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Average: - Average is a simple way to express an

entire group by a single value.
Average of a group is defined as

1. The average age of 24 students and the principal

is 15 years. When the principals age is excluded,
the average age decreases by 1 year. What is the age
of the principal?
a) 38 b) 40 c) 39 d) 37 e) Data inadequate
2. The average of the first five multiples of 7 is

a) 20 b) 21 c) 28 d) 30 e) 31

Note: 1. Average of given items is lies between the

lowest and highest values.
2. Average is also called as arithmetic mean.
3. Average of an arithmetic progression

a) 87.83 b) 86.83 c) 76.33 d) 75.33 e) 77.83


Mixture: -Mixing of two or more types of

qualities of things results a mixture
If two items of different qualities are mixed,
The quality of the mixture lies between the
qualities of cheaper and dearer.
The price of the mixture (Mean Price) lies
between the prices of cheaper and dearer.

Alligation: -Alligation is a rule which connects

all the quantities of a mixture. This is very useful in
solving the problems based on mixtures and
weighted averages.

Rule of Alligation: #


3. The marks obtained by Ram in Mathematics,

English and Biology are respectively 93 out of 100,
78 out of 150 and 177 out of 200. Find his average
score in percent.

4. The average age of a family of 6 members is 22

years. If the age of the youngest member be 7 years,
what was the average age of the family at the birth
of the youngest member?
a) 15 b) 18 c) 21 d) 12 e) None of these
5. The average temperature for Wednesday,
Thursday and Friday was 40 * . The average of
Thursday, Friday and Saturday was 41 * . If the
temperature on Saturday was 42*, what was the
temperature on Wednesday?
a) 39*

b) 44*c) 38* d) 41*

e) None these

6. The average of 3 numbers is 17 and that of the

first two is 16. Find the third number
a) 15 b) 16 c) 17 d) 19 e) 18



7. Find the average of the first 97 natural numbers.


a) 47 b) 37 c) 48 d) 49 e) 49.5
8. Find the average of all prime numbers between
30 and 50.


a) 39.8b) 38.8

c) 37.8

d) 41.8 e) 40.8

9. The average of 50 numbers is 38. If two numbers,

namely, 45 and 55 are discarded, the average of the
remaining numbers is
a) 36.5

b) 37

c) 37.6

d) 38 e) 37.5

10. The average of ten numbers is 7. If each number

is multiplied by 12, then the average of the new set
of numbers is
a) 7

b) 19 c) 82 d) 83 e) 84

11. The average weight of 5 men is decreased by 3

kg when one of them weighing 150kg is replaced by
another person. Find the weight of the new person?
a) 165kg b) 135kg c) 138kg

d) 162kg

12. The average height of 30 girls out of a class of

40 is 160cm and that of the remaining girls is
156cm. The average height of the whole class is
a) 158cm b) 158.5cm

c) 159cm d) 157cm

13. The average age of three boys is 15 years. If

their ages are in the ratio 3 : 5 : 7, the age of the
youngest boy is
a) 21 years

b) 18years

receives Rs. 960 as the amount of interest. How

much money did he lend on 4% interest rate?
a) Rs. 2800 b) Rs. 2100
1200 e) Rs. 1000

a) 15 liters
b) 20 liters
liters e) None of these

c) 25 liters



18. A cistern contains 50 liters of water. 5 liters of

water is taken out of it and replaced by wine. The
process is repeated again. Find the propagation of
wine and water in the resulting mixture.
a) 1 : 4 b) 41 : 50
e) 50 : 41

c) 19 : 81

d) 81 : 19

19. In what ratio should two qualities of coffee

powder having the rates of Rs. 47 per kg and Rs. 32
per kg be mixed in order to get a mixture that would
have a rate of Rs. 37 per kg?

c) 15 years d) 9 years

14. If 5kg of Rice costing Rs.5/kg and 3kg of Rice

costing Rs.4/kg are mixed, find the average cost of
the mixture per kilogram.
a) Rs.4.5
b) Rs. 4.625
4.125 e) Rs. 4.25

c) Rs. 4.75

d) Rs.

b) 2 : 1

15. A mixture of 125 gallons of wine and water

contains 20% of water. How much water must be
added to mixture in order to increase the percentage
of water to 25% of the new mixture?
c) 8gals


16.Ravi lends Rs. 3600 on simple interest to Harsh

for a period of 5 years. He lends a part of the
amount at 4% interest and the rest at 6% and

c) 1 : 3 d) 3 : 1e) 4 : 1

20. In what ratio should water be mixed with soda

costing Rs. 12 per liter so as to make a profit of
25% by selling the diluted liquid at Rs. 13.75 per
a) 10 : 1 b) 11 : 1

b) 8.5gals
e) 8.33gals

d) Rs.

17. A dishonest milkman purchased milk at Rs. 10

per liter and mixed 5 liters of water in it. By selling
the mixture at the rate of Rs.10 per liter he earns a
profit of 25%. The quantity of the amount of the
mixture that he had was?

a) 1 : 2

a) 10gals

c) Rs. 2400

c) 1 : 11

d) 12 : 1

e) 1 : 12

21. Two containers of equal capacity are full of a

mixture of oil and water. In the first, the ratio of oil
to water is 4 : 7 and in the second it is 7 : 11. Now
both the mixtures are mixed in a bigger container.
What is the resulting ratio of oil to water?
a) 149 : 247
: 143

b) 247 : 149

c) 143 : 241

d) 241

22. Two vessels contain spirit and water mixed

respectively in the ratio of 1 : 3 and 3 : 5. Find the

ratio in which these are to be mixed to get a new

mixture in which the ratio of spirit to water is 1 : 2.
a) 2 : 1 b) 3 : 1 c) 1 : 2 d) 1 : 3
23. Two solutions of 90% and 97% purity are mixed
resulting in 21 liters of mixture of 94% purity. How
much is the quantity of the first solution in the
resulting mixture?
a) 15 liters

b) 12 liters

c) 9 liters d) 6 liters

24. What will be the ratio of petrol and kerosene in

the final solution formed by mixing petrol and
kerosene that are present in three vessels in the ratio
4 : 1, 5 : 2 and 6 : 1 respectively?
a) 166 : 22

b) 83 : 22 c) 83 : 44 d) None of these

25. A gain percent of 20 is made by selling the

mixture of two types of ghee at Rs. 480 per kg. If
the type costing 610 per kg was mixed with 126kg
of the other, how many kilograms of the former was
a) 138kg
b) 34.5kg
Cannot be determined

c) 69kg


26. If a man decides to travel 80 kilometers in 8h

partly by foot and partly on a bicycle, his speed on
foot being 8km/h and that on bicycle being 16km/h,
what distance would he travel on foot?
a) 20km

b) 30km c) 48km

d) 60km

27. In a can, there is a mixture of milk and water in

the ratio of 4:5. If it is filled with an additional 8
liters of milk the can would be full and ratio of milk
and water would become 6:5. Find the capacity of
the can (in liters)
a) 40 b) 44 c) 48 d) 52
28. A vessel of capacity 90 liters is fully filled with
pure milk. 9 liters of milk is removed from the
vessel and replaced with water. 9 liters of the
solution thus formed is removed and replaced with
water. Find the quantity of pure milk in the final
milk solution vessel (in liters)
a) 72 b) 72.9c) 73.8 d) 74.7
29. The concentration of spirit in three different
vessels A, B and C are 45%, 30% and 25%
respectively. If 4 liters from vessel A, 5 liters from
vessel B and 6 liters from vessel C are mixed, find
the concentration of spirit in the resultant solution
a) 25%

b) 31.25% c) 37.5%

d) 32%

30. In a certain season, the Indian player Anil

kumble played a total of 30 matches. In the first 29
matches, his average was 36 runs. If he score 30
runs in last match. Find his average score at the end
of that season ( in runs/match)
a) 33.4 b) 37.4 c) 35.8d) 43.4