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Federal Register / Vol. 73, No.

60 / Thursday, March 27, 2008 / Notices 16263

Written comments and planning and support. When combined Type of Request: Extension of a
recommendations for the proposed with CPS-collected characteristics, such currently approved collection.
information collection should be sent as citizenship, place of birth, parental Burden Hours: 12,196.
within 30 days of publication of this nativity, income, and household Number of Respondents: 8,712.
notice to Brian Harris-Kojetin, OMB relationships, the data can provide Average Hours Per Response: 7
Desk Officer either by fax (202–395– information on the social and economic minutes.
7245) or e-mail ( adaptation of and the potential needs of Needs and Uses: This request is for
the foreign-born population over time in approval of an extension to the Monthly
Dated: March 24, 2008. Retail Trade Survey, previously referred
Gwellnar Banks,
the United States. The CPS August 2008
Migration supplement will be the only to as the ‘‘Current Retail Sales and
Management Analyst, Office of the Chief Inventory Survey’’. The Monthly Retail
Information Officer.
comprehensive, nationally
representative source of data on Trade Survey provides estimates of
[FR Doc. E8–6258 Filed 3–26–08; 8:45 am] monthly retail sales, end-of-month
multiple years of entry to the United
States, time outside the United States merchandise inventories, and quarterly
since coming to the United States, e-commerce sales of retailers in the
emigration, and monetary remittances. United States by selected kinds of
DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE business. Also, it provides monthly
Affected Public: Individuals or
households. sales of food service establishments.
Submission for OMB Review; Sales and inventories data provide a
Comment Request Frequency: One time.
Respondent’s Obligation: Voluntary. current statistical picture of the retail
The Department of Commerce will Legal Authority: Title 13 U.S.C., portion of consumer activity. The sales
submit to the Office of Management and Section 182. and inventories estimates in the
Budget (OMB) for clearance the OMB Desk Officer: Brian Harris- Monthly Retail Trade Survey measure
following proposal for collection of Kojetin, (202) 395–7314. current trends of economic activity that
information under the provisions of the Copies of the above information occur in the United States. Also, the
Paperwork Reduction Act (44 U.S.C. collection proposal can be obtained by estimates compiled from the survey
chapter 35). calling or writing Diana Hynek, provide valuable information for
Agency: U.S. Census Bureau. Departmental Paperwork Clearance economic policy decisions and actions
Title: Migration Supplement to the Officer, (202) 482–0266, Department of by the government and are widely used
Current Population Survey. Commerce, Room 6625, 14th and by private businesses, trade
Form Number(s): CPS–263 (MIS–1) Constitution Avenue, NW., Washington, organizations, professional associations,
(L) (8–2007), CPS–263 (MIS–5) (L) (11– DC 20230 (or via the Internet at: and others for market research and
2006). analysis. The Bureau of Economic
OMB Control Number: 0607–0710. Written comments and Analysis (BEA) uses these data in
Type of Request: Reinstatement, with recommendations for the proposed determining the consumption portion of
change, of an expired collection. information collection should be sent Gross Domestic Product (GDP).
Burden Hours: 2,250. within 30 days of publication of this Retail and Food Services Sales during
Number of Respondents: 55,000. notice to Brian Harris-Kojetin, OMB 2007 amounted to $4.5 trillion. The
Average Hours per Response: 1 Desk Officer either by fax (202–395– estimates produced in the Monthly
minute. 7245) or e-mail ( Retail Trade Survey are critical to the
Needs and Uses: The U.S. Census accurate measurement of total economic
Bureau requests authorization from the Dated: March 24, 2008.
activity. The estimates of retail sales
Office of Management and Budget Gwellnar Banks, represent all operating receipts,
(OMB) to conduct the August 2008 Management Analyst, Office of the Chief including receipts from wholesale sales
Migration supplement to the Current Information Officer. made at retail locations and services
Population Survey (CPS). This clearance [FR Doc. E8–6259 Filed 3–26–08; 8:45 am] rendered as part of the sale of the goods,
request covers five topics of BILLING CODE 3510–07–P by businesses that primarily sell at
supplemental inquiry in addition to the retail. The sales estimates include sales
CPS Basic instrument: Citizenship, Year made on credit as well on a cash basis,
of Entry, Residence One Year Ago, DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE but exclude receipts from sales taxes
Residents and Emigrants Abroad, and and interest charges from credit sales.
Transfers. Submission for OMB Review;
Also excluded is non-operating income
As part of the federal government’s Comment Request
from such services as investments and
efforts to collect data and provide timely The Department of Commerce will real estate.
information on migration for policy submit to the Office of Management and The estimates of merchandise
planning, the main citizenship and year Budget (OMB) for clearance the inventories owned by retailers represent
of entry questions have been collected following proposal for collection of all merchandise located in retail stores,
annually on the CPS Basic questionnaire information under the provisions of the warehouses, offices, or in transit for
since 1994. The Migration supplement Paperwork Reduction Act (44 U.S.C. distribution to retail establishments.
to the CPS provides some basic data on chapter 35). The estimates of merchandise
contemporary migration dynamics and Agency: U.S. Census Bureau. inventories exclude fixtures and
population change that is necessary for Title: Monthly Retail Trade Survey. supplies not held for sale, as well as
tracking historical trends. This Form Number(s): SM–44(06)S, SM– merchandise held on consignment
supplement will be instrumental for 44(06)SE, SM–44(06)SS, SM–44(06)B, owned by others. The BEA uses
pwalker on PROD1PC71 with NOTICES

understanding the prevalence and SM–44(06)BE, SM–44(06)BS, SM– inventories data to determine the
nature of changing migration patterns, 45(06)S, SM–45(06)SE, SM–45(06)SS, investment portion of the GDP.
which is necessary as background for SM–45(06)B, SM–45(06)BE, SM– Retail e-commerce sales are estimated
maintaining high data quality, utility 45(06)BS, SM–72(06)S, and SM–20(06)I. from the same sample used in the
and relevance of data, and for policy OMB Control Number: 0607–0717. Monthly Retail Trade Survey to estimate

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