Resource Guide

AlternAtive energy AlternAtive energy Store rethink SolAr solar systems

The Natural Home

BAthroom Fixtures Biolet composting toilets

WhirlPool washers, dishwashers

indikA organic linens

WildFloWer orgAniCS organic cotton linens online retail store

Premier PoWer alternative energy

JAniCe’S Beds/ Bedding/ mAttresses AChoo Allergy And Air ProduCtS

AurorA energy solar energy systems

SierrA SolAr SyStemS alternative energy distributor

Blue houSe liFe organic mattresses, bedding

White lotuS home organic mattresses, bedding eco-friendly bathroom products

kuShtuSh orgAniCS organic bedding, pillows

Butler Sun SolutionS solar hot water

SiliCon SolAr

CAromA uSA

BP SolAr solar products dual-flush toilet allergy-relief bedding


Building mAteriAls AFFordABle Building SyStemS solar panels

SouthWeSt Wind PoWer wind-power installation

deltA FAuCet

BelgiAn huiS organic mattresses, bedding water-saving showerhead eco-linens

nAtive orgAniC Cotton organic bedding, towels

CheSAPeAke Wind And SolAr renewable energy technology



BuCky ProduCtS

www.AffordableBuilding Prestowall wheat-straw panels solar products water-saving faucet valve organic buckwheat pillows

nAturAl SleeP Store

environmentAl SolAr deSign

Wind turBine induStrieS Jacobs wind energy systems



www.EnvironmentalSolar solar electric and hot water environmentally responsible bathroom fixtures organic cotton, towels

www.TheNaturalSleep organic-cotton mattresses

Arxx WAllS And FoundAtionS insulating concrete forms

nirvAnA SAFe hAven mattresses

Bonded logiC

Cotton monkey

your SolAr home


ev SolAr ProduCtS solar and wind solar heating systems low-flow toilet organic nursery bedding recycled-denim insulation


e.J. SChrAder ComPAny

green neSt

evergreen SolAr

AppliAnces ASko washers, dryers, dishwashers organic linens natural mattresses, bedding

www.OgallalaComfort natural bedding

CertAinteed recycled-content insulation

eArthSAke solar panels


kyoCerA SolAr electric incinerating toilet natural bedding, mattress

PACiFiC CoASt FeAther ComPAny

ClASSiC ProduCtS down pillows, comforters recycled-metal roofing


eArth runningS solar panels


nJ SolAr PoWer solar installations washers, dryers, ranges, dishwashers

kenmore washers, refrigerators organic bedding

Pure-reSt orgAniCS organic-cotton bedding recycled sheet waterproofing

CollinS ComPAnieS




reC SolAr renewable energy systems washers, dryers, dishwashers low-flow, dual-flush toilets natural latex mattresses, pillows

SAChi orgAniCS organic linens, bedding FSC siding, particleboard

CuStom tile rooFing

FiSher & PAykel

Stone ForeSt

good night nAturAlS

ShePherd’S dreAm

reAdy SolAr ready-made solar systems ovens, fridges, dish drawers stone sinks and tubs natural mattresses, bedding wool bedding, mattresses reclaimed tiles



Sun-mAr CorPorAtion compost toilets

green SleeP

tomorroW’S World

reAl goodS green, solar living products refrigerators, laundry cotton, wool mattresses organic bedding prefabricated, energyefficient homes

Sun FroSt

toto uSA

heArt oF vermont

vivètique SleeP SyStemS refrigerators dual-flush toilet organic bedding, futons organic mattresses, bedding

eArthSourCe ForeSt ProduCtS FSC lumber, particleboard

eCoStAr recycled rubber/roof tiles

ruBBerSideWAlkS old-tire sidewalk paving

honeyWell nylon recycled-nylon carpet


eCotimBer FSC flooring, decking

SAFe Building SolutionS
www.SafeBuilding green building materials

interFACeFlor dishwashing, laundry, household cleaners

Seventh generAtion nontoxic cleaning products

FABric/ upholstery AhimSA PeACe Silk cruelty-free silk recycled carpet tiles


SimPle green

environmentAl Building SuPPlieS green building supplies


JoAn WeiSSmAn Studio biodegradable cleaners bath and glass cleaners composite decking Tibetan wool, hemp rugs

environmentAlly Sound
www.EnvironmetallySound Citra Solv cleaner

SoyWorld uSA soy-based cleaners

AnnA SovA luxury orgAniCS

ePoCh ComPoSite composite decking


leeS CArPetS recycled-glass panels recycled-content carpets

Sun And eArth organic bedding, towels, linens, silk, draperies


green dePot green building supplies

WeyerhAuSer-ChoiCedek recycled-material decking

the mohAWk grouP recycled-plastic carpet natural fine fabric wash all-purpose natural cleaners

AurorA Silk

vermont SoAPWorkS cruelty-free silk

good home ComPAny

greenmAker SuPPly

nAture’S CArPet drywall, insulation, lumber

cABinets Berkeley millS FSC custom cabinets biodegradable carpet natural household cleaners organic, nontoxic cleaners

del Cerro textileS handwoven organic wool

green neSt

countertops Avonite reclaimed-materials composite


green FuSion deSign Center

neSt CArPetS By ClAyton miller nontoxic cleaners PVC-free textiles

www.GreenFusionDesign building products biodegradable wool carpet

holy CoW


CoAteS WAlker CABinetry LEED-certified cabinetry

neW moon rugS nontoxic cleaners

BedroCk induStrieS

henkel low-VOC caulk, adhesive chemical-free wool rugs

hoWArd nAturAlS 100% recycled-glass tiles organic fabrics

guilFord oF mAine


henry ComPAny wheatcore cabinets, doors

PreStige millS wood, metal cleaners

Counter ProduCtion reflective roof coating New Zealand wool carpeting

lily'S gArden herBAlS

neil kelly

highlAnd CrAFtSmen formaldehyde-free cabinets

ShAW innovAtion nontoxic cleaning products recycled-glass/mineral surface eco-friendly fabrics

hABu textileS

CoveringS etC. handwoven textiles reclaimed poplar siding recyclable carpet

moon WorkS


iCeStone cabinet hardware

tAnduS natural laundry powder recycled-content terrazzo

hArmony Art

enviroglAS organic textiles glass, concrete surfaces recycled carpet backing

mother nAturAl

JAmeS hArdie

cArpet/ rugs Antron CArPet FiBer recycled-content carpet

univerSAl textile teChnologieS

www.MotherNatural natural cleaners recycled-glass counters

looolo textileS

kliPteCh/PAPerStone sustainable textiles fiber-cement siding recycled carpet backing

miA roSe recycled-paper composite

lulAn ArtiSAnS natural air fresheners

oCeAnSide glASStile recycled-glass tiles fair trade silks, cotton

mod green Pod

mASon greenStAr papercrete, recycled material

CArPet AmeriCA reCovery eFFort (CAre) carpet reclamation

cleAning products Biokleen natural, nontoxic cleaners

mountAin green biodegradable cleaners

riChlite vinyl-free wallpaper

met-tile recycled-steel roofing

mrS meyerS recycled paper


Colin CAmPBell natural dishsoap, detergents

SAndhill induStrieS recycled-glass tiles natural straw fabric


omni BloCk grouP reinforced concrete blocks biodegradable carpets


FiBreWorkS plant-based cleaners

orAnge mAte

PerForm WAll insulated concrete forms coir rugs

dAddy vAn’S biodegradable, natural household cleaners

ShetkAStone sustainable panel fabrics recycled-paper countertops

F.J. hAkimiAn beeswax furniture polish

PlAnet inC

totAlly BAmBoo

PolySteel insulating concrete forms Moroccan, tribal, wool rugs

dr. Bronner’S mAgiC SoAPS kitchen/laundry cleaners bamboo countertops

FireplAces/ stoves ACuCrAFt FirePlACe SyStemS masonry fireplaces

hendriCkSen nAturliCh

riverBend timBer FrAming sustainable flooring, carpet organic soap products

PrimAl elementS

terAgren botanically based cleaners

eArth Friendly ProduCtS plant-based cleaners timber-frame home building

SeASide nAturAlS bamboo butcher block/casing for counters and tabletops

BlAze king induStrieS wood-burning stoves natural cleaning products

hArmAn Stove ComPAny pellet stoves

eCo PlAnet/eCo ChoiCeS bamboo strip flooring

terAgren bamboo flooring

eriC mAnigiAn reclaimed wood furniture

orgAniC Cotton AlternAtiveS


enviroglAS inserts, gas fireplaces, made of recycled cast iron

www.EnviroglasProducts. com recycled glass flooring

WArmBoArd radiant-heat subfloor

exotiC home coconut-timber furniture

www.OrganicCottonAlts. com bamboo platform beds, organic-cotton futons

gArden/lAWns/ lAndscAping ABundAnt liFe Seed FoundAtion

lennox heArth ProduCtS

exPAnko Cork

WAttS rAdiAnt

www.LennoxHearth pellet stoves cork and rubber flooring radiant-heat floor system

FASterFineArt recycled material

PACiFiCA Furniture ComPAny
www.PacificFurniture sustainable furniture non-hybrid seeds


FAir PACiFiC BAmBoo Flooring

W.e. Cork

quAdrA-Fire pellet stoves bamboo flooring 100% recycled cork floors



WiCAnderS Cork Flooring furniture with organic-cotton upholstery

q ColleCtionS harvest herbs, vegetables, fruits and flowers indoors

tulikivi soapstone fireplaces sustainable flooring cork flooring

green deSign Furniture sustainable wood furniture eco-friendly furniture, accessories, fabrics

AlternAtive gArden SuPPly

roBert BrAndegee deSignS organic fertilizers

green FloorS

WoodmASter corn/wood pellet stoves linoleum, FSC wood floors

Furniture ABC home recycled, reclaimed materials

greener liFeStyleS sustainable furniture

www.RobertBrandegee reclaimed wood furniture

AmeriCAn WiCk drAin CorPorAtion roof garden system

hArdWood FloorS nAturAlly

hArmony in deSign

Flooring ABACA banana fiber flooring

www.HardwoodFloors reclaimed-wood flooring

ABundAnt eArth

hendriCkSen nAturliCh hardwood, bamboo and cork flooring recycled-material furniture

www.HarmonyInDesign. com sustainable, handwoven natural fiber furniture

SAmuel moyer Furniture


www.SamuelMoyer reclaimed-wood furniture pest control

AquASCAPe deSignS


South Cone

APPAlAChiAn deSignS

APCor PortugueSe Cork ASSoCiAtion cork flooring reclaimed furniture 50% recycled-content chair

heritAge SAlvAge


ArChiteCturAl ArtiFACtS
www.Architectural reclaimed ironworks, beds, mirrors

ArmStrong World induStrieS

www.TheMarmoleum natural linoleum handmade furniture from reclaimed wood handmade wood products from nonendangered woods natural water features

ArBiCo orgAniCS

StrAnger Furniture sustainable gardening/pest control products

indomAtA Marmorette natural linoleum

mountAin lumBer ComPAny

BeAn ProduCtS

BioShield 100% reclaimed flooring sustainable furniture sustainable furnishings, cork, wicker, textiles

www.StrangerFurniture. com salvaged/sustainably harvested furniture

BACkyArd Bird ComPAny recycled plastic bird houses

BountiFul gArdenS

tAmAlPAiS timBerWorkS salvaged wood furniture kits

the Joinery cork flooring

nAturAl Cork

BereA College CrAFtS

CArliSle Wide PlAnk FloorS cork/bamboo tile flooring reclaimed wood flooring

north SloPe SuStAinABle Wood studentcrafts handmade wood furniture sustainable wood furniture sustainable organic seed for biointensive gardening

BrAdField orgAniCS

liliPAd Studio



CoveringS, etC. reclaimed wood floors eco-friendly furniture FSC-certified furniture, zero-VOC paint salvaged-wood tables, lamps

www.BradfieldOrganics. com organic fertilizers

CleAn Air gArdening Eco-Terrazo, flooring

mr. BAmBoo

C.h. BeCkSvoort

meier BrotherS Furniture deSign

WiggerS Furniture

dodge-reguPol woven bamboo flooring recycled rubber flooring

StrAndWoven Wood ComPAny sustainable, handmade wood furniture salvaged wood tables, chairs sustainably harvested wood furniture lawn/garden supplies

C-m PoWdergArd

the Wooden duCk organic insecticide

ComFy 1

neSt ProduCtS

eArth WeAve sustainable flooring bamboo flooring sofas, loveseats eco-friendly kids’ furniture recycled wood furniture

CoCoA mulCh

xeno oBJeCtS fertilizer and soil conditioner

SuStAinABle Flooring


northern nAturAlS

eCo-Friendly Flooring
www.EcoFriendlyFlooring. com sustainable floors bamboo and cork flooring

tArkett natural linoleum children’s furniture, sustainably harvested woods, zero-VOC paint sustainable furniture bamboo furniture, ecofriendly resin


olo inSide

Whit mCleod Furniture chairs and tables from reclaimed lumber compost bins, eco friendly mowers, rain barrels eco-friendly furniture

Cook’S gArden organic seeds

eArth SourCe gArden FurniShingS FSC wood garden accents

nAturAl lAWn oF AmeriCA

ruBBer SideWAlkS

eArthPAthS organic fertilizer, pest control recycled tire sidewalk

BAneki energy-saving PCs

eASyheAt electric floor-warming system ECONAR geothermal heat pumps

CAndle Bee FArm beeswax candles

SChultz mosaic stepping stones

nitron induStrieS

eCoCover EcoCover organic mulch mats organic gardening supplies, plant food organic potting soil, plant food, fungicide, snail bait

eleCtrolux Oxygen Ultra HEPA vacuum


SeedS oF ChAnge

heAlthy green goodS
www.HealthyGreen organic bedding, walls, floors, dinnerware, etc.

FuJitSu generAl AmeriCA fair trade copper lamps, sinks, vases

ohio eArth Food

eden BioSCienCe organic fertilizers, pesticides organic seeds/foods Energy Star air conditioners



grundFoS housewares, dishes, linens plant growth booster

orAnge guArd

FoxFArm Soil And Fertilizer natural pest repellants garden tools


Stone ForeSt organic compost, fertilizers


gArdenS Alive nontoxic, odor-free fertilizer sustainable garden products paints, building materials, lawn care, body care instant hot-water series

CuSP nAturAl ProduCtS
www.CuspNatural hemp bath products


nAture neutrAl tankless water heaters


Summit ChemiCAl natural insecticide, fertilizer

PArk Seed Co certified organic seeds eco-friendly pest control low-VOC paints, sustainable flooring, cotton insulation

rAdiAnt Floor ComPAny underfloor heating systems eco-modern design

dirt CAndleS

PlAn-it hArdWAre



gArdener'S SuPPly ComPAny organic fertilizers

PlAnet nAturAl organic fertilizers, pest control, composting bins push reel mowers push reel mowers, organic fertilizers radiant heating organic soy candles, essential oils, recycled paper





good nAture orgAniC lAWn CAre

PlAnter’S PAPer organic fertilizers

greenSCreen planters.html biodegradable weed barriers and mulch mats concentrated humate soil conditioners variety of sustainable home and garden products radiant floor heating organic dining, living, bedroom decor

rinnAi AmeriCA CorPorAtion

eSSenCe oF AhurAni

tiny CirCuS glASSWorkS recycled glass mulch and landscaping material

Pure n nAturAl SyStemS air purifiers, HEPA vacuums; water filters tankless water heaters soy candles


A greAter giFt recycled-steel trellises

PloW And heArth

groundSCAPe recycled Adirondack chairs

WilStone houSe & gArdenS

Sun PlAnS, inC. radiant gas room heaters fair trade decorative items recycled-rubber groundcover

Pringle Creek

high Country gArdenS
www.HighCountry xeriscaping plants porous pavement fair trade garden products solar house plans

WArmly yourS

greentree CAndle Co.

tAmArACk teChnologieS house ventilation radiant floor heating beeswax candles

WAter FurnACe

the groovy mind

PunCh! SoFtWAre

hArdWAre AurorA glASS recycled-glass pulls, accents geothermal water heating organic, fair trade gifts

intermAtiC mAliBu Master Landscape and Home Design software

heAt/Ac/ ventilAtion/ WAt e r h e At e r s 3m innovAtionS refillable furnace filters

hiP And zen

home decor AlohA BAy natural palm oil candles fair trade household items solar landscape lighting

Pure BArnyArd

nAture’S hArdWAre

inviSiBle StruCtureS porous pavements, stormwater management organic fertilizer, weed control, liquid fertilizer eco-friendly hardware

home And PlAnet earth-friendly home décor

SPeCtrA déCor

reiFen ruBBer ComPAny pavers made of recycled tires

liquid FenCe ComPAny natural pest repellants recycled-glass knobs and pulls; glass tiles

BrAdFord White CorPorAtion

AnnA SovA luxury orgAniCS



monroviA organic plants tirecrafting books, DVDs

h e A lt h y h o m e products/ services
AMERICAN MOLD GUARD www.AmericanMold mold-prevention services energy-efficient water heaters organic bedding, towels, linens, silk, draperies recycled, eco-friendly lamps

nAked CAndle

Antiki trAding ComPAny fair trade home products

CArrier natural soy candles


www.Residential.Carrier. com Energy Star gas furnaces

nAturAl elementS

BAmBoorA organic seeds

ClimAte mASter Energy Star geothermal systems bamboo serving trays, bowls, vases rice baskets, crafts, natural gift wrap

neSt ProduCtS eco-friendly hampers, storage for children

inFormAtion resources Co-oP AmeriCA environmental change through economic action

u.S. green Building CounCil

Biolight grouP

noW & zen leadership in environmental engineering/design lights for seasonal affective disorder

riSing Sun enterPriSeS residential/landscape lighting design

terrAmAi reclaimed wood and flooring from around the world clocks

dAvid BergmAn ArChiteCt sustainable, recycled lighting


Peek keeP organic home accessories

eCologiCAl deSign inStitute

insulAtion Air krete cementitious foam

reCreAted Art And Soul
www.RecreatedArtAnd recycled-materials artwork green architecture/ building systems

dAvid CrivenS energy-efficient lighting, Energy Star bulbs

sustAinABle Wood CollinSWood FSC-certified wood products lighting made from discarded traffic light lenses

yAnko deSign solar lamp, solar products

environmentAl deFenSe
www.Environmental environmental advocacy group

AtlAS rooFing foam insulation


reCyCled PAPer CrAFt

BioBASed 501 energy-efficient, fullspectrum lighting

zen Stone lighting lamps/shades made of stone, wood, paper, metal

eArth SourCe ForeSt ProduCtS eco-friendly lumber recycled art


ForeSt SteWArdShiP CounCil soy-based polyurethane foam spray

energy FederAtion

eCotimBer sAlvAged Wood Aged WoodS salvaged wood floors recycled-plastic dining sets certifies products from sustainably managed forests energy-efficient lighting eco-friendly flooring, decking


SCAndle cellulose insulation


ForeStWorld grouP soy massage candle

heAlthy Building netWork compact fluorescent lighting

green zone

SolAy WellneSS

www.Natural-Salt-Lamps. com natural salt lamps promoting healthier building materials resources for CFC-free polyiso

Fire And WAter FSC-certified timber, flooring, decking and more sustainable, recycled lighting

AlBAny WoodWorkS

nAturAl reSourCeS deFenSe CounCil


Full SPeCtrum SolutionS
www.FullSpectrum Energy Star lighting salvaged wood floors, stairs, doors

meSquite & hArdWood milling deSignS mesquite countertops

Soy BASiCS soy candles dedicated to protecting health and the environment formaldehyde-free foam insulation

BlACk'S FArmWood



SunBeAm CAndleS beeswax candles

orgAniC ConSumerS ASSoCiAtion

ten thouSAnd villAgeS
www.TenThousand fair trade handicrafts promotes views and interests of organic consumers insulation made of recycled cotton and denim self-powering flashlights, radios, lanterns flooring, beams, timber and siding

PeliCAn teAk ProduCtS

www.PelicanTeak FSC-certified teak flooring

CArliSle reStorAtion lumBer

SAn Pedro meSquite sustainable mesquite flooring



rAdiAnt PAnel ASSoCiAtion eco-friendly insulation SIPs Energy Star lighting offers reclaimed wide-plank wooden floors

JohnS mAnville

tWenty gAuge retro steel furniture

www.RadiantPanel heat contractors formaldehyde-free fiberglass

glAre BuSter outdoor lightS

Conklin’S AuthentiC BArnWood

WoodWorkerS SourCe

ultrAtouCh Energy Star light pollution solution reclaimed antique barnwood floors, furniture

www.Woodworkers lumber from companies active in forest conservation

vermont nAturAlS

SAFe lAWnS eco-friendly candles promotes natural lawn care insulation made with denim and cotton fibers


duluth timBer ComPAny salvaged beams, flooring


SolAr living inStitute

uS greenFiBer auto-shut-off timer, solar lighting eco-friendly home décor green building workshops recycled-paper insulation

ion And light

goodWin heArt Pine ComPAny

mAsonry/ tile/stone/ concrete BedroCk induStrieS recycled glass tiles

World oF good fair trade, recycled products

SuStAinABle BuildingS induStry CounCil workshops, books, organizations

lighting Alto lAmP teChnology energy-efficient light bulbs full-spectrum lighting reclaimed antique flooring

lightS oF AmeriCA

heArtWood Pine


zelFo energy-saving lights, Energy Star bulbs reclaimed wood flooring

mountAin lumBer low-VOC caulks and sealants, adhesive speaker cabinets, chairs, plant-based plastic furniture

union oF ConCerned SCientiStS

AmBient Art

reJuvenAtion climate change, clean fuel, GMOs and other issues lamps with natural shades

AmeriCAn FluoreSCent energy efficient, antiquestyle lighting reclaimed wood for floors, stairs

green mountAin SoAPStone

Pioneer mill WorkS

www.American indoor and outdoor fixtures reclaimed, recycled wood flooring

www.GreenMountain soapstone tiles

henry green roofing products

oCeAnSide glASStile recycled glass tile

AmeriCAn Pride PAint
www.AmericanPride eco-friendly paints


uSg Innvironments earth-friendly wall coverings

uniFAux eco-friendly paints, plasters

kolBe & kolBe Energy Star wood windows

viStA WindoW Film energy-saving window film eco-friendly mortars, mastics and grouts

Auro natural paints and plasters

kelly moore, enviroCote Ecoat low- and zero-VOC paints

yolo ColorhouSe eco-friendly paint

loeWen WindoW & door low-E windows

WindoW treAtments CellulAr WindoW ShAdeS

BenJAmin moore PAintS storAge CAliForniA CloSetS SkyBlend formaldehydefree storage systems Eco Spec low-VOC paints

miller PAint ComPAny

BeSt PAint Greenseal zero-VOC paints

WAter puriFiers CryStAl CleAr water filters

milgArd WindoWS low-E windows zero-VOC, low-odor paints

nAturAl Cork


www.CellularWindow energy-efficient shades

the ContAiner Store

BioShield PAint cork wall tiles

eCoWAter SyStemS water filters Energy Star windows

ConrAd WindoW
CoveringS bamboo drawer organizers clay paints and plasters, milk paints, color washes

nAturAl environmentS By murASPeC natural wallcoverings


liFeSourCe low-E, self-cleaning glass sustainable, natural-fiber window coverings

lAntern moon fair trade Vietnamese-made baskets

ClArk And BurChField some zero- and low-VOC wallcoverings, PVC-free

neWPort CoASt
WAllCovering water-filtration system

reAl CArriAge door ComPAny



orCABoArd recycled-plastic bench

devine Color

re:modern Devinegreen breathable wall finish, zero-VOC paint

www.NewportCoast natural textiles, non-PVC wall coverings water filters

www.RealCarriageDoors. com/GreenLine.htm Green Line recycled/ reclaimed carriage doors PVC-free shades, screens

eArthShAde green window fashions

Pur FSC-certified birch “Jigsaw” bookcases

devoe PAint

old-FAShioned milk PAint water filters

SolAr ComPonentS

SCrAPile Wonder-Pure zero-VOC interior latex milk paint

Pure n nAturAl SyStemS water filters window shading, insulated skylights, Sun-Lite glazing

hArtmAnn& ForBeS window coverings from sustainably-managed ecosystems

olymPiC PAint

SolAtuBe wood-scrap crates finished with nontoxic oil

dutCh Boy

the Shelving Store low-VOC Clarity and Kid’s Room lines zero-VOC paints

WAterWiSe water filters Energy Star skylights

hexCel FABriCS solar shades

PAllAS textileS

SouthWAll teChnologieS USGBC-member glass

inSolroll recycled-plastic shelf bins

eCo houSe

unCommon goodS inorganic mineral paint some natural and recycledcontent wall coverings

WindoWs/ doors/ sKylights AdvAnCed glAzingS,ltd high-performance insulated translucent glass units

the Sun-PiPe ComPAny reflective-glass, tubular skylight heat- and UV-blocking shades

PhilliP JeFFrieS

itA “basket” locker made from old gym lockers

eCoS PAint VOC-free paints natural wall coverings

reAl milk PAint

vivAterrA bins made of recycled flip-flops

environmentAl Building SuPPlieS low-toxic paints milk paint

SunSCoPe nAturAl light SyStemS GreenAssured eco-friendly window treatments

AnderSen WindoWS

rooS internAtionAl low-E glass reflective-glass, tubular skylight

meChoShAde SyStemS solar window shades

WAll coverings/ pAints AFm SAFeCoAt zero- and low-VOC finishes

generAl FiniSheS water-based wood finishes Envision PVC-free wall covering

ChB induStrieS

Sun-tek induStrieS

viStA WindoW Film window films

SherWin WilliAmS solar-control window film systems Energy Star skylights

green neSt nontoxic paints, sealants, adhesives, primers Greensure label zero-VOC, silica-free paints

eAgle WindoW & door low-E glass

tru-lite tuBulAr SkylightS

Solvent-Free PAint

AglAiA nAturAl PAintS nontoxic, biodegradable wall glazes, paint

green PlAnet PAint zero-VOC, natural paints organic linseed paint

hurd WindoWS reflective-glass, tubular skylight Energy Star wood windows

tuBulAr Skylight


AmeriCAn ClAy

iCi PAintS earth plaster LifeMaster 2000 solventfree, zero-VOC latex paints natural clay plaster

J.S. BenSon WoodWorking Solar Flair light-gathering skylight

toBiAS StuCCo nontoxic, eco-friendly stucco wall finish

www.JSBenson FSC wood windows

velux SkylightS Energy Star skylights

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