple ethical ideals to promote peace and harmony, which are nearly universal across all cultures. One is told to recite these precepts in the morning and evening in addition to self-healing with Reiki. They are: The secret art of inviting happiness The miraculous medicine of all diseases Just for today, do not anger Do not worry and be filled with gratitude Devote yourself to your work. Be kind to people. Every morning and evening, join your hands in prayer. Pray these words to your heart and chant these words with your mouth Usui Reiki Treatment for the improvement of body and mind The founder , Usui Mikao

Alice Langholt is a mom of four, wife, teacher, Reiki Master Teacher, and writer. She says that learning Reiki transformed her from a mere mortal to a spiritually connected person able to tap into her inner power for healing and bring it to others. She has written a Reiki for Parents course, an ebook on distance healing, and teaches how Reiki can be an instant first aid kit for parents and kids, and empower them to share more love with themselves and their kids. She also regularly teaches and gives Reiki healings via distance, and helps others tap into this amazing experience. Alice started an Energy Healing Mentoring Program to help people reach their intuitive goals, working with students on meditation, energy healing, distance healing, connecting with their Guidance, angels, etc. Read more about Alice and her incredible journey on her blog,, or visit her website at to learn more.
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Owning YOUR Harvest

You are responsible for, and you are the creator of the condition of each item on this list. They are all just one big mirror; reflecting back to you your dominant thoughts about money—conscious and subconscious—and how much of it you think you deserve. Owning up to what we create is difficult if we have a financial mess on our hands. Owning up to what we create when things turn out well is easy to do.  To become wildly successful financially, you’ll have to own up to both sides of the coin: 1. If you created a mess, acknowledge it, and determine to change it. Then set up a plan to mend your situation and follow your plan religiously. Never belittle yourself in the process as this is counterproductive to your success. Conversely, if you’ve done something well and have had some financial success, acknowledge that too, and take the appropriate credit for it without being a braggart. This is a good time to relate one of my favorite Zen master stories.


A Zen master lived many miles away from one of his students, so they communicated by letter carrier frequently, as they could not see each other face to face very often. A major lesson the student needed to learn was how not to be blown about in life by what the Zen master referred to as the eight winds, two of which were praise and ridicule. After many years of learning from the Zen master, the student sat down one day and wrote a long letter to his master explaining how he had transformed and was no longer blown about in life by the eight winds. He was not unduly uplifted when others praised him, nor was he saddened when others ridiculed him, he wrote. The student ended his letter with: “I have learned my lessons well.” When he was done, he sent his heartfelt words off to his master by way of letter carrier. Days later, when the Zen master received the letter, he simply wrote two words on it: “Fart fart” and sent
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When the student got back the long letter he had painstakingly written to his master and saw what the master had so callously written across the page, he decided it was time to visit the master to see what this was all about. After all the hard work he had done to transform, why had the master written such an offhand comment on his sincere letter? The student saddled his horse, and after many days of traveling, he finally reached his master. When the student arrived, he greeted the master and could barely wait to ask, ‘What is the meaning of this, I have told you that I am free of the eight winds, why have you sent this message to me?’ The master simply stated, “You say you are free of the eight winds, but two little farts blew you all the way down here.” This is a good story to keep in mind when you think about your money. Why? Because balance is called for in all things, including, and especially, money. When things are going well, and others praise you for it, accept the praise graciously and take the credit, but never allow the praise of others to make you big-headed, haughty, prideful or unteachable. On the other hand, when things are going poorly, don’t beat yourself up or allow yourself to become dejected, depressed or downtrodden about your monetary failures. Even Donald Trump had huge money failures, only to use them as fuel to make a huge comeback and become even richer than he was before the fall. Failures teach us how not to proceed the next time. Whenever I have a monetary failure, I’ve learned to look in the mirror (where else would I look?) and ask myself a few simple questions:

What is this failure here to teach me? How can I address the current situation according to principle and universal law? What’s my game plan for righting my wrong and making a financial comeback? What will I do differently next time, so that I never wind up here again? (Most people go round and round in a vicious cycle repeating the same money mistakes over and over and over again.) You are the creator of your financial condition, whatever it is. The sooner you own your power, the sooner you’ll be financially successful.

1. 2. 3. 4.

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Victims don’t win, nor do they deserve to. You won’t reap a harvest of Money Trees if you think that you’re a victim. When things go wrong, you have two choices: 1. Be a victim, or 2. Be a creator You know you’re slipping into victim mentality when the following comes to your mind, or even falls out of your mouth with regard to your money: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Why me? I don’t know how this could have happened to me. Just when I think I’m getting ahead, something always comes along and knocks me back down. One day my ship will come in. Why is it that everyone else gets what they want and I don’t get what I want?

When you know you’re responsible for your own financial situation and you meet with failures along the way, you think and say: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. What kind of thinking do I need to eliminate so I can eliminate this money problem? What do I need to learn to rise above where I am right now? What action do I need to take to ensure that I succeed with my money? Who could I partner with so I can move past this failure swiftly? How can I not repeat this mistake again? What are the lessons I need to learn so I can grow into a person who’s bigger than any failure? Just remember this: you are not powerless.

You are a powerful creator who always has options. You may not like all your options, and some of them may be limited, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Make the most of your options, and think like the creator that you are, and you’ll rise to new heights financially and reap a huge harvest! Here's to rich living, Valerie Love

Valerie Love is an Abundant Living Enthusiast who teaches the simple truth that we can truly have it all, by using a proven 5-step simple system in each of the 7 major areas of life: Faith, Fulfillment, Family, Friends, Fitness, Finances & Fun. Valerie is an Author, Inspirational Speaker and the creative voice of the online blog:

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In a forest filled with hundreds of trees, lived a
young pine tree. She was quite a bit smaller,

The Unhappy Tree
(The Law of Worth)

and had fewer branches than the other trees. Many of the branches she did have were bent and crooked. She felt sad when she looked around and noticed all the big, full, tall, beautiful trees all around her. She thought she was the only ugly tree in a forest full of beautiful ones. One day, a very small ant climbed the tree. The ant’s legs tickled and the tree could not stop laughing. “That tickles,” said the tree to the ant. “I am happy to hear you having fun,” said the ant, “you always seem so sad.” “I do feel sad most of the time. How did you know?” asked the tree. “I can see it. Your branches are drooping. Your pine needles are dry and brittle. You seem weak and you have stopped growing,” replied the ant. “True.” I do not have much to feel good about. Everything about me is all wrong,” sighed the tree. “What do you believe is wrong with you?” asked the ant. So, the tree described every detail of what she believed was wrong with her. “You feel sad because you think that there are some things about yourself that are not the way you believe they should be. Is that right?” asked the ant.

“Yes, that is it! Do you ever feel that way?” the tree asked, as she began to cry. “Not anymore, but I used to,” replied the ant. “What changed?” the tree inquired. “Glad you asked! My thinking changed,” said the ant. “I got still and thought about who I really am, deep in my heart. I found that I am more than what I think. I am more than what I feel. I am more than anything that I do. I am more than what I look like,” the ant explained. “I am really the love that I feel in my heart. That love matters more than anything else; that love is God,” continued the ant. “Really?” asked the tree. “Yes,” the ant replied, “and there is more. Everything God creates has God in it, so I am a part of God. I know God is valuable and good, and so am I because I was made by God. I am just as
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important and valuable as everything else God makes.” The tree wanted to believe what the ant said; she wanted to feel good about herself. She thanked the ant for talking with her. As the ant climbed down her trunk, she was tickled again and giggled. The tree decided that starting right then, she would stop her thoughts, even for just a minute or two, and be still. She would imagine herself going into her heart and feeling the love that was there. Then, the tree would let that love fill up every part of her. She made a choice to do this every day and see what would happen. After a few weeks, the tree noticed some changes taking place. She felt happy inside as she realized she was a part of God and just as beautiful as everything else God created. She began to stand taller.

She began to grow. Her branches became fuller. Her pine needles were thick and green. The tree felt the love that had been in her heart all of her life. Over time, the tree came to really love herself, even the bent branches. Many forest animals and bugs now had food, shade, and a place to make a home because she became strong and healthy. The tree believed she was important and valuable and that felt good.

Min. Jennifer Hopper's mission is to promote love, peace, freedom, and understanding on the planet. Currently, she provides parents, teachers, and children tools and information that support them in understanding themselves and one another.

A Loving Relationship
A Special Interview with Spiritual Life Coaches Ken & Reneé Kizer by Ken and Reneé Kizer
Ken and Reneé Kizer

Many people want to know the key to having and enjoying a successful relationship. We have been blessed with a most excellent marriage experience. It’s largely the result of making the conscious effort to play nice with each other. The main thing we’ve discovered is that love is the easy part. All it takes to really love someone is to spend time with them. The more challenging part is in the details: do you trust each other? Can you communicate? Do you share a vision? Do you even like each other? Here is our story.

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We met in 1987 through mutual friends and were married in Richmond, VA in 1989. Reneé has two children by a previous marriage. They have blessed us with four beautiful grandchildren. Since we had both experienced previous marriages that ended in divorce, we wanted to create a long-lasting loving relationship with each other. We also came to the relationship with the intention of combining energies as teachers. We had each individually come to that career choice before we met, and it is still the centerpiece of our work. We wanted to share our experiences in learning about love, using our own experience as sort of a Petri dish, to establish a level of trust with our audience. Reneé always says,"If we can do this with all our human mistakes, anyone can." It's not always been easy, but for each of us, the commitment to the love, a common vision, and a lifetime partnership has never been in question. That seems more unusual as time goes on, and further inspires us to share our experiences. So we sat down and interviewed each other about what makes our relationship magical and long-lasting. After reading this, take a moment and interview your significant other. You may find that your relationship and heart will expand as you share with each other your deepest feelings and expressions of love with each other. Do this often & Enjoy! Ken: To what do you owe the success of your relationship?

There are several factors, aside from the deep love I share with her. I trust her as much as I trust myself. I understand her. I like her. I’ve learned how to fight fair. I’m patient and loyal. I feel understood, loved, and accepted. I have a common vision and many common goals. I work and spend most of my time with her (well, at least in the same house). I give her the freedom to get support the way she chooses. I encourage her to be who she really is. I don’t need her to complete me, or to fill gaps in my life. I take care of myself, rather than insisting she take care of me (versus her being supportive). From that inner wholeness, I can choose the relationship because I want it, not because I need it. From that inner wholeness, I can choose how I act in the relationship because I want to, not because I have to. When we met, I was already involved with another person. However, the difference I experienced in comfort, in trust, and in feeling heard and understood prompted me to immediately end that other relationship. Even though I felt such an immediate bond with Renée, I also felt that my life was going to proceed more or less the same, whether or not things worked out with her. This was such a different perspective for me: I felt totally free to be myself, and to tell the whole truth. I wasn't trying to impress her or withhold uncomfortable or unpleasant aspects of myself. If things didn't work out as a result of, say, total honesty, at least I would be in

integrity with myself. I wasn't trying to manipulate the situation by fudging the truth. What are your guiding principles for this relationship? My guiding principles are honesty, humor, courage, trust, patience, expecting the best, and continued growth- basically the same ones I used in guiding my own life. What's been challenging, interesting, and rewarding is having someone around all the time who is at least as smart, conscious, and invested in her own integrity. It's prompted me to stay within my own principles much more than I probably would have, living on my own. Who is Reneé to you? She is my partner, best friend, and lover. She shares my passion for the work I love. There's no one who understands me better, and there's no one who encourages me more, simply by her presence, to be all of who I really am. How do you resolve conflicts? First, I’ve learned that when I think she’s the one who’s wrong, it’s usually me, and vice versa. So that has taught me humility and patience. When tensions rise, I make a concerted effort to listen to what she’s really saying, not what I may have made up. Fighting never clears the air for me- it just leaves me with a bad feeling. So I usually take the time to ask if she’s okay, as soon as I feel tension in the air. Sometimes it’s about me, and sometimes it’s not. I keep asking if
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there’s anything else, until we’ve cleared the air (as much as possible in the moment). I remember that we both want the same things, even if we disagree about how to achieve those goals. I can see way down the road- beyond just about any conflict we’ve ever had, and it doesn’t threaten the love I have for her. At the same time, it's abundantly clear how quickly and easily we could permanently destroy the relationship. There are a few areas of discussion we don't engage, because we don't agree and will never agree. There's no payoff in pounding on those topics, so we don't. One of our jokes is that there isn't a kitchen big enough for both of us to cook at the same time. That may not be the literal truth, but the idea is that we are both extremely head-strong people, and we've had to learn how to accommodate the other person (or stay mad). How do you sustain the passion? My primary agreement with Renée was and is to make sure I’m having fun, and if not, that I get back to it as soon as possible. That takes more courage than is first apparent. I find I don’t have to look for the passion if I’m emotionally presentit’s always there unless something is blocking it. And sometimes something is blocking it. I have my own glass ceiling in how much love and joy I can stand, though I've managed to raise it quite a bit over the years. Living inside a limitless relationship such as this one has triggered, at one time or another, all my old excuses about why I couldn't have what I really wanted. Building a tolerance for an

ever-increasing amount of intimacy is probably the major part of my effort now in the relationship. How do you stay connected? I check in with her several times a day. I communicate what’s important to me and listen to what’s important for her. I remember the difference in my experience here when I’m connected, versus when I’m not. I keep choosing to enjoy myself here, rather than get bogged down in old thoughts. The old thoughts were primarily based on my family experiences, which mostly involved not staying connected- to this day, as a matter of fact. But it became clear to me how important it was to the quality of the relationships that mattered. What has or have been the biggest challenges? My biggest challenge has been maintaining a consistent emotional presence and allowing myself to experience the pleasure of that. Eventually, that takes me through any old baggage I have (since, in the past, I was used to bailing out to avoid it). Part of the old baggage has been the impulses from the past to sabotage the relationship when the intimacy starts looking or feeling too confining. What does the future hold? The future holds an ever-expanding love with Renée- more fun at play, more fun at work, and more success in all areas of life. We have plans to become world-famous writers, lecturers, and seminar

leaders, and I look forward to all of that with great expectancy. Reneé: To what do you owe the success of your relationship? Mother/Father/God. Then, I owe it first and foremost to being in love with myself and I focus this love on Ken. I love the way we communicate, by giving and receiving love day to day. I love our friendship, intimacy, work, humor, and our spiritual beliefs. I am blessed to be Ken’s wife. Having experienced a lot of dysfunction in my previous relationships due to being a recovering co-dependent and adult child of alcoholics, I am very aware that this is the healthiest relationship I've ever experienced on every level. I am free to express all of myself, the good, bad, and the ugly and still know I am loved by Ken. To have that kind of love reflected back to me has healed so many wounds, judgments, and selfdoubts from my past. It is truly a gift that keeps on giving on every level of my being. It keeps me in a state of gratitude that more often than not gets me through those times when living and working seems difficult. What are your guiding principles in this relationship ? My guiding principles are love, respect, trust, commitment, and vision. Love asks me to see the loving essence in Ken no matter what is going on.

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Life With Clarity Assisting in the journey of life
Allow Dorothy to help you push past the fog in your life – the things that impede you from reaching success – and help you clarify your goals and your authentic life path with clarity.

Dorothy Gourdine, MA Certified Life Coach
For more information: 717.649.6647

Playing with Life

Continued from page 75

Respect means honoring boundaries, listening with my whole self, and knowing what Ken or I feel matters. Trust is maintained by telling the truth in all circumstances to the best of my ability. I also trust that Ken tells me the truth all the time to the best of his abilities. And I trust that we will heal in those times when the trust has been tested. Commitment requires me to keep my promises to myself and to Ken. I wake up everyday and recommit to my love for Ken and our marriage. Vision is the most fun principle for me. Ken and I have a vision about our life’s work and that keeps us creatively active. Who is your partner to you? Ken is my lover, best friend, husband, and the reflection of all that is good in me. I truly believe that he is patient when I am impatient, understanding when I am not understanding, funny when I think there is nothing funny going on, full of faith when I have lost faith, loving when I am hating myself, empowering when I am tempted to give up, and brave when I want to tuck tail and run. How do you resolve conflicts? The nice thing about being Spiritual Life Coaches is that we have many skills and tools to employ when we are appearing to be in conflict. Early on we had to consciously

follow the different techniques closely to resolve the issue. Now, because we have been working and living together so long, our practices have become intuitive. We generally remember that we are never angry for the reasons we think and anger is never justified. Those laws pretty much take the anger out of the discussion, which leads to more clarity. We also take the time to fully discuss and dissect

The other law we both believe is everyone is your reflection and any upset is really upset with yourself. How do you sustain the passion ? Since I am in love with Ken even more deeply than when I met him there is always an underlining passion in our lives. We can spend time apart however it’s not long before we touch in with each other. That can be speaking, touching, or even thinking about each other. We have incredibly intense and high energy work that we do together. We also like to just relax around each other. For me, the passion is inherent in this marriage. We also hug and kiss a lot which can lead to love making at any given time, which is a fun tease in my mind. I never know when until that certain kiss and How do you stay connected?

any conflict down to it's core. If we are unable to find our answers and relief we will go to our respected life coaches for coaching. Sometimes friends can help, especially for women. Nothing like a good girlfriend to tell you the truth and straighten out your thinking.

Because of what is inherent in our passion for each other and our work, staying connected is important for me. So, I put a lot of time and energy around this connectedness. I feel it when Ken is not present for me on all levels of my being- physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. He is my teacher, friend, lover, husband, and the purest reflection for me to stay connected to in my life. He teaches

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me to stay connected with myself so that I don’t miss anything about this love we share. Another really important thing in our marriage is we like to laugh. We find the same the same things funny (most of the time) and we share this with each other. Even when we are having an off day, we can find a way to find the humor in the situation and that can lift us out of the funk. What has or have been the biggest challenges? Trusting myself to give and receive all the love that has been and is present everyday. There is a natural law that states,"Love brings up anything unlike itself for the purpose of healing." Over the years I have found this to be true for me. Anytime I fall deeper in love with Ken, inevitably I find faults about him or about myself that attempt to distract me from the love that is present. It sometimes looks like he has disappointed me and sometimes it looks like I have let him down. In other words I dredge up old thoughts from my past to justify why the relationship isn't working in that moment. Even now, those thoughts can feel very real and I have to remember to forgive the past, my birth family, myself, and/or Ken. The more I love myself, the more I love Ken, and then I can get back to having fun in the relationship. It does take discipline to work my process, focus on a more positive outlook, and a willingness to surrender to thoughts and feelings that are not always easy to handle. What I have found in the down times, is that often it is just a mood I am experiencing and it always shifts over time. The other belief I hold is that everything is a choice and I can always change my mind and moods are a choice (whether I know why I made that choice or not). What does the future hold? More of this Love, this passion, this amazing relationship, and remembering our first promise to each other: Keep having fun! Ken and Reneé have been married and working together since 1989. They are conscious connected breath and spiritual life coaches, and Ken is an astrologer. They are senior faculty with Inner Visions Institute of Spiritual Development, created by Iyanla Vanzant. They offer telephone or in-person consultations and group sessions, and can be reached at (804) 320-6958 or Visit their website at

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Pro file s of

Na tur e

Wonder All Around
by Jane Bluestein, Ph.D., Judy Lawrence, M.S.Ed., and SJ Sanchez, M.P.A.

Have you ever gotten a postcard from a place so beautiful that you stopped to imagine what living in a place like that must be like? Have you ever suspected that doing laundry or paying bills would somehow be a lot less tedious in Tahiti, Paris or the Himalayas?

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There is beauty all around us, no matter where we live. But even people living in the most beautiful surroundings can become oblivious to the richness in their environment when the details of daily life take over. Seeing the wonder all around us requires a certain deliberateness and mindfulness. If you already live in a place you consider to be beautiful, or if you have at some point relocated to a particular place because of its beauty, then this awareness may come easily to you. However, you may live in a place that requires that you look a little harder to find— or notice— the beauty around you. You may also need to broaden your definitions of beauty and wonder. Truly fortunate are those who can find resplendence in any environment, who can be awed as easily at the sight of a road through a rural cornfield as they can be watching storm clouds blanket a crowded city or a sunset embroider a snow-covered mountain. But it’s not necessary to leave home or travel to exotic lands to experience beauty. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of seeing. Remember, somewhere out there, a visitor may be sending someone a picture postcard of your hometown. Go to a window or step outside. Look around. Notice the lines and curves, the textures, shadows and colors in the buildings on your block. Witness the miracle of a flower growing through the crack in a sidewalk or a vacant lot. Allow a sunset to take your breath away. Smell the adventure of the changing seasons in the gentle beauty of a fallen leaf. Lie down on your roof or lawn and float along with the clouds. Observe. Receive. Connect.

Listen to the sacred symphony of waves breaking on the beach. Chase a rainbow or a shooting star. Notice how many shades of green can be produced by nature in a garden or park. Taste the temperature of a warm summer breeze. Wrap yourself in the colors of a stormy afternoon. Go for a walk in a different part of town. Let the sparkle of sunlight on a stream hypnotize you. Open your eyes. Take in the beauty of where you are right now. Even if you’ve never before appreciated the local environmental ambience, it’s all there, all around you, beauty and wonder in immeasurable supply. And it’s all for you! Enjoy! Excerpt from Magic, Miracles and Synchronicity by Jane Bluestein, Ph.D., Judy Lawrence, M.S.Ed., and SJ Sanchez, M.P.A. (This book was previously published under the title Daily Riches.)
A dynamic and entertaining speaker, Dr. Bluestein has worked with thousands of educators, counselors, healthcare professionals, parents, childcare workers and other community members world-wide. She has appeared internationally as a speaker and talk-show guest, including several appearances as a guest expert on CNN, National Public Radio and The Oprah Winfrey Show.

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I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to interview Laura Alden Kamm. She is an internationally recognized medical intuitive, author of the book Intuitive Wellness, national lecturer, has done private medical intuitive healings with thousands of clients and she is a radio host. What is different about Laura than most people? She has had a near death experience and came back into her body with divine knowledge and special intuitive gifts to use and teach us. She is one person who knows how to live balanced and stay in the flow! As a wife and mother of two young children, Alicia and Christopher, Laura was living a normal life until January, 1982, when Laura awoke with a headache and vomiting. After a week of excruciating pain, and being diagnosed as having the flu, she and her two children jumped on an airplane and went to her parent’s house. The pain in her head became intolerable, and her eyes were protruding out of their sockets. Laura ended up in an ambulance en route to the hospital. In the midst of her unbearable pain, she felt her soul was separating from her body. She said her body began to feel very light and sensed that she was moving onward. This began her near death experience. She spoke about this powerful light that took her breath away, and was filled with unconditional love. Her book explains the whole amazing experience with many more details. Laura’s soul made a choice to come back into her body. Doctors discovered that Laura had a cyst in the back of her head which was removed, and that set off a chain of physiological events. Laura underwent brain surgery, and due to the damage in her brain, she lost the left visual field in both eyes. What Laura gained was intuitive sight! She found herself being able to see subtle energies inside the human body with a telescopic vision. Laura says, “A medical intuitive is someone who has the skills to locate and discern disorders and diseases within the human body using intuitive and energetic means.”

Laura Alden Kamm

A Medical Intuitive’s Perspective of Living in the Flow
Interview with Laura Alden Kamm by Laurie Martin

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A Medical Intuitive’s Perspective Q&A
Laurie M: During your near death experience, you stated you felt unconditional love, no fear, which is a very enticing feeling. And, your body was so sick and uncomfortable. How did you know it was not your time to leave earth and go home? How does a person know when to fight or to give in and go home? Laura: When you are truly on death’s door, there is no denying it. There is an organic process in which you let go of everything and everyone and there is peace. It is not forced, although you may be shoved to that place by a condition, disease, or sudden accident. The bottom line, you know and it’s okay. You know you are going home. You know you are safe and protected. You know there is no reason to fight any longer. You know that your loved ones will never forget you and will be fine, albeit painful, without you. You simply know the truth. This is not to say that if you were diagnosed with a terminal illness you give up immediately. You fight, fight hard; because, that can be your journey. I have a client who, by her doctor’s standards, should have been dead five years ago. But she isn’t. Her brain, liver and bone cancer has not stopped her inner knowing that it is not her time. You will always know. Laurie M: What were the pearls of wisdom and truths that you learned from your near death experience? Laura: There are so many, hundreds, if not thousands. I’ve written a lot of them down and they will be a book someday, I am certain. The two most striking and simple truths are this: That no matter what happens, you will always be okay. The other is, that you are always and forever loved. integrity, compassion, generosity, and gratitude, have become more solid. And change may be hard, but we make it harder on us as we go through it. Here are three simple ways to flow with sudden changes.

3 Simple Ways
1. Breathe through the point of crisis. I know, it’s back to the basics; but it’s true. Whether you find yourself in the middle of a spinning car in the midst of an accident, a sudden diagnosis, a job loss, a missed appointment, or even a cloud burst and you have to dash for cover, breathe. Breathe low and deep in your body, as slowly as you can in the moment.

Laurie M: Powerful! I’m looking forward to that book! How did it change your beliefs? How have you learned to go with the flow of life’s ups and down? Laura: This experience, and others I’ve had, radically changed the beliefs I grew up with, not my values. My values, such as honesty,

2. After the crisis point has passed, and you’ll feel it in your body, take inventory. This is the time to count your blessings along with the items or issues you need to understand in order to course correct and go with the new flow. Change equals course correction. Period. During change, no matter if it’s large or small, you always have to adjust to the new flow and manage your energy and the energy of change inherent within the correction. Don’t resist. That can hurt!
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A Medical Intuitive’s Perspective Q&A
3. Do your best to keep a child-like sense of wonder within you. You may not feel this way in every moment, but keep that innocence, not naiveté, in your heart. You cannot learn, re-balance, be present, or redirect anything clearly if you aren’t open and have, at least, a whisper of child-like trust. This internal innocence creates spaciousness, the precursor to intuitive wisdom. This, in turn, will naturally create a sense of connection and empowerment within you and link you to the core energy of your particular change. You will organically attract the path that holds the wisdom and direction which will ease your situation. In the process of change, these three fundamental steps will be repeated, over and over again. Learn these, and life will inherently become more effortless. You won’t eliminate change from your life, but you will find more pearls and peace within life’s ever-changing landscape. Laurie M: From your perspective, being able to see, sense and feel energy, what do you see as human’s biggest blocks in life? Laura: Self-aggrandizement, which is simply a refection of a lack of love. It is important that one seeks a higher love. Love for the self that is a part of the whole. Love for one’s body, the vehicle that carries you through the experience of this life. Life is to be valued, highly— your life, my life, any one's life. To place more value on your life, your stuff, or your words than another’s is missing the blessings of what they could offer. Stand strong in your values and conviction; be humble in the presence of others. Buddha said, “Neither jagged criticism nor flowery praise will keep me from my path.” I think that just about sums it up. Laurie M: In your book, you use a saying from Buddhist philosophy which I love, “If you can’t do something about an issue- don’t worry. If you can do something about an issue- don’t worry.” Worry takes us out of the flow. Can you explain this from an energy perspective of what happens in the body when we are filled with worry? Laura: There is a complex chain reaction when we are upset and worried. Simply stated, the energy field
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spikes and the nervous system responds, sympathetically and parasympathetically (flight or fight). As well, the chemicals of the body begin to release stress hormones which alter the balance of chemistry in the body: insulin, dopamine, serotonin, epinephrine, etc. The more constant the worry, the more consistently the body’s inner pharmacy is kept on high alert. Slowly, over time that level of stress begins to break down tissue and functions.
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A Medical Intuitive’s Perspective
Stress and worry of this nature demonstrates in a variety of ways in the energy field, depending on what organ systems are being affected. In the electromagnetic field around the body or around cells, bone, or organs, energy can demonstrate complex patterns and structures of various conditions which have the potential to manifest in the form of a known disease. We all know that worry is not a healthy way to spend your mind’s creative time. Many go to a worse case scenario immediately out of habit. Try creating a habit of going to a best case scenario. That will flip your energy and chemistry in a different and calming direction. It will most likely change your life as well. Laurie M: You mention in your book Intuitive Wellness to “remember the Two Sacred Laws: commit to your wisdom and live in the moment.” I believe you are referring to mindfulness as being in the moment and intuition as our wisdom. I really like this information. Is this the formula for a person to “be in their own flow”? Laura: That’s a great question and everyone needs to find their own flow, based on their self-study. Georgia O’Keefe once said something like this, “You might as well live your own life. Because if you live your life according to some one else’s rules, you will die.” That being said, there are common threads for us all to find what our flow is. The practice of meditation, in whatever form you are called to is vital. If you cannot understand the way in which your mind works—the saboteur, the angel, the healer, the teacher, the wounded child, the little professor who knows everything, the hectic fixer—you will never find peace. Peace is a benchmark of being in the flow. How you come to a consistent state of inner peace, which is otherwise known as contentment, is up to you. It begins with a choice to do so. To meditate, to be compassionate when you discover you are acting like a jerk, or hurting yourself or someone else. You choose to be peaceful, or not. You choose to be in the flow, or not. When you give up the reasons to be hectic, righteous, a victim, etc. you are in the flow. You are peaceful. Laurie M: I love that response! As a medical Intuitive, and working with thousands of clients, what have you seen as the most important thing about the body, spirit, and mind? Laura: That you have a body, mind, spirit. Just kidding…in a way. The first moment when you realize that you are a soul. Not that you have one, but you are one. That is the beginning of wakefulness and the acknowledgement that you are here to learn and grow. It doesn’t get any better than that. The rest of life’s experiences are side-bar experiences of that. I’ll be speaking of this more in my upcoming book. Laurie M: I’m looking forward to your new book! The times in your life when you felt like you were not in the flow, or just difficult periods of your life, why do you think you were out of sync? Laura: Because life was changing and in my human desire to stay in comfort, or even a habit of discomfort, I was clinging to what was, instead of what is and what perhaps could be. I wanted to stay in the past or the future and not in the present. It’s really that simple. Laurie M: I loved your story in your book Intuitive Wellness when you were a young child and you and your girlfriend wanted to raise a baby robin bird, and you removed the egg out of the nest and cracked the egg open only to be horrified by a very weak and small dying baby robin. And, in your near death experience you were shown how we are interconnected. You felt the devastation of the baby robin’s mother. How did that incident really hit home to you? Laura: Words often pale when describing spiritual experiences. That being the case, this realization hit me in what I would term the heart of my soul.

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A Medical Intuitive’s Perspective
It was my first real union, a deep, infinite and profound correlation, to the interconnectedness that we all have with all things. It is a feeling that is beyond description, so I will let your readers feel it for themselves. Laurie M: When a person has an energetic block, what determines what location of the body the block is located in? Laura: Good question and I will do my best to simplify this complexity. Whenever the energy is condensing or gathering, that is the first place I go to investigate. That may or may not be in alignment geographically on the body with a particular organ or energy center. You follow the trail, which can take the form of energetic structures, a sensory pull or push indicating direction, or it can have a linkage through a different energetic structure that leads you to the origin of the block. There you will most likely find not only the energy, but the consciousness behind the congestion. I tend to use the word congestion, instead of block. There really is no such thing as a blocked energy. It is only our feeling of being stuck, non-mobile, or blocked. In other words, we are not getting what we want so we feel blocked. In my view, there are no such things as energy blocks, simply congestion and a confluence of structures that provoke a feeling, placing your consciousness in the area that you need to assess and perhaps reevaluate your actions, position on an issue, or your life. Laurie M: From your experience, when people change their perspectives or beliefs can they heal their body? Laura: Yes, they can. Healing does not always equate to curing however. Laurie M: As a medical intuitive, you have been around a lot of illness and disease, how do you stay grounded?

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A Medical Intuitive’s Perspective
Laura: I meditate. I eat 80-90% live foods, meaning uncooked and raw. I drink a lot of warm tea. I get into nature as much as possible. I live in nature, so even if I am writing or working, I have trees and birds all around. I exercise, but not excessively. I am 54 and this body of mine has been dead. I treat it with the utmost respect. I didn’t always, but that is the way I view things now. I also know that my clients stuff is not my stuff. I have solid intuitive discernment skills. Nonetheless, I am smart enough to know that if you stomp grapes for a living, eventually you will get purple feet. So I stay as clear and clean as I can through these methods. I also have strong limits with my schedule. I will not over work and pass my limits. Discipline is a way to demonstrate self-love and self-protection. As it is for us all, it has been a process for me. Eventually, I found my flow. Laurie M: Thank you so much Laura! I have had many intuitive sessions with Laura. She is a special woman who resides in a very highly evolved consciousness- a place of pure love. It is because of her strong sense of self, intelligence and her connection to Truth, that she facilitates powerful healings, wisdom and intuitive guidance. I have known Laura for twelve years, and to know Laura is to know love! Laura Alden Kamm is an internationally recognized spiritual teacher, lecturer, medical intuitive, and author of Intuitive Wellness and other audio programs. If you are interested in more information about Laura Alden Kamm’s, please visit her very informative website:, Email:, You can hear her radio show, Laura Kamm Live; words along the way, every Tuesday at 9:00am PT; noon ET on  

The interviewer: Laurie Martin is the author of an inspirational book, Smile Across Your Heart, The Process of Building Self- Love.  Laurie is a speaker, certified life coach and writer for several magazines, including a bimonthly “Ask Laurie” advice column in a city wide magazine. She was a regular guest for six months on Fox 4 television as their inspirational “Life Coach.” Website:, Email:

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