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When I was in the primary school, my teachers I have had who stand out in my memory have
some attributes in common. They presented tand skills in a way that caught my interest. They
clarified difficult topics and led me through complex areas, and put knowledge into context so
that its relevance was apparent. These role models have influenced my approach to teach,
when I become a teacher. I view myself primarily as a facilitator of learning, rather than as an
expert who simply delivers information to students. I am always conscious of their different
learning styles, what they have already learned and what they will need to learn in the future.
Some feedback from students has been vital to the process of growth I have undergone since I
began teaching. I learned from them the pacing of teaches, and effective ways to help them
learn in small group discussions.

My goal of education is to encourage seeking answers, as it is in this way that we advance. I

seek to facilitate this advancement of knowledge, and the main theme of my teaching
philosophy is reasoned thought. I encourage my students to think in rational ways, so that
this can be applied in other, unfamiliar situations.I believe that children is our future, they are
unique and needs a secure, caring, and stimulating atmosphere in which to grow up and
mature emotionally, intellectually, physically, and socially. I do hope to foster critical
thinking, facilitate the acquisition of life-long learning skills, prepare students to function
effectively in an information economy, and to develop problem-solving strategies. I wish to
motivate my students, spur their critical thinking, and help them draw complex
connections between ideas. I encourage my students to identify some themes which
emerge from my teaching and let others determine whether these themes constitute any
coherent pattern.

As a teacher, I will help children to develop their potential,

believe them as capable

individuals. There are several values that I try to teach students, both by my words and my
actions. I will assist them to discover who they are, build their confidence to express their
own opinions and ideas. I hope that people will learn to respect, accept, and embrace the
differences between them, as the core of what makes life so fascinating. It is my desire as an

educator to help children to arouse their fullest potential in these areas. They should be
provided with an environment that is safe, supports risk-taking, and invites a sharing of ideas.
I believe that there are three elements that are conducive to establishing such an environment,
the teachers guidance, allowing the child's natural curiosity to direct their learning, and
promoting respect for all things and all people.

Teachers role is to guide and to fullfil students need, teacher

providing access to

information while the students' search for knowledge as they learn to find answers to their
questions. Students need the opportunity to discover themselves to construct knowledge. They
need to practice skills in authentis situayions. My role as a teacher is to give children the tools
to enable them to cultivate their own gardens of knowledge. I will teach to the needs of each
child so that all learners can feel capable and successful.Of course, they should accomplish
their goals. Curriculum should be presented clearly to involves the interests of the children
and makes learning relevant to life. I will incorporate themes, integrated units, projects, group
work, individual work, and hands-on learning in order to make children active learners.
Finally, I will tie learning into the world community to help children become caring and
active members of society.

Therefore, teacher has to

provide students access to hands-on activities and allowing

adequate time and space to use materials that reinforce the lesson being studied. Teacher also
have to create an opportunity for individual discovery and construction of knowledge to
occur. Teacher should have capability to engage students actively and creatively. I buid
the personal contact with students which essential to my approach. Students


encouragement to talk to their teachers, so I emphasize my availability for informal

discussion. I emphasized my willingness to help them to sort out any problems they have
with what they are learning. My experience on teaching is greatly enriched by this personal

Students need to have the opportunity to study thingd that are meaningful and relevant to their
life. Curicullum that is develope around students interest enhance intrinsic motivation and
stimulates the passion to learn.This would be one of the important way to take learning in a

direct and relevant to students interest. Students that are given the opportunity for input, might
generate ideas and set goals that make for much richer activities than could have created or
imagined by themselves. When students have ownership in the curriculum, they are motivated
to work hard and master the skills necessary to reach their goals.

Teacher should help students to develop respect and love for themselves, others, and their
environment. Those elements occurs through an open sharing of ideas and a judicious
approach towards discipline. Teacher also should give opportunity to student to say out their
opinions, surrounds them with environment evolves where students feel free to express
themselves. As teacher, I should conduct the class meetings to encourage such dialogue.
Children should have greater respect for their teachers, their peers, and the lessons presented
when they feel safe and sure of what is expected of them.

Teaching should provides an oppertunity for growth and continuous learning. I hope to instill
a love of learning to my students. In return, they learn to respect themselves, others, and their
environment. Teachers must have the feeling for

compassionate, strong, and dedicated

individuals who are excited about working with children. Students should be able to work
with someone who is aware of and have the sensitivity to the students needs. As a whole,
students should not only receive a solid education and as a teacher, I am such a person that
will always striving to be the best educator.