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On February

19th at the Charlottetown

Airport, Air CClIli:\daJazz staff was informed The fllghtwas scheduled

via telephone

that a certaIn

"V.J.P." would be

late arriving for Air Canada Flight ff 7677 to Montreal. thirty two passengers. At 1720 hrs thirty of the thirty two passengers and Minister of State for the Status of Women "V.I.P." status. They berated

to be in the air at 1725hrs with a flight load of

had already boarded

the plane.

The two remaining




Hon. Helena Guergis and her aide Emily Goucher were at the Air Canada counter Alan Bagley that he almost refused him In a most condescending manner to allow them to board to spite theIr after he told them some of their Mr. McKinley was not in charge of

being so diffIcult and rude to Air Canada representatIve hIm loud Iy and treated Apparently she wasn't

excessIve bags were too large to be carry~oll and should be checked. she ".... knew Ron McKinley". carry-on baggage, more's the pity. screening area, five minutes

At one point the Hon. Helena Guergis told Mr. Bagley that

aware that as Minister of Transportation

At 1720 hrs. Inside the preboard Canada representative considerably forthem

before the time whell the flight was scheduled

to be in the a Ir, Air

Sonja MacMillan already, proceeded

paged both Hon. Helena Guergis and Ms. Goucher to the aircraft with her paperwork. started into the preboard

over the P.A. and after having waited

At 1725 hrs., flight time,Hon. staff. footwear

Helena Guergls and Ms. Goucher she compiled, metal detector,

.area to be screened

by the securIty that her through the

When asked to remove her overcoat might set off the walk through she alarmed

but refused to remove

her blazer, and when informed After proceed1ng

she refused to remove them as well. Officer Melissa Murnaghan.

metal detector,

it and was screened

by Screening

She Was asked to sit down and

remove her footwear seat and huffily started Murnaghan

at this point due to the fact that they had caused the alarm. to rernove her footwear, upon their removal she slammed

At this point the Hon. Helena Guergis took a her boots into the b'!n prOVided by Ms. a single mother working to support . in a credit to her

and then the Minister of State for the Status of Women said to Ms. Murnaghan, did not reply to this comment, nor did the other screening Ms. Murnaghan

herself and her son, "Happy Fucking Birthday to mel professionallsrn, MacEwan, Wanda chlnery, or Andrew Williams. As the footwear

I guess I'm stuck on this hell hole\" Ms. Murnaghan, then put the footwear through

staff on duty; Donald Wood, John Blrt, Andrew the X-ray machine.

cleared the X-ray conveyor, here In sock feet!." security

Hon. Helena Guergls then shouted

at her aide Ms. Goucher to "Get those for me I

not walking around

HaVing then cleared servant Ms. Goucher, area from the apron, MacMillan) to return. something!?"





InCident, and having been handed to wait. Screening

her boots by her personal the preboard seating

Hon. Helena Guergis then attempted

to force open the locked door that separates

upon which Air Canada flight # 7677 continued Hon. Helena Guergis then shoutea

Officer MacEwan, closest to her (Sonja

Informed her that the door was indeed

locked and that she would have to wait for the Air Canada representative across preboard the Air Canada representative

to Mr. MacEwan "Well, can't you call her or while she was airside to be at the airport at least two Taken aback by thIs unnecessarily

Mr. MacEwan replied that no, he had no way of contacting He also told her that passengers The Hon. Helena Guergis then shouted decided

and that she would have to wait. hours before flIght time. lectured venomous response,

were normally requested back across preboard on his part.

to Mr. MacEwan "I don't need to be

about flight time by you I I've been down here working my ClSS for you people." off Mr. MacEwan to end the conversation then decided

Hon. Helena Guergis and her aide Ms. Goucher the preboard screening area and attempt preboard tInted glass that separates

that the best course of action would be to go to the eastern attention by screaming and hammering

end of

to get Ms. MacMillan's

on the sound proof

from airside.

At this point, Sonja MacMillan 7677 to Montreal. As they were being processed preboard, dIscovered


from the plane, and being unaware them without further

of the commotion

caused by the Hon. Helena

Guergis and her aide Ms. Goucher,

she processed

incident ahd allowed them to board Air Canada Fllght #

and allowed to board, Air Ci.'lllada representative

Alan Bagley entered


to see what the sweep of

yelling he had heard way out at the counter two passports Bagley who then returned



Officer Andrew Williams, during a security

and tlckets belonging to Ms. Goucher and Hon. Helena Guergis and gave them to Mr. alld the Hon. Helena Guergls as they were finally headed towards their flight.

them to Ms. Goucher

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