Did Dan Huberty comply with Local Government Code about recusal of conflicts of interest?

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This new ad firm got a sweetheart deal. Press reports that Dan’s wife was employed by the firm and her own bio shows she worked “in sales” for its parent company.

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Now Dan wants to be your representative in Austin? No thanks, Dan! There are enough sweetheart deals in Washington. We don’t need them in Austin.
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Did Dan Huberty Break the Law?
You Decide…

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Dan Huberty led the vote on the Humble School Board to award a 5-year exclusive contract to a firm that employs his wife.
Source: Houston Chronicle http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/moms/5959138.html

The conflict of interest is undeniable in this case. Dan Huberty even “signed a conflict of interest form ackowledging her” connection with the ad firm.
Source: Texas Tribune http://www.texastribune.org/stories/2010/feb/19/primary-color-hd-127/

In May 2008, Dan Huberty led the Humble ISD Board in entering into a five-year contract with a newly created local ad firm to provide advertising services...

The contract covered the stadium, uniforms, internet advertising, book covers, logos on uniforms…every surface was a potential billboard. Reports claim the contract could net the school district up to $1 million a year.

Don’t take our word for it: Read an actual copy of the contract between Humble ISD and Steep Creek Media5. Note that in the contract, on page 37, Steep Creek Media is referred to as a “new extension of our existing business, the Tribune newspapers.” The same Tribune Newspapers that employs Dan’s wife, Janet Huberty.

The Houston Chronicle, quoted Janet Huberty, Dan’s wife, as “the manager of the Humble-based firm that won the advertising campaign.”1

Here is what the law says regarding conflicts of interest: Local public official has an interest in a business entity or real property, Chapter 171.004 of the Texas Local Government Code requires the official to disclose that interest and cease to participate in a board vote or action that would impact the business entity or real property.

The advertising firm’s own website links to this exact same Houston Chronicle article identifying Janet Huberty’s position2. Her official bio shows she works “in sales” for the Tribune Papers, the parent company of Steep Creek Media, the firm that won the contract3. Even our local paper reported Janet Huberty as “program manager” for the local ad firm’s Humble ISD advertising program4.

The connections between this contract and Dan Huberty are deep, close, personal and undeniable.

In accordance with the law, the elected official must recuse themselves from the vote. Dan FaILED TO DO THIS! In fact, not only did he not recuse himself from the vote, he actually led the motion to hire the ad firm!

The Details of this Sweetheart Deal — When Dan Huberty voted to accept the exclusive 5-year contract, the details between the school district and the advertising firm hadn’t even yet been finalized. The terms are shocking: for every $1 in advertising revenue, the advertising firm keeps 40%. That is FOUR TIMES the industry average for a commission!

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