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Solution Brief

Cloud Migration
Rapid Assessment
Move your applications to the cloud with confidence


Develops complete visibility of the

application migration to cloud roadmap
that provides:
Fast, higher-quality cloud
transformation with less risk
Reduced transformation cost to
realize ROI within 12-18 months

Leverages IBMs extensive experience

in porting, migration, consolidation,
virtualization and cloud enablement

Focuses on the use of tools, metrics

and automation to reduce the cost of
migration and consolidation

Cloud capabilities are fundamentally shifting the competitive business

landscape by providing a new platform for creating and delivering value
to customers. New technology and social connectivity trends are creating
a perfect storm of opportunity, enabling cloud to transform internal
operations, customer relationships and industry value chains. Analysts
believe that cloud adoption in the near term is one of the most critical
elements for long term strategic business flexibility. Organizations must
move quickly to seize the advantages of cloud enablement.
The challenge for business is how fast and how far to gotaking
advantage of whats newly possible for competitive differentiation and
doing all this with an eye to what matters most to their customers.
The Cloud Migration Rapid Assessment helps you assess the opportunity
to migrate all or part of your source environment to the cloud environment of choice. It provides a cost-effective, low-risk plan for the migration of workloads to the new platform so that you can begin realizing the
benefits of a cloud environment, usually within six months.

Creating a new strategy of growth around cloud

During the assessment process, cloud experts work with you to understand
business drivers and IT constraints to complete a successful and timely
migration of your applications to the appropriate cloud environment.
In our assessment approach, supported by automated analysis and proven
solution templates, cloud experts identify the opportunities and benefits
for migrating applications in your portfolio to the new environment.
It includes:

Up to an 8 week, top down assessment

Roadmap to future state

Portfolio of improvement opportunities

Key recommendations

Assessing performance drivers to extend

cloud system capabilities
The Cloud Migration Rapid Assessment process collects and
verifies the inventory of the servers, operating system images
and application data in scope to provide a firm baseline and
migration roadmap. This process uses actual workload information obtained with automated tools and profile templates,
and the existing environment is mapped to the target cloud
platform. The resulting data, and information regarding the
organizations business objectives, is then used to align your
migration acceleration in a manner that provides direct
business value on investment.

Why IBM?
IBM has years of experience and patented approaches complemented by best practice methods which accelerate and add
value to cloud initiatives. IBMs proprietary methods, tools and
assets enhance application understanding and migration
approaches. We provide expert business strategy and vision
development, business case creation, solution implementation
and ultimately link strategy to execution in ways that build
continuous improvement and a foundation for ongoing
innovation. We work collaboratively with you to solve to your
most difficult challenges.

Recommending and capitalizing on

emerging possibilities
At the conclusion of the assessment phase, we compile and
deliver interview findings, and provide migration assessment
and modernization assessment recommendations. Comprehensive financial, functional, technical and timing information are
included in the recommendations in a strategic roadmap, as are
additional opportunities for leveraging the value of cloud
migration transformation.

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