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University of Education

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Department of Management Sciences

Internship Report
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Times New Roman) and is hereby accepted by the evaluation committee. 14. ________________ for the partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of BBA (HONS. 12. 14. Internship Supervisor ________________________ Principal ________________________ (Bold. Lahore (Bold. Times New Roman) . Times New Roman) with specialization in <<FINANCE OR MARKETING OR HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT>> (Bold.University of Education (Bold. Times New Roman) Session (2011-2015) (Bold. 12. 16. Times New Roman) Department of Management Sciences (Bold. 16. Times New Roman) Lower Mall Campus.) (Bold. Times New Roman) This internship report was submitted by __________________ S/o/D/o. Times New Roman) Letter of Undertaking (Bold. ________________________ Roll No. 14. 12.

Scanned copy of the internship certificate (provided by the organization) Attach the scanned or Xerox copy of your (original) Internship Completion certificate provided by the organization.g. Also make a separate list of tables and figures in the table of contents if you have used any. It helps the reader to get a quick glance at the report before reading it in detail. the library staff. Title Page (copy enclosed) 2. 6. Letter of Undertaking (copy enclosed) 3. Lahore Internship Report Format BBA (HONS. 5. Acknowledgement In this section you acknowledge the help and support of all the people who helped you in completion of your internship and internship report e. Dedication (Optional) If you want to dedicate your work to someone. It can be called as micro image of the report.Department of Management Sciences UNIVERSITY OF EDUCATION Lower Mall Campus. 8. Table of contents List the important headings and sub headings in the report with page numbers. family or any other person being supportive with reference to provision of information. discovered and concluded should be mentioned but briefly and concisely following the 7C’s of business communication. course instructor. you may write the dedication note under this section of your internship report. 4. 7. Everything important that you have done.) 1. Brief introduction to the industry (400-500 words) . Executive Summary (600-800 words) Executive summary previews every section of the report in a short form.

Brief Introduction of all the departments e. Main offices ( Without Addresses ) d. Mission and Vision of the organization. Plan of your internship program (300-400 words) a. 9. Product Lines 10. b. Business Volume f.1000 words) a. brochures etc. colleagues etc. Number of employees c. 11.Describe overview of the complete sector in which the organization falls according to the current scenario. corporate objective and market standing. Overview of the Organization (1000-1200 words) a.) and company website. students are expected to collect information from various sources such as interaction with the organization’s personnel (managers. Names of the departments in which you got training and the duration of your training . Policy of the organization d. Competitors e. Comments on the organizational structure Note: In section #7-9. Organizational Structure (900. Introduction of the organization. Starting and ending dates of your internship c. but it is necessary to mention the sources of information in APA format. A brief introduction of the branch/ area office of the organization where you did your internship b. documents. Organizational Hierarchy chart b. Brief history. c. internship supervisor.

Training Program (1000-2000 words) a. Human Resource Management Briefly discuss about the HR practices of the organization like:  Employees recruitment and selection  Training & development  Performance management  Compensation policy 16. b.e Finance. Critical Analysis For Marketing Specialization Only Detailed analysis of Marketing functions/practices at [name of the organization]  Analysis of micro environment of the organization . Financial Analysis Do ratio analysis of the organization 17.12. HRM etc. Structure of your concerned specialization department i. Mention any sub-department if exists under Finance/Marketing/HR department 14. (300-350) a. Number of employees working under Finance/Marketing/HR department c. 13. Detailed description of the task(s) assigned to you OR detailed description of the project assigned. Marketing. Detailed description of the operations/activities performed by the department(s) you worked in. Department hierarchy b. Marketing Functions Briefly discuss about the 4P’s of the organization  Products/Services offered  Pricing strategies  Distribution channels  Promotion 15.

weaknesses. Horizontal Analysis. opportunities and threats of the organization where you have done internship. Vertical Analysis of the organization for last 3 years ) b. Strengths are those qualities which distinguish or give an edge to the organization over other organizations. 18. Financial Analysis ( Detailed Ratio Analysis. Remember that strengths and weaknesses are internal to the organization and represent its culture while opportunities and threats correspond to the environment outside the organization.       Analysis of the macro environment of the organization Industry analysis Forecasting demand Customer analysis Competitor analysis STP Marketing mix strategies For Human Resource Management Specialization Only: Detailed analysis of HR functions at [name of the organization]         HR planning Job analysis Recruitment Selection Orientation Training & development Appraising and managing performance Compensation & benefits For Finance Specialization Only Relate the theoretical concepts with your practical experience during your internship in the organization. c. Execute an overall analysis of the organization including. Competitive Analysis with other organizations of the same industry. a. SWOT Analysis (600-800 words) Clearly describe all the strengths. . Future Prospects of the organization.

Opportunities are the external factors that are helpful in achieving the objectives of the organization. Annexes At the end of your report. 21. 20.200 words) In this section you are required to suggest solutions for all the problems or discrepancies (you have pointed out in critical/ SWOT analysis) found in the organization. interviews. newsletters. questionnaires. . like brochures. 22. features. forms. provide all the references and sources in APA format that you have used for data collection in your Internship Report. Recommendation (100. articles. news reports. columns etc. attach all of the supportive material you have used for the preparation of your report.Weaknesses are the attributes of an organization that are harmful in achieving the objectives of an organization. 19. References & Sources In this section. Threats are the external factors which could damage the business performance of the organization. Conclusion (100-200 words) In this section you are required to describe the organization according to your evaluation/assessment in the light of critical and SWOT analyses.

General Instructions 1. Submissions made after due date shall not be considered. 2015. It is essential to include all parts as stated in the format of fall internship report. DO NOT SKIP any part. SWOT analysis. 2015. 12 Main Headings : 16 Sub Headings: 14 Justified Logo of the company Appropriate header and footer including page numbers Appropriate use of underline. Viva Voce shall be conducted on SEPTEMBER 07. The report should be written following the 7C’s of business communication. Conclusions and Recommendations. and italics . Internship Report should be submitted within the due date which is August 31. bold. 2. Formatting and other Guidelines          Page size A4 Hard Binding as recommended by the University Writing Font style and Size : Times New Roman/Arial. There should be harmony among the ideas that you describe in the Critical analysis. 4. 3.