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Vol. 33 No. 5 August 2015

Chancellor Pledges
Tax Avoidance
Crackdown, Welfare
Cuts In Budget

RRMore Flight Options From

Orlando To London

TOURISTS flying between Orlando

and London are getting more options.
Thomas Cook Airlines last month
announced it would start nonstop
flights between Orlando International
Airport and London Stansted airport.
It will mark the first nonstop flight
between the Orlando airport and the
Stansted airport, although passengers
already can fly from Orlando to Gatwick and Heathrow airports in London.
Almost 1.2 million travelers fly
from the United Kingdom to Orlando
each year.
Thomas Cook already flies from
Orlando to Belfast, Manchester and
Glasgow in the British Isles.

RR By Danica Kirka

BRITAINS Treasury chief

George Osborne pledged to
crack down on tax avoidance
and evasion last month in the
first budget put forward by an
all-Conservative government in
nearly two decades.

Freed from the constraints from past

Liberal Democrat coalition partners in
government, Osborne also announced
major cuts on welfare spending in a budget in which he pledged to put economic
security first.
He rewarded Conservative voters
with tax cuts for middle-earners and
those inheriting family homes and
pledged to bolster plans for a so-called
northern powerhouse, pushing for the
creation of another major economic
center that would rival London.
But it was on tax policy that some
of the boldest moves were made. He
abolished special privileges for so-called
permanent non-doms, or people who live
in the country but dont claim legal residence. The status offers tax advantages
and has been widely criticized.
The practice has allowed some of the
worlds wealthiest people to live in Britain and pay no tax on earnings and capital
gains outside the country. Osborne said
changes might cost the country money,
but that an issue of fairness was at hand.
It is not fair that non-doms with
residential property here in the UK can
put it in an offshore company and avoid
inheritance tax, he said. From now on
they will pay the same tax as everyone
else. And most fundamentally, it is not
fair that people live in this country for
very long periods of their lives, benefit
from our public services, and yet operate
under different tax rules from everyone
He said that after a consultation, anyone who is resident in the UK for more
than 15 of the past 20 years will now
pay full British taxes on all worldwide
Osborne also said a levy on banks
would be gradually reduced over the next
six years, while a new eight percent surcharge on bank profits will be introduced
from January 2016.

RR See key Budget

RR1933 Images of Queen

Peforming Nazi Salute Stir

Prince George
2nd Birthday
Mario Testino/Art Partner/Kensington Palace via AP

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and his son Prince George of Cambridge pose for a photo after the
christening of Princess Charlotte of Cambridge at the Sandringham Estate on July 5, 2015 in Kings Lynn,
England. The photo was released in time for Prince Georges second birthday on Wednesday, July 23, 2015.

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Perfect Gift!
A 12-Month
To The
Union Jack!

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One Dead As Migrants Try To Storm Eurotunnel Site

MIGRANTS desperate to reach England
made at least 1,500 attempts to enter
the Eurotunnel terminal overnight, July,
29. One man has died in the French port
town of Calais during the recent events.
A police source told AFP: Our team
found a corpse this morning and the
firefighters have confirmed the death of
this person.
The migrant, a man of Sudanese origin
believed to be aged between 25 and 30,
was hit by a truck that was leaving a
cross-Channel ferry, the police source
The overnight attempts at storming
the Eurotunnel terminal after some
2,000 bids to enter the site were recorded the night before, were described
as the biggest incursion effort in the
past month and a half.
British Prime Minister David Cameron said expressed concern over the
situation and said Home Secretary
Theresa May would chair a meeting
of the governments Cobra emergency

committee to discuss the issue.

This is very concerning, he told
reporters during a visit to Singapore, adding that we are working very closely
with French authorities to address the
For several weeks, there have been
many attempts by migrants to enter the
Eurotunnel premises, with the numbers
of people trying growing significantly in
recent days.
happened overnight, and at
6am, the police
still had quite
a lot of work to
do, said the
police source
of the last attempts, adding
that between
500 and 1,000
migrants were
still around the
tunnel site.

The latest fatality brings the number

of migrants who have died near the
Channel Tunnel terminal site to nine
since June.
Severe delays were affecting travellers on both sides of the tunnel. Operation Stack, involving the closing of
junctions on the M20, was launched in
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BUCKINGHAM Palace expressed its

disappointment July 18 with a tabloid
newspaper for publishing images of a
young Queen Elizabeth II performing
a Nazi salute with her family in 1933,
the year Adolf Hitler came to power.
The palace took the unusual step of
commenting on the report in The Sun
newspaper, which shows the queen
then about seven years old at the
family home in Balmoral, with her
uncle Edward, mother and sister. The
grainy footage also shows Elizabeths
mother making the salute as the family laughs.
It is disappointing that film, shot
eight decades ago and apparently from
Her Majestys personal family archive,
has been obtained and exploited in this
manner, the palace said.
The images, posted on the newspapers website under the headline
Their Royal Heilnesses, shows the
young girls prancing on the grass. A
dog runs underfoot. The girls jump
up and down.
Military historian James Holland
told The Sun that the royals were
I dont think there was a child in
Britain in the 1930s or 40s who has
not performed a mock Nazi salute as a
bit of a lark, he was quoted as saying.
The queens former press secretary, Dickie Arbiter, said the royals
would be relaxed about the release
of the film given the context in which
it was shot and given that the monarchs parents took a fierce anti-Nazi
stand during World War II. But he said
they would be angry about how the
newspaper obtained what is essentially
a home movie.
He noted that the true extent of Nazisms evils became known only later.
The Suns managing editor, Stig
Abell, said the footage was obtained
legitimately. He told the BBC that the
story was not a criticism of the queen
or the Queen Mum.

1 =

uro =

at press time

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August 2015

in the past month . . .

Aggressive Seagulls Argument

Now Involves Individuals
Religious Rights

LLANDUDNO City Councillors, along with

many other seaside towns, have recently
been faced with solving the problem of
aggressive gulls, and restrictions on feeding the birds.
But, last month they were introduced to
a new problem in that doling out fines to
offenders could be illegal on grounds that
they would breach religious rights.
The information came from the areas
head of tourism Jim Jones who tweeted: We
looked at the issue of fines, but were told its
the right to feed birds within some religions!
It is traditional for Ashkenazic Jews,
those from eastern France, Germany and
eastern Europe, to feed birds on the feast of
Shabbat Shirah.
Apparently there are a number of different theories as to how and why the custom
began, including as a reward to birds for
singing songs of praise to God, and a Biblical
reference when birds ate manna which had
been strewn across the fields.
There is a Hindu custom to feed birds
during funerals as they are likened to the
spirits of the dead, according to the book
Encyclopaedia Of The Hindu World.
However, Conwy council distanced itself
from the claims, noting that they were posted
on Mr Joness private Twitter account.
A spokeswoman said: The council has
never been advised of any aspect of feeding
birds being related to religion.
The news comes after seagull attacks in
Cornwall left a pet tortoise and a Yorkshire
terrier dead. In May a Chihuahua puppy was
also killed by the birds. And, another peckish
Seagull tried to nab a Cornish Pasty from a
womans hand.
Prime Minister David Cameron told BBC
Radio Cornwall last month that the bird
problem needs to be solved. I think a big
conversation needs to happen about this,
and frankly, the people we need to listen
to are people who really understand this
issue in Cornwall and the potential effects
it is having.

do was scream for help. I still have a scar

around my ankle over a year later.


New Crop Circle Near

Stonehenge Filmed From Above
Downplayed By Many

THE BELIEVERS and doubters surrounding

crop circles still throw forward theories and
facts on the subject. However, the website
MrGyro was unconvinced there is a paranormal explanation for their origin, because they
have crooked lines.
The website said: If the aliens were able
to travel all the way to Southern England and
felt inclined to leave us a message in the
form of a crop circle, youd think that they
would be able to keep the straight lines of
the formation, well, straight.
[They were the work of] very talented
men with interesting design ideas that translate very well into pleasing crop circles that
people enjoy photographing and analysing.
We think that these men work very
closely with a crop circle photographer with
the aim of delivering designs as and when
they are required.
Crop circles have been widely considered
one of the worlds biggest alien hoaxes since
1991, when hoaxers Doug Bower and David
Chorley were filmed showing how they
made many of the reported crop patterns
discovered in the UK.
Their method used simply wooden planks
and rope to flatten corn in a circular fashion.
While some investigators have crop
circles originate from alien activity, others
have blamed extreme weather such as
tornadoes and rare ball lightning.
Nick Pope investigated UFOs and crop
circles for the Ministry of Defence and is convinced the wheatfield patterns are man made.
He said: Im sorry to disappoint New
Age ufologists, and Ill probably be accused
of still secretly working for the government,
but Im a crop circle sceptic.
It was soon clear to me that while these
patterns were often stunning and intricate,
they were made by people.
Some of these hoaxers plan their patterns on computers, navigate by GPS and
Naked Film Artist Traps
night vision goggles, so it can be quite
Herself Upside Down From A wear
Rope In The Woods
An extraterrestrial civilisation is unlikely
A FILM artists project was turned upside to travel halfway across the cosmos, only
down last month, or, at least she was to start making patterns in crop fields in
Southern England.
dangling from a rope.
MrGyro video of new crop circle online:
Hilde Krohn Huse, a former student of the
University for the Creative Arts in Farnham,
Surrey, was left alone in the woods with her
foot caught in a rope noose.
Thirty-Five Stone Man Told
The 26-year-old was stuck for so long
that her camera battery went flat and she
Hes Not Unhealthy Enough
was only rescued when her cries for help
For NHS Weightloss Surgery
were eventually heard by a friend.
Despite the fact that she messed up, she A MAN who weighs nearly 500lbs (thirty-five
is delighted that her unintentionally dramatic stone) has been told he is not unhealthy
film has been chosen for inclusion in a UK- enough for surgery under the NHS.
Les Price, 45, from Brynithel in South
wide exhibition, New Contemporaries. It is
one of only 37 films featured, selected from Wales, struggles to move and needs help
washing and dressing by his partner Chris1,600 entries, reported Get Surrey.
Krohn Huse is originally from Bergen, tine each morning due to his size.
Price hasnt been able to work for the
Norway, but now lives and works in London. She described her ordeal: After I felt it last nine years due to an accident in his last
tighten I was convinced that I was going to workplace and receives 300 a month in
need my leg amputated or something as the disability allowance.
But this is not enough to afford the 5,000
circulation was cutting off and my body was
gastric sleeve
operation privately and the
the only
I could1 6/17/2015
Fragomen Union
Jack -thing
9:00:58 PM

and the booze must have got the better of

us. We were passing the phone box and
laughing and joking and I said to Lisa Fancy
a quickie? and obviously she did.
Sex in a public place is a criminal offence
and local force the Staffordshire Police have
confirmed they are investigating the images.

NHS says he does not qualify.
Price said: Im heavy enough but not ill
enough for surgery. Ive been told Im not
unhealthy enough because I dont have a
heart condition or sky high blood pressure
and because I have type two diabetes not
type one diabetes.
Price, who takes 17 pills a day for his
aches and pains, believes if he was given
the operation he would be able to get a job
and turn his life around.
Asked whether he has earned the right to
have the surgery free on the NHS, he said:
I worked all my life so why cant I have a
little bit back?
He does admit that he has a big appetite
and loves eating pizza. He weighed 22 stone
before his accident.
Weight-loss is among the more expensive
funded by the NHS. A gastric bypass is
the most common, which costs the NHS
between 9,000 and 15,000 per patient.
A gastric band meanwhile between 5,000
and 8,000.
Treatment is only offered to people with
a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 40 or above.
If someone has Type 2 diabetes they must
have a BMI of 35 or above.
Candidates for weight-loss surgery must
also prove that every other option has been
Patients must also make major lifestyle
changes and adopt a healthy diet both before
and after surgery. Those who undergo the
operation must stay on a lifelong controlled
diet plan and follow an exercise routine.

Photo Of Down Syndrome Boy

In Washing Machine Posted
Online, By Mother

POLICE questioned a mother who posted

a Facebook photo of her Down Syndrome
son in a washing machine with the glass
door closed.
Courtney Stewart, 21, said she took the
picture for a laugh.
Stewart, who has since refused to apologise despite the little boy being in her care
at the time, can be seen holding the door
closed in the picture.
She told The Daily Record: He loves the
washing machine. We took a picture and it
was a laugh. She claims the machine was
unplugged as they awaited a new machine,
and the child climbed into the washing machine himself. But Stewart now knows her
neighbours were not so amused. One person
said: It was terrible to look at. For anyone, let
alone someone who is also a parent, to take
a picture like that and stick it on Facebook for
a laugh is unbelievable. Its no wonder people
are angry about it. People in the town have
been talking about it, because anyone who
has seen it has been left shocked.
Stewart, of Erskine, Renfrewshire, Scotland, has been branded a scumbag, and
allegedly assaulted on her doorstep.

UKIP! The Musical Brings Nigel

Farage Back Again, And Again

Randy Pair Decide On A

Quickie In Phone Box, In
Broad Daylight

A MIDLANDS couple explained, last month,

of how they were on their way to buy fish,
and were struck by the sudden urge to have
sex, and so they did . . . in a telephone box.
The fact they were in the middle of a residential area and that it was still not dark didnt
deter them, nor the spectacle that took place.
Passersby covered their childrens eyes,
and others returned to snap photographs.
None of this stopped the amorous pair. The
horny couple, who were both wearing sunglasses, were seen getting hot and steamy
on the residential street in leafy Tamworth,
Staffordshire; just feet from a garden fence,
in a modern-style phone box.
A passerby said that the man, who was
wearing a t-shirt, was naked on his bottom
half and the blonde-haired woman pulled up
her leggings to just below her backside in a
bid to protect what was left of her modesty,
but they continued their sex session.
Far from being shy about it, theyve actually spoken about their antics.
Gavin Wain, 30, and 41-year-old Lisa
Kerley and they were on their way to buy
fish from a garden centre when passion got
the better of them.
Wain said: We both have fish tanks with
me keeping piranhas and Lisa a couple of
turtles and we were on our way to look at
the fish section. We called at a supermarket
and bought a few bottles. It was a hot day

LEADER of the political party UKIP, Nigel

Farage, resigned and came back and he
was back again in for the form of a musical
at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.
The production is by the Hell Bent Theatre
Company, and it falls firmly in the genre of
The songs written for UKIP! The Musical
hark back to some of the partys greatest
gaffs and nuttiest views over the years,
including the anthems Bongo Bongo Land,
Europa you Raped Her and Lets Pull Up The
And, the big man Mr Farage even appears
in it (or at least a fictionalised version of him).
Nigel Farage is a haunted man. Tormented
by feelings of impotence and inadequacy,
he just doesnt know how to rescue Britain
from Europes clutches. However, following a visitation from the Ghosts of Britains
Past (Churchill) and Britains Quite Recent
(Thatcher) he suddenly sees a way to win

over the public only to watch his plan to

save Britannia backfire spectacularly. Will it
be too late for our anti-hero to save the day,
his country and his wife?
Despite the musical obviously lampooning Farage and his party, writer Cath Day
said there was a good reason for choosing
them as a topic.
She told For the first time in
ages there is a party which is actually dividing
opinion. Like him on not, you cant deny Nigel
Farage is a charismatic figure.

Doris, 99, Told She Is Pregnant

In Hospital Blunder

THE LETTER from the hospital informed

Doris Ayling that she was pregnant last
month. To many women this would bring
joy and celebration. But, Ayling knew there
was something wrong as she is almost
100 years old
The 99-year-old was taken aback to see
the letter, and slightly amused. The notice
said she should bring a urine sample to an
antenatal appointment, even noted her correct date of birth.
Aylings three children, all of whom are
pensioners themselves, realised immediately
they were not about to get a new sibling.
Her 76-year-old son Brian also managed
to see the funny side.
Its very amusing. Shes got enjoyment
out of it and everyone had a good laugh. Its
just one of those things, he said.
Ayling added: I have three children and
20 grandchildren but I havent been pregnant for 70 years.
Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust apologised to Doris and her family, blaming the
mix up on an administrative error.

Woman Married To Her Cat That

Died, Now To Marry Her Dog

DOMINIQUE LESBIREL is still in grief over

the death of her first husband, her cat; but,
this is not stopping her in marrying again.
This time Lesbirel will be marrying her pet
Travis, a dog.
The marriage to Doerack, her cat, came
eight years back, but the 19-year-old feline
was suffering from kidney failure and she
was forced to have him put to sleep.
Lesbirel, 41, said she has now found love
with her dog Travis, and has hopes they will
marry one day.
She concedes, its still too soon to marry
just yet, but said, but one day she will hold
a ceremony to wed.
An online-ordained minister herself,
Lesbirel conducts wedding ceremonies for
other people with their pets
Dominique actually got ordained online
and carries out weddings for other people,
as well as with their pets. She has rules and
boundaries with such ceremonies.
She told Metro: Im happy to conduct
same sex marriages, or to let people marry
more than one pet. I only marry domestic
animals, though. In some parts of the world,
you hear of people keeping lions and tigers
as pets I wouldnt marry people to them.
Lesbirel has recieved criticism over her
beliefs and has received death threats, but
remains undeterred.
The ceremonies are carried out online at and Lesbirel then sends
the newlyweds their marriage certificate.

1717 East Morten Avenue, Suite 180

Phoenix, AZ 85020

August 2015

Page 3

2050 which seems likely when you look back

just 25 years to find a population around 30
percent lower than it is now.
Current Mayor, Boris Johnson, champion
of all things London claims it is the best big
city on the planet. The people meanwhile
seem to be voting with their feet.

The Great Tie Debate

Waterloo Bicentenial

To wear one, or not to wear one, that is

the question for men doing business in the
City of London anyway. In July, the capital
had its hottest day on record as temperatures
soared to 37.4C (99.3F) at Heathrow
Airport. Almost as shocking came news that
the boss at Lloyds of London, Inga Beale had
allowed brokers on the Underwriting Floor to
remove jackets and ties in the heat. For 327
years the worlds leading insurance market
has insisted that men (and it is still, sadly,
overwhelmingly men who work there) should
remain jacketed and tied in all weathers. Very
British and correct of course.
But in fact, ties, they are a changing!
Over recent years, your columnist has been
monitoring the demise of the tie by carrying
out a straw poll on the streets and in meetings. In five years the numbers of tie-less
have jumped dramatically from 40 percent to
around 70 percent. And this is come rain or
shine, summer or winter! What will become
of us all if we have to give up that weird bit
of brightly coloured silk tied, mostly badly,
around our increasingly stocky necks?

Fancy A Dip?
Apsley House
THERES A GREAT place to visit right in the
middle of the traffic at Hyde Park Corner in
London. A fine, Georgian Mansion Apsley
House or more colloquially, Number One
London. The former home of the Duke of
Wellington who famously defeated Napoleon
at the Battle of Waterloo 200 years ago last
month, is open to the public from Wednesday
to Sunday each week. Housing one of the
most stunning art exhibitions in the capital,
including works by Velazquez and Rubens,
this Grade I listed mansion is still, in part,
used as a private residence by the current
Duke of Wellington though the rest of the
Ronald Choularton
Jeff Choularton
Ronald Choularton

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house in managed by English Heritage.

The bicentenary celebrations of the
defeat of Napoleon on that field in Belgium
made famous again in 1974 by Abba with
their Eurovision entry that year brought to
light a modern-day battle between the descendants of those 19th century warriors.
Jean-Christophe Napoleon Bonaparte and
Arthur Mornington, Marquess of Douro and
a direct descendant of the Iron Duke fight
in the financial markets for yield and profit
as rival investment managers in London.
Both represented their respective families
at the commemorations held in June and M
Bonaparte rather startlingly revealed that his
famous ancestor sought political asylum in
London after Waterloo!

Bashing Bulging London

Although no end of people seem to want

to come and live in the teaming metropolis
of London, there have always been those
happy to knock the city. Portuguese professor
Joao Pasados (of Imperial College) recently
referred to local residents as unrestrained
wild beasts while London resident New
Yorker, Hadley Freeman said London was
uncool and way behind New York!
Now, in a new book about Roman Britain
called Journey to Britannia, historical travel
writer, Bronwen Riley points out that back
in those days, Londinium was not a patch
on Rome with its shabby wooden buildings
and miserable public spaces. Despite this
the place clearly had something to offer and
in those early times it grew fast to become
Britains largest city
And somehow, to confound its detractors, this cultural melting pot has remained
a population magnet for centuries, with a
record 8.6 million now living in the capital.
This is predicted to grow to 11 million by

Probably not was my reaction when I

heard about the new swimming pond which
has opened up behind Kings Cross Station.
Kings Cross Pond Club will remain open
for two years offering bathers an opportunity
to engage with nature and swim in an open
area of water, fringed by plants but within site
of guys in hard hats building nearby developments! If this all sounds totally bizarre, you
may be surprised to learn that it follows a long
tradition in London of Natural Swimming.
For years people have been doing this

British Prime Minister David Cameron (R) and London Mayor Boris Johnson
take part in a wreath-laying ceremony in Londons Hyde Park on July 7
in memory of the 52 victims of the 7/7 London attacks.
Prime Minister David Cameron led the
in the Serpentine in Hyde Park and in the
separate Mens and Womens ponds on tributes at the striking memorial to this terrible
Hampstead Heath. The ponds are safe, event in Hyde Park at a service attended by
with lifeguards on duty and look fantastic. victims and their families. Also there were
But beware the water is cold and if you Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and
dont like mud or the odd trailing pondweed former Prime Minister, Tony Blair.
Perhaps the most moving thing on this
tangling around your leg, natural swimming
tenth anniversary though was the indomiis not for you!
table spirit of Londoners. Everyone, from the
Remember, Remember
bus drivers and train staff to policemen on
July 7, 2005 is a date that will live on in duty and strangers walking along the street
infamy. This was the terrible day when home- seemed friendlier, more courteous and at one
grown, radicalised, suicide bombers brought with each other. This is the ultimate weapon
mayhem, carnage and death to the public which will ensure the terrorists never win.
transport system in London. Just the day be- A young Londoner, Aaron Grant-Booker
fore, London had been awarded the Olympic summed up the spirit of London best on
Games in 2012 and a seismic change from the day as an international crossroads of
diversity and ingenuity, tolerance and respect,
euphoria to grief swept the nation.
Sadly the ten year commemorations held challenge and opportunity. Thank goodness,
in London were all the more poignant because there are clearly just too many of us who care
thirty British holidaymakers had just been about each other and humanity generally.
killed by a terrorist while soaking up the sun
on a beach in Tunisia.

Oldest Quran Discovered At University Of Birmingham Library

THE UNIVERSITY of Birmingham in
England disclosed last month that scientific tests prove a Quran manuscript in its
collection is one of the oldest known and
may have been written close to the time
of the Prophet Muhammad.
The announcement by the University
of Birmingham thrilled Muslim scholars
and the local community, which boasts
one of the countrys largest Muslim populations. The find came after questions
raised by a doctoral student prompted
radiocarbon testing that dated the parchment to the time of the prophet, who is
generally believed to have lived between
570 and 632.
This manuscript could well have been
written just after he died, said David
Thomas, a professor of Christianity and
Islam at the University of Birmingham.
Muslim tradition says the prophet
received the revelations of the Quran between 610 and 632 but it wasnt written down immediately. The first leader of
the community after Muhammads death,
Caliph Abu Bakr, ordered the book to be
written and it was completed by the third
leader, Caliph Uthman, in 650.

Thomas said the tests conducted by

Oxford University suggest the animal
from which the parchment was taken was
alive during the lifetime of the Prophet
Muhammad or shortly afterward.
This means that the parts of the
Quran that are written on this parchment
can, with a degree of confidence, be dated
to less than two decades after Muhammads death, he said.
The two parchment leaves contains
parts of suras, or chapters, 18 to 20. The
manuscript is written with ink in an early
form of Arabic script known as Hijazi.
The manuscript has long been part
of the universitys Cadbury Research
Library. But it had been bound improperly and was attached to the leaves of a
manuscript with a similar script that is

not as old.
The carbon dating was undertaken
after a doctoral research student, Alba
Fedeli, noticed difference in the writing.
The library houses approximately
200,000 pre-1850 books and some four
million manuscripts. Funded by Quaker
philanthropist Edward Cadbury of
chocolate fame the collection was acquired to raise the status of Birmingham
as an intellectual center.
Birmingham is also a center of Islam
in Britain, with about 20 percent of the
city describing themselves as adherents
of the faith. The planned display for the
manuscript in October could prove a boon
to the local economy, with adherents
already expressing an interest in traveling to the city to see a piece of history.

Birthday, Anniversary,
or any other reason . . .
a $35 present
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August 2015

Tony Blair Warns UKs Labour: Left Turn Will Lose Voters
RR By Jill Lawless

THE LABOUR Party lost the election.

Now it is losing its way, careening into
a crisis that could rip apart a party that
governed for long stretches of the 20th
Labour is seeking a new leader to
help it regain voters trust, and an oldschool socialist lawmaker who has never
held government office has gone from
longshot to apparent contender to the
horror of party chiefs and the delight of
political opponents.
The strongly anti-austerity Jeremy
Corbyn has risen to second-favorite
among four candidates in bookmakers
odds, behind more centrist legislator Andy Burnham, as he wins over a
growing number of disillusioned Labour
Labour lost power in 2010, and was
trounced by the Conservatives on May
7 in an election polls had predicted would
be close. Voters handed Prime Minister
David Camerons party another five-year
term, convinced by its argument that
spending cuts were needed to reduce
a huge deficit created by Labours eco-

Tony Blair
nomic mismanagement.
Former Prime Minister Tony Blair,
who led Labour to three consecutive
election victories, made a rare return to
British politics last month to warn his
old party that Labour needs to win from
the center. He said adopting an oldfashioned leftist platform of tax-andspend policies would alienate voters just
as it did during the 1980s, when Labour
floundered as Conservative Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher moved Britains

UKs Battered Liberal Democrats

Elect New Leader: Tim Farron
BRITAINS centrist Liberal Democrat
party last month elected Tim Farron
one of eight Lib Dem lawmakers remaining after an electoral drubbing in May as
the partys new leader.
The party announced that the 45-yearold had received 19,137 votes from party
members compared with 14,760 for rival
Norman Lamb.
Farron said his task was to turn
millions of liberals throughout the UK
into Liberal Democrats. But he leads a
decimated, demoralized party.
The Liberal Democrats were the
junior party in Britains Conservativeled government from 2010 to May 2015
alienating many supporters who saw
the party back policies it had previously
opposed, including higher university

Tim Farron
tuition fees.
Britains May 7 national election
reduced the Lib Dems from 56 seats in
Parliament to eight. Most of the partys
best-known figures lost their seats and
former deputy prime minister Nick
Clegg resigned as party leader.

economy to the right.

Blair, who left office in 2007, told the
party to move on but for heavens sake
dont move back.
All parties go through soul-searching
after losing an election, but Labours crisis is more profound. At the heart of the
problem is an unresolved identity crisis.
Labour was built as the party of the industrial working class, then transformed
by Blair and his New Labour colleagues
to embrace private investment, personal
wealth and the financial sector.
Blairs approach gave Labour 13 years
in power between 1997 and 2010. But
many members believe the party has
abandoned its principles. And many have
not forgiven Blair for taking Britain into
the US-led Iraq war.
The contenders to replace departed
leader Ed Miliband are three lawmakers
in their 40s from the New Labour generation Burnham, Yvette Cooper and Liz
Kendall and 66-year-old Old Labour
stalwart Corbyn.
Corbyn accuses his rivals of offering
austerity light and providing no alternative to Conservative spending cuts.

He argues for more public investment

in infrastructure and higher taxes for
corporations and the rich.
I think we need a different economic
agenda, he said last month.
For Labour supporters who want the
party return to its traditional values,
Corbyn has a grandma and apple pie
appeal, said Victoria Honeyman, a politics lecturer at the University of Leeds.
But most Labour leaders agree with
Blair that voters have become economically more conservative and must be
persuaded they can trust Labour to balance the books.
Like Donald Trump in the US Republican presidential race, Corbyn exposes a
split between some grassroots members
who love his outsider status and party
chiefs who consider him electoral poison,
with outmoded economic ideas and an
embarrassing past attending meetings
with members of the IRA and Hezbollah.
Still, five years is a long time in politics.
Many Conservatives had low expectations
of Margaret Thatcher when she was unexpectedly elected to head the party in 1975.
She spent 13 years in power.

Last News Of The World Journalist

Sentenced Over Phone Hacking
FOUR YEARS after a phone-hacking
scandal sank the News of the World, the
last of the tabloids journalists to face
charges has been sentenced.
A judge last month gave ex-features
editor Jules Stenson a four-month suspended sentence and 200 hours community service for conspiring to hack
phones. Stenson had pleaded guilty.
The July 2011 revelation that the Rupert Murdoch-owned tabloid had eavesdropped on the voicemails of a teenage
murder victim rocked Britains media,
political and police establishments.
Murdoch shut down the 168-year-old
newspaper, and his News Corp cooperated with a police investigation that saw
dozens of staff arrested.

Nine have been convicted of hacking,

including Andy Coulson, a former editor
who served as Prime Minister David
Camerons communications chief. He
was sentenced last year to 18 months
in prison.

The Perfect Gift

- A Union Jack
Subscription See Page 3

Obama To Britain:
Stay In EU
BARACK OBAMA has said the United
States will have more faith in its transAtlantic alliances if Britain remains part
of the European Union.
The president told BBC in an interview broadcast last month that Britains
membership in the 28-nation bloc gives
the US much greater confidence about
relations with Europe.
Prime Minister David Camerons
government is committed to having an
in-out referendum on EU membership
by the end of 2017.
Obama and other US officials have
consistently supported British membership. In a news conference with Cameron
last year, Obama said that having Britain
in the EU helps the US
Obama says that Britain will best
maintain its influence by staying in the
EU and praised the trans-Atlantic alliance as having made the world safer and
more prosperous since World War II.

Cuts In Budget
Continued from page 1
New national living wage will be
introduced for all workers aged over 25,
starting at 7.20 an hour from April 2016
and set to reach 9 by 2020 giving an
estimated 2.5 million people an average
5,000 rise over five years
Low Pay Commission to advise on
future changes to rates
Inheritance tax threshold to increase to 1m, phased in from 2017,
underpinned by a new 325,000 family
home allowance
Personal allowance, at which people
start paying tax, to rise to 11,000 next
year. The government says the personal
allowance will rise to 12,500 by 2020, so
that people working 30 hours a week on
the minimum wage do not pay income tax
The point at which people start
paying income tax at the 40p rate to rise
from 42,385 to 43,000 next year
Mortgage interest relief for buy-tolet homebuyers to be restricted to basic
rate of income tax

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August 2015

Page 5

Scotland Charges
Desperate Visitors
Six Bob A Go

British Teen Accused Of Plot

To Commit College Massacre
A BRITISH teenager planned a gun
and bomb attack
on a college that
had kicked him out
for bad behavior, a
prosecutor said last
Liam Lyburd,
19, is on trial for
allegedly amassing an arsenal to target
Newcastle College in northern England.
He was expelled in 2012 for being disruptive in class.
Prosecutor Nick Dry told jurors at
Newcastle Crown Court that a file recovered from Lyburds computer titled
Newcastle College said: You ruined
my whole life ... I will teach you a little
lesson on respect with my 9mm hollow

It also said, yes people will die,

theres no question about that.
Police computer expert Paul Wells
said Lyburds laptop was used to access a
Dark Web marketplace site called Evolution. A user named Donald Trump
paid for gun parts and ammunition with
the online currency Bitcoin.
Lyburd was arrested November 3 after
police received a tipoff from someone
alarmed by his Facebook posts.
Dry said Lyburd told police he had
planned a massacre but also said the
plot was a fantasy he did not plan to
carry out.
Lyburd has pleaded guilty to making
pipe bombs and explosive devices, and
possessing a 9mm Luger Glock gun,
bullets and CS gas. He denies possessing
the items with intent to endanger life.

I mean Ill never

I HAVE DISCOVERED a fully-functioning
a double yet while we were at the hotel the
gold mine in Dunkeld, Scotland. Domestic understand how
car park never had more than two other cars
upheaval forced me out of my house in a cup of tea can
in it, implying that there must have been a
Shropshire for a week and we sought refuge cost so much. One
number of single rooms vacant and we could
in Pitlochry which is one of the jewels in tea-bag in a cup of
have found a standard double at a lower rate.
Highland Perthshires crown and just up the boiling water with a
I havent yet found a way round this online
splosh of milk and a
road from Dunkeld,
con-trick but I think the answer must be to
By chance we were recipients of some of tube of white sugar
find out the contact details of the hotel you
the most marvellous weather the British Isles and youre looking
want and ring them direct. It may take a little
can throw at you. The sun simply fried us. at something around
extra effort but at least you can get your info
To put it into context, it had rained the week 2. Two pounds
straight from the horses mouth.
before and neatly bookended the heatwave sterling! And you
But I dont wish to be churlish. For visitors
with rain the following week. But mid-June can get yourself a slice of Victoria sponge. with plenty of cash, Scotland is a dream come
Not massive you understand, a two-inch true. You can go to Blair Castle, be greeted by a
was simply glorious.
The first thing that occurs to you as you segment perhaps. And that will set you back lone piper and eat a veritable feast. Or you can
drive from Carlisle upwards is how far away 2.80 (and probably more). Look at a 12- stay in Pitlochry and dine at the Atholl Palace
Scotland is. By the time you have sped from inch cake and work out what the cake will on the a la carte menu for 22.
A TEENAGER and her mother last are estimated to seek the procedure
the border up on the M74 running beside makemaybe 16 slices. At least forty-five
month lost a legal challenge against in England, where it is legal. Both
WH Audens railway track with his words pounds. Crazy.
The Festival Theatre is certainly worth a rule that prevents women from Northern Ireland and England are
Hotels these days seem to be exclusively
This is the night mail crossing the Border,
Bringing the cheque and the postal order online and ultra-cheap to reserve a room lashing out for: we saw Alan Bennetts The Northern Ireland from receiving free part of the United Kingdom, but
the health services are separately
endlessly haunting your mind, a tune that in this way. Yes but...things arent always Lady in the Van on its opening night. A joyous abortions in England.
The 18-year-old from Northern controlled.
will not go away, a hundred miles have run what they seem. Admittedly the process is evening and a stage on which all manner of
Three judges last month upheld a
beneath your tyres. And Pitlochry is a further pretty straightforward: you find a site and vehicles, including a helicopter, ended on Ireland, who cannot be named to proprevious
High Court decision ruling
type in your preferred dates and accomton past Glasgow.
For my money the countryside cries out traveled to England for an abortion that the teenager wasnt entitled to
The distance makes you realise that modation requirements. Thats all there is to
England is a foreign country. It was this it. Just sit back and click on what you want. for leisurely drives. You may encounter Dull in 2012. She had to pay 600 for it a state-funded abortion in England.
A lawyer acting for the women
thought along with Night Mail that kept It was a method which secured us bed and on your travels but you could also end up at because she was excluded from free
say they plan to appeal to Britains
recurring during our stay.
breakfast for four nights in Pitlochry, and the Riverside cafe in Kinlock Rannoch. Its abortion services.
Abortions are illegal in Northern Supreme Court.
when I showed my booking forms to the where heaven touches the earth at least in
My clients did not give up last
Ireland except in extreme cases
It was a realisation that was constantly man on reception, he commented, What a the celestial shortbread department.
and do not intend to give up
reinforced by the Scottishness of everywhere. good price too!
said the lawyer, Angela Jackrisk
In truth, away from centres of population,
Scotland seems to produce nothing but itself.
Except that it clearly wasnt. Our travelling park on the north end and youll end up paying at least 1,000 Northern Irish women man.
Tweed, for instance, is everywhere all the friend had been required to take a double a pound an hour parking
Located next to the
Come visit our NEWEST STORE
various tartans and tweedy cloths. In every room whilst we were foisted with a supe- and 30p for a pee (men
shop, every service station, every cafe, every rior double. We managed to sneak a peek or women). Thats 6/- in Shakespeare Pub & Grille SAN DIEGO
in East County
hotel room. You cannot escape it.
at her cheaper, lesser room and there was old money. Six bob! Can
And every shop is like an Edinburgh absolutely no difference between the two. you Adam and Eve it?
Woollen Mill shop with a mind-boggling ar- She was obliged to pay through the nose for
ray of sales stuff from
Pringles socks (to my
mind the best in the
world) throughout an
enormously depressing range of sensible
womens clothing and
out the other side
more shortbread bisAfternoon Tea
cuits and bottles of
scotch than you can
3719 India St, SAN DIEGO, CA 92103
shake a stick at.
Every 6 weeks we host a themed
tea this is our schedule so far.
8401 La Mesa Blvd,
Dont get me wrong.


MESA, CA 91942
Scotland is beautiful


and, as a spiritual
homeland for so many,
it will never cease to
please and delight. Its
(619) 683-BRIT
Mon-Sat: 10am-6pm
just that the longer you
SHOPPE HOURS Mon-Fri: 10am-8pm
Sundays: 11am-5pm
stay there, the more
OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK Weekends 9am-8pm
you are convinced that
one day not long from
email: |
now, Scotland will beDunkeld . . . whatever happened to spending a penny?
come independent.
One of the things that dominated the
General Election two months back was immigration. Nigel Farages UKIP party made
sweeping advances in votes all up the East
coast as a result of the numbers of European
migrants working in that area. In consequence, David Cameron is seeking to mollify
his euro-sceptics and UKIP by renegotiating
membership terms and reducing immigration.
But in Scotland, the hotels and restaurants
seem to be staffed exclusively by men and
women with unidentifiable European accents.
They are charming, ultra-efficient people
whose presence speaks of an overwhelming
Scottish demand to remain securely in the
European Union. Doubtless their wages manage to keep down the cost of living north of
the border. Though living remains expensive.
The price of things is to my mind inordinately high. Youll see a gewgaw in one of the
thousands of souvenir shops and the price
will be double what youd imagine with an
extra 99p tagged on!




Teen, Mother Lose Challenge

Against UK Abortion Ruling

rner Shoppe

(619) 464-BRIT

Page 6

August 2015

Potential Changes To The

Investor Green Card Program
CONGRESS created the EB-5 Program in
1990 to stimulate the US economy through
job creation for US workers and capital
investment by foreign investors. Also known
as the Immigrant Investor Program, the fifth
employment-based preference (EB-5) visa
category permits immigrants seeking to
enter the US to invest their capital in a new
commercial enterprise that will benefit the US
economy and create at least 10 full-time jobs.
To encourage immigration through the EB-5
category, Congress created a temporary pilot
program in 1993, entitled Immigrant Investor
Pilot Program permitting investment in a
range of business and economic development opportunities within designated regional
centers. In 2012, Congress reaffirmed its
commitment to the regional center investment
model by removing the word Pilot from the
over twenty-year old program, and by providing a reauthorization of the regional center
model up until September 2015.
Since the programs inception in 1990, it
has received mixed reviews. On the one hand,
the unprecedented growth in the program
during the past five fiscal years undeniably illustrates its popularity. For example,
USCIS published data indicates that the
office received 1,031 I-526 applications in
the 2009 fiscal year. In the 2014 fiscal year,
the office received an astronomical 10,928
I-526 applications, which represents an over
950 percent increase in the number of I-526
applications received by the office. The I-526
application is the first step of the EB-5 green
card process, in which the applicant demonstrates his/her eligibility for the classification
that is sought. The immense popularity of the
program is also illustrated by the fact that for
the first time ever, in May of 2015, China was
the first country to reach its annual allotment
of visas for the 2014 fiscal year.
On the other hand, along with the surge
in the popularity of the program came more
oversight and enforcement measures initiated
in an effort to combat fraud and misrepresentation. In February of 2013, the Securities and
Exchange Commission (SEC) filed its first
action against defendants Anshoo R. Sethi,
A Chicago Convention Center, LLC (ACCC),
and Intercontinental Regional Center Trust of
Chicago (IRCTC) for their roles in raising approximately $158m from nearly 300 investors
as part of a fraudulent scheme that targeted
EB-5 investors. Since this seminal case,
there has been strong interagency coopera-

tion amongst USCIS, the Federal Bureau of

Investigation (FBI), Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), and US intelligence
agencies to address the challenges facing the
EB-5 Program. These recent developments
illustrates the need for thorough due diligence
on behalf of each of the parties involved in
the process.
With the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program
scheduled to sunset in the next few months
unless it is reauthorized again, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles Grassley
and Ranking Member Patrick Leahy recently
introduced S.1501 (the American Job Creation and Investment Promotion Reform
Act of 2015,) on June 5, 2015. If passed,
although the Bill will not make the Immigrant
Investor Program permanent, it will reauthorize it for another five years, until September
30, 2020. Some of the notable key provision
of the Bill includes:
Increase in Investment Amount The
minimum investment account will increase
to $800,000 for investments in Targeted
Employment Areas (TEAs) and $1.2m for
investments outside of a TEA. The current
minimum investment amount is $500,000
and $1m for investments in a TEA and nonTEA, respectively;
Source of Funds Each investor must
not only demonstrate that his/her capital
investment into the new commercial enterprise is lawful, but also demonstrate that the
administrative fees that he/she typically pays
to a regional center is also lawfully sourced
as well. EB-5 capital obtained from gifts
may only come from the applicants spouse,
parent, child, sibling, or grandparent, thereby
limiting the specific source of the gift to immediate family members only. Loans must
be secured by assets owned by the applicant
and issued by a reputable banking or lending
Redefining TEA Designations For
investments in TEAs that are located in a
metropolitan statistical area or a combined
statistical area, at least 50 percent of the
projects job creation must be within these
areas for job calculation purposes. If the TEA
is outside of a metropolitan statistical area
or a combined statistical area, at least 50
percent of the jobs must be created within the
county in which the TEA is located;
Restrictions on Job Credits Only
a maximum of 90 percent of jobs created
may come from indirect jobs for each EB-5

investor. Moreover, EB-5 investors may only

receive credit for up to 30 percent of jobs
created as a result of capital investment
provided by non EB-5 investors, such as
US citizens and lawful permanent residents.
Jobs estimated to be created under a tenantoccupancy economic methodology will not
be counted for job calculation purposes;
Increased Transparency in Offering Documents Investment and offering
documents must lay out the investment
risks associated with the investment into
the enterprise, conflicts of interest that may
arise between the different parties involved,
the names and contact information of anyone
that has received or the new commercial
enterprise knows will receive any financial
compensation in relation to the investment,
amongst other disclosures and reporting
Premium Processing Option Premium processing of business plan applications
relating to an investment in a regional center
commercial enterprise may be available;
Establishment of EB-5 Integrity Fund
The Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
will establish an integrity fund in which they
collect an annual fee of $20,000 from each
regional center. The fees in the fund will be
used for a variety of regional center compliance measures, such as audits and site visits,
to monitor and investigate program-related
events, to detect crime and fraudulent activities, to conduct investigations, and other
enforcement tactics;
Concurrent filing of I-526 and Adjustment of Status Application If a visa number
is immediately available at the time of the
I-526 filing, one may concurrently file the
I-526 petition and I-485 adjustment application. (Comment: This proposal will likely impact those children who are aging-out, and
a visa is not immediately available to them.)
Although the Bill has yet to become law,
it has already received bi-partisan support at
the highest governmental levels, illustrating
how both parties recognize the importance of
the EB-5 Program. If passed, the provisions
of the Bill will have far-reaching effects on the
Program. Only time will tell what changes will
be implemented, but until then, stay tuned!
There are various varieties of EB5 green
card opportunities. With proper due diligence
and attention to detail, this can be an effective
way to achieve a green card in the US.
Mitch Wexler is a Partner with Fragomen
Worldwide, the largest immigration law firm in
the world. He manages the firms Irvine and LA
offices and serves on
the firms Executive
Committee. Mitch is
a California State Bar
certified specialist in
immigration & nationality law and has
been practicing immigration law for 30
years. He welcomes
all queries:

Dozens Of Police Officers

Injured In Belfast Rioting

POLICE in Northern Ireland say some 24 officers were hurt in riots that were touched
off when a Protestant brotherhood was blocked from marching past a Catholic district.
The police federation chair, Mark Lindsay, condemned the violence. Rioters attacked
officers with bricks, bolts and projectiles.
Lindsay appealed for calm July 14, the morning after police blocked the Orange Order
parade from passing Ardoyne, a power base of the outlawed Irish Republican Army.
At a Catholic counter demonstration in Ardoyne, a motorist appeared to drive his car
deliberately into the crowd, striking a 16-year-old girl and pinning her under a wheel.
Police and civilians tipped it on its side to free her.
Police have blocked the annual Orange parade past Ardoyne since 2013, where Orangemen and supporters rioted for hours.


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lunch buffet. 11:30 - 3pm. DINNER 5-10:30PM

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SINCE 1991

Daniel Craig, Judi Dench Urge

UK Government To Back BBC
RR By Jill Lawless

STARS INCLUDING Daniel Craig and

Judi Dench are urging the British government to protect the BBC, as the publicly
funded broadcaster faces budget cuts
and political pressure for its ambitions
to be curbed.
Harry Potter author JK Rowling and
naturalist David Attenborough also
signed last months letter to Prime Minister David Cameron, calling the BBC a
creative force for good and the envy of
the world.
A diminished BBC would simply
mean a diminished Britain, the letter
The BBC runs multiple commercialfree TV and radio stations and websites,
funded largely through a 145 annual fee
paid by TV-owning households.
It faces a cash squeeze after agreeing
to pay for free TV licenses for people
over 75, and the fees future is in doubt as
more people watch programs on computers, tablets and phones.
The BBC also faces renegotiating the
terms of its governing charter with what
some consider a hostile government.
Some in Camerons Conservative
Party think the BBC should focus on
public service broadcasting and stop
making big-budget entertainment shows
such as singing contest The Voice and car

JK Rowling and David Attenborough

were among numerous celebrities
urging the government to support
the BBC.
program Top Gear.
The broadcaster is regularly accused
of political bias by both left and right
and is criticized by commercial rivals for
its size and secure funding.
The government was due to publish
a paper outlining ideas for the BBCs
future, and has appointed a panel of
eight people several from the world
of commercial broadcasting to work
on renewal of the broadcasters charter,
which runs out at the end of 2016.
BBC Director-general Tony Hall said
that audiences do not want a significantly smaller BBC.
He said the idea of a much-diminished BBC ... is often put forward by people with their own narrow commercial
interests or ideological preconceptions.

Suspect Held After Fatal Road

Rage Stabbing In England
POLICE HAVE arrested a 34-yearold suspect in the fatal stabbing of a
great-grandfather following a minor
traffic collision in southern England
last month.
Armed officers arrested the suspect
following a manhunt that started after
the death of 79-year-old Donald Lock.
Lock was believed to be on his
way home when he struck the back
of another car in West Sussex, south
of London. Police said the suspect

stabbed Lock in a frenzied attack

after Lock got out of his vehicle.
The victims family said Lock had
been an active bicyclist who recently
recovered from cancer.
Automobile Association President
Edmund King said such incidents are
thankfully rare in Britain, where
handguns are not common.
He urged motorists to back down
and try to avoid confrontation with
other drivers out there.

August 2015

Page 7

Government Wont Let Police Use Water Cannons

THE GOVERNMENT has refused to
let police in England and Wales use
second-hand water cannons purchased
after 2011 riots.
Home Secretary Theresa May said
last month she would not authorize the
cannons deployment in cases of civil unrest. She cited risks including concussion
and spinal fractures, and noted a case in
Germany in which a man was blinded by

a water cannon.
May also said they could be counterproductive in areas with a history of
social unrest or mistrust of the police.
London Mayor Boris Johnson authorized the Metropolitan Police to buy
three 25-year-old water cannons from
Germany last year.
Johnson said obviously, I dont necessarily agree with Mays decision.



MICHAEL DISCOVERS his son Gavin isnt his

son Gavin after all. Its Andy pretending to be
Gavin and when Michael finds out the truth has
been kept from him he gets blotto in the Bistro.
Hes so drunk he blurts out his family secrets
to anyone wholl listen. Back at Eileens, she
and Michael grow close, very close. So close
he ends up lying on top of her on the sofa but
they dont get to do the deed as he suffers a
massive heart attack. Michaels rushed to
hospital and Gail turns up to see her husband.
But Michael wants nothing to do with her after
the lies she told him about his son Gavin. When
Gail finds out that Eileen was responsible for
bringing on Michaels heart attack with a spot
of rumpy-pumpy she challenges Eileen to a
fight in the Street.
Kylie Platt returns this month. Shes off
the drugs now, begs David to take her back
and is ready to take on Callum in the fight for
little Max. David isnt sure he wants her back
but crumbles when confronted by Callum. He
knows that the only way to win Max back is
to put on a united front with Kylie.
Its baby Mileys christening and just as in
any good soap scene set in a church, it doesnt
go to plan. Sometimes its a bride who runs out
of a wedding. Sometimes its a grieving relative
who sneaks out of a funeral. This time it was
the mother who abandons her baby halfway
through its christening. Faye doesnt want the
baby, she doesnt love it, and finally she has
the guts to stand up to bossy Anna and tell her
all of this. Its Tim who consoles his daughter
and talks Anna round to seeing things through
Fayes eyes. Its a hard decision for them all

Part 2 (contd from last month)

KUSH AND SHABNAM get back together and
quickly engaged, but threatening to spoil it:
Kush is really attracted to Shabs BFF Stacey.
Another spoiler in the wings: The jig is up on
the baby Shabnam secretly had by Dean and
gave up for adoption. Masood is pushing to
bring the girl into their lives, against Shabnams
wishes. He finds her and when Shabs still
wont have anything to do with her, he gives the
info to Shirley, who tells Dean, who promptly
barges into Kush and Shabnams engagement
party and stops it cold, shouting about their
daughter. Duf-duf
Across the SquareAbi is the last person
in the English speaking world to realize that
boyfriend Ben is gay, thanks to his new, irresistible boyfriend, grandson of the Cokers
Kat and Alfie have had nothing but bad luck
since forever, but things finally turn around
as Alfie wins a million dollars on a scratch
off lottery ticket! But they dont stay lucky for
long. They decide to move to Spain and buy
a pub, but when going for their medical clearance check ups, doctors discover a mass on
Alfies brain. On the plus side, he has a brain
(we werent sure till now). On the minus side,
its a tumor. But denial and deceit are Alfies
middle names, so he doesnt go to the follow
up appointments, and doesnt tell Kat either.
Instead he lets her think they are going off for
a happy, fresh start in Spain. They pile all their
belongings into a trailer and set off for Spain
by car, leaving us to wonder if its a metaphor

to make, but one thats ultimately for the best,

and baby Miley goes to live with the Hodges,
her other grandparents. Shes done well for
herself, mind, has Miley. Its very bay window
round by where the Hodges live.
Brian Packham returns and lounges around
the Barlows house in Kens kimono, making
himself at home. Brian wants to get back with
Julie but shes adamant that shell have nothing
more to do with Brian, and that its Dev she
loves. Devs not so sure, hes got his eye on
Talisa who he met in India and he woos her
with words in the back room of the shop.
Words which Julie overhears. She splits up
with Dev and Brian takes up his final chance
to get back with Julie.
Roys friend Cathy meets Fiz, who returns
this month after looking after her mum in
Wolverhampton. Fiz, quite rightly, is protective
of Roy and wonders what Cathys game is.
Cathy seems very nice but theres something
not quite right. And when she tells Fiz first that
her boilers broke at home, and her freezers
packed in, and then a pile of unpaid bills comes
tumbling from her handbag, it seems clear that
Cathys in a bit of a state. Oh but if anyone can
help her, its Roy.
Nicks got some thinking to do as he falls
deeper for Carla this month and the two of them
share a snog on the cobbles. But then Erica
suffers a miscarriage and loses the baby that
would have cemented her relationship with
Nick. Where will Nicks loyalties lie?
Its quiz night in the Rovers Return and
Ken sets the questions, aided by Deirdre over
the telephone who gives him some questions
about popular culture. Mentions of Deirdre are
there to guide us, I believe, to her upcoming
farewell which will not be easy to watch for
any Coronation Street fan.
Glenda Young
Coronation Street Blog
for taking their baggage with them wherever
they go and also wonder where they got all
that stuff (since theyd just lost everything in
a house fire). Anyway, one suspects that the
brain tumor is a way of kicking the can down
the road with regard to the question of whether
Alfie returns or not, but it allows Kat to return
without him, if Jessie Wallace chooses and
thats a good thing!
To keep up with all things EastEnders,
just email me here at the Launderette and
Ill sign you up for the FREE E20Chronicles
And if youd like to keep up with all things
Downton Abbey (as well as all the other great
British programs on PBS, read my Downton
Abbey Dish blog on Next
up on the blog: An interview with EastEnders
scriptwriting icon Sarah Phelps whose new
series The Crimson Field premiered on PBS
Sunday night, June 21. Sarah is both the
creator and writer of The Crimson Field. It
tells the stories of the nurses who cared for
the wounded during WWI, and it is definitely
worth a watch!
Are you on Twitter? If you are, you can
follow me on Twitter at @E20Launderette.

Nessie Mystery Could Be Solved

Not A Monster, A Catfish
FROM ITS alleged early sightings in
1400 when St Columbia purportedly
commanded the beast to retreat after
it attacked several people in the River
Ness; to the modern-day sightings
beginning in the 1930s when that
photograph (which turned out to be a
hoax) was snapped of the long-necked
Loch Ness Monster, it has baffled and
intrigued millions.
But, now a man who has dedicated
a huge part of his life to study the legendary story claims to have solved the
question: Is, or was, there a monster in
the depths of the Loch? Steve Feltham,
52, has dedicated 24 years to his search
for the monster, and now feels his work
has not been in vain.
Last month Feltham announced that
he believes he has finally solved the
mystery and the true face of Nessie is
in probability a huge Catfish.
The Wels, or European catfish, was
introduced to the lock in Victorian times
to give fishermen a trophy specimen.
The non-native giant species can grow
to 13 feet and has an almost sea monster
Feltham gave up his job, home and
girlfriend, to focus on tracking Nessie,
but has never had a sighting of anything
prehistoric or unknown.
Celebrities who have come looking for
the monster during that time included
Robbie Williams, Billie Connolly, and
Charlie Sheen who reportedly brought
a leg of lamb as bait for the creature
in 2013.

Nessie Hunter Steve Feltham

Photo: Facebook

(left) The famous 1934 photo of

Now Feltham says hes convinced
the legendary Scottish monster is just
a myth.
Despite the realisation he was chasing
a more mundane explanation, he said: I
certainly dont regret the last 24 years.
And he still lives in a caravan on the
shore of the lock selling Nessie knick

knacks to tourists.
Will his conclusion kill of the legend
once and for all? Probably not hoax pictures being exposed have failed to do that
nor unsuccessful sonar searches.
Plus, the first recorded sighting dates
back to the 6th century AD, so how does
he account for that, believers will say.


Thinking Of Going Home The Chancellors Welcome Mat!

FOR MANY Brits the emotional pull of home
is strong albeit to the country we left, rather
than the country as it is now! Whether as an
option worth exploring, a definite plan or with
the idea of splitting retirement between the US
and the UK, spending more time in the UK is
a good choice for many people once they no
longer have a work commitment (and short
US vacation time) to consider.
In his second Budget speech of 2015 on
July 8, George Osborne, the Chancellor of
the Exchequer, has put a spoke in the wheels
for people wanting to make this decision in
stages. Firstly, though, I want to comment
on another development.
Last month I wrote about the UK governments suggestion that a tax-free personal
allowance should no longer be available to
UK citizens living outside the UK. Theres
nothing further on this in the Finance Bill just
issued, but there are mentions of the personal
allowance being connected to the minimum
wage and other references to the allowance
being available to people with earned income.
Since UK citizens living overseas (us!) are
unlikely to have UK earned income, I see this
as a quiet way of connecting the two ideas,
earned income and personal allowance.
Additionally, the change the Chancellor
is hoping to introduce in April 2017 (and Ill
come to the details in a minute), is contained
in a section on non-doms. Not a group of
people with the best PR record, non-doms
are generally considered to be the small
group of people who spend a lot of time in
the UK, but because they are domiciled else-

Jolly Good
Pork Pies
Sausage Rolls



Our Name Says It All!

(323) 290-2265

FAX: (323) 294-3943

Los Angeles, CA 90043

where, can claim beneficial UK tax treatment,

also known as paying very little tax!
The chances are high that if youve been
living in the US for more than five years you
will have lost your domicile in the UK and
now have one here, in your state of residence
(domicile is by state, rather than the US as
a whole). But we are paying tax, just not in
the UK, and being tarred with the non-dom
brush so far as the great British public is
concerned is not an attractive option!
I think this is a major change in the way
non-resident British citizens are viewed by the
UK government. Certainly, the presentation
seems to be that you are either a contributor
to the UK project or a non-contributor, and
if we want to be seen as making a different
contribution, we are going to have to make
the point loudly. I had always felt the UK
was more relaxed about its overseas citizens
because historically it had needed many,
many people to be prepared to populate,
administrate and govern the pink parts of
the world. Maybe its just a question of that
being true then, but this is now and the rules
have changed!
Now to get back to the change the Chancellor is suggesting. I cant put it any better

than the wording in the government note on

the proposal:The government wants to make it
harder for individuals who have a UK
domicile at the date of their birth to claim
non-dom status if they leave the UK and
acquire a domicile of choice in another
country but subsequently return here.
So there we have it! If you were born in the
UK, you will be treated as having a UK domicile as soon as your residence is reinstated
in the UK. There will be discussion on this,
which I will keep you informed about, but this
has implications for UK inheritance tax (and
US estate tax), in addition to removing the
possible income tax advantages mentioned
earlier. Careful planning is then essential,
before you take steps toward becoming UK
resident once more!
Mary-Heather Styles has no current plan to
return to the UK; her American husband would
not easily adapt! She intends to stay in Phoenix
for the foreseeable future, continuing to give
international tax and being surprised by UK
visitors who want to sunbathe in the Arizona
summer! She can be contacted at (602) 8451420 or




McVities Biscuits, Typhoo Tea,

HP Sauce, Heinz Baked Beans,
English Sweets and Much, Much More!

Large Selection of
Afternoon Tea Sets
& British Gifts

We ship all over the US

Villa del Sol

305 N. Harbor Blvd., Suite 124 Fullerton

CALL FOR HOURS: 714.738.0229

Page 8

Contact Leo and Karen at

ITS BEEN a British musical hat trick this

month starting with Albert Lee from Lingen,
Herefordshire who is considered by his
peers as a guitarists, guitarist. Known for
his finger style hybrid picking techniques, I
think hes also a great singer. Well worth the
effort to get out and watch him perform live.
Probably up there with the all-time masters.
This was a first for me. I have no idea
how our paths have not crossed all these

Blues man John Mayall makes a

point. Photo: Leo Lewis

year (my loss) because hes exceptional. His

show at the Canyon Club in Agoura Hills, CA
was outstanding. Joining him onstage was
five time Grammy winner Cindy Cashdollar,
who plays a no pedal steel guitar and Dobro.
Cindy grew up in Woodstock, NY, where she
perfected her skills playing with such luminaries as Bluegrass musician John Herald, Blues
musicians Paul Butterfield, Levon Helm, and
Rick Danko. She received most of her Grammies while playing eight years with Asleep at
the Wheel. Other noted artists include Bob
Dylan, Leon Redbone, Redd Volkaert, and
Ryan Adams.
I liked and was impressed by Albert Lees
vocals/guitar. His early years while growing
up in Blackheath, London was greatly influenced by the late great Buddy Holly, Jerry
Lee Lewis (another amazing artist that you
have to see live to really appreciate. The late
great British comedian and long time friend
Jonathan Moore opened for him). Great to
finally meet you Albert. It wont be the last
time. Its a pleasure to give you coverage.
Youre a nice man. A true Brit!
Another first, at the same Canyon Club to
another sellout crowd, the legendary British
Blues player John Mayall OBE: Blues singer,
guitarist, organist, and songwriter, whose
musical career spans over 50 years. He was
the founding member of John Mayall and
the Bluesbreakers that have included some
of the most famous blues and blues rock
musicians ever: Eric Clapton, Peter Green,
Jack Bruce, John McVie, Mick Fleetwood,
Mick Taylor, Don Sugarcane Harris, Harvey
Mandel, Larry Taylor, Aynsley Dunbar (who
Karen and I met when producing a show
with Eric Burdon and the New Animals in
LAs Southbay), Hughie Flint, Jon Hiseman,
Dick Heckstall-Smith, Andy Fraser, Johnny
Almond, Walter Trout, Coco Montoya and
Buddy Whittington.
Born in Macclesfield, Cheshire largely
influenced by his father Murray a Jazz and
music enthusiast, John was drawn to the
sounds of the great American Blues players,
such as Lead Belly, Pinetop Smith, Eddie
Lang. John taught himself to play the piano,

guitars, and harmonica.

His musical career is so extensive and
reads like the Whos Who of the music industrys history. We simply cannot give him
the credit he justly deserves. It would take
six complete issues of the UJ, so check out
his bio. John was awarded the OBE in 2005.
An amazing man.
The Sweet completed the Hat trick at the
Canyon Club with a packed to the rafters show
and what a dynamic, high energy performance
it was! It was lucky I got there almost on time
as my favorite the extended version of Love is
like Oxygen was the third song on the playlist.
The show that lasted well over two hours,
much to the delight of the audience, covered
all their known music from Block Buster,
Ballroom Blitz, Turn it Down, to Fox on the Run.
Current members include founder Brit Steve
Priest (bass/vocals) Richie Onori (drums/
percussion), Joe Retta (vocals: a friend and
pronominal performer) Brit Stevie Stewart
(keyboards/vocals) a luv of a
Brit, and Mitch Perry (guitar)
who joined them in 2014.
Always good to see you
lads, a great show, a sellout
says it all! Visiting the performance was former band
member Stuart Smith who
left to form his own band,
Heaven and Earth. He was
on a flight the following
day to perform at a concert
in Sweden (pronounced
Sweeden) borrowing Joe
Retta for vocals for the
weekend. LA to Sweden and
back in four days sounds
Thanks Lance Sterling,
founder and owner of the
Canyon Club. Ive been
begging for years (selfish)
for more UK groups. Then
in one month, three sell out
British shows! Not bad, eh?
Fusion Soccer did an appreciation Brit Night on July

August 2015

Albert Lee with Cindy Cashdollar. Photo: George Harris.

Ventura Fusion match and Brit

Night with Gillian Campbell
singing God Save the Queen.

Sunday, August 2nd

Community Shield


Come and get your Pre Pier concert

picnic in a bag from our Gift ShoppeThursdays Twilight Dance Series

Monday, August 3rd

Comedy Show West of the 405 8pm
Saturday, August 8th EPL BEGINS

3 for the British GM and coaching staff. Gillian

Campbell drove out from Brentwood to render
a solo performance of God Save the Queen.
Many in the stadium later thanked her and
stated: Thats a nice song. Is it a hit in the
UK? Oh, Yes she replied, Very popular!!
The last weekend it was really good fun
at Pirate Days in Ventura Harbor. Thousands
in attendance saying Arrrggghhh! Shiver
me timbers Avast, me hearties all round.
Lots of British there who had read our column
in the UJ.
I was lucky enough to get some sailing in
on the Saturday. Joining us for the afternoon
sail, former Consul General Bob Peirce, wife
Sharon Harroun, and Bobs son Alex visiting
from Devon. A great sail and just to make
us feel really at home, we were caught in a
massive downpour (soaked). We all enjoyed
it anyway.
On Sunday I attended the 25th annual in the
Channel Islands Harbor. Lots of fabulous
Morgans, Minis, Range Rovers with a
great display of Austin Healeys, MGs, and
Jaguars. The organizers did a bang up job
that only gets more popular every year!
Even managed to rush over to Ventura
Harbor again, for the last sail aboard the Bill
of Rights (a dry one) that is until we returned
to the harbor, when it poured down again.
Makes you feel quite British yet exhausted!
Busy month. We need a vacation!

August 2015

Page 9

Fans Cheer As Princess Charlotte

Christened On Royal Estate

Court Rejects Bid By Victims Kin

To Clear Lockerbie Bomber
JUDGES have ruled that relatives of
people killed in the 1988 bombing of a
Pan Am jet over Lockerbie, Scotland
cannot launch an appeal on behalf of the
only man convicted of the attack.
In an unusual case, relatives sought to
appeal on behalf of the late Abdel Baset
al-Megrahi, a former Libyan intelligence
Some of the victims families believe
al-Megrahi was not responsible for

Poultry is for the cook what

canvas is to the painter

Brillat Savarin,
French gastronome, 19th Century

Mario Testino/Art Partner/Kensington Palace via AP

Britains Prince William, seated left, Kate Duchess of Cambridge with their children, Prince George, seated
2nd left, and Princess Charlotte, at Sandringham House England after the christening on Sunday July 5, 2015.
They are pictured in the Drawing Room of Sandringham House with Queen Elizabeth II, seated right, and
standing, from left, Michael Middleton, Pippa Middleton, James Middleton, Carole Middleton, Prince Charles,
Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall and Prince Philip.
RR By Sylvia Hui

PRINCE WILLIAM and his wife, Kate,

marked a milestone for their newborn
baby Princess Charlotte July 5 a christening ceremony on the Queens country
estate that was steeped in royal tradition.
Hundreds of fans outside St Mary
Magdalene Church in Sandringham, a
sprawling royal estate near Englands
eastern coast, cheered as William and
Kate arrived with toddler Prince George
and nine-week-old Charlotte, who was in
a vintage pram.
It was only the second time Britains
newborn princess, who is fourth in line to
the throne, has been seen in public since
she was born on May 2.
Charlotte was dressed for the occasion in a replica of the intricate laceand-satin christening gown made for
Queen Victorias eldest daughter, also
named Victoria, in 1841. Until 2008, that
original gown had been worn by all royal
babies including the queen at their
Following royal tradition, holy water
from the River Jordan, where it is said
Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist,
was used for the baptism.
The 16th-century church, close to
William and Kates country house Anmer
Hall, is where the royal family traditionally gathers for Christmas service. It is
also where Charlottes late grandmother,
Princess Diana, was christened in 1961.
The ceremony was private the
queen, her husband Prince Philip, Prince
Charles and Kates family were among
a small group of guests allowed inside.
Guests also included five godparents that
William and Kate chose for Charlotte, including Williams cousin Laura Fellowes,
Kates cousin Adam Middleton, and three
of the couples friends.
Fans from as far afield as Australia
and the US patiently lined up outside
the church, hoping to get a glimpse of

the baby as the royals arrive and leave.

Laurie Spencer, 52, from Florida, said
she decided to give up a ticket for the
British Grand Prix to be at Sandringham
When I found out the christening was
happening while we were here I knew I

just had to be there, she said.

Last months event saw William, Kate,
George and Charlotte appear in public for
the first time as a family of four. Celebrity
photographer Mario Testino took the
official photos of the royal family after
the service.


Two locations in San Diego area

I FEEL there are thousands of ways of

cooking chicken, it is so versatile. My
preference is the white meat, but I do
recognise that the darker meats are better
for some dishes. For this particular recipe
this month skinned, breast meat is preferable. An important part of early Britons diet
would have included wild game, then later
farmers would raise their animals, mostly
cattle and sheep then, but occasionally
chickens. According to my research, the
late Iron age had poultry from India, Persia
and Rome, and the red jungle fowl from
these areas, was the ancestor of our domestic chicken. The Romans liked to eat
a variety of wild game, but also started
to raise their own poultry. In the middle
ages poultry and game were very much
part of their diet, but chickens were not
usually eaten until after their egg laying
days. Of course they were quite tough, so
they needed to be cooked slowly and long
to help make them tender enough to eat,
and this is where many stews and soups
(potages) were founded. The wealthier
folks though were able to raised their own
chickens and ate them when they were
younger, usually on a spit over a fire.
This months recipe, based on an old
Dairy Book of British Cooking, uses mayonnaise, and I thought I would also feature
two versions of Gary Rhodes recipes,
in case you cannot get our old favourite
Heinz Salad Cream. I often use a mix of
Salad cream, and Hellmans mayonnaise
here, but if you have the time it is good to
try making your own. The salad cream is
strictly speaking not a mayonnaise, but a
cooked sauce, but we Brits seem to have
a love affair with it. Hope you like these
versions and the chicken dish; a light cold
meal, good with a salad and new potatoes

the bomb that exploded aboard a New

York-bound Boeing 747 in 1988, killing
270 people.
Usually only a convicts executors or
family can mount a posthumous appeal,
and judges in Edinburgh ruled last month
that the law does not allow victims or
relatives of victims to be direct participants in criminal proceedings.
Al-Megrahi was released from prison
in 2009 and died in Libya in 2012.
with mint, and crusty bread
Home Made Salad Cream
1 Tbsp flour
4 tsp sugar
1 Tbsp Colmans English mustard
2 eggs
1/2 cup white wine vinegar
1/4 cup (or more if preferred) heavy
whipping cream
Good squeeze of lemon juice
Mix together dry ingredients. Beat in the
eggs and vinegar. Place the bowl over a
pan of simmering water, and stir constantly
until warmed and thickened, about five
minutes; once cooked, remove from heat
and leave to cool. Add the cream, and
finish with the lemon juice to taste, add
salt to taste also. Refrigerate; will keep
about two weeks
3 egg yolks
1 Tbsp malt vinegar
1 Tbsp English or Dijon mustard
Salt and pepper
1 cup olive oil
1 tsp hot water
Few drops of lemon juice
Whisk the egg yolks, vinegar, mustard
and seasonings together, then slowly add
the olive oil, whisking continuously (If you
have a processor this is easily done in
one, pouring the oil in slowly) Finish with
the water and season to taste, add lemon
nice to preference. (Will only keep in fridge
up to a week)
Chicken with Tarragon Mayonnaise
6 skinned chicken breasts
2 celery sticks, finely sliced
1 cup dry white wine
2 Tbsp chopped fresh tarragon
Salt and pepper
1/2 cup lemon mayonnaise (Add lemon
juice to mayonnaise to your taste)
Place whole chicken breasts in large
frying pan. Add the celery, wine, tarragon,
and salt and pepper. Cover and gently
simmer about 20 minutes, or until tender.
Leave to cool. Strain the juices into a pan,
and boil rapidly until reduced to about 1/3
cup, leave to cool. Arrange the chicken on
serving plate. Stir the reduced marinade
into the mayonnaise and spoon over the
chicken, garnish with tarragon. (Serve with
a salad, minted new potatoes and crusty
bread) Yield: six servings
(I welcome comments, requests and
recipes, and can be reached at

The Legendary


Crown & Anchor

Mario Testino/Art Partner/Kensington Palace via AP

1350 E Tropicana Ave, Las Vegas, NV

(702) 739-8676 (702) 739-0281


Crown & Anchor

4755 Spring Mtn Rd,Las Vegas, NV

(702) 876-4733

International Market (Las Vegas) Performance Food Service (Santa Cruz)

Page 10

British Man Charged With

Hacking US Networks Arrested
A BRITISH MAN accused of hacking
into US government computer networks
and stealing sensitive and confidential
information was arrested in England
last month, and US prosecutors said
they will attempt to have him brought
to New Jersey.
Lauri Love, of Stradishall, England,
has been charged with hacking into agencies including the US Army, NASA, the
Federal Reserve and the Environmental
Protection Agency.
Matthew Reilly, a spokesman for the
US attorneys office in New Jersey, said
Love had been arrested and that US officials filed an extradition request. The
29-year-old also faces federal charges in
New York and Virginia.
Loves British attorney, Karen Todner, said he appeared in court and was
released on bail. Todner said last year
that any extradition request would be
vehemently opposed. She said his next
hearing is scheduled for September 1.
Love, whose Facebook profile includes a cat wearing sunglasses and the
words Deal With It, did not immedi-

Lauri Love
ately return messages seeking comment.
Past American attempts to extradite
British hackers have become politicized.
Todner also represented Gary McKinnon, who was accused of breaking into
military US military computers in 2002.
McKinnon fought a decade-long legal
battle which drew in senior US politicians
and eventually resulted in him staying
in Britain.

Love was charged in New Jersey in

2013 and then charged last year in both
Virginia and New York.
He initially was arrested in Great
Britain in October 2013 and released on
bail after he was charged under a United
Kingdom law that permits the arrest of
anyone who starts attacks from the US
on computers anywhere in the world.
According to the indictment against
him in New York, Love bragged to
other hackers in December 2012 that
he controlled the server for the Federal
Reserve Bank of Chicago. Using the
moniker peace, Love told others in a
chat room that he had shelled, or infiltrated, the Federal Reserve computer
system, the indictment said.
It said he discussed possibly defacing
the Federal Reserve website and sending fake emails to users of the Federal
Reserve computer system.
The indictment said he informed other
chat room members in February 2013
that he planned to publicly disseminate
Federal Reserve computer system users
passwords and phone numbers.

PM Cameron Offers Plan To Counter Attraction Of Extremism

RR By Danica Kirka


is launching a five-year plan to defeat
Islamic extremism, saying its time to
counter the ideology that has attracted
so many young people to the Islamic
State group.
In what is being billed as his most important speech on the subject, Cameron
says the extremist ideology of the group,
also known as ISIL, must be countered
so Britain becomes a more cohesive nation in which young Muslims feel they
have a stake.
Some communities in Britain have
little attachment to the country and that
makes them vulnerable to radicalization,
Cameron says, according to excerpts

August 2015

released by his office. He delivered a

harsh warning to young people who
might consider joining the group.
You wont be some valued member of
a movement. You are cannon fodder for
them. They will use you, he will say. If
you are a boy, they will brainwash you,
strap bombs to your body and blow you
up. If you are a girl, they will enslave and
abuse you. That is the sick and brutal
reality of ISIL.
Cameron is expected to announce a
study designed to find ways to increase
opportunities for young people from
ethnic minorities and increase their
integration in society.
Cameron also takes on the sensitive

question of the role Britains Muslim

community should play in fighting Islamic State, saying extreme views such
as believing in a Jewish conspiracy
and opposition to fundamental liberal
values are the gateway to violence.
There are so many strong, positive
Muslim voices being drowned out, he
says. Ask yourself, how is it possible
that when young teenagers leave their
London homes to fight for ISIL, the
debate focuses on whether the security
services are to blame?

Auction Of Glamorous
Spys Medals Fetches
Record Price
RR By Danica Kirka

MEDALS awarded to a glamorous World

War II heroine fetched a record price at
auction on July 22, reviving memories of
the spy whose exploits earned her one of
Britains most prestigious honors.
Violette Szabos George Cross and
other medals sold for 312,000 including
commission. Thats far above the previous
record of 93,000 pounds for a George
Cross, a decoration awarded to civilians
and service personnel for courage, auctioneers Dix Noonan Web said.
The medals were purchased by a
representative of a collector and will be
displayed at the Imperial War Museum.
Szabo, an Anglo-French undercover
agent, was tortured and killed by the Nazis
after being captured after the D
-Day landings when she was 23.
The daughter of a British World War
I veteran and his French wife, she spent
time in both countries and went to school
in south London. In 1940, she married
a French Foreign Legionnaire, Etienne
Szabo, and had a daughter, Tania.
When he died at El Alamein in Egypt,
she sought to avenge his death by joining
the Special Operations Executive, which
carried out sabotage and espionage during the war.
Szabos story became well known in
Britain in part because of a film which
includes a scene of Tania, then a child,
receiving the George Cross from King
George VI after her mothers death.
I curtsied as I knew so well how to do,
she would say later. And he (the King)
leant forward and pinned the George Cross
onto my right hand side, saying that as my
mothers representative I must always
wear it on my right-hand side.
Now 73, Tania, who has no children,
said she wanted to sell the medals to
make sure they would be seen and that
her mothers memory would be recalled
for generations to come.

Cuadrilla To Appeal
UK Councils AntiFracking Decision
CUADRILLA Resources Ltd says it will
appeal a local authority decision to block
the oil and gas exploration companys bid
to frack shale gas in northwest England
a setback for plans to establish a fracking
industry in Britain.
Lancashire county councilors, in June,
rejected plans for exploratory drilling at
two sites about 240 miles northwest of
London, citing effects on traffic and the
Britains government hopes fracking
will reduce the countrys reliance on
gas imports.
Cuadrilla chief executive Francis Egan
said that fracking is safe and would help
create jobs, heat homes and stimulate
economic growth.
Fracking, or hydraulic fracturing,
injects water, sand and chemicals under
high pressure to crack open underground
formations and make it easier to recover
oil and gas.

Migrants Try To Storm

Eurotunnel Site
Continued on page 10
southern England, with 3,600 lorries
left queuing.
The home secretary said new
fencing was urgently being installed
in Calais. Security at the Calais port
was stepped up in mid-June, driving
migrants who previously tried to
stow away on trucks that take ferries
across the Channel to try their luck
smuggling through the undersea
tunnel. And during the increase in
migrant activities last month France
sent an extra 120 police officers to
Calais to help the crisis at the Tunnel
and ferries.
According to the last official count
in early July, around 3,000 migrants,
mainly from Ethiopia, Eritrea, Sudan
and Afghanistan, were camped out
in Calais.

August 2015

Peer Quits House Of Lords

Over Cocaine-And-Sex Sting
RR By Jill Lawless

A MEMBER of the upper chamber of Britains Parliament quit

last month, apologizing
for causing pain and
embarrassment after
he was filmed allegedly
snorting cocaine during sessions with sex
John Sewel whose title is Lord Sewel
caved in to pressure, telling parliamentary officials he was terminating my
membership of the House of Lords.
I hope my decision will limit and
help repair the damage I have done to an
institution I hold dear, said Sewel, who
had been chairman of the Lords Privileges
and Conduct Committee, responsible for
enforcing standards.
The 69-year-old former academic is at


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UK Ex-Diplomat
Says Hong Kong
Relocation Plan
Was Joke

the center of a political sleaze scandal after

The Sun tabloid ran images appearing to
show him snorting white powder through
a rolled-up banknote and lounging in an
orange bra. The paper said the footage
was filmed at Sewels apartment near
Police have searched the apartment as
part of an investigation sparked by the
Suns claims.
The House of Lords reviews legislation
passed by the elected House of Commons,
and for most of its 900-year history was
composed of hereditary nobles. In recent
years members have been appointed for
life by the government. There are currently 783 peers a collection of former
lawmakers, lawyers, corporate leaders
and other notables with an average age of
70 and the chamber is often criticized as
over-stuffed and out of touch.
Sewel is not the first peer to behave
badly. Novelist Jeffrey Archer Lord
Archer of Weston-Super-Mare was imprisoned for perjury in 2001, while former
media baron Conrad Black, or Lord Black
of Crossharbour, served prison time in the
US after being convicted of fraud in 2007.

Page 11

A FORMER British diplomat says

a bizarre plan to relocate the entire
population of Hong Kong to Northern
Ireland was a joke between government officials.
David Snoxell says hes shocked
that anyone took his exchange of
letters with fellow diplomat George
Fergusson seriously.
Snoxell says the exchange revealed last month in a release of 1983
documents by the National Archives
relieved some of the tension at
a time when Northern Ireland was
wracked by insecurity following hunger strikes by republican prisoners.
The idea also illustrated anxieties
at the time about Hong Kongs future. Then-Prime Minister Margaret
Thatcher had begun talks with China
on the subject in 1982.
The letters showed the officials
joking about resettling 5.5 million
Hong Kong people in a newly built
city-state between Coleraine and

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Britain, Tunisia Honour 38

Victims Of Beach Resort Attack
PEOPLE around Britain paused in
streets and workplaces, in churches and
mosques, in railway stations and at the
Wimbledon tennis tournament July 3 to
honour the victims of an Islamic extremists rampage at a Tunisian beach resort.
Flags were lowered to half-staff at
Buckingham Palace and UK government
buildings to remember those killed in
Tunisias deadliest attack. Thirty of the
38 dead were British tourists, the youngest a 19-year-old university student
and the oldest an 80-year-old retired
The Queen and British Prime Minister David Cameron were among those
who observed a minutes silence at noon
on the day, a week after the attack.
Mourners paused also outside the
stadium of Walsall Football Club in
central England, where supporters have
left flowers and team flags in honor of
three fans all members of the same
family who died.
Crowds held a moment of silence late
on the same day in Tunisias capital.
People from many religions joined as
Muslims broke their Ramadan fast.
Another ceremony was held at the
Imperial Marhaba hotel in the Mediter-

ranean resort town of Sousse, where the

attack happened.
The gunman was killed by police
and the Islamic State group claimed
responsibility for the massacre, a blow
to Tunisias budding democracy and
tourism industry.
The first inquest for a British victim
of the attacks opened July 4 at a London
court. A police officer told a coroner
that 59-year-old Stephen Mellor of
Bodmin in southwest England died
from gunshot wounds to the chest and
abdomen. Inquests are held in Britain to
determine the facts in cases of violent or
unexplained death.

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Page 12

August 2015


Easygoing Irish Crooner Val Doonican Dies At 88

VAL DOONICAN, an easygoing Irish
singer whose warm style and fondness
for knitwear made him an icon of light
entertainment, has died. He was 88.
Doonicans family said he died at a
nursing home in southern England. They
gave the cause as just old age.
Sometimes known as Irelands Bing
Crosby, Doonican was born in Waterford, Ireland, in 1927 and performed for
years in clubs and on radio in Ireland and
Britain before making his breakthrough.
He had a string of British chart hits
through the 1960s and 70s, including
Walk Tall, The Special Years and Elusive
On The Val Doonican Show, which ran
on BBC television from 1965 to 1986,
the singer performed easy-listening pop
songs, often while wearing coloured
woollen pullovers. For his many, fans
he was a reassuring presence. One
album was called Val Doonican Rocks,
But Gently.

Veteran British entertainer Bruce

Forsyth remembered Doonican as a
lovely man to work with. ... He had the

warmth, the voice and the sweaters.

Doonican is survived by his wife,
Lynne, and two daughters.

Roger Rees, Tony Winner And Nicholas Nickleby

ROGER REES, 71, the lanky Tony
Award-winning Welsh-born actor and
director who made his mark onstage
as Nicholas Nickleby and later played
English multi-millionaire Robin Colcord
on the TV show Cheers, has died.
Rees died last month at his home
in New York after a brief battle with
cancer, said his representative, Rick
Miramontez. Rees had abruptly left The
Visit on Broadway in late May to undergo
a medical procedure.
Rees played the snobbish Robin Colcord on TVs Cheers he was known for
his condescending remarks and rivalry
with Sam Malone and for dating Rebecca
Howe and the British ambassador, Lord
John Marbury, in The West Wing. Other
recent TV credits include Elementary and
The Good Wife.
But he was probably best known onstage for playing the title character in the
Royal Shakespeare Companys original
production of Charles Dickens The Life
and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby in

England and on Broadway. He won an

Olivier Award and then a Tony. When it
was adapted to TV, he earned an Emmy
Award nomination.
Roger was inspirational. He had the
perpetual boyishness and mischief of a
Peter Pan, extraordinary wit combined
with a gift for self-satire, and dauntless
optimism coupled with deep-rooted belief. All these ingredients went into his
acting, and I am sure, into his directing,
and gave him an aura of rare, generous
spirited humanity, said Trevor Nunn,
who directed Nicholas Nickleby.
Rees also played Malcolm in an
acclaimed 1976 stage and 1978 television
production of Macbeth and starred in the
original production of The Real Thing by
Tom Stoppard in London in 1984.
He earned two further Tony nominations in 1995 for Indiscretions and in 2012
for co-directing Peter and the Starcatcher,
a Peter Pan prequel. Other Broadway
roles were in The Addams Family, Uncle

Owen Chadwick, Historian Of Christianity

OWEN CHADWICK, 99, scholar
and priest Owen Chadwick, whose
works explored
the history of
over two millennia, has died
at the age of 99.
family said in a
death notice in
the Telegraph
newspaper that
he died peacefully at home in
Cambridge, England, on July 17.
Chadwick studied at Cambridge
where he also played rugby for the
university and spent much of his career
in the academic town. He was master of
Selwyn College between 1956 and 1983
and university vice-chancellor from 1969
to 1971.
Chadwick was ordained as an Anglican priest in 1941 after experiencing

a religious awakening partly inspired

by imprisoned anti-Nazi German cleric
Martin Niemoller.
He went on to hold professorships in
both ecclesiastical and modern history,
a relatively unusual feat.
Chadwicks first book, John Cassian:
A Study in Primitive Monasticism,
looked at the early centuries of Christianity, but much of his work focused on the
post-Reformation period.
His many books included A History
of Christianity, The Reformation, The
Victorian Church and The Secularization
of the European Mind in the 19th Century.
With his brother Henry Chadwick he
oversaw the 16-volume Oxford History
of the Christian Church.
Chadwicks wife Ruth died earlier
this year. He is survived by their four
His funeral will be held August 3,
followed by a memorial service at a
later date.

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Go up the escalator. Park FREE till 11pm inside the
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Vanya, The Rehearsal, The Red

Shoes and London
Born in Aberystwyth, Wales,
in 1944, he spent
more than two
decades with the
Royal Shakespeare Company
and served as the artistic director of the
Williamstown Theatre Festival in Massachusetts from 2004 to 2007. He was
also the associate artistic director of the
Bristol Old Vic in England for two years
starting in 1985.
In film, Rees played the Sheriff of
Rottingham in Mel Brooks Robin Hood:
Men in Tights in 1993 and was in The
Scorpion King in 2002 and The Pink
Panther in 2006.
He is survived by his husband Rick
Elice, the playwright, whose credits also
include Peter and the Starcatcher.

Sir David Frosts

Son Dies Suddenly

Miles Frost,
eldest son of
eminent British broadcaster
Sir David Frost,
has died at the
young age of 31
while out jogging.
Miles, a
founding partner of private
equity group Frost-Brooks and a financial
investor, collapsed while out jogging at
the familys home in Oxfordshire last
month, his family friends said.
They said Miles had appeared in wonderful form in recent weeks and there
was no indication of any health problems.
David, known for his incisive interviews most famously with disgraced
US president Richard Nixon, himself died
two years ago, after suffering a heart attack on the Queen Elizabeth cruise ship.
Miles had two younger brothers,
Wilfred, 29, a TV presenter on CNBCs
Worldwide Exchange programme, and
George, 28.
Before founding Frost Brooks, Miles
spent five years at another private equity
firm, LDC, working on technology, media
and telecoms investments.
Chris Hurley, chief executive of LDC,
where Miles worked between 2006
and 2010, said: Miles was a charming
and competent professional who was
extremely popular with his colleagues.
We are all deeply saddened by the news.

The Perfect
Gift All Year
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A Union Jack
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Kindertransport Organiser
Nicholas Winton Dies At 106
NICHOLAS WINTON, a humanitarian
who almost single-handedly saved more
than 650 Jewish children from the Holocaust, earning himself the label Britains
Son-in-law Stephen Watson said Winton
died July 1. The Rotary Club of Maidenhead,
of which Winton was a former president, said
his daughter Barbara and two grandchildren
were at his side.
Winton arranged trains to carry children
from Nazi-occupied Prague to Britain, battling
bureaucracy at both ends and saving them from
almost certain death and then kept quiet about
his exploits for a half-century.
Born in London in 1909 to parents would see their parents again.
He also acknowledged that not all
of German Jewish descent, Winton
himself was raised as a Christian. the children who made it to Britain
He was a 29-year-old clerk at the were well-treated in their foster
London Stock Exchange when a homes. Some British foster parents
friend contacted him and told him used the children as cheap domestic
to cancel the skiing holiday they servants.
I wouldnt claim that it was 100
had planned in late 1938 and travel
percent successful. But I would claim
instead to Czechoslovakia.
Alarmed by the influx of refugees that everybody who came over was
from the Sudetenland region re- alive at the end of the war, he was
cently annexed by Germany, Winton quoted as saying in the book Into the
and his friend feared correctly Arms of Strangers.
Winton served in the Royal Air
that Czechoslovakia soon would
be invaded by the Nazis and Jewish Force during the war and continued
residents from there would be sent to support refugee organizations.
After the war, he became involved in
to concentration camps.
numerous other charitable organizaSUPPORTERS
While supporters in Britain were tions, especially in his home town of
working to get Jewish intellectuals Maidenhead, west of London.
and communists out of CzechosloPRESIDENT
He was president of the Maidvakia, no one was trying to save the
children, so Winton took the task enhead branch of the learning disupon himself.
ability charity Mencap for more than
Returning to Britain, Winton 40 years, and also worked with the
persuaded British officials to accept Abbeyfields organization to set up
children, as long as foster homes homes for the elderly in the town. Two
were found and a 50 guarantee was of those homes are named for him:
paid for each one to ensure they had Nicholas House and Winton House.
enough money to return home later.
Winton was knighted by Queen
Their stays were only expected to be Elizabeth II in 2003 and also honored
in the Czech Republic. A statue of
Setting himself up as the one- Winton stands at Pragues central
man childrens section of the Brit- station, while a statue commemoratish Committee for Refugees from ing the children of the KindertransCzechoslovakia, Winton set about port is a popular sight at Londons
finding homes and guarantors, draw- Liverpool Street Station.
Winton rejected the description
ing up lists of about 6,000 children,
publishing pictures to encourage of himself as a hero, insisting that
British families to agree to take unlike Schindler, his life had never
been in danger. He was always modthem.
The first 20 children arrived by est about his achievements, and his
plane, but once the German army reasons for acting.
reached Prague in March 1939, they
At the time, everybody said,
could only be brought out by train.
Isnt it wonderful what youve done
for the Jews? You saved all these
In the months before the outbreak Jewish people, Winton said. When
of World War II, eight trains carried it was first said to me, it came almost
children through Germany to Brit- as a revelation because I didnt do
ain. In all, Winton got 669 children it particularly for that reason. I was
out. The largest evacuation was there to save children.
Wintons wife Grete died in 1999.
scheduled for September 3, 1939,
the day that Britain declared war on He is survived by his daughter
Germany. That train never left, and Barbara.
almost none of the
250 children trying
to flee on it survived
the war.
The children
from Prague were
among some 10,000
mostly Jewish children who made it
to Britain on what
were known as the
(childrens transports). Few of them

August 2015

Page 13



Tougher Times, But

Club, Michigan
Still Offers British
Culture To All

The Royal Touch

by Carolyn Robb

LOCATED in Warren, Michigan,

just north of Detroit, lies one
of the best kept secrets in the
Metro Detroit area; the Commonwealth Club.
Incorporated on December 17, 1962,
the Commonwealth Club quickly became
a hub of entertainment and activities
for the many British expatriates living
in the area.
Now in its 53rd year of existence, the
Commonwealth Club is the oldest British social club in the United States. The
family-like atmosphere and close friendships between members has allowed the
club to endure the test of time. What
started out as a predominantly British
club has changed complexion over the
years. However, the core value; the
preservation and demonstration of British traditions, has not deviated. The club
maintains close relations with the Saint
Andrews Society of Detroit as well as
the Detroit Open Dart League, the oldest
Dart League in the United States, and
many other cultural groups.
Despite years of membership declines

Karens August Events

1: Saint Andrews Highland Games held at
Greenmead Historical Park, Livonia, MI www.
1: Ishpeming Art Faire and Renaissance
Festival at Lake Bancroft Park, Ishpeming, MI
1-2, 8-9, 15-16: Big Bear City Renaissance Faire at Pedersens Mill, 39115 Rim of
the World Dr. Fawnskin, CA
(909) 237-0448
1-2: The World of Faeries Festival at Vasa
Park, 35 W217 route 31, South Elgin, Il www.
o You Say Tomato in San Francisco, CA
has all the best pies, jams, sweets, and bangers
you could hope for outside of the UK (415)
1-2: San Jose Renaissance Faire at
Guadalupe River Park, San Jose, CA www.
1-16: Washington Midsummer Renaissance
Faire at Kelly Farm, Bonny Lake, WA www.
1-Sept 27: New York Renaissance Faire
held at Sterling Forest, Rte 17A, Tuxedo, NY
1-Oct 25: Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire
at 2775 Lebanon Rd, Manheim, PA www.
o The Olde Ship in Fullerton, CA (714)
871-7447 and Santa Ana, CA (714) 550-6700
Join them Mondays for their award winning fish
and chips. Youll be a stranger there but once!
3-9: Michigan Pirate Festival held at Harbor

The Commonwealth Club in Warren Michigan, now 53 years old.

and falling attendance at events, the
Commonwealth Club is still holding her
own. However, revenue declines have
necessitated the need for some tough
decisions to be made. Club President
Stephen Barber, a second generation
member, offers: We have literally cut to
the bone. We want to offer our members
and guests a wonderful and memorable
Island, Grand Haven, MI
5-7, 12-13, 19-20: Des Moines Renaissance
Faire at Festival Park, 4051 Dean Ave, Clear Lake,
15-16: Annual Silver Kingdom Renaissance
Festival at Ye Olde Commons, 120 Northside Rd,
Charlton, MA
21-22: La Grande Celtic Festival at Union
County Fairgrounds, La Grande, OR
o Ye Olde Kings Head in Santa Monica, CA
Join them Sun Aug 2nd for Community Shield
Chelsea v Arsenal; Aug 3 Comedy Show West
of the 405 8pm; Sat Aug 8 EPL BEGINS; Come
and get your Pre Pier concert picnic in a bag
from their Gift Shoppe- Thursdays Twilight Dance
Series (310) 451-1402.
22-23: Cortland Celtic Festival held at Dwyer
Memorial Park, Cortland, NY
22-27: Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival at
112 Renaissance Lane, West Newton, PA 15089
22-Oct 4: Michigan Renaissance Festival in
Holly, MI
o Camerons Inn of Half Moon Bay, CA is a
great place to while away a lazy afternoon, enjoy
a family dinner, watch your favorite game on the
Telly, or simply kick back at their campground
(650) 726-5705.
22-Oct 4: Minnesota Renaissance Festival
at Shakopee, MI
29-Oct 25: The Maryland Renaissance
Festival held at Crownsville Rd, Crownsville, MD
o The Royal British Legion has boxes of Remembrance Day Poppies available to British Clubs,
Shops, Pubs, Restaurants and Organizations.
They are given on a donation honor system. All
funds collected after November 11, are converted
to a check, which is made payable to the Royal
British Legion Poppy Appeal fund.
All funds raised go to support British service
personnel and their families. For more details or to
obtain a box, please contact Michael Barnes (562)

Now living in the US
There is now a Royal Marine
Association Branch formed
in the US.
Please contact:

John Topping, Secretary

Royal Marine Association
USA Branch
8409 Lake Crest Terrace,
Fairfax Station, VA 22039-2678
To Order (619) 466-3129

Phone: (703) 690-8944


time when they visit our club, and have

thus have developed some very creative
ways to maintain such a balance.
Additionally, the Commonwealth Club
has undertaken an online fundraiser to
reach a broader audience who may be
interested in supporting the club. See
If you are planning a visit to the

Detroit area in the future, please plan

on popping in the Commonwealth Club
located at 30088 Dequindre Road, Warren, MI.
For more information, call (586)
751-9560, or visit on the web at www. or Facebook

Northeast Ohio Calendar

UK To Investigate Rising
Number Of Deaths In
Police Custody

By Joe Nicholls. Joe & Kevin McGinty can

be heard on The Sounds of Britain and Ireland
Sundays NewTime 6-7pm (EST).on Clevelands
WCPN 90.3FM,) &
1: British Car Council, British Car Day,
Includes Jaguar Club of Ohios Concours
DElegance & BACCs booth, Ursuline College,
2550 Lander Rd (just S of Cedar Rd), Pepper
Pike, All Day, (330) 467-3953.
4: SHANO, Scottish Heritage Meetings, St
Bartholomew Church, 435 SOM Center Rd,
Mayfield 7:30pm, (216) 464-1116.
6: DBE Monthly Meeting, Lyndhurst, 7pm,
(440) 461-2533.
7, 21: British-American Club, Fish & chips
dinners, 8564 Ravenna Rd, (off Rte 82) Twinsburg, 6:30-8:30pm, (330) 963-6370.
7, 14, 21, 28 West Side Irish American Club,
Irish-American style dinners, 8559 Jennings Rd,
Olmsted Township, 6-9pm, (216) 251-4075.
12: Calon Lan Welsh Club, Lunch Meeting,
Dennys Restaurant, Rte 224, Boardman. 1pm,
(330) 758-4202.
14, 28: British-American Club, Pub Night,
Specialty Dinners, 8564 Ravenna Rd, Twinsburg,
6:30pm, (330) 963-6370.
15: Scottish American Society, Massillon
Genealogical Fair, Massillon, 10am to 3pm
(330) 882-0342
22: Cleveland Manx Society, Potluck at
Takacs Farm,16700 Snyder Rd, Chagrin Falls,
1pm, (216) 481-2476.
1: British-American C of C, Ryder Cup Golf
Outing, Redtail Golf Club, Avon, Luncheon &
Golf 10:30am, Dinner 6:30pm (216) 621- 0222.

Add Your Organizations

Upcoming Event Here . . .
List your non-profit British-related
event added to the calendar, send your
information to: Leo & Karen at

A RISING number of deaths in police

custody risks undermining public confidence in the police, Britains interior
minister said last month, announcing an
independent review into fatalities and
other cases.
The Independent Police Complaints
Commission said 17 people died in or
after police detention in the year ending March 31, six more than in 2013-14.
Thats the highest number in five years,
though lowest for a decade.
Another 69 people killed themselves
within two days of leaving police custody
a figure thats also rising.
Home Secretary Theresa May said
the deaths could destroy the unwritten
contract between citizens and police.
She said when the families of the dead
tried to find out what happened, all too
often the system doesnt work the way
we would expect.
The inquiry will look at issues including
mental health care, the use of restraints
and the treatment of victims families.
The 17 people who died in custody included 14 men and three women. Fifteen
were white, one black and one Asian, the
complaints commission said.
British police also fatally shot one
person in 2014-15, the first such death
in three years. Most British police dont
carry firearms.

SIMPLY STUNNING home cooking from a

former Royal Chef.
This months review is a bit different.This
book is absolutely amazing. Carolyn Robb
has put together 100 of her best-loved recipes that she made during her years working
for The Prince and Princess of Wales and
Princes William and Harry.
throughout the
book are little
thank you notes
from Princess
Diana and wonderful little anecdotes about the
boys. Her first
job was for the
Duke and Duchess of Gloucester at Kensington Palace. Two
years later she moved just up the road still
within the palace to work for The Prince
and Princess of Wales and their young sons
Princes William and Harry. She was with
them for thirteen years and loved it. After
that she worked in Dubai and California so
she was exposed to lots of different foods
and ways to prepare it.
There are several chapters from Magnificent Morsels (Great Little Snacks and
Nibbles) which covers many things perfect
for kids to Light and Summary main courses
to Warm and Comforting courses. Desserts,
Teatime treats, cakes, breads and even
organic foods. One of my favorite things
about the book is Carolyn has converted
British Measurements to American and that
makes it so much easier to figure out. I
know that following my Mums cookbooks
can be very challenging at times due to the
different scales of measure.She also gives
you alternatives for some of the ingredients
that may be hard to find.
My first recipe from the book was the
Chocolate Biscuit Cake a firm favorite
from the Royal Nursery and I found out
why! S uper easy to make and beyond
delicious!The only complaint is that she
was unable to remove all the calories but
believe me youll never enjoy calories
so much. Another one is the Little Sunday
Roast which is a chicken breast wrapped in
bacon with mini corn, potatoes and mini carrots perfect for small hands and appetites.
Another one on my list that I havent made
yet is the Tomato Soup with Cheesy Teddy
Bear Croutons.
It is evident that Diana was very involved
in the boys meals and was also very appreciative of Carolyn you can see the little
notes on various recipes in the book.
There are so many fascinating recipes
in the book, I cant wait to try them all! Ill
keep you up to date on my progress as I go
through them.I urge you to pick up a copy
of the book yourself and try them. It has to
be one of the most fun cookbooks ever!

Page 14

August 2015

from time with the only goal of the game. The
away leg saw Matty Williams, put the Welsh
ahead in the 78th minute but extra-time was
forced after 1-1 aggregate at ninety minutes.
Gyurco sealed the matter for Videoton with
a 107th minute winner.
Northern Ireland champion Crusaders
FC, drew a goalless home encounter with
Levadinn Tallinn, but in Estonia, a 1-1 tie
saw them go through on the away goals rule
The second qualifying round, July 14-21, at
Albania, saw the Irish club decisively beaten
4-1 by Skenderbeu Korce. The Belfast outfit
enjoyed the situation of an Albanian player
red carded in the 11th minute during the home
leg and won 3-2, but it was not enough to
overcome the 4-1 deficit.
This round, July 14-21,saw Celtic join the
fray too, where a 2-0 win at Parkhead, goals
by Dedrick Boyatta and Stefan Johansen,
with Leigh Griffiths missing a penalty, produced a 2-0 winning result over Stjarnan..
At Iceland, the Hoops went behind in the
7th minute, but goals by Nir Bitton, Charlie
Mulgrew, Leigh Griffiths and Stefan Johansson ensured a 4-1 result and through to the
next round.

Compiled by Larry Gardner

Wimbledon: Federer
Stops Murray, Djokovic
Claims Glory

THE ARRIVAL of the Wimbledon Championships, June 29-July 12, also brought a heat
wave drifting up from the Mediterranean
bringing temperatures in the nineties as
players sweltered in the heat. After his
2013 victory, Andy Murray was chasing
his second Wimbledon title and reached the
semi-finals before Roger Federer, playing
a near perfect serve game ended the Scots
dream with a 7-5, 7-5, 6-4, result. Recent
tournaments have seen nemesis Novak
Djokovic, curtail Murray winning ways, but
this time the seven time Swiss Wimbledon
champion provided the quality as Murrays
frustrations grew. Earlier Murray, had moved
past Mikhail Kukushkin (Kaz) the Dutchman
Robin Hasse, Ivo Karlovic (Cro) and Vasek
Pospisil of Canada. Federer was beaten in
the final by Djokovic, who prevailed with a
four set victory.
Ten Britons participated in the singles
competition with half of them making the
second round. Early exits from British number two, Johanna Konta, who was bundled
out by Maria Sharapova, accompanied
by Naomi Broady, Laura Robson, Lyle
Edmunds and Brydan Klein. Liam Broady
beat Aussie, Marinko Matosevic in the first
round, but went out to Belgiums David
Goffin in the second. British number two,
Aliaz Bedene, took out Radek Stephanek of
Slovakia before falling to the Czech, Victor
Troicki. James Ward beat Italys Luca Vanni
and the Czech, Jiri Vosek, and in the third
round engaged in a fiery tussle with Vasek
Pospisil the Briton held a 2-1 set lead over
the Canadian, but Pospisil pushed hard and
won a terrific five setter.
The other Murray brother, Jamie, reached
the mens doubles final with Aussie partner
John Peers. They were beaten 7-6 (7-5) 6-4,
6-4, by the Dutchman, Jean-Julien Roger
and the Romanian, Horia Tecau. Jamie
Murray does have a Wimbledon title under
his belt however, winning the mixed doubles
with Jelena Jankovic in 2007.
Heather Watson was the only British
women standing after the first round. She
beat Caroline Garcia of France, then Daniela
Hantuchova of Slovakia, before five time
Wimbledon champion Serena Williams,
loomed in the third round. Watson played
some of the best tennis of her life and led 3-0
in the third and final set in an extraordinary
tense and watchable game, but Williams
fought back as she always does, to win 6-2,
4-6, 7-5. Serena would take out her sister
Venus, and Maria Sharapova, before claiming her sixth Wimbledon and 21st Grand Slam
with a 6-4, 6-4, victory over the Spaniard,
Garbine Muguruza in the final.
Britains Jordanne Whiley and Japanese
partner Yui Kamiji, won the womens wheelchair doubles beating the Dutch pair of Jiske
Griffionen and Anjekvan Root in the final. Its
the second Wimbledon title for the duo and
their sixth Grand Slam victory.

Britain Reaches Davis Cup

Semi Finals

The Davis Cup quarter-final match at the

Queens Club, July 17-19, against France,
had both nations level on the first day of
play. James Ward was beaten in three sets
by Gilles Simon, while Andy Murray beat Jo
Wifried-Tsongas 7-5, 7-6 (12-10) 6-2. The
doubles match on the second day saw Andy
and Jamie Murray, prevailed over Nicolas
Mahut and Jo Wilfried-Tsongas 4-6, 6-3,
7-6 (7-5) 6-1. Andy Murray carried Britain in
to the semi-finals on the third day with a 4-6,
7-6 (7-5) 6-3, 6-0, victory over Gilles Simon
for an uncatchable 3-1 lead. Britain will play
Australia in the semi-finals at a venue to be
decided, September 18-20. It the first time
Britain has reached the semi-final in 34 years.

Cricket: Ashes Duel

Remains Tense
Australia arrived in England for the Ashes
series, and opened the tour with a 255 run
victory over Kent in a four-dayer at Canterbury. Australia 507 (Shaun Marsh 114,
Steven Smith 11)-8 dec and 322 (Mitchell

Europa League Cup

The Europa League first qualifying leg, July

2-9, saw three Welsh, and three Northern
Ireland clubs in the draw beside two Scottish clubs and West Ham Utd, who qualified
with a UEFA financial fair play place. Only
three clubs would make the next round.
A capacity crowd at Upton Park, watched
West Ham win 3-0 against Lusitanos, with
a double by Diafra Sakho, and one by James
Tompkins. The Hammers found the tiny
nation of Andorra, complicated during the
second leg, however, when Diafra Sakho
was send off after just fifteen minutes.
A goal by Elliot Lee, gave the Londoners a
1-0 win that proved enough. Aberdeen
travelled to Macedonia, and forged a 1-1 tie
with Schkendija, courtesy of a Niall McGinn
goal. At Pittodrie, the Dons struggled with a
goalless draw, but went through on the away
goals rule. Welsh Club. Newtown AFC, were
fortunate to witness their opponents skipper
get red carded in the first leg at home, where
Luke Boundford, and Jason Oswell, pushed
them to a 2-1 win over Valletta. The second
leg in Malta, witnessed a Matty Owen penalty
four minutes from time giving the Welsh a
2-1 win after Jason Oswell, had netted in
the seventh minute. Ulsters Linfield beat
NSI Runavik of the Faroes 2-0 at home and
lost the way leg 4-3, getting through on a
5-4 aggregate. For the two Ulster clubs,
Glentoran, and Glenavon, and Welsh sides
Airbus UK Broughton and Bala Town, plus
top Scottish outfit St Johnstone, who went
out to Alashkert of Armenia, the European
experience was very short and very disappointing.

Australias Steven Smith plays a shot of the bowling of Englands Moeen Ali on the first day of the second
Ashes Test on July 16.
Marsh 101 retd)-4 dec. Kent 280 and 294 title off Jose Zepeta, in a second round TKO and with tears streaming from her eyes she
(Daniel Bell-Drummond 127). They won at the Manchester Velodrome, July 11, when understood her miscalculated interception
their second match at Chelmsford, beating the American pulled a shoulder and was had put the English women out of the Cup.
Essex by 169 runs in another four day game. forced to retire. The unbeaten Mancunian, The Japanese put a penalty away in the 32nd
Australia 562 (Mitchell Marsh 119) and 221. Flanagan (28-0) wants a re-match with the minute, while Fara Williams, scored from
Essex 414 (Thomas Westley 144, Ravinder previous unbeaten Zepeta whose record the penalty spot too, eight minutes later. The
Bopara 107) and 200 all out.
stands at 23-1. Former British heavyweight other semi-final witnessed the USA women
England won the first Test match at Cardiff champion David Price (19-3) saw his beat Germany 2-0. Goals by Carli Lloyd and
on the fourth day of play, rather convincingly attempts to claim the European heavyweight Kelley OHara, while Germanys Celia Sasic,
by 159 runs. The Aussies needed 412 runs crown in Germany, from the unbeaten Erkan missed a penalty.
with all second wickets standing but did not Teper (14-0) end with him crashing through
A 53,000 plus energized crowd watch the
get close. England 430 and 289. Australia the ropes in the second round as the Liver- final in Vancouver, July 3, where the United
308 and 242 all out.
pudlians challenge concluded. Couple States roared in to a four goal lead by the
Australia got their dander-up in the sec- of big fights at the Manchester Arena, July 16th minute. A hat-trick by Carli Lloyd and
ond Test at Lords, overwhelming England 18, where Scott Quigg retained his WBA one by Lauren Holiday, had the Japanese
by 405 runs. Australia 566 (Rogers 173, super-bantamweight title with a two round girls reeling. Japan got a goal back in the 27th
Steven Smith 215)-8 dec. England 312 and demolition of Kiko Martinez. The man from minute courtesy of Ogimi, then Julie JohnBury (31-0-2) had his man down (32-6) ston found her own net in the 52nd minute,
103 all out.
The World Champions League Twenty20 twice during the first round and continued but Tobin Heath, scored two minutes later to
trophy has been discontinued because of the harassment in the second when the ref give the USA a deserved winning score line
lack of interest. The tournaments inception stepped in. Disappointment for local man, of 5-2. FIFA president Sepp Blatter, and his
began in 2009, with top teams around the Anthony Crolla (29-4-3) whose attempt deputy Jerome Valcke, were absent, and
world competing. India and Australian sides to wrest the WBA lightweight crown from did not present the trophy or medals as is
have won it twice apiece. England county Colombian, Darleys Perez 32-1-1) ended FIFAs custom and practices. Blatter has not
sides have not competed in three of the in a drawn decision that did not go down been in North America since 2011, and its
tournaments as the trophy clashed with the well with Crollas corner and fans. Same suspected he fears been taken in to custody
closing matches of the county championship. weekend, the unbeaten Carl Frampton if he does. Its the USs third womens world
(21-0) was in El Paso, Texas, putting his soccer cup championship, but the first
IBF super-bantamweight crown on the line since 1999. Englands women won the third
Lots of runs at Edgbaston, where six to Alejandro Gonzalez Jr (25-2-2). The place play-off final, where a Fara Williams,
men went on the scoreboard with centuries northern Irelanders first fight on American penalty in extra-time gave them a 1-0 win
in a match that ended drawn. Surrey 601 soil, caught him on his knees twice in the over Germany.
(Chris Nash 121, Ben Brown 119 not out, first round for the first time in his career, but
Luke Wright 110, Ashar Zaidi 106)-6 dec. fought back to win a unanimous decision.
Nottinghams four-time world superWarwickshire 612 (Laurie Evans 213
not out, Tim Ambrose 153)-6 at close .At middleweight champion, the 38-year-old
Cheltenham, Gloucestershire polished off Carl Froch, announced his retirement from
Northamptonshire by nine wickets in just two the fight game. His only defeats in a 13 year,
The Europa League second qualifying
days of play. Northants 246 (Alex Wakely 35-bout fight career was reversals from MikThe 2015-16 European competitions round, July 16-23, saw West Ham barely
222) and 160. Gloucs 372 (Jack Taylor kel Kessler and Andre Ward.
commenced a series of qualifying rounds edge past Birkirkara of Malta at Upton Park,
156) and 38-1 at close. Yorkshire lead the
last month. The Welsh champions New 1-0, after a goal in the final minute by James
County Championship mid-July having won
leg the hammers went
Saints, also holders of the Welsh Cup and Tomkins.The away
six of their nine matches with a points total
the Welsh League Cup, came through against behind in the 7 minute, extra-time was
of 165. Middlesex are chasing on 151pts.
Faroe Islands champion B26 Torshawn in needed before a 5-3 penalty shootout put
Lancashire lead division two, with six wins
140,000 people gathered at Silverstone a Champions League qualifier with a 6-1 the West Ham through. The Hammers played
from eleven games with 191pts. Surrey are for the British Grand Prix, July 5, where winning aggregate in the two legs July-1-7. with 10 men for the second half after James
second with 183pts.
champion Lewis Hamilton lost the lead at They won 2-1 away, and in the home leg at Tompkins was red carded on the break.
the start, got in back again and went on to Oswestry, Mike Wilde put away a hat-trick In Croatia, Aberdeen won 3-0 against HNK
win his seventh race of the year. Mercedes giving the Welsh a 4-0 victory. At Park Hall, in Rijeka with goals by Andrew Considine,
team-mate Nico Rosberg was second and the second qualifying round, July 14-15 - 22- Peter Pawlett and Kenny McLean. They
Ferraris Sebastian Vettel third.
23, against Videoton, the Hungarians stole drew 2-2 at home with goals by Niall McGinn
The inaugural European Sporting Cham- the show from the Saints thirteen minutes
Torrential rain forced the British Open to
Continued from page 15
go over to the Monday at St Andrews, July pionships at Baku, Azerbaijan, June 12-28,
16-20. A bunch of Britons forced their way was an attempt by the IOC to sponsor some
to the front of the leaderboard in the first two of the minor sports on the Olympic schedule
rounds, including past winner Paul Lawrie that do not produce the big crowds and also
and fellow Scot Marc Warren, and Danny introduce new sports like Beach Soccer,
Willetts. The third day of play was cancelled, Beach Volleyball and a martial arts disciand when it was played, Irish amateur 22 year pline called Sambo. Sixty European nations
old Paul Dunne, with a 66 that led the players produced over 6,000 athletes competing for
in to the final round. Zach Johnson, Louis 253 gold medals over 16 Olympic sports
Oosthuizen and Aussie, Marc Leishmann and 19 disciplines. Britain sent a squad of
finished on 15 under par 273s, with Jordan 160 that witnessed a capturing of 18 gold
Spieth and Jason Day a stroke distant. The medals, 10 silver and 19 bronze that put
three man play-off went four holes, before them third in the medal table. Britains 18
Zach Johnson birdied a 30 footer to give gold medals included; seven for swimming,
him his very first Open Championship. Top four for diving, and two each for taekwondo
British finishers were Danny Willetts and and boxing. The Russians topped the medal
Justin Rose four behind the leaders with table with 79 golds, 40 silvers, and 45 bronze
Luke Donald two behind them. Where was for a medal total of 164.
Rory McIIroy? Banged up his ankle playing
soccer with friends and did not play.
Sir Nick Faldo, a three time winner at the
Open, said his farewells with a ten over par
while veteran Sandy Lyle, Tiger Woods, DarCall us to find out how easy it is:
ren Clarke, and Ian Poulter, did not survive
the cut either.
The expression on Englands Laura
Bassetts face told the whole story of the
Womens World Cup semi-final game at Edmonton, when she inadvertently put the ball
in her own net in the 90th minute giving the
Terry Flanagan took the WBO lightweight Japanese women a 2-1 victory. Distraught

The County Game

European Soccer: Welsh And West Ham, Aberdeen Go

Ulster Champions Out, Celtic
Through Qualifiers
Beat The Icelanders

Formula One & EuroChampionship In Baku

Golf: Rain Disrupts Open,

Zach Johnson Takes Honours

USA Trounce Japan In

Womens World Cup Final,
England Take Third Place

Boxing: Flanagan, Quigg And

Frampton Are All Champs

Why not distribute the

Union Jack and put Your
Business on the
UJ Brit Business Map!

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August 2015



Qualifying Draw
IN THE DRAW last month, England were
placed in the same group as Scotland,
and Wales drawn with Republic of Ireland.
Group A
Netherlands, France, Sweden, Bulgaria, Belarus, Luxembourg.
Group B
Portugal, Switzerland, Hungary, Faroe
Islands, Latvia, Andorra.
Group C
Germany, Czech Republic, NORTHERN IRELAND, Norway, Azerbaijan, San
Group D
WALES, Austria, Serbia, REPUBLIC OF
IRELAND, Moldova, Georgia.
Group E
Romania, Denmark, Poland, Montenegro, Armenia, Kazakhstan.
Group F
Slovenia, Lithuania, Malta.
Group G
Spain, Italy, Albania, Israel, FYR Macedonia, Liechtenstein.
Group H
Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina,
Greece, Estonia, Cyprus.
Group I
Croatia, Iceland, Ukraine, Turkey,
Nine group winners qualify. Eight runnersup with the best record against the teams
first, third, fourth and fifth in their groups
proceed to play-offs. Russia automatically
qualify as hosts.
European Groups fixtures begin September 4-6, 2016.


Played Saturday, July 25
Arbroath 1, Dunfermline 4; Brechin 0, Peterhead 3;
Brora R 0, Alloa 1; Cowdenbeath 0, Raith Rovers 1;
East Stirling 2, Stenhousemuir 3; Elgin 3, Stirling 2;
Falkirk 3, East Fife 1; Forfar 1, Montrose 0;
Hibernian 2, Rangers 6; Annan Athletic 3,
Airdrieonians 1; Ayr 3, Albion 1;
Edinburgh City 0, Queens Park 0
(Q Park win 3-1 pens)
Livingston 2, Clyde 1; Morton 2, Dumbarton 3;
Queen of Sth 2, Stranraer 0; St Mirren 3, Berwick 1



Saturday, August 8
Manchester United v Tottenham Hotspur
Chelsea v Swansea City
Sunday, August 9
Arsenal v West Ham United
Newcastle United v Southampton(due to
Southamptons participation in the UEFA Europa League on Aug 6)

Stoke City v Liverpool

Monday, August 10
West Bromwich Albion v Manchester City
Friday, August 14
Aston Villa v Manchester United
Saturday, August 15
Southampton v Everton
Sunday, August 16
Crystal Palace v Arsenal
Manchester City v Chelsea
Monday, August 17
Liverpool v AFC Bournemouth
Saturday, August 22
Manchester United v Newcastle United
Sunday, August 23
West Bromwich Albion v Chelsea
Everton v Manchester City
Watford v Southampton
Monday, August 24
Arsenal v Liverpool
Saturday, Augustc 29
Newcastle United v Arsenal
Tottenham Hotspur v Everton
Sunday, August 30
Southampton v Norwich City
Swansea City v Manchester United

Compiled by Larry Gardner

Continued from page 14
and Jonny Hayes, that proved enough for
entry in to the next round. Inverness CT
went 1-0 down at home to Astra Giurgiu, and
could a only yield a 0-0 scoreline in Romania,
that means, they will miss a match-up with
West Ham in the next round. Linfield lost
2-1 away in Slovakia to Sparta Trnava, and
then lost 3-1 in the home leg. Welsh outfit
Newtown AFA lost 2-0 away against FC
Copenhagen, and went down 3-1 at home

Copa America

The Copa America tournament, June 11July 4, fielded ten South American nations,
plus Mexico and Jamaica. Hosts Chile won
a penalty shootout (4-1) against Argentina in
the final after 120 minutes of soccer proved
goalless. They will represent South America
in the Confederations Cup in Russia in 2017.
It was not a good tourney for Brazil, who lost
1-0 to Colombia, in the group stage, and after
a 1-1 tie with Paraguay in the quarter-finals
were beaten 4-1 during a penalty shootout.
The USA warmed up for the CONCACAF
Gold Cup against Guatemala in Nashville,
July 4, where a 44,000 plus crowd broke
the attendance record for a soccer game in
Tennessee. Coach Klinsmann, replaced Clint
Dempsey as captain with Michael Bradley,
for at least the duration of the Gold Cup. The
Guatamalans scored an own goal in the 19th
minute, before a 25 yard drive by Timmy
Chandler in the 58th minute made it two.
Clint Dempsey put a penalty away and Chris
Wondolowski scored four minutes from the
end as the US claimed a 4-0 victory. Jozy
Altidore missed a penalty.

Reggae Boyz Shock


The CONCACAF Gold Cup hosted in these

United States, July 7-July 26, brought eight
Central and North American nations together,
plus; Cuba, Haiti, Jamaica, and Trinidad
& Tobago. The USA kicked off its group
schedule with a 2-1 win over Honduras in
Frisco, Texas, July 7, where the recently
demoted skipper Clint Dempsey, got two.
New skipper Michael Bradley provided the
assists and earned his 100th cap. A 40,000
plus crowd at Foxborough, Mass, was looking for goals, but a Clint Dempsey goal two
minutes after the break became the only
goal of the game against Haiti. It did put
the USA into the quarter-finals however. At
Kansas City, the US completed their group
fixtures with a 1-1 tie with Panama. Blas
Perez put the Canaleros ahead in the 34th
minute, while Michael Bradley grabbed the
equalizer ten minutes after the break. In the
quarter-finals at Baltimore, Clint Dempsey got
a hat-trick against a depleted Cuba, side who
reputedly had five players defect. Dempsey,
Gyasi Zardes, Aron Johannsson and Omar
Gonzalez pushed the US to a 6-0 win.
Jamaica delivered the US its first home
defeat in 26 games, when the Reggae Boyz
came away with a 2-1 win in Atlanta, in the
semi-finals, July 22. The stunning upset
witnessed Darren Mattocks and Giles
Barnes put the Caribbean nation two up
early in the first half and grittily hang on to
the advantage. Michael Bradley got one back
for the Americans.

Beckhams MLS Franchise

David Beckhams dream of a MLS

Franchise in Miami, drew a little closer last
month, with the news they want to build a

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soccer stadium next to the baseball arena

of the Florida Marlins. Miami Mayor Tomas
Regalado has apparently gone along with
the idea, and reckons City Commissioners
will vote positively in favour. Time was running out for Beckham, and he needed a deal
quickly as the MLS could offer the franchise
to other bidders. Lots of complicated discussions remain, and its not a done deal yet.
Earlier in June, the Beckham team refused
a chance to share the University of Miami
Stadium that has 40,000 capacity.

Late Sport

Ferraris Sebastian Vettel, won the Hungarian Grand Prix, July 26, where an error
strewn race by Champion, Lewis Hamilton
saw him finish sixth, and Mercedes teammate Nico Rosberg eighth. Hamilton still
leads the drivers table with 202pts and Nico
Rosberg on 181pts. After a good showing
at the British Open, Danny Willetts put a 17
under par 263, together to win the European
Masters in Switzerland. Fellow Englishman
Matt Fitzpatrick was one stroke distant.
The Australians forged a draw at Derby, in
a three day match with plenty of runs. Australia 413 (David Warner 101 retd, Shaun
Marsh 101 retd)-9 dec and 99-1 at close.
Derbyshire 259. Rangers got off to a good
start in the first round of the Scottish Challenge Cup at Easter Road, beating Hibernian
6-2, with braces by Martyn Waghorn and
Kenny Miller. More disappointment for
Coach Klinsmann as the USA lost a penalty
shootout 3-2 to Panama in the third place
match in the Gold Cup, at Lincoln Field,
July 25, where a 1-1 result prevailed after
extra-time. The final of the CONCACAF Gold
Cup the following day, saw Mexico win the
trophy for the seventh time with a 3-1 win
over Jamaica. Mexico will play the current
holders of the Gold Cup, the USA in a playoff in October to decide which nation will
represent CONCACAF in the 2017 Federations
Cup in Russia.

Sports Passings

Sir Peter OSullevan former BBC racing

commentator dubbed the Voice of Racing died at home in London late last month
after a long illness, aged 97.
An icon in the sport, he commentated on
50 Grand Nationals and around 14,000 races
before retiring in 1997.
Born in County Kerry in the Republic of
Ireland, he was the BBCs main racing commentator for half a century.
In 1997, he set up a charitable trust which
has since raised huge amounts for animal and
racing-related charities.
Nigel Payne, chief executive of that charitable trust, said: Sir Peter died earlier this
afternoon, very peacefully, at home.
Sir Peter was one of the greatest men
Ive ever known.
OSullevan was racing correspondent
of the Daily Express for 36 years and also
worked for the Press Association.
Also a successful racehorse owner, he
was recognised for his contribution to horse
racing at the 2008 Cheltenham Festival, when
the National Hunt Chase bore his name for
that year.

Page 15


Some of the bigger transfer transactions during the past month
Jose Angel Crespo (Cordoba > Aston Villa)*
Filipe Luis (Chelsea > Atletico Madrid)*
Ibrahim Afellay (Barcelona > Stoke City) Free
Jordan Ayew (Lorient > Aston Villa)*
Steven Berghuis (AZ Alkmaar > Watford) 4.6m
Sergio Romero (Sampdoria > Manchester
United) Free
Ryan Taylor (Newcastle > Hull) Free
Didier Drogba (Chelsea > Montreal Impact) free
Shaun Wright-Phillips (QPR >
New York Red Bulls) Free
Chancel Mbemba (Anderlecht >
Luke Garbutt (Everton > Fulham)
Ben Hamer (Leicester City > Nottingham Forest)
Conor Sammon (Derby County > Sheffield
United) Loan
Billy Sharp (Leeds United > Sheffield United)*
Rodney Sneijder (Almere City > Dundee Utd) Free
Alex McCarthy (QPR > Crystal Palace)*
Danilo Pantic (Partizan Belgrade > Chelsea)*
Danilo Pantic (Chelsea > Vitesse Arnhem) Loan
Christian Benteke (Aston Villa > Liverpool)
Miguel Britos (Napoli > Watford) Free
Jose Jurado (Spartak Moscow > Watford)*
Manuel Lanzini (Al Jazira > West Ham) Loan
Igor Rossi Branco (Maritimo > Hearts) Free
Patrick Bamford (Chelsea > Crystal Palace) Loan
Aleksandar Mitrovic (Anderlecht > Newcastle)
Reece James (Manchester United > Wigan)*
Francisco Junior (Everton > Wigan) Loan
Jonjoe Kenny (Everton > Wigan) Loan
Raul Albentosa (Derby > Malaga) Loan
Kenneth Omeruo (Chelsea > Kasimpasa) Loan
Benjamin Stambouli (Tottenham > Paris StGermain) 6m
Darko Bodul (SC Rheindorf Altach > Dundee
United) Free
Gary Miller (St Johnstone > Partick Thistle) Free
Patrick Roberts (Fulham > Manchester City)*
Jordan Amavi (Nice > Aston Villa)*
Fabian Delph (Aston Villa > Manchester City)
Younes Kaboul (Tottenham > Sunderland)*
Stewart Downing (West Ham >
Middlesbrough) 5.5m
Salva Chamorro (Lleida Esportiu
> Hamilton) Free
Liam Craig (Hibernian > St
Johnstone) Free
Owain Fon Williams (Tranmere
> Inverness) Free
Kieran Kennedy (Leicester > Motherwell) Free
Jordy Clasie (Feyenoord > Southampton) Region
of 8m
Jeremain Lens (Dynamo Kiev > Sunderland) 8m
Moha El Ouriachi (Barcelona > Stoke)*
Carl Jenkinson (Arsenal > West Ham) Loan
Allan Nyom (Udinese > Watford)*
Raheem Sterling (Liverpool > Manchester City)
Robin van Persie (Manchester United >
Asmir Begovic (Stoke > Chelsea) 8m (reported)
Filippo Costa (Chievo > Bournemouth) Loan

Ollie McBurnie (Bradford > Swansea)*

Morgan Schneiderlin
(Southampton > Manchester
United) 25m
Bastian Schweinsteiger (Bayern
Munich > Manchester United)
14.4m (reported)
Coll Donaldson (QPR > Dundee
United) Free
Antons Kurakins (Ventspils > Hamilton) Free
Gramoz Kurtaj (Banik Most > Hamilton) Free
Dani Lopez (La Roda > Inverness CT) Free
Carlton Morris (Norwich > Hamilton) Loan
Christian Nade (Raith Rovers > Hamilton) Free
Glen Johnson (Liverpool > Stoke) Free
Valon Behrami (Hamburg > Watford)*
Matteo Darmian (Torino > Manchester United)
Georginio Wijnaldum (PSV Eindhoven >
Newcastle) 14.5m
John Guidetti (Manchester City > Celta Vigo) Free
Yohan Cabaye (Paris St-Germain
> Crystal Palace) 10m
Shay Given (Aston Villa > Stoke)
Idrissa Gueye (Lille > Aston
Angelo Ogbonna (Juventus >
West Ham) 10m (reported)
Josh McEachran (Chelsea > Brentford) 750,000
Dale Carrick (Hearts > Kilmarnock) Free
Stuart Findlay (Celtic > Kilmarnock) Loan
Mark Bunn (Norwich > Aston Villa) Free
Nadir Ciftci (Dundee United > Celtic) 1.5m
Steven Nzonzi (Stoke > Sevilla) 7m
Toby Alderweireld (Atletico Madrid >
Will Keane (Manchester United > Preston) Loan
Filip Valencic (Monza > Notts County) Free
Romain Vincelot (Leyton Orient > Coventry)*
Logan Bailly (OH Leuven > Celtic)*
Cuco Martina (FC Twente > Southampton)*
Sammy Ameobi (Newcastle >
Cardiff) Loan
Jordan Roberts (Aldershot >
Inverness) Free
Bryan Ruiz (Fulham > Sporting
Etienne Capoue (Tottenham > Watford)*
Enes Unal (Bursaspor > Manchester City)*
Nani (Manchester United > Fenerbahce) 4.25m
Lukas Podolski (Arsenal > Galatasaray) 1.8m
Radamel Falcao (Monaco > Chelsea) Loan
Jose Holebas (Roma > Watford)
Stevie Smith (Rangers >
Kilmarnock) Free
Nathaniel Clyne (Southampton >
Liverpool) 12.5m
Sebastian Coates (Liverpool > Sunderland)*
Sylvain Distin (Everton > Bournemouth) Free
Eder (Sporting Braga > Swansea)*
Matej Vydra (Udinese > Watford)*
Ben Amos (Manchester United > Bolton) Free
Tomasz Kuszczak (Wolves > Birmingham) Free
Benoit Assou-Ekotto (Unattached > St Etienne)
Lewis Holtby (Tottenham > Hamburg)*
* = Undisclosed fee
** = Fee could increase on performance

Australia Demand Investigation Into

Russia Olympics Triple Jump Result
AUSTRALIA has demanded an investigation into the triple jump final at
the 1980 Moscow Olympics, claiming
scientific evidence that local athlete
Ian Campbell was wrongly denied a
gold-medal winning jump.
Athletics Australia said last month
they had also called on the IAAF to
probe the womens 200 meters final
at the 1948 Games in London, saying
Shirley Strickland de la Hunty had
missed out on a bronze due to an incorrect call by an official.
Campbells third attempt at Moscow landed between the Olympic
record marker of 17.39m and the thenworld record of 17.89m but he was
fouled for scraping his foot along the
ground when entering the jump phase.
Campbell and the Australian athletics section managers protests were
dismissed and Russian Jaak Uudmae
was awarded the gold for a jump of
On the 35th anniversary of the final,
AA said it would submit a report to the
IAAF which showed Campbell had not
scraped his foot and his third jump
was 17.51m within an uncertainty
of no more than four centimeters.
The report, which had been verified
by international expert reviewers,
was based on a study conducted by a
local university in Melbourne which
had used video footage from the origi-

nal broadcast to estimate Campbells

jump, AA President David Grace said
in a statement.
If confirmed, (AA will) request the
IAAF to call upon the IOC to recognize Campbells third round attempt
as a legitimate jump and to reverse
the foul call.
It is hoped that this will produce a
re-adjustment of the event results and
result in a gold medal being awarded
by the IOC to Campbell.
Strickland de la Hunty placed
fourth in the 200m final at London but
was not given the benefit of a photo
review of the finish.
Later examination of the photo
finish film has revealed that she clearly

finished in third place albeit by a slim

margin, Grace said.
AA cited the precedent of the
IAAFs decision to award a second
bronze to Frenchwoman Michele
Chardonnet some four months after
she was placed fourth in the 100m
hurdles final at the 1984 Los Angeles
The IAAF ruled that Chardonnet
and American Kim Turner had finished in a dead heat.
Advances in science over time
have allowed sporting organizations
to discover and detect errors in results
that have occurred many years in the
past, Grace said.
To correct these errors, even after
so many years, is the just and right
thing to do.

Page 16

August 2015

are delighted to be able to strengthen their

ties with the game.

Home Nations Prepare For

World Cup

Lions Tour Of New Zealand

THE BRITISH and Irish Lions will tour New

Zealand in 2017. They have a daunting task
ahead of t hem. They have not won a series
against the All Blacks since 1971 under the
captaincy of John Dawes. They have now
lost four successive Test series, including
a 3-0 whitewash under World Cup-winning
coach Sir Clive Woodward on their last visit
ten years ago.
At least they have enjoyed some success
Down Under beating Australia two years ago to
end a 16-year wait for a series victory against
the Wallabies.
The three-Test outing will start with a game
in Eden Park, Auckland on June 24, 2016.
They will revisit the same stadium for the
final Test with a trip to Wellingtons Westpac
Stadium for the second Test. In all they will
play ten matches, against all the home nations
Super Rugby teams and New Zealand Maori.

Chris Froome Wins Tour De

France For Second Time

Television Coverage Changing

RR By Larry Gardner

CHRIS FROOME made British cycling history when he won the Tour de France, July
26, becoming the first Briton to win this race twice. He won it in 2013. Froome was in
contention from the third stage of the 21 stage marathon across the French countryside,
and by stage seven he was leading the pack time-wise. During the tenth stage over the
Pyrenees mountains he roared ahead of the field winning by an incredible three minutes
which ultimately gave him an uncatchable lead and the yellow jersey. It had it consequences however, that witnessed a French TV reporter asking him if he was doping.
Former Team Festina trainer Antoine Vayer questioned this piece of extraordinary ride
too. Froome and the Sky team denied the outrageous accusations, but they suffered bad
French press for the rest of the race. Maybe it was deep piquet by the French, who have
not had a winner since 1985. Froome was harassed several time by spectators, who
spit, and threw urine at him, but the 30-year-old two-time winner would not be thwarted
and crossed the Paris finishing line with 72 seconds to spare over the second man.


Significant changes are occurring in the

TV schedules with BBC and ITV sharing the
Six Nations transmissions for the next sux
years. The BBC will cover Wales, Scotland and
France home games, while the ITV will show
England, Ireland and Italy home matches.
The important thing is that the Six Nations
will stay on free-to-air television and that has
brought a big smile to the faces of ITVs sports
department. They will have responsibility for
screening the World Cup next month. They

Warren Gatland is notorious for the extremes he will push his Welsh players to
ensure they are match-fit for the biggest
occasions. The sheer brutality of his Polish
preparations for the 2011 World Cup still send
a shiver down the back.
In an effort to compete especially as they
are in the same pool of death, England are
training high up in Denver but Wales are subjected to even greater rigours. Last month they
were stuck up a Swiss mountain two thousand
feet higher where they went in for power and
endurance sessions involving truck tyres,
ropes and sledges followed by skills work.
They moved on from there to Qatar sleeping
in chambers that replicated the effect of being
on top of Mont Blanc.
Gatland anticipates that training at altitude
with scorching sunshine and ice-cold baths
while fighting for every breath is the perfect
preparation. It worked in the last World Cup
when a youthful and dynamic Welsh side came
within an ace and a red card of reaching
their first final.
Its the same story north of the border
where Scotland coach, Vern Cotter, is pushing
his players to their limits to ensure they are
fully prepared, mentally and physically, to give
their last ounce to the cause when they take
the pitch to face Japan in their Pool B opener
on September 23.
Cotter even hired French commandoes
to lead his squad up a 6,000 foot Pyrenean
mountain where they were ordered to spend
the night on an exposed summit to test their
physical capacities and mental strength.
Its a long way from club nights spent with a
pint in one hand and a fag in the other.

Does This Fan Know Who

His Hero Really Is?



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All rates include surplus lines taxes where applicable.
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Correspondent to Lloyds Insurance Broker

John A. Costa, Esquire

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Member British
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of Commerce

US and Canadian Service

11867 102ND STREET N., LARGO, FLORIDA 33773

1 (800) 399-3904 Fax (727) 392-6229

THE ENGLISH Football Association has

apologized for a tweet it subsequently deleted
about its Womens World Cup team which
prompted criticism across social media.
After England returned from its third-place
finish in Canada, the FA wrote on Twitter last
month: Our Lionesses go back to being
mothers, partners and daughters today, but
they have taken on another title heroes.
It linked to a story which was later
amended to only say that England returned
home as heroes.
FA content editor James Callow tweeted:
Sorry if I caused offence. The piece is
intended to sum up a nice moment when
players are reunited with their families. I reject
any accusation of sexism.
Callow added that human interest is a big
part of any sport reporting.

Liverpool Begins Construction

On Roof At Anfield

LIVERPOOLS stadium expansion has moved

to the roof at Anfield as work began last
month to raise a 650-ton truss over the new
main stand.
The expansion began in December and
Liverpool expects the new stand to be completed during the 2016-17 Premier League
season. It will have three tiers, incorporating a widened player tunnel and new team
The work will raise the capacity of Anfield
by about 8,500 by renovating the stand. The
stadium currently holds 45,522 spectators.
Liverpool chief executive Ian Ayre says
the redevelopment gives us a fantastic opportunity to ensure that all the rich history and
traditions that make this stadium so special
can continue.

Four Chelsea Fans Given

Football Bans Up To 5 Years

OPTIONAL RIDERS: SPORTS RIDER= $250.00 DENTAL RIDER (ADULT)= $425.00 (CHILD)= $285.00 Maternity Rider= $2,200.00

Member Better Business

Bureau of
West Florida

English FA Apology For Tweet

About Womens World Cup

Not sure Frank Lampard would be too happy to see this version of his name
on the back of an obviously keen fan at a recent match here in the US?

FOUR CHELSEA supporters involved in a

racist incident in the Paris subway have been
given banning orders of up to five years.
Richard Barklie, a former police officer in
Northern Ireland who now works as a human
rights activist, was banned from attending
football matches in Britain and abroad for five
years. William Simpson and Josh Parsons
were also banned for five years, while Jordan
Munday was banned for three years.
The incident occurred in February, when
Souleymane Sylla was pushed off a train by
supporters who were filmed in a video singing were racist, were racist, and thats the
way we like it.
It occurred before Chelsea played a
Champions League game against Paris