Truth or Dare-Cullen Style

Reneesme’s P.O.V “Who wants to play truth or dare” Emmett boomed. “ME!” everyone screamed. We all sat in a circle and Alice spun the bottle. It landed on mommy. “Dare” Bella said before Alice could say anything. “Go to Jessica’s house and destroy all her clothes” Alice chirped. “Okay!” she said, probably happy about that dare. We all piled in to the car and drove to Jessica’s house. Mommy ran in through the window and three seconds later came out with a small amount of clothes. “Bella catch!”

Emmett yelled as he tossed a small, silver thing to mom. Mommy smiled and threw it on to the clothes. A fire started and burned the clothes. In a rush we reached the house. “Truth or Dare Emmett”. “Dare!”. “Kiss Jasper for five minutes” Mommy said happily. “NO!” Jasper and Emmett yelled. “You have to it’s a dare” Daddy said smugly. They leaned forward slowly then extended their lips and kissed. We laughed so hard. They turned around and ran at us. We ran through the forest just chasing each other. Then SHE arrived. (Guess who)

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