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18602 Federal Register / Vol. 73, No.

66 / Friday, April 4, 2008 / Notices

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: We are notice it has renewed the Aviation provides that the sponsor of each airport
soliciting public comments to permit Rulemaking Advisory Committee to which funds are apportioned shall
the Department to: (ARAC) for a 2-year period beginning notify the Secretary by such time and in
• Evaluate whether the proposed March 20, 2008. The Committee’s a form as prescribed by the Secretary, of
information collection is necessary to primary purpose is to provide the public the sponsor’s intent to apply for the
properly perform our functions. with an earlier opportunity to funds apportioned to it (entitlements).
• Evaluate the accuracy of our participate in the FAA’s rulemaking This notice applies only to those
estimate of the burden of the proposed process. It will continue to operate in airports that have had entitlement funds
collection, including the validity of the accordance with the rules of the Federal apportioned to them, except those
methodology and assumptions used. Advisory Committee Act and the nonprimary airports located in
• Enhance the quality, utility, and Department of Transportation, FAA designated Block Grant States. Sponsors
clarity of the information to be Committee Management Order intending to apply for any of their
collected. (1110.30C). available entitlement funds, including
• Minimize the reporting burden on For further information about the those unused from prior years, shall
those who are to respond. ARAC, please contact Ms. Gerri submit by June 1, 2008, a written
Abstract of Proposed Collection: Robinson, FAA Office of Rulemaking, indication to the designated Airports
The Nonimmigrant Visa Electronic 800 Independence Avenue, SW., District Office (or Regional Office in
Application (DS–160) will be used to Washington, DC 20591; telephone regions without Airports District
collect biographical and other number: 202–267–9678. Offices) that they will advertise, bid,
information from individuals seeking a Issued in Washington, DC, on March 28, and submit an application prior to June
nonimmigrant visa. The consular officer 2008. 10, 2008, or by the date established by
uses the information collected to Pamela A. Hamilton-Powell, the designated Airport District or
determine the applicant’s eligibility for Executive Director, Aviation Rulemaking Regional Office.
a visa. This collection combines Advisory Committee. This notice is promulgated to
questions from current information [FR Doc. E8–7075 Filed 4–3–08; 8:45 am] expedite and prioritize the grant-making
collections DS–156 (Nonimmigrant Visa process. In the past, the FAA has
Application), DS–156E (Nonimmigrant established a deadline of May 1 for an
Treaty Trader Investor Application), airport sponsor to declare that it will
DS–156K (Nonimmigrant Fiancé DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION defer use of its entitlement funding.
Application), DS–157 (Nonimmigrant Considering the AIP program has been
Supplemental Visa Application), DS– Federal Aviation Administration extended for only 9-months into the
158 (Contact Information and Work middle of a fiscal year, and uncertainty
[Docket No: FAA–2008–23639]
History Application), and DS–3052 about additional statutory action before
(Nonimmigrant V Visa Application). Deadline for Notification of Intent To the end of the fiscal year, the FAA is
Methodology: Use the Airport Improvement Program establishing June 1 as the deadline for
The DS–160 will be submitted (AIP) Sponsor, Cargo, and Nonprimary each airport sponsor to notify the FAA
electronically to the Department via the Entitlement Funds for Fiscal Year 2008 whether or not it will use its fiscal year
internet. The applicant will be 2008 entitlement funds.
instructed to print a confirmation page AGENCY: Federal Aviation Public Law 110–190, enacted on
containing a bar coded record locator, Administration, DOT. February 28, 2008, amended section
which will be scanned at the time of ACTION: Notice. 48103 of title 49, United States Code, to
processing. Applicants who submit the extend the Airport Improvement
electronic application will no longer SUMMARY: The Federal Aviation Program (AIP) for the 9-month period
submit paper-based applications to the Administration (FAA) announces June beginning October 1, 2007 and ending
Department. 1, 2008, as the deadline for each airport on June 30, 2008. This law enables the
sponsor to notify the FAA whether or FAA to use a portion of the AIP
Dated: March 5, 2008. not it will use its fiscal year 2008 obligation authority made available
Stephen A. Edson, entitlement funds available under under Public Law 110–161
Deputy Assistant Secretary, Bureau of Public Law 110–190 to accomplish AIP- (‘‘Consolidated Appropriations Act,
Consular Affairs, Department of State. eligible projects that the sponsor 2008’’). Although the AIP grant
[FR Doc. E8–6989 Filed 4–3–08; 8:45 am] previously identified through the authority available for FY2008 does not
BILLING CODE 4710–06–P Airports Capital Improvement Plan expire on June 30, 2008, the FAA’s
(ACIP) process during the preceding expenditure authority from the Airport
year. If a sponsor does not declare their and Airway Trust Fund will expire on
DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION intention regarding the use of 2008 June 30 in the absence of an additional
entitlement funds by June 1, 2008, FAA statutory extension. Therefore, to avoid
Federal Aviation Administration will be unable to take the necessary the risk of not being able to carryover
actions to designate these as ‘‘protected’’ funds should an additional extension
Aviation Rulemaking Advisory carryover funds and these funds would not be enacted, AIP funds should be
Committee; Renewal not be carried over if FAA spending obligated in FAA’s accounting records
AGENCY: Federal Aviation authority from the Airport and Airway on or before June 20. Obligations must
Administration (FAA), DOT. Trust Fund is not extended beyond June be made on or before June 20, rather
30, 2008. than June 30 because the FAA’s
ACTION: Notice of renewal.
FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Mr. accounting systems will be taken off-
ebenthall on PRODPC61 with NOTICES

SUMMARY: Pursuant to section Wayne Heibeck, Deputy Director, Office line to perform the end of the month
14(a)(2)(A) of the Federal Advisory of Airport Planning and Programming, closeout shortly after this date.
Committee Act, and in accordance with APP–2, on (202) 267–8775. Sponsors have three options available
section 102–3.65, title 41 of the Code of SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: Section to them regarding AIP grants during this
Federal Regulations, the FAA gives 47105(f) of title 49, United States Code, 9-month period. First, sponsors may

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