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The Marketing Strategy Process

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Laraib Asad

of strategies to capture the target . It was opened in Pakistan in 1998 in Lahore via joint venture. and cleanliness every time. They provide value to their customers by providing unmatched quality. Strategy Planning: Once situational analysis is conducted. Before entering Pakistan’s market. they have conducted situational analysis to identify the needs of the people of Pakistan. service. Organization need to go for situational analysis SWOT to evaluate and prioritize their strengths and weaknesses.A and Ghaos Akbar corporation (pvt) ltd. An individual have to rush for an office he can easily grab food from McDonald’s and reach to the office on time. segments and providing customer value to the people (customers).S. McDonalds entered via joint venture in Pakistan. It was a joint venture between McDonalds Corporation U. of customers of Pakistan. setting objectives and developing. high income groups. Strengths and weaknesses are internal factors which are under the control of organization. They faced competition by KFC and pizza hut that were already providing best services to their customers but McDonalds has made their way to capture the largest no. selecting market strategies. Opportunities and threats are external to organization for which they have to conduct research of market. There situated a great potential for the McDonald’s in Pakistan because the people now prefer ready to eat and easy going meal. Markets need to be defined so that buyers and competitors are analyzed. Their target market consist of a group of people who are office goers and they hardly have time to cook n eat (Drive-thru. opportunities and threats. a brand new feel of comfort for “On the Go”) and it was the first company to introduce free home delivery in Pakistan. implementing and managing the marketing program positioning strategies designed to the value requirements of customers in each target market. Strengths shows the capabilities of organization to serve a particular market and weaknesses are the problematic areas which organization needs to overcome. Implementation: McDonald’s is the world's largest chain of fast food restaurants. It was founded by Ray croc. Other includes children. youngsters and families. market sensing information play a key role in designing marketing strategy which includes a no. Opportunities are the areas where a company can expand itself while the evaluation of threats tells about the competitive forces in an external environment.Marketing Strategy Process: It is a planning process that seeks to establish a clear direction for an organization’s vision about the market of its interest. It consist of four phases  Strategy analysis  Strategy planning  Strategy development  Strategy implementation Strategy Analysis: It consists of identifying markets.

distributors and competitor alliances and internal teams. while introducing new products into the market. They differentiated themselves by introducing first ever company to provide home delivery. If product imitation is possible then it should keep on introducing new products. of suppliers so that it can dictate their prices to the supplier. The relationship between supplier and the organization should be on fair means . So we recommend that McDonald should apply the Product Development at all times whenever the need arises. so it is critical for McDonald’s. To enhance their relationships they need to satisfy customers by providing value and also coping with changing conditions of economy and Organization should have large no. Strategy Development: Strategy planning helps the organization to develop marketing program Diversification: McDonalds is horizontally integrating itself by increasing the number of outlets. price and promotion strategies. so McDonald’s considered the changes in the customer mind about its products and services and served according to the changing perceptions of customers. For this it may altogether change the whole product and can bring a new product or sometimes any major modification in the existing products. suppliers. it should introduce all the time new products that make it differentiated and it must sustain it so that no other competitor can copy their products and there should be lesser chances of product imitation. There is no doubt that McDonald’s rapid growth is based on intelligent and smart business ideas based on the dynamics of business environment and societal changes. Implementation: The people of Pakistan are more concerned with the taste of the products rather than the other things. Product development: The company goal is to strengthen a reputation as an innovator. Implementation: Functional Marketing strategies of McDonald’s: Differentiation: By pursuing a strategy of differentiation. At the same time they are bringing up the diversification in products by offering new deals. an organization gives an emphasis to a particular element of a marketing mix that is seen by the customers to be important and as a result provides a meaningful basis for competitive advantage. It may include product. The near future period will be different from today. Positioning: McDonald’s is known for its innovative market positioning. distribution. By now they have introduced McDonald’s breakfast with a tag line ‘the world’s best has arrived’. McDonald’s major goal is to strengthen a reputation as an innovator. while introducing new products into the market. Value-Chain Strategy: The relationship partner may include their end user.

The only factor that gives some power to supplier is the switching costs for McDonald's if it goes to any new supplier it will have to deteriorate old arrangements and develop new ones. Without it. The organization should earn the trust of supplier so that in bad economic conditions suppliers are with the company. Dawn announcing its opening. Price is set according to the buying power of the target customers. which they think is a fair value to the customer.. which are made by MMT to promote their brand. If the target market is lower class then have to provide a product with low price and good quality. They are charging a price. McDonald's have Mac Index. and not on the basis of competition. in this way the supplier power is reduced and McDonald purchases its supplies on the low price basis and it avails the benefits of economies of scale. Implementation: McDonald’s provide training to the employees and they helped to develop consensus so that each and every personnel within the organization following the same direction to achieve its mission. subsidiaries or partnerships are present. which is a subsidiary of Manhattan Leo Burnet. Strategy Implementation & Controlling: It is the action stage where the developed strategies come into existence. And the brand offered by the supplier is not differentiated so it makes easy for McDonald to switch to another supplier and decreases the supplier’s power. Implementation: McDonald has established long term relations with its suppliers because it purchases in large volume.and both the parties should not exploit each other’s rights. Implementation: McDonald’s worldwide has the same concept of giving food of high quality at lower prices. and they don’t increase prices even in crisis. USA. Major medium used by McDonald's is billboards. This company handles the promotion of McDonald's in all those countries where its branches.) Ltd. . reminds and persuades the customer and other who influence the purchasing process. Pricing Strategy: Pricing strategy also play a role in positioning a product or service. It informs. Promotion Strategy: Promoting the product is one of the essential activities of marketing. Implementation: On its inauguration day. there came a full page advertisement in The News. They need to develop a match between the business level strategies and marketing strategies to successfully implement developed strategies. This is the basic way of communicating with the customers. Time to time evaluation helps the organization whether they are on their right direction towards achieving the goals. The advertising agency working for McDonald's in Pakistan is Manhattan Communications (Pvt. the customers don’t know what the company is offering.