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RATES 2015 3rd Quarter

July 1 , 2015

All MEA Members/Customers

Public Relations Office
MEA Rates effective July 1, 2015

Understanding Bills for

Single Phase Service (most residential and small commercial customers)

Three Phase Service (most mid-size to large commercial customers)

On your MEA bill you will find previous balance and payment received below the account information boxes. The account information
boxes will have the account number, member number, customers name, service location phone number and meter number.

This box shows any adjustments to your account. These could be a charge or credit to your account such as records fee, deposit
reimbursement, estimating adjustments and so on. These will be totaled, if any, and carried to the right side of the bill.

Residential/Single Phase Charges

per month
Facility Charge 1:
First 1300 kWh:
$0.11803 per kilowatt-hour
Over 1300 kWh:
$0.09590 per kilowatt-hour
$0.07015 per kilowatt-hour
$0.000732 per kilowatt-hour
Regulatory Charge3:
Seasonal Service
per year
Other 4: City Sales Tax or Undergrounding Surcharge (Eagle River)

Commercial/Three Phase Charges

Facility Charge:
per month
per kilowatt
Demand Charge:
per kilowatt-hour
Energy Charge:
per kilowatt-hour
per kilowatt-hour
Regulatory Charge:
Other4: City Sales Tax or Undergrounding Surcharge (Eagle River)

These will be totaled and carried to the right side of the bill.

Messages for MEA members can be found in this box. The messages can be specific to certain areas or general messages about rate
changes, scholarship announcements, or community events.

This box gives a list of your account status. If the account is past due, it will say that. The right side of this box also tells how much of a
late fee can be saved if the bill is paid by the due date. To the far right of this box is the total amount due on your account.

This box gives a list of the number of days in each months

billing cycle. It also lists the kilowatt-hours used for that billing
period, the daily average of kilowatt-hours used for that billing
period and the average temperature that month.

Streetlights installed before December 31, 1981: $20.97 per

Other Streetlights:
150 Watts $18.56 per lamp/month
250 Watts $23.34 per lamp/month

1 Facilities Charge: A flat monthly charge designed to cover the costs of customer accounting, issuing your monthly bill, maintaining and
reading meters, and capital costs associated with metering equipment.
2 COPA or Cost of Power Adjustment: An adjustment to reflect fluctuations in the cost of fuel and purchased power. This may be a
charge or a credit. The COPA changes every quarter (3 months).
3 Regulatory Cost Charge or RCC: charge incurred through legislation to fund the RCA (Regulatory Commission of Alaska, formerly the
Alaska Public Utilities Commission). This charge is set by the RCA (Regulatory Commission of Alaska).
4 Other Charges: The cities of Palmer, Wasilla and Houston each have sales taxes (Palmer 3%, Wasilla 3%, Houston 2%). Locations
within these cities will have a sales tax amount added to the bill. The portion of MEAs service territory within the Municipality of
Anchorage has an undergrounding surcharge of 2% added to bills pursuant to AS 42.05.381(i) and AMC 21.90.070.
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