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On behalf of Ryerson University I am pleased to extend an invitation to you to conduct
research as a Post Doctorate Research Fellow at Ryerson University. This letter outlines
the nature and conditions associated with your activities at the University.
1. Your appointment will take effect on START DATE. This contract will expire on
END DATE. You will report directly to PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR NAME of the
2. (FOR NON CANADIAN CANDIDATES) Your appointment is subject to obtaining
legal authorization to work in Canada valid for employment at Ryerson University
for the duration of this appointment.
3. You shall be expected to discharge the duties and responsibilities associated with
your research role as outline in the attached job description. In summary, these
4. Your employment is subject to continued satisfactory performance and budget
approval. Satisfactory performance will be based on performance standards
established by myself, and will be reviewed during the term of the contract.
5. Ryerson agrees to provide you with access to facilities and equipment as arranged
by mutual agreement, and approved by the Director/Chair of your academic unit.
6. Your rate of pay will be ANNUAL SALARY per annum.
7. You are encouraged to apply for external funding while at Ryerson. Should you
receive a concurrent non-Ryerson personal salary award such as an NSERC, SSHRC
or CIHR PDF, you must report receipt of any such award to Ryerson University
immediately. You are also entitled to apply for part-time teaching at Ryerson.
8. Your position is included as part of the Management & Confidential (MAC)
employee group. The general terms and conditions of your employment shall be
governed by the Universitys applicable policies, procedures, practices (including
research policies) and regulations which may be found on the Ryerson website at and You should note that the policies, rules and
regulations may be subject to change, at the Universitys sole discretion, and such
alterations and amendments shall automatically apply to you.
9. As a condition of employment, you are required to complete the Accessibility for Ontarians with
Disabilities Act (AODA) Customer Service Standard eLearning training within two (2) weeks of your

appointment start date. To access the training modules, you will be required to login to using your Ryerson e-mail user id and password which will be
provided to you upon the commencement of your appointment. Should you have already completed the
training in light of a previous appointment at the University, you are not required to re-do the training.
Please print your Certificate of Completion (found at the end of the training modules) and provide a
copy to your manager within two (2) weeks of your appointment start date.
10.Employee benefits are offered to term employees on a pro-rata basis following
four (4) months of employment. Information about benefit coverage will be
forwarded to you by the Benefits Unit upon eligibility. Further information can be
obtained from the Benefits Unit at (416) 979-5000, extension 6250.
11.In the course of employment you may become privy to information or
documentation pertaining to confidential matters; or you may be involved in
processes in which confidential matters or incidents are discussed. You will be
expected as part of your employment contract to maintain this confidentiality and
refrain from divulging any information which may damage reputations or influence
proceedings. As such you will be expected to refrain from discussing or releasing
such information in any form whatsoever except as required by university policy or
legal requirements. You are also required to sign and return the Ryerson Employee
Confidentiality Agreement document for inclusion in your employee file.
12.Extensions of your employment will be based on your performance, our research
priorities and availability of funds. Your appointment may be terminated by either
party giving appropriate notice or pay in lieu of notice, as provided for in
university policies. Please note that the university has the right to terminate this
contract at any time for any reason without cause.
13.(FOR NON CANADIAN CANDIDATES) You are required to apply for health
coverage through the University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) until you are eligible
coverage through the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP). Information on
UHIP, as well as the application form can be found at . Please complete the application as soon as possible
and return it to the Benefits Unit, Ryerson University, 350 Victoria Street, Toronto,
ON M5B 2K3. Please note that coverage is mandatory and is effective your start
date or, if you arrive prior to your start date, your arrival date in Canada,
whichever is first, but no earlier than the 10th day of the month before your start
14.(FOR NON-CANADIAN CANDIDATES) You are required to apply for Provincial
health coverage under Ontario's Health Insurance Plan (OHIP). Information on the
process and required forms can be found at
15.(FOR NON-CANADIAN CANDIDATES) You are required to apply for your Social
Insurance Number. The information on obtaining a SIN can be found at Please note that Ryerson
requires this number in order to process your pay.
To provide you with an opportunity to discuss any questions you may have related to
your employment at Ryerson, I would ask that you set up an appointment with our
Human Resources Client Services Advisor, ADVISOR NAME (416-979-5000 ext.XXXX),
shortly after your start date.

We look forward to having you join Ryersons research team and hope that you find your
experience with us both rewarding and challenging.
Yours truly,

Please signify your acceptance of this invitation and its associated terms and conditions,
by signing this letter and returning a copy to me as soon as possible.



Dean/Associate Dean
Office of Research Services
Human Resources
Employment Equity