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General Framework for Restructuring Legislative Internships

Establishment of a minimum number of credit hours and GPA for

Protocols for electronic communication including prohibitions on personal
communication with interns.
Approval of all Institutional Programs that seek to place an intern in the
The House reserves the right to reject a specific intern/member placement.
Establishment of an Intern Ombudsman.
Interns will be required to register and provide emergency contact
Intern Coordinators will be empowered to act on behalf of interns and
address problems.
Mandatory training for interns and supervising Members.
Periodic training and interviewing of interns to re-enforce open lines of
communication and reduce barriers to reporting of unacceptable behavior.
Mandatory sexual harassment training protocols for Members, staff, and
Establish a process for handling interns that are not affiliated with a college
or university or, specifically, are not participating through their college or
university program.
Adoption of a formal code of ethics for Members, staff, and interns.