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11/5/99: Prophecy: Fourth-Dimensional



Tuesday 10 / 05 / 99 - 8:41 a.m.

D: If I had to characterize this dream with a title, the title would be "Alcoholism and Politics." It
seemed like it just went on and on for a long time.
Earlier on I was exploring a lot of issues around being at Don T's house and going through cycles of
my own former addiction with him, during my late teenage years. Later, it actually turned into a huge,
huge discussion of politics. There was something involving throwing up, though, and it involved Don
There was this dinner party going on at his house. Most of the people I knew, and some I didn't. They
were not being responsible with their drinking.
This guy who I know, I forget who he was, got really sick from eating this cereal that was primarily
made out of yeast. It was supposed to be a y2k preparation food. As soon as he ate this sweet thing, he
went and threw up. So that was pretty sobering.
D: I am getting something on Joe Firmage here.
Joe Firmage does have his buddies in high places as well. And this means that once you start binding the loose
bits and pieces together, you can see how all this is leading towards something like a coup over the military
industrial complex and its stranglehold over this story regarding UFOs and the like.
Many think that the path to certainty on these matters is just about as creative as it gets. When you discover an
identical piece of information from within, it becomes easier than to see it on the without.
Sabrina, as many others, has found a way to bridge this gap and bring these truths through to the conscious

[11/5: My friend Sabrina has quite the psychic ability, and has been told by my readings that she could
attain similar or greater trance reading quality levels than I now attain myself.
I think the real point of this passage is to say that nothing beats the surprise and wonderment of getting
your own psychic "hits." You can read my readings until you are blue in the face, but until you start
getting your own confirmations from dreams and the like, you cannot really know how incredible it
feels to be right on the front line of an active psychic connection.]

Classism, racism, genderism issues all have their roots in a feeling of separateness from God, and failing to honor
the Law of One and see how we are all united.
However, the core of this planet's population along with more than a few others are understanding the bottom line,
which is this.
If you take just five minutes to think about what your own motivations are, you can ask yourself whether your
primary focus is of service to others or service to self.
If you don't have a dramatic answer to the question you ask yourself, then you need to think about that,
and anchor it in on a very deep level of being.
It seems that there are those who would prefer the darkness over the light, and it is not our purpose to try to
subvert their opinions with our own idealized form of Christianity.
Rather, all that we ask for is a few simple moments to look around and go within, to then see how the truck makes
its next destination point in the near future to drop off its carload of human souls into the fourth dimension after
having been transported as such.
The strange feeling that you get, which accompanies this transformation, is the idea of "Too Good To Be True," or
"Things like this never happen to me."
Here is where the laboratory books are being covered from view of most people at present. However, it does not
change one iota what it is that you must do, or how it is that you will get there.
When the insulating cap is placed over the shadowy decline of morality in America and elsewhere, then the truth
never rises to the surface. You cannot organize people together for a common aim if they are too busy feeling that
there is nothing much more that can be done.

[11/5: This is obviously telling us that we cannot simply insulate ourselves from the truth of the
decline of morality in society today. We must realize the effect that each of us can have by talking
with our peers about the changes that need to happen in society, and the destructive impact of the
mainstream media's sex, violence and marketing.]

[tape flips]
And so, these meetings of the spirit often involve the conscious ability to deprive the self of much that is occurring
within its greater matrix structure.
The equivalent number of persons who say "I know" must learn to say "I believe," and have it mean as much to
them as would the other statement.
The letter that we have to open for you is from the higher realms, and it says the following:
"You have the basket now. You are the ones who must go through the vineyard and carefully select those aspects
of society that you will choose to recreate after the harvest, and those that you will leave behind."
And so, since the present milieu occupies itself quite dramatically with politics, we suggest that you think about
these systems as well -- both in terms of dollars and cents as well as the authority to rule.

We do see that in a harmonious, utopian community such as will be Earth in the fourth dimension, those who
would preside over matters of government would be obviously of the more spiritual variety. And yet, to even
suggest the word "Spiritual" is to misplace truth, in the sense that there are no more illusions surrounding reality in
the fourth dimension.
There is no need for religion, as the truth of the Law of One emanates from all sides, producing a new whole.

Suppose it really had been Mother. Suppose for a moment that your vital energies were thusly dedicated to
someone else who didn't understand you and didn't support you.
Suppose that you had allowed this situation to grow so completely out of control that it was almost impossible to
The question then, is, "What would you do if the Saint Bernard comes to you with the whiskey under his neck in
your final moments, giving you another chance?"
How would you approach these systems when this same phenomenon is going to be happening to them?
It is the choice of those who will populate this new Earth as to whether they will take the steps that have already
been plotted out in the third, or adopt a whole new approach.
And so, although the systems are interchangeable in one sense, in another sense they lack the continuity
necessary to bring about the deepest level of structure and change.

These primitive tools of your self-awakening need not measure up to much in the grand scheme of things.
Truly, it is all emanating from within, and this does not need anything but a willingness and a dedication to rid the
individual body and the collective body of disease; to slow down the passage of linear time long enough to
examine all particular moments through the lens of the present, with a careful eye for how the supposed
guardians of your society have been doing their jobs.
We are not about to issue a blanket condemnation of government as a whole. However, what we do see is that
government is in for a massive cleaning. There are some whose strength will benefit from this, but at first it will
be interpreted as chaos and disorder.

[3/17/09: This is precisely the stage we are at right now. People interpret the "massive cleaning" of
government that is now going on, under Obama, as "chaos and disorder." I must admit I am very
impressed to see this prophecy come in a decade before it came true -- and to rediscover it at the
precise moment where it matters most!

[D: Changes position]

You yourself, the reader of these words, do have the opportunity to choose not to behave in such a manner at the
time that this guidance is given.

We are not talking about fascist Nazi concentration camps that will be created and the like. No, rather what we
are discussing is the systematic breakdown of existing orders in order to make way for changes that will

[3/17/09: This is another thing my readings have consistently stressed. There will NEVER be people
herded off to "FEMA Camps," or any such thing. The Nazi atrocities are so well-known that no one
would support such a thing happening again -- the Powers That Be may very well plan such things,
and certainly have -- but there would be no one to hold the guns. They do not have the public will to
enforce such ideas, and that is a necessity.
The "systematic breakdown of existing orders... to make way for changes that will result" is precisely
what's happening now, at the time I write this note.]

We remind you that we have already engaged in a healing response to many of these crises already.
And thus, we can find that the truth already exists as soon as it becomes real enough for us to go looking
for it.
And in between those two points, the pollution that strikes the farms is great enough that to find truly organic
produce is almost impossible these days.

[11/5: This is a very sobering statement indeed, for those of us who try to buy organic.]
[3/17/09: The line about "the truth already exists as soon as it becomes real enough for us to go
looking for it" seems to be talking about probability vortices.
By this point, the forces were well aware that the Republicans would steal the 2000 election, as said in
other readings, and install Bush as president over Gore. They also likely could see that he would steal
the 2004 election as well, through similar means.
It was also likely that the revolutionary sentiment caused by this length of time would be so high that a
genuine change in government would happen thereafter. Though multiple members of Obama's
cabinet are part of the 'old guard,' I have gotten a very consistent message that he is NOT a 'puppet'
and that very substantial changes are underway.
It is impressive to see all this predicted a decade beforehand.]

When you have hooked up the cables and the wires to the ivory tower, and continued to watch what it is that is
being pandered to you through the media and so forth, you are going down an empty road.
Like the gigantic rainforests, the aspects of society that represent the positive and the spiritual motivations seem
to continue to be mowed down by the public opinion as it is contorted to be believed through the media.
We are tired of the house of delegates as well. That is the reason for the explicit political content of this dream,
which actually annoyed David somewhat because of how in-depth it went.

There was a portion of this dream where he was surveying a number of candidates on a computer screen, and a
write-up was given for each one. And then, it was as if the article was in the Spectrum, and he was watching new
paragraphs manifest at the end of the article that were asking about the spiritual motivations of the politician.

[11/5: In other words, this dream is prophetic of the changes that will come in terms of what qualities
we wish to look for in our elected leaders after the transition into fourth-density on Earth is complete.]

The idea of this transformation of your society is indeed all-encompassing.

We are not talking about making one simple geographic realignment, or one simple raise in vibration in your
people in the way that people are thinking.
Rather, we have been guided through this formula every step of the way in these readings and elsewhere. We
now know what to expect and how we will get there.
David has embraced these mission parameters just as you must embrace yours.

[3/17/09: VERY interesting indeed. The line saying "we now know what to expect and how we will
get there" further supports the earlier statement... two terms of Bush followed by an economic collapse
and a major, revolutionary cleansing of the negative elite in the aftermath.]

[D: Changes position back to original location, closer to microphone.]

And so, for the thinking person, the question becomes this. What do I do when I want to eventually resculpt
society to the way that it should be?
We advocate that you take some serious time in contemplation of these matters, and of course Peace be with you
in the Light of everlasting Love. We now end this reading. Adonai.

11/8/99: Reading: Diet and Ascension


Sunday 10 / 10 / 99 - morning

D: Okay. A lot of stuff here, and a lot of it involved working with children in some fashion, especially
at the end. (11:11 on trans.) There was this toaster, and everybody had to be frozen by the toaster. It
cut their head off, and it made them look like little pastries or something.

The dynamic interchange continues to slow down quite a bit once you allow the little tricksters and managers of
same to not only fill out their applications for mere truth, but to present the other half of life in a way that opens up
the doorway to profound mystical experience.
At an age wherein many may be near death, people have insisted upon receiving certain topics that are of great
interest to them: namely the sugar that continues to do damage to the body, even as the higher energies are
being preserved, and the wanderlust desires quelled.
Within the Mayan Calendar, there is a provision for this change of seasons.
When looking out at the Potomac River, one does then see how this recent rude conversation applies itself to all
levels of beingness.
Without ever changing the milieu, we begin to experience time more and more rapidly as a result.
So therefore, what we do not want to do is to fall prey to a host of illusions such as those found in various books
which would believe the obvious: namely that the musician's credo of free will can be embraced to a degree that
such self-damaging corrections are then being made on an ongoing basis.
And with the conceptions that may arise, we know that the accurate listener does indeed take a few extra
moments to slow down the clock and take the business that is at hand into a whole new context without revealing
the identities and natures of those involved along the way.
The holodeck maintains its presence a little while longer, and this of course involves utilizing the components
available to stress the pathways of higher light, love and learning in the most direct fashion that is available.
Not as bad as one might seem to think it is, it nevertheless maintains an active service through an active format
that has essentially closed the door on a thousand years of prophecy.

D: Stretches, yawns.

Mount Pinatubo gets ready to burst again.

Those who would perform an act of service in this regard can simply seek to give over their prayers so as to help
facilitate the frequency increase in a way that does not prolong the suffering of the herd, but rather singles out the
weakest ones and selectively kills them -- metaphorically, of course.
The brunt of these philosophical discussions is absorbed by those who many, many times over have allowed
themselves to stray away from nature's bounty, and instead reside squarely within the FDA's so-called chemical
nutrients that are believed by some to have healing and restorative powers.
The reality of same is that the entire situation revolves around an issue of trust.
Do you continue to allow the truth to become the truth, the reality to become reality, and the necessities to
become necessities?
Are you aware that all of those who work in the higher realms consider your dietetic habits as a population
to be one of the single most fundamental ways in which you have been enslaved by the negative forces
within yourselves --

-- Which also have their externalized projections in those entities who choose to be of service to self in their
active format of service?
Indeed, you have become something totally different when the Christ within is stifled by your own conscious
freewill decision-making process.
And so, all we can do is to light a candle on your behalf, and hope that there will be a day wherein we can say
farewell to any dietetic inconsistencies that are still being carefully made, all the while knowing that the dietetic
spectrum exists and needs be maintained.
All foods must be stored in the very near future, for this allows the processing of wastes from within the body, as
well as from the mind at large.
And when you begin to receive messages of guidance from above, do not counterattack them with your
own innate sleepiness and desire to stagnate in matters of change that have to do with adjusting your
personal habits.
[tape flips]

We at Barnes and Noble Booksellers have many volumes of knowledge that can be issued to you. And though
heraldry must indeed again arise, it is the juxtapositioning of these two factors that we have in mind that produces
the greatest detail in these cases.
When we take a few string beans and open them up to our greater digestive system as a whole, we are allowing a
powerful nutritive force to enter into us that has the capacity for producing great change in time that is otherwise
fraught with jeopardy.
And so, to make clear the difference between the here and the there, the before and the after, is to reside
squarely within the pools of the everlasting Light / Love, and not to ever question the design behind why certain
things must be accomplished in certain ways.
The Hilton Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada continues to evade somewhat the properties of celestial mechanics and /
or healing. And when a fresh machine is inserted into the works, we do indeed want for there to be a greater and
greater propensity for service developing from out of the mists of the collapsed cities which will result.
No, it seems that even with our best interests in mind for you, we must continue to wrestle with the
brainwashed reactions of a large-scale population that is almost completely overwhelmed by marketing
strategies and behavioral predispositions to continually falter with one's inconsistencies with regards to
Since you do not realize that this is a product of negative influence, you do not see how vital it is and necessary it
is for you to change.
If you have never truly eaten this way, then you are not capable of understanding how much truly
different and better you will feel in mind, body and spirit.
Now when we have a few directives to give you, we want to illustrate exactly how it is that you can take these
opportunities for change and rework them into a structure which you have never heretofore seen.

So when the spit hits the fan, metaphorically and literally speaking, of course, you want to have some friends
ready to provide you with everything that you need in these cases. You may not have all that you desire, but what
will remain will be the more simple things.
The farms will continue to produce their organic vegetables. You will still have grains and beans available,
however many of the corporations that would produce those canned vegetables and other processed disasters
that you hold dear will not be able to function.
The question then becomes this. Are you ready to try to take it? Are you ready to try to take advantage of those
foods which are never forced down your throat, but rather continue to exist: indicating originality as well as their
existential functions as direct representatives of that primordial soup that gave rise to you in the first place?
In order to sterilize somewhat the boundaries of your material existence, we continue to provide those messages
from above that will hopefully steer you back on course with regards to the choices that you make every day as a
free-willed individual.
We do remind you that it is ever possible for you to take advantage of all the foods that are available, and to
utilize them in a way that affects change within you on the highest level.
Dates and figs may be used in their dried format if you are having difficulty weaning yourself off of sugar.
Avocados, olives and nut butters all have the function of providing you with the necessary fats if you are on a diet
that is very high in raw foods.
Cholesterol is something that you will have to adjust to being without, as it does take some time. White flour is
also quite an addiction, and needs diligence and persistence before the results and their effects will pay off.
Refined sugar is a killer like no other, and you do not need to go very far to uncover the medical research
surrounding this. It is precisely the heightened level of sweetness that illustrates why it is unnatural, and yet your
taste buds realign themselves to expect stimuli much greater than almost any natural foods on earth, save for the
dried fruit varieties we have spoken of.
And even then, certain kinds of desserts in your physical world far exceed the levels of sweetness of even the
sweetest fruits, and this is a misnomer.

[11/5: Although the reading didn't get into it, sugar creates very destructive clogs in the small and
large intestine as well as the arteries and other organs.
Furthermore, eating any refined sugar causes the body's immune system to completely shut down for
five hours. So, if you eat some form of refined sugar with every meal, you will indeed have a very
hard time fighting off sickness and diseases such as cancer.]

When you begin seeing the hidden design behind all of this, and the ultimately destructive powers of sugar, you
will be so amazed at what continues to be dished out under the name "Food" that you will see indeed how
extreme the design is of what has been made, and how quickly it must change.
Were we to plant a tree in your garden and expect and hope that it would bloom, we would need to take many of
our chances that we now have to do this -- and instead of running away from them, lift them up higher and higher
so that we have a whole new context upon which we can work

[This is] a context that embraces wisdom from a perspective wherein we are charged not only with life and its
vitality, but with truth and its innate knowingness.
And so, whether to live out of fear or out of trust is one of those questions that needs not be published in
a diabolical, defamatory or alarming manner.
You do not need to go around and viciously attack those who cling to the social circles that condone these
Beware of the process of judgement, for even as we give you this stern message, we do not want to imply that by
following these dietetic guidelines that you are somehow better than the otherselves around you as a result.
Rather, it would be more prudent for you to simply accept that what is coming to mind is a whole new system of
opportunities -- a new system that will allow you, if taken and studied continuously and carefully, to have a life that
you never before could have imagined.
Tightening up your diet is one of the absolutely quickest ways to insure that you will be compatible with
the continuing vibrational increase.
And thus, we want you to remain very solid in your perceptions and in your wisdom of same regarding all events
in your life as opportunities.
A short supply of weapons on behalf of the American military from its exercises will help to stifle the warlike reflex
of its greater arm, the United Nations. We do continue to think that world peace must be attained, and as you are
seeing in Kosovo at the time of this working, the gunboat diplomacy has not provided its results to any satisfactory
Nor do we think that in the coming months and years, there will be any benefit to continuing to create armed
catastrophes as potentiators of social change.
We want to make sure that you understand what our opinion is on this subject. We come to you, fully clad in the
armor and beingness of Light / Love that is the Oneness in its infinite totality. We never want to appear blas

11/11/99: Reading / Prophecy: We Have

Done This Many Times Before

[Headings added 3/18/09]

Tuesday 10 / 12 / 99 - 8:27 a.m.

[Note: Dream and certain personal content deleted]

We are speaking of some issues that will rise to the surface when you aim your potential at nothing more than the
least superfluous opportunities that present themselves in each and every moment.
The Globe newspaper certainly had some wild and wacky stories, but yet it does serve people, or entities upon
your plane, just by its sense for the bizarre.
Similarly, you [David] have all the tools within you to create a wild and wonderful life story that reads like fiction,
but it believes like non-fiction, as it is the truth.
We want you [David] to be aware that you do not need to feel as though outside circumstances are impressing
themselves upon you that will make it beyond your capacity to work on this material. Indeed, we are now seeing
how the hologram or framework is arranging itself in your mind to take on this project [of writing your life story,]
and that enthuses us greatly.
You are seeing that there is a lot that can be said, and the focus on readings does not need to be paramount
indeed. We are happy that you are learning not to feel so alone, but rather to lift up and to invigorate yourself in a
way that allows in the otherselves around you.


Do you have any flavor that we might be able to use? Indeed, I do. It is that Divine aroma of the Father-Mother
God, or the One Infinite Creator and its various concatenations.
While we still continue defaming the entire matter on many levels in your civilization, we find that in the future,
many more of those will reenact their diversity, to take upon themselves a new set of beliefs that may have felt
foreign or alien at one time, but are now starting to make sense. And that is a good thing.


When we fly our own Stars and Stripes, a banner of sorts is formed. We do find that those in Nashville,
Tennessee or Amarillo, Texas have ever more increasing opportunities to be of service to the others in their own
local area. You can look for this in the months ahead.


We don't want to appear overly facetious in any sense, but the entire train is indeed boarding for its final call at
this time.
It is important that you make amends with those who have wronged you in the past, and allow yourself to forgive
them. This forgiveness is also mercy, as when you release your energetic charge on them, you are also freeing
them from the encumbering effect of your vibrations, when negatively focused.
And so, this is a higher path of learning and wisdom.


It is indeed prudent and viable for you to go through, systematically speaking of course, your life, and discover all
those whom you have felt hurt or wronged by, and forgive them and accept them with love. You must also forgive
and accept yourself with love as well.
The background emotional suffering and sorrow that you feel is not intended to provide lung cancer at any minute.
Rather, it is done for your own edification, so that you can have a much greater ability to respect yourself and the
others around you in the times ahead.


A new crop circle is forming in the growing wheat of your own harvest. You can choose to look at these geometric
patterns from above, to analyze their haze and their formation, and to see if the resulting pictogram has any
meaning for you.
You will often find that the entire affair is not cemented in like you might think it is, but is still open to a massive
degree of changes.
We want you to know that when the woman comes, you will have all the chances that you need to break the
concrete cast of the physical realm and to go up with her. This is in reference to the angelic visitations that you
can expect when the moment itself comes to pass.

[11/11: This does give us a better idea of what we might actually see in front of us when the moment
of Ascension has arrived.]


We do indeed admire and respect the fact that so many of you are working as diligently as possible to be of
service, and want to know whatever you can do to do this to a more and more refined and higher degree.
Just as the Brazilian economy must go through its contortions, American society must go through its
contortions as well.
We don't want to appear overly steep when we speak about these things, and yet we know that your entry into the
higher realms is predicated upon the releasing of many potential vibrations in your planetary sphere.

And so, in another sense, as we go through this ongoing series about the changes that are happening to you, we
can say that the new astronomers will understand the connection between science and metaphysics in a way that
they now cannot.

They will realize indeed that the global energetic grid is a factor, as it does shape the structures of continents and
land. They will recognize that this energy is composed of higher-dimensional vibrations, and that the human
beings upon this grid are also co-creators of it.
And therefore, wherever you see human negativity, or seeds of discord, you have a potential crimping effect on
the Grid in that particular area.
We will once again remind you that it is the concerted effort of those in the California area that has prevented
them from sinking or otherwise experiencing cataclysmic Earth Changes at this time.


The void is pure when you can find it within yourself. If you are capable of refining your cleansing processes to the
point where these things can happen, then you allow yourself the trust that is necessary to open up into higher
We don't want to overly bowl you over with the same message again and again, but you should be aware that the
machine shop will be able to fix your vehicle of Ascension. It is indeed prudent for you to work more and more
diligently at cutting the ties to the physical world and all those karmic obligations that you might have incurred as
you go along.
And therefore, it is prudent to go back and to look at those issues that you have struggled with, even those that
are the most horribly painful and invasive. That is the ultimate point of David's dream, and how it will infiltrate into
many other people's lives who might read these works.
(We do remind you that we continue to use the word "People" for your convenience, to increase the readability of
these works. The statement "mind / body / spirit complexes" is indeed more apropos, but it does somewhat
severely hamper the readability of the finished product. That is all for now on that particular topic.)

[11/11: Since the dream was indeed "painful and invasive," I have decided not to publish it at this

D: (Drinks water, stretches)

The corner store will hear the slingshot that is being pulled back as a louder noise than many others.
We do want to indicate that this entire system collapse that we are engendering does include the many others
who are at a middle-of the road place in the spectrum.
[tape flips]
When your entire future survival as a species is at stake, there are indeed going to be many difficult moral
questions that arise as to the rightness of such an action.


Small business owners and homeowners will be affected somewhat dramatically, but yet it is a dramatic event for
all who experience it.
We are very glad to have to tell you this, as we know that it allows you to vector in on events that will be occurring
in order that you can remain perfectly joyful and content in the midst of it.


You will recognize and be aware of the fact that the prophecies as given are coming true.
Even if this website or this material is no longer directly available to you at that point, you will continue to be able
to know what it was that you were told, and how best to navigate through these changes.
For right now, we change the oil on your car, symbolically speaking of course, and prepare for a nice long drive.


In the aquamarine colors that are flying into the matrix at this time, we have the capacity to do so much more
without needing the extreme examples that were once required.
You all are systematically becoming more and more capable of creating massive and spontaneous changes
within yourselves and within the planet at large.

Even as we make these prophecies, we do see that the relative severity

of this economic collapse into rubble still is dependent upon how
much needs to happen before the massive changes at the top level
begin to occur.
If those at the upper levels of this social structure begin to halt their
negatively-oriented activities at an early point in this game, then it will not
need to go as far as it otherwise would.


Don't break your neck in anticipating that your life is going to be one of terror and lack of fulfillment.
Instead, look around you and realize the benefits that come with the knowledge that your planet is very naturally
moving into a higher dimensional frequency.


Keep in mind the fact that even though you can see other planets around you, it is indeed a multidimensional
It is quite natural for different planets to move into and out of certain levels of vibration in accordance with their
relative positioning to the solar body or star at the center of their particular system -- and this relative positioning
of the solar system to the galactic center.

As you continue to explore these issues, be reminded of the fact that the wire grommets on your shoes are
indeed able to hold the weight of the shoelace, as you prepare to walk in the pathways of the Divine.
You need never fear about the urn being a bloodbath. Instead, this offering that is being given you is the holy
water that both purifies yourself and acts as the birdbath for that part of you that will sprout your angel wings and
alight into the heavens.


So don't fret and fume about the inconsistencies that may arise in your life pattern.
Don't feel bowled over by the massiveness of such an event, thinking that it will only lead to your

Recognize that the vibrations on your particular planet in the Solar System are quite naturally moving into a higher
dimension of frequency.
Although this is very common in the universe, it is a major and epic event in your own neck of the woods.
We have done this many times before, and will do it many times again. But in this particular case, we are
investing a far greater deal of energy than even would normally be done.
Our efforts are indeed being well met.


Many of the Wanderers who have come into physical existence upon your plane have indeed satisfied their
missions, and are bringing about the change in society that they had always hoped for. It has always been our
desires to increase the numbers for harvest as much as possible.

We can continue to do this, and it does not really matter in the end whether large numbers of people are
reading these readings or not. The greater work is being done in the minds and hearts of each and every
individual, both through the work of the Wanderers in the physical, as well as those working on the "outside", so
to speak.
So, when we really look at the big picture, you will see that this is a massive team effort that is in place.
If you are a Wanderer yourself, or certainly have musings about same, we want to thank you and remind you that
any time that you take up the reins and begin to be of service to others, you are activating your own
potentials in ways that you could never have heretofore imagined.
Anyone who helps us to usurp the negative vibrations on this planet is a hero or a heroine in their own right, and
deserves our praise.

[11/8: And we must remember that all that is required to do this is to spread love to those whom we
interact with every day - to be that person who brightens up another's mood just by a simple smile.]

The Wanderers have an especially difficult mission, having left behind their natural realms of vibration to incarnate
into a physical body on the Earth and take upon the karmic responsibility of service to others in said vibrational
This is an extraordinarily difficult path, and a variety of traumas can occur that can make the sojourn on Earth
quite difficult. We touched on some of these in the dream.


And so, the point to remember is that you are not looking at the back end of the mouse and seeing how its tail has
turned into a rat.
You are rather looking at the front end, at the face, and realizing its cuteness, such that it could be designed and
put into many different greeting cards and the like.
It is this small mouse within yourself that will sneak around the gigantic structures in place and be able to find
enough food to keep your family alive. It is this mouse within yourself that is capable of moving around the
guardians at the gate in order to pass into the temple of the Beyond.


We appreciate and applaud all of your efforts to continue to not be ballyhooed by the extreme circumstances that
are necessarily unfolding.
We remind you that your services are being accepted with open arms in the higher realms, and that this cosmic
lens does continue to focus.


Many of those who have never read these readings are aware that a conspiracy of events seems to be occurring,
whose purpose is ultimately very metaphysical.
It is unfortunate that many will feel that sense of suspenseful violence, not knowing the reality of what is
occurring and the positivity therein.


All we can say is that each one of you who reads these words can do your part in your own area to spread
the word at this point about what is subsequently going to occur, and the reality of Ascension as such.
All of this is part of the plan, and we have enunciated these details before they have come to pass in order
that you be better able to deal with and accept them at the appropriate time.


We will soon be shifting the nature of these workings away from explicating so much on these changes that you
are about to go through, and more into the study of compassion itself and how it relates to you as an individual.
It is this more timeless material that will allow us to put the finishing touches on this work that we have
brought through David.

[3/18/09: This is another sign that the Source understood what would happen to me. My relationship
with Sabrina became very difficult beginning in December 1999, and the number of readings I did
started dropping off, so that by 2001, posting reading transcripts had largely ended.
I never really got back into it again, the way I had in 1999... from then on it was always quite sporadic.
So, this definitely shows a greater understanding of my own future as well as that of the world itself. I
had no idea at the time that any such changes were coming in my own life.
Also, I think getting all the prophecy out of the way in 1999 was impressive by virtue of how long into
the future it was looking, by most people's standards.]

We thank you, and we remind you that you are loved more than you could ever possibly imagine. Peace be with
you in the Light of everlasting Love. We now end this reading. Adonai.

11/17/99: Prophecy: These Changes

Need to Happen

[Headlines added 3/18/09]

Monday 10 / 11 / 99 - 7:02 a.m.

D: An incredibly, incredibly long-winded dream here, but it was simple enough in structure that I can
remember the whole thing.
Stick the money down, stick the money down. Conventional is faster, and money will get war bucks.

[11/17: This statement is still open to interpretation. I feel that it is possibly talking about the idea that
the elite may decide to create a war for financial reasons. Perhaps the situation with Russia and
Chechnya could be on example.]
[3/18/09: 9/11 satisfied this prophecy... as many other readings alluded to.]

D: There was some military element to all of this.

My wife and I planned a strike together against the massive impositions now in place.

[11/17: This seems to be a statement from the "Father-Mother God" that these warlike actions will not
be tolerated and will be dealt with accordingly, as we have seen in these readings elsewhere.]

D: Bathroom, water and proper positioning.


Indeed, all that will be respected as new and important for change will have quite a dramatic alteration from that
which is seen as being important now.
In this dream, we can see the seeds for this change and how they admit themselves in a variety of different

[11/17: I seem to have forgotten some crucial dream details below. It is unclear how this dream had to
do with the military.]

D: Let's go ahead and dictate the rest of the dream and get that done.

Henry Kissinger wants to have it all to himself, but we have other plans. That is important. You will see what we
mean soon enough.

[11/17: A very, very direct statement indeed. Many consider Kissinger to be the real King of the
World in the unacknowledged "black government" that is in charge of the media / corporate / political
/ military hierarchy.]
[3/18/09: Since these readings seem geared to the present, I think 'soon enough' refers to our much
more immediate future at this time -- since these readings were basically unreadable and unsearchable
on my website since 2005.]

D: I got wind from someone that there was going to be a concert held at Proctor's Theatre, our small
to mid-sized hometown theater in Schenectady, New York. This concert was huge! It was almost as big
as a rock concert in terms of the number of people coming in.
So, my mother and brother and I went there, and we were essentially hoping that we would be able to
score a ticket.
Now it is important to say that before we got there, we were not exactly sure of what this was going to
be. But once we got inside, it essentially became a rock and blues concert.

[11/17: It is important to note here that my father is a rock and blues journalist and
concert promoter, and my mother was coming with me. So, the concept of the
Heavenly Father / Mother God could be part of what this is about.
And also, we are well aware that the metaphor of musical performance has to do with
the spiritual path, and the great work that myself and many others are now involved
with as we prepare for Ascension.]

It seemed like we weren't going to get in when we first came to the ticket counter. The person was
playing a game as though all tickets were sold out. Somehow I was able to explain to them that it was
very important for me to get in anyway. Even though they said that there was so little room left, I still
wanted to find a way in. So, they somehow made an adjustment, and let us go in.

[11/17: The metaphor of getting into the performance at the last minute has been used
before, and seems to be about those folks who are just barely going to make it to the

D: I am cueing on the words,

A pittance of money.

D: This is important, because last night I had all my reading for the intake for (a client) and I had
written that in at some point. We were discussing the impossibly low wages in the current American
corporate system - this client was making very little money at their job.

Earthquakes will be seen again to rise.
The more that we look at it on the moment by moment level, the more you can see that the predicted changes
are already occurring, and will greatly accelerate themselves in the coming few months and years.
This is still much less than what had been firmly prophesied before, and that is an important point, one
that you need to consider.

[11/17: This statement certainly carries weight since the Oct. 11, 1999 date that it has come in. Since
that time, Turkey has had another recent earthquake, a 7.2 on the Richter scale!]

D: I still am not quite sure how we got in, but I remember that I was able to bring in something with
me that most people were not supposed to have. It was either a pen or a tape recorder. I know that I
had something that was not supposed to be there.

[11/17: This could be about my prophetic ability, and the fact that the events can be
recorded in advance, before they actually occur, through this trance contact system. It
also could be about observing the activities of the elite through this process, revealing
things that they would rather not have anyone know.]

D: So I went in with my mother and we sat down. As it continued to pile up, I realized that all of these
people from my high school years were flooding in and filling up all of the seats around me.
So before too much longer, my mother ended up moving further down the aisle somehow, and I got
surrounded by people from my high school who I knew, like MC, BW, CL, AS, et cetera. The most
interesting part was that JW came and sat down right on my lap. LS was also around too, and she
might have sat next to me later on.

[11/17: This could be about the many distractions from our past that can come in and
cloud our connections with our own Cosmic Mother.]

D: So, I had my time with JW on my lap, and it was pretty exciting -- she looked very beautiful. She
did always wear a lot of makeup, I remember that.
Now during all of this, I remember that M, who was one of my RA's while I was a senior in college,
was on stage. He was singing "Stairway to Heaven" by Led Zeppelin, but he conveniently managed to
skip all the high-pitched singing parts and only sang through the parts that were easy to do.

[11/17: The idea of a poor musical performance seems to be about those who are
making spiritual efforts on the planet, but fall short of their ideals in doing so. This
also seems related to the distractions that we have seen in the dream.]

D: In the middle of all this I see Sabrina. There was a part of me that wanted to attract her attention
and get her over to me so that I could just acknowledge her presence. But I already had JW on my lap,
so she seemed to avoid me, although not in a mean way.
The surprising thing was that she went several rows up from me to JS W, who was this arch enemy
and bully who I had in junior high school. She rubbed his cheek and kissed him on the forehead. That
was a surprise.

[11/17: Sabrina generally shows up in my dreams as an angelic presence. And

therefore, by overly distracting ourselves with the issues from our past, we crowd out
our Mother and send our inner angels packing. It is quite interesting that this inner
feminine aspect of myself began acknowledging my arch-enemy from that time period
when I was not willing to acknowledge that side within myself.]

D: As she passed me and I tried to catch her attention, she went further up and there was someone
else in the crowd behind me who she went to see as well. She seemed to be working some sort of video
camera photography for this performance.

[11/17: So, the key point seems to be the need to prepare the self for Ascension by
staying focused in the present and in being in contact with the Inner Feminine. This
feminine side is indeed keeping track of all developments in the global picture, shown
here with the video camera.]

D: I then was going to try to get up to dictate this, and I had this brief little vision where I was trying
to shave my face with the electric razor that my grandfather gave me recently. Some of the bristles on
my neck and face were very, very long, like my shaving had been very inconsistent.

I was trying to take the razor and trim those longer hairs down. At some point while I was trying to do
this, the razor itself just got all gummed up and stuck and wouldn't be able to move. I realized that I
was going to need to turn it off or leave it where it was, even though I wasn't finished.

[11/17: Other recent readings have used the metaphor of being properly "washed up"
in preparation for Ascension. It is important that we realize the imminent finality of
our term in the third dimension, and take care of any remaining issues within ourselves
before the moment itself arrives.]

D: And then, as I continued to wake up I thought that I had turned on the recorder, but then I knew
that it didn't really happen, because I could tell on some level that I wasn't really awake yet. So then I
woke up myself for real.
[Note: Brief personal reading content deleted]


The firing of these concerns from their positions means that once you have turned over your control to the police
officer who speaks from England, then you never really have to wait again for another opportunity to be usurped
by these forces.
And so, we do want you to think about the deliberate misnomer that is created when all those around you are
capable of creating change for the simple reason that it is much easier to do so than to allow the hypocrisy to

[11/17: Although the metaphor is veiled, I believe that the reference to the "police officer from
England" has to do with the fact that England is the true center of the unacknowledged governing elite
behind the scenes.]


In this case, the judge, jury and executioner are one. This must stop. There needs to be more balance, more
egalitarian flow between the various parties and / or branches of government.


David, you yourself are aware that the idealized version of government of the American country that was
taught to you in your social studies class now has very little bearing on reality of how things are done.
It is money that runs politics.

[tape ends]
D: We are continuing a dictation.


When you stop the flow of capital to those business partners in question, you do then see how it is that the rude
processes of governmental control are ceased.
We do understand that the idea of such an economic collapse and systems going boom in the night must
seem to be very threatening to you.
The entire [American] colonial market structure will have to be rekindled -- in the face of so much that you now
have going away.
This is partially in reference to the continuing conversation between David and [a friend of his,] which had its
moments yesterday morning.

[11/17: This conversation did get quite intense, almost like an argument. Many people have a very
hard time understanding how social collapse can have any beneficial effects, and some of my longterm friends really do not understand it very well.]


Regardless of where I was, there were always the entities or souls who continued to get over on me in the directly
physical sense.
There are changes which I have sought to implement for a long period of time, and this does not fundamentally
alter the essential nature of the work that has been done. It just means that the proper situations had to be
made manifest in order that these circumstances be brought about.

[11/17: It seems that the "I" that is speaking here could either be Archangel Michael or Jesus the


And so, when you look at this through the objective lens of true reality, as opposed to needless hardship, you can
indeed see what we are doing.
We are working very actively to preserve your planet in order that your own self-defeating materialistic
corporate structures do not completely destroy what you have.
You are now realizing that the processes of environmental devastation are so rapidly advancing that it will indeed
drive you to extinction yourselves if you were not to have outside help.

And thus, a valiant service is being provided to you by aiding in this process.


We understand and acknowledge that as you, the reader of these words, pause to internalize these messages,
you may feel that the pen with which we write is more like a syringe that will pierce the skin and cause extreme
pain even as the necessary medicine is going in.
What we want you to see is a different angle -- and let us use this as our example.
The vast, vast majority of entities on your plane are simply not capable of dealing with the truth.
David discovered this yesterday in a very spherical way by having his discussion with [a friend] about this topic.


The simple fact of the matter is that to the vast majority of entities upon your plane, the ideas behind
environmental destruction and sociological collapse are so profound and all-encompassing that they cannot allow
themselves to think about it. They have to relegate it to some dark corner of the mind in order to overcome its
Now on the other hand, you have to envision what it is like for us in the higher realms.
We can work on both sides of the fence, seeing things from your perspective as well as working on a level that
you do not now understand.
We must recognize that when you are talking about problems such as these, you are talking about a situation
where there are those who work on the spiritual levels, so to speak, who must aid and assist you in any way
In short, we are your guardians, and our mission and purpose is to make sure that no matter what you do, you
will be protected in the grander scheme of things.


Your current economic, political corporate structures are so inherently self-serving and backwards that
drastic changes are indeed necessary to occur.
It is similar to a schoolteacher looking at a student's recent final exam paper and declaring a failing grade, with an
opportunity for a retake.
The student must then retreat from school to his house, where he can then study the information in greater detail
until a deeper level of knowledge is then retained. At this time, he may go back and try the final exam again,
hoping to score more appropriately.


Ideally, what we want is for these changes to become as painless for you as possible. However, we know
that the realities are different.
We do understand and are not denying the fact that this will cause extreme economic hardship for some, and
extreme opportunity for others, also in a negative sense.
What we do want you to be aware of is that there are more people on the planet than Americans. And we are not
speaking to those in foreign countries now, but to those in America who represent the vast majority of our
readership at this time.
You need to become aware of the fact that these changes will affect you, and they will affect your working poor
most dramatically. However, there is an entire continent, namely that of Africa, where there are people starving
and dying from AIDS-related illnesses in massive numbers. You are not somehow exclusive from the rest of the
world in this manner.

[11/17: I think that this statement, which is buffered by the next paragraph, serves to remind us that we
must consider ALL people on this planet as equals to us, and not blind ourselves to the tremendous
suffering that is occurring throughout the vast majority of the non-Western world.]


We are not saber-rattling here, merely wanting you to think about these issues from a perspective of clean,
unfiltered truth.
The discord that is being sown on the planet right now is far worse in those countries affected by the
American-based multinational corporate structure than you could ever imagine.
It is the third-world countries who are being bought and sold like poker chips that are paying the highest price, and
whose people are starving and living in desperate conditions.
We do understand that the economic changes that we speak of will cause many great problems, but many
great problems exist now, and this is the majority of people whom we are speaking about.


One argument that was raised in David's recent conversation was that the person enjoyed the conveniences of
modern society, and did not want to see those conveniences taken away; that life would be a rather dull and
boring place if it were not for all of these wonderful niceties that you now have.
The idea of losing the "junk food supply" seemed too overwhelming at that time.
On that topic, we have a few words to say as well.

The most important thing we can do is to sow the seeds of change.

Your frequency increase must be navigated through, and this demands your vigilance and respect.


You do need to be very aware, on the deepest possible levels of your being, that we are not at all kidding you
when we say that 75,000 or more years of your time are reaching their point of completion. Indeed, the three
major cycles with which humanity has had time to explore materiality in the third dimension are very, very rapidly
approaching their close.
It is at this time that if anything is to happen, it must happen.
It is this time which is more important than any other.


We know that you have difficulty understanding how a subconsciously-held agenda can seem to be more
important than a consciously held one.
However, you must also keep firmly in mind the idea that the changes that we speak of are the most gentle
and the most glorious chiropractic adjustments that we can make to help you through this period of
transformation without major incidents.
This series of events will force people to work together in a way that has not been done since the Great
It will bring about and foster a new sense of community living, and a new understanding of how people can
interrelate with each other on a directly local level, instead of the much more federalized and
internationalized forms of government that are now seen.


Take a moment to reflect on these concerns, and recognize the degree of power that we do have to cessate
those concerns that plague your world at this time. Do not ever forget that we have the capabilities to produce this
Utopian realm of majesty on your planet for you.
Or, even more importantly, YOU have the ability to produce this. We are merely the catalysts for your own
You will be able to find yourselves walking and interacting in a world that is so much different and so much more
enlightened than the one which you are now in that it would literally boggle your mind to conceive of it.

Since we don't want to bore or upset you, we won't continue this particular reading much longer.
The point that we wish to express is the fact that you do need to realize that a great deal of objective thought and
subjective analysis has gone into this current design.
It is obviously much less severe than the repertoire that could have been used earlier, with regards to land
subsidence and the like.
We will be working on a variety of levels to insure that as little chaos as possible is created.


We cannot guarantee that those weakest elements of American society, in terms of financial income, will not be
adversely affected.
But, the more important point is that those who have such great levels of material wealth in the here and
now will be forced to make adaptations that are far more serious in their own terms.
There will be a great deal of humility in this new world, as all will learn to understand that their actions need to be
reconsidered if they are to be of an appropriate nature for the continued survival of the human species.


We do understand that this can trigger a defensive reaction and lead to confrontations about the validity of this
source and its information.
We also want you to see that on the subconscious level, all of you are desperately praying for any possible
solution that can change what is going on. And, for many of you it is on the directly conscious level as well.


See this as an important turning point. Your social structures cannot continue as they are now. You may like them
as they are, but you cannot like the idea of a planet that is dead.
That is the bottom line. These changes have to happen if any of you were to survive.
If we did not do this for you, then you would indeed believe that God was dead, and did not care about
you, when the resultant effects of your continued materialistic structures reap their harvest.


The harvest that we sow is one of positive social change and transformation into the fourth density. We want you
to understand this, so that you do not slip or slide but merely remain focused on the goal.

Seek within yourself to end the apocalypses that you have created in your own life.
Seek to overcome self-indulgent habit patterns and destructive Ego-centered behaviors.
Seek to strive ever forward for the promises of a new tomorrow, now made today by their simple
manifestations into physical view.


Know and understand that in our heart of hearts, we only want the best for you.
We are prepared to do everything within our power to see to it that your social changes occur as painlessly as
Those who need to experience great collapse of their overinflated wealth will have that opportunity.
Those others on the lower end of the income spectrum will certainly endure periods of hardship.
But, the American economy is one of great bounty, and it has enormous potentials to restructure in order to
provide its people with the basic necessities for life, such as food, shelter and water.
And thus, it is not as bad as you might think.


Many of the other countries in the world are already much more capable of handling the loss of technology, as
there are more traditional structures still in place that will help them. Yours is a different story, but one that is
equally potential of a healing in the end.
We do want to remind you that you are loved more than you could ever possibly imagine.
Do not lose sight of the big picture when you can only focus upon the immediate negatives of the
situations that must be created.
Thank you, and Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love. We now end this reading. Adonai.

11/22/99: Reading: Hyperdimensional

Mind and Intuitive Access

By David Wilcock


This reading uses the same theoretical background explained in "Convergence Research Update" to explain how
these hyperdimensional geometric structures can be accessed by our conscious minds in the same way that we
can observe them "bleeding through" into space and time.
This technique, when properly mastered, can lead to dramatic psychic results such as those collected within this

Tuesday 10 / 19 / 99 - 1:19 p.m.

D: This was interesting. I remember that I actually stopped reading (my book) at 12:12, and this was
one of those strange cases where you never quite fully fall asleep, but you are not really awake either.
You have a bunch of visions, but you don't quite consider them dreams, so you don't remember them as
you go along, because you are pushing for a deeper state.
I think that what has happened is that I have downloaded, if you will, whatever concerns there might
be pertinent to this reading. I definitely entered into a state that was filled with information potentials.
I think that there was some holographic information being given to me, but in terms of what I actually
saw, the only useful thing that I could bring back from this weird trance state was that there was a
great deal of energetic concentration in the stomach.
So without further ado, as I feel myself rapidly slipping into this, I am not even going to pause the
tape, but just let it come out. So here we go.

[Note: Although this tape is a client tape, it was quite unusual and ran well over the
normal time limit. The second side has a discussion about opening up the channels of
psychic access that must be included here, due to the remarkable new qualities of the
We have also created the new article, Convergence Research Update, in order to help
this reading become more understandable.]

All we are really suggesting is a spot of grooming on the energetic level, and this is relative to the concerns of the
physical self as it then prepares its appearance to those others in the higher realms.
When we do not have the time or the positioning to make clear our opinions on these matters, we can indeed find
that the cigar must be given to another family, and that our own birth, in terms of the Christ within and its
manifestation as such, must be prolonged.

We understand and gather from you that you do have the desire to make manifest those changes within the self
that would bring about a heightened form of inner learning and awareness such that there would be the capacity
to facilitate greater intuitive communication between various aspects of the inner self, and the knowingness as
pertains to same.
And so, without further ado, let us make plain the way by which these connections may be blazed within the self
as a higher form of trail.
We will use some energetic analogs as pertains to the force points that develop in free space as a result of the
surrounding physics of higher dimensions, and then show how these same concerns exist within the mind
You already know from reading David's work Convergence that the dimensions are interpenetrable, and that the
forces from one have their resultant effects upon another.
Indeed, all forces in potentiation must exist and cohabitate with each other in each frequency of vibration. The
fundamental problem that your scientists have had is that they failed to realize that electricity has a threedimensional motion, and not just a one-dimensional vector.
It is this three-dimensional scalar potential that is what leads to the structuring of the passage of electrons that is
not currently understood, and somewhat hindered by the process of the copper wire being used to force the idea
that electricity will only move in a straight line.

[Note: Here, the readings are referring back to the newest understandings that I had reached at that
point from re-reading Hoagland et al's hyperdimensional physics paper posted on his website. The
article "Convergence Research Update," now posted on this webpage, will explain all of these new
findings as a way of setting the stage for the possible upgraded, rewritten version of Convergence -- if
we have the time!]

You can see gravity as a facet of this unified field as well. And thus, when looking upon a planetary body, we do
then see how these higher-dimensional, hyperspatial geometries have their concomitant effects upon the
arranging of physical forces so as to produce the orientation of continents, landforms and such.
These structures also exist in the sense of mind. And thus, we can similarly tell you that it is quite ludicrous for
your people to think of your conscious mind as a straight line, or that it only travels in a three-dimensional path.
These hyperspatial geometries of the higher-dimensional frequencies also must poke through and alter the
structure of mind in a similar sense as they would poke through and alter the structure of the spherical body of the
Just because you don't normally notice these hyperdimensional bleed-throughs does not at all change their
existence one iota.

You and many others have been somewhat clumsy in regards to filtering out those distortions that occur from
higher dimensional frequencies.
These geometric concerns do act at times as though there is a pipe poking itself out of your roof, so as to
ventilate the toilet that is inside, if you were to install such a toilet that does not require water to flush, but rather
that of the composting variety that needs to be cranked every day and have the appropriate microbes sprayed on
[the compost inside] and so forth.
These concerns of physical waste within the self are what we are referring to, and this is actually more energetic
waste than anything else. It is the ventilation of these concerns, that shaft that pokes through the roof as we have
mentioned it, that is the benefit of connecting with these hyperspatial geometries as they then "intrude" within your
physical self.
Now to make the appropriate adjustments so as to utilize this flow, we must recognize the fact that the self is also
capable of rising upon the winds of the higher vibrations, and thus allowing the mind complex to completely poke
through those vortices that exist, so as to then reconfigure the mind complex itself within a higher density of
The most effective means for doing this is that which you know as the meditation. You can then begin to have a
direct perception of timespace, and timespace relative to hyperspatial geometries.
This perception does then come about through the equivalent visions and emotional impressions that would be
commensurate with the vibrational level that is attained. These visions and emotional impressions can indeed
take their form as those fleeting impressions that come to the mind in meditation.
However, since you mistakenly assume that consciousness is only one dimensional and has one track, much as
would a speeding train or a bullet, you do not see how it is that there would indeed be five or six trains stacked on
top of each other, all going in the same direction or possibly veering into different directions and yet retaining their
unity all the while.
You have this mistaken idea that your thoughts themselves will contain some sort of herding instinct in three
dimensions, such that anything that pops into your mind must, by virtue of its structure, be "imagination."
This could not be possibly farther from the truth.
The reality of the matter is that your mind is the most multi-dimensional aspect of your entire being, as it is a
function or a shuttle to the intelligent infinity that is your spirit, normally veiled in the physical sense.
And thus, it is the mind which must by virtue of its structure exist multi-dimensionally.
This multidimensional bleed-through does happen constantly in the conscious sense. Although the vast majority
of it is totally subconscious, it is dictated by the mandates of the Astral Self, as the astral self then seeks to bring
forth the concerns of the Oversoul or the Higher Self, which will inherently reside in mid-sixth density and provides
those guiding lights that do then bring the wayward aspects of the soul back into full alignment.
Now the greater challenge, then, is to see that you do have a movie screen of sorts that does have information
relative to you in an immediate topological sense, as pertains to the actual structure of your time-space entity.
The topologies that we speak of are those vibrational distortions referred to [as soul fragments,] and how they
displace the energetic structure of your timespace entity so as to create a gravitational well, if you will, that causes
energy to be stuck at a certain point of your evolution.

The way to go back through those energetic points is to recapitulate the desires of the inner self, and to bring
back those fragments of the being that have been lost when these aspects of self were compromised.
And so, to function and to effectuate this transition, we must by necessity connect with those higher aspects of
mind that will then present to us most directly those topological distortions relative to spacetime that we are
speaking of.
These concerns will come through to the physical self as the manifestation of those immediate, fleeting visual
images and emotional feelings that do then consist of the telepathic message from the higher self.
What to do with them? Simply this. What you must start with is the fundamental nature of who you are. You are a
multi-dimensional entity. By virtue of this fact, there will be aspects of your higher being that bleed through to the
conscious level.
However, in order to access those higher levels of being, you must temporarily discard the conscious in the sense
of its normal process of analysis at a distance, and interpolation and connection of disparate aspects of
information and data.
To move through these concerns most directly is to reside squarely within those energetic dimensions of
consciousness wherein this information can be gathered. The information must thusly be recorded against the
backdrop of the conscious self not being present.
It is very similar to having a vacation oasis. If you are to enjoy yourself at the oasis, you do not want to think about
those concerns relative to work, and to the physical life. You want to simply look at the trees and the lush
surroundings, feel the sand between your toes and watch the waves as they gently crush against the shore, over
and over and over again.
Look at the mountains in the background. See their green peaks. Breathe the air, and hear the cry of the gull as it
flies through the air. Then is not the time to be concerned with how many Post-It Notes you have left, or whether
you are going to pay the next bill on time.
Similarly, in order to stealthily access these realms of vibration wherein the information will become manifested to
you, it is quite necessary to set aside any conscious distortions of analysis or interpolation.
Therefore, you are then required to make the appropriate recording of these concerns, so as to then intuitively
have that sense of accomplishment without the conscious mind needing any sense of gratification through the
analysis of same.
It comes about when you are capable of either dictating onto a tape recorder or writing with your physical body
the impressions that then come through. We do suggest the tape recorder as the preferable method.
You do then want to record every event, every image, every word, every voice, everything that happens when you
approach this level, as to pass judgment on any one piece of data or any one fleeting idea fragment that comes
through the mind is to act in error, as it is indulging the conscious mind in thinking that it knows what is right and
wrong. And thus, any thought that you have, even if it only seems to be distracting you from what you are doing,
needs to be honored and recorded as such.
Therefore, what you are doing is completely having a full record of what exists within the mind as it approaches
this state. You may then find that those voices are capable of being heard in fragmented form, and that sentence
blips of structure may indeed come through that you can grab onto.

This was David's largest surprise as he began this process. He had heard these sentence fragments for a very
long time, but he did not realize that he could actually get small enough pieces of them to make note of them, and
that they would actually have an intelligently guided structure that would be discernible upon conscious analysis.
Therefore, simply do what feels most appropriate. Simply go where it is telling you to go. If you are capable of
visually seeing words as though reading them off of a page of a book, this is exceptional.
The real focus is to tone your meditation so as to be most intuitively focused on those verbal and written
dimensions instead of those more visual, as this will allow you to have a more concrete verbal / telepathic
exchange that you can then refer to later on.
If you only go for raw visual images on a consistent basis, you will have a portion of the puzzle, but will not have
the full, concrete totality that comes with the greater understanding of the unfoldment of the Inner Self as it
pertains in a verbal sense to the outer self, or that which you must use to go through your daily environment.
At this time, we have severely depleted David's uranium energies, so to speak, and the reactor core is going to
overheat if we do not stop this reading. We do want to remind you, however, that you are loved more than you
could ever possibly imagine.
As you begin this process, there will be an armada of forces that seek to bring through the absolute highest
nature of information, love, light and beingness that you would need at that particular time.
And thus, keep doing the process, regardless of whether you think that the data means anything. You may very
well find that the resultant skills that you develop through the engineering of this process within self could very
well lead to a renewable source of income in terms of how it may then be applied in service to others.
Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love. We now end this reading. Adonai.

12/5/99: Reading: The Day They Finally



This is an amazing dream-reading that discusses some powerful aspects of the actual moment of Ascension itself
- namely, making the choice to leave behind the life that you knew up until that moment for the promise of
something far greater. This is also connected with the daily choices that we make, urging us to begin Ascending
right now!
D: We are starting fresh, with a new dream and a new tape.
[Note: Initial section of dream deleted, as it lacks the global reference]
There was another section of this dream at the end that appears to be a description of Ascension. The fact that
they put these two sections so close to each other, back to back, is again telling me how close it is to happening.

There was a little boy who obviously represents me, and he was sitting on one side of a large, beautiful lake.
Actually no, it was a pond, and maybe only 30 feet across.
There was a woman on the other side of the pond sitting there, and that was the scene. I could see the boy, and
he had his head in his hands. He was bummed out, upset and unhappy. The reason why is that he was saying,
"When am I ever going to see them, when are they ever really going to meet me in person?" And as he was
saying this, directly behind him in the reflection of the pond at first, which was very smooth, I see this totally,
totally huge UFO coming down, with all this golden luminosity around it.
The girl was obviously freaking out on the other side of the pond. But then, my attention focused back onto the
boy, and I couldn

12/7/99: Reading: The Parachute Will

Open On Time


Sunday 10 / 24 / 99 -- 8:50 a.m.

D: This dream was actually pretty rough. It was all about a theme that repeated over and over again
that I had to go to school, but that I was very, very late in getting there. I knew that when I did get
there, I would be more capable of putting it all together.
I remember hovering around the ceiling towards the end, and gathering up my books, hoping that the
weight of the books themselves would not start to make me sink.
Earlier than that part, I spent time my high school friend Don's. I had to stop off there. I had also gone
home and spent time with my mother.
Now I knew that by the time I got to school, I was going to be late. I was definitely a little upset about
that. I had made arrangements to do something with my computer to get it up and running again, but
it was with these Europeans.
Someone was telling me that they would also have this electronic back door to my system which would
allow them to go in and make adjustments and do things that I did not want them to do.
I was really mulling over whether this was something that I wanted or not. They were all wearing
dressy clothing.
I then saw Sabrina. She had shorter hair, and it had a bit of a curl to it. She walked up to me with a
pink dress on. She was smiling, and she had a little bouquet of flowers. There was a nice, healthy vibe
between us. And that is when I woke up.

Madeline Murray O'Hare and others like her have tales of redemption while simultaneously being constant in the
midst of stresses that have never heretofore been seen.

[3/18/09: In case you are unaware, this woman was involved in a prominent lawsuit where she
defended her atheism and attacked religion.]

All in all, we come around to these truths little by little, as though it were nothing more than a relatively benign
distinction between knowns and unknowns.
Already here, we can see that the joys and miseries of the suffering that comes from the apparent illegal
separation from the One Creator is illusory.
The greater reality comes with the electroshock therapy that you already know to be true when you are suddenly
jolted by the presence of new information and light.

[Note: And that was definitely what was happening then and throughout the entire month of

And so, don't feel overrated or overwhelmed by the continuing process of your transformation. Instead, when the
whole effort goes into the bizarre and unbelievable, you yourself will have every availability to waste time.
Now is not the time for you to do so. Now is the time for you to take the bull by the horns, to pick up the reins and
drive the chariot forward.
Now is the time when the most compressed effort must be made in a short period.
You will see that Joe Firmage and others like him will take a definite interest in the finished product (of
Convergence,) especially after you rewrite it.
And so, we do not want you to waste very much time on these issues, as they are of critical import and nature.

[3/18/09: Once I turned Convergence into a film screenplay, we definitely started attracting investors - so this prophecy did come true.]

The continual failure to apply these medicine truths to the self will make it more and more incumbent upon you to
create a distraction away from the central being at its core, and more towards the fundamental lack of love of
otherselves, and the like.
This is not what we want. We want for you to resist those who would put a spike on the graph, so to speak, and
instead know and understand deep within yourself that the Kennedys have all died because they were

Allow the waters of the Spirit to fill you. Allow yourself to live in grace, beauty and joy, and you are
impervious to any such disasters.

[Note: There was a period of time where I was just so overwhelmed by company that was staying at
the house (or "those who would put a spike on the graph") that I did not want to interact with anyone
in public. If I was out on my walk and saw someone on the same side of the street coming towards me,
I would switch to the other side, because I didn't want to feel like I had to speak.
I was frittering away too much time in trivialities and not taking care of important matters, and I could
really feel the stress. However, I did bounce back within a short period of time, and now feel better
and more motivated than ever.]

The endocrine glands in the system can smell the heat of an ongoing and upcoming conflict. And so, when we tell
you that stress is one of the most deliberate factors to entertain such notions, we are not simply speaking
facetiously here. Indeed, we are quite serious about these things, and it is with these planetary disasters that
much more will become known.
And so, think about all of this from a perspective where your own intelligence is surmounted by that force which
resides in and out, through and through, circuit to circuit and bone to bone.
We don't ever want to have to tell you that your vegetative shoes have somehow been worn inappropriately, and
that you are not firmly rooted to the earth.
These dreams are meant more as a form of subtle reconditioning than anything else. So please do not think that
we are being harshly or severely critical in our assessments of your mission priorities herein.
The third wonder of the ancient world is so strong that you can still see how the lost temples of old have
restructured their entire experience based off of this central paradigm.
And when the necessary parts assemble themselves into a continuum, you can then no longer ignore the mystery
that is deduced by putting these various components together.
And so, when the little ones begin understanding how to play the flute, harp, et cetera, in the heavenly realms of
the fourth dimension, you can use your new energetic lungs to breathe in the sacred firmament that has become
your daily existence.
Always and forever, we insist that the parachute will indeed open on time. You will again coast downward and
make a smooth transition.
So, in order that you do not fall astray, we insist rather continuously that you put the focus back into yourself, into
this work, instead of towards your recreational pursuits. Those matters of a more global appeal also need to factor
back into the analysis.
Where are we going? That choice is yours. I am going with you. So will the Old Testament, the New Testament,
these writings and all others like it.
We are all going to form a conglomerate being in the cosmos whose collective, unified efforts will be seen as one.

In the intervening years and schedules, we can then indeed intake a few new conversations with those who have
not yet been imprisoned in the geological records of ages past, but rather deliberate themselves consciously with
humanity in the here and now.
With radioactive decay and the like there will be the last remaining vestiges of the third dimension and its new
potentials. But you can indeed see how quickly all of this can be transformed when one works in a place of pure
And thus, many of your struggles do indeed take on a rather dramatic tone as a result. Since we do have the
capability to heal ourselves, we also have the capability to heal you. We must be invited to do so through
your own free will, and that is important.
Those with liver and / or bladder cancer cannot see the ways in which they have made themselves so angry, and
need to purge the stored toxic chemicals within the self.
Similarly, we now know that those in the higher realms have invented the signal for you to hear so that there will
be a greater and greater opportunity for you to get realigned on course with the more fundamental focus of your
Light and Love, and how it relates to the greater picture as then seen.

[Note: Personal material deleted]

It will be a great shock to a number of many when these changes do indeed occur, and they will all be
fond of saying that the Lord does work in mysterious ways.
In order that we not become too pat on the subject, we do intersperse the questionings of our own destiny against
those of a practical nature relative to you yourself, and how you have worked with the instreaming cosmic
energies that mushroom up inside of yourself.
And so again we remind you that the courses are all set and in place. It is now a function of your own intimate
understandings that will bring this into view in the directly physical sense.
We thank you, and we remind you that you are loved more than you could ever possibly imagine. Peace be with
you in the Light of everlasting Love. We now end this reading. Adonai.
The earthquakes of the material self must indeed arise and coalesce somewhat. And therefore, keep yourself
grounded as much as possible. Thank you.

Monday 10 / 25 / 99 -- 10:19 a.m.

Just a few more lines, and the puzzle is nearly completed. As you are already, we have outlined these guidelines
for you so that there are newer opportunities that you have been presented with for your own personal growth.
When one realizes this from a classic Mercurial syndrome perspective, then one is indeed capable of living the life
that allows for these transitions to occur, while still remaining functional in the physical sense.
There is a certain degree of distraction that takes place with these workings, and that is necessary for the higherlevel messages to come through.

Don't think to realize that without this system or structure in place, there would be a beloved Oneness emanating
from within. It is the structure whereby you may see this Oneness, and the structure emanates from it.
And thus, it is the dharma of each person to work with their own issues in a creative fashion, as this is the direct
sidewalk that leads the way to the idea of Ascension.
No one is at fault, no one is to blame. There is only one pathway that connects up to this. It is to go through the
self and work on these issues such that Hathaway's proposal is then made more clear.

D: What is Hathaway's proposal, please? You have been using a lot of names and I don't always
understand them.

It is that aspect of life which says that there is indeed a bilocation factor, or a way in which things can go in two
different directions or two different vectors at once. In this Oneness, there can be manyness, and all we want to
do is to make you aware of same.
Get a child close enough to the truth and he will win out against his associates by simply resonating from within
the knowledge that is to be known by all.
We give you these dreams to illustrate for you the fact that you yourself have convinced us that you are on the
right track, and are doing very well. Hence, you see the ongoing metaphors of the marriage of the inner feminine
to the inner masculine, or your conscious Ego self.
You should be encouraged by these developments and see them as indicative of the degree of positive change
that you are making. We are still working with the metaphor of the math class, of doing your assignments and
homework, in order to inspire you to see how quickly you can finish the rewriting of Convergence, since all the
material is completed at this point. At least the vast majority of it.
In the basement, some newer ideas are brewing. We are seeing them bubble up to the surface of your
consciousness as time progresses and permits itself. And so, keep focused on the idea that all of these various
things that are occurring are designed to quicken your evolution process, to lead to a much more uniform and
egalitarian method of self-perfection and preservation in the One.
We have been driving a long way, and the road is actually quite short now, in terms of the remaining hurdles and
the steps that must be undergone to cross same. And therefore, do not become daunted by the tasks ahead of
We do think it is very plausible for you to learn what you need to learn about writing your life story as a result of
finishing the work on Convergence in such a fashion. The words will flow very easily from you, and it is part of
your eminent domain to allow this to occur. So, do not fret or fear the changes, but rather see how your own
process of evolution is quickened.
Meteors will strike the earth, though not of the type being proposed by Hoagland et al [as occurring on Nov. 7,
It is important to realize that this is another aspect of how the Creation has a balance between positively and
negatively oriented information.

It should be becoming more and more obvious that sidetracking and misleading are the best tools that these
forces have at their disposal.
Any opportunity that they have to present fear and worry is indeed an opportunity that they have to subjugate and
control the minds of the populace. And thus, that is an important point, and needs not be ignored.

D: Is there any other pressing information that you need to give me at this time, before I go and start
my oats?

Only this. When you file for information from the higher realms, you can indeed expect a response. Do remember
that it is your attitude going into these readings that affects your overall level of success and quality coming out.
And of course, remember that we love you more than you could ever possibly imagine. You are starting to get a
grip on that concept. We eagerly await each new step in personal evolution that you make.
As you are aware, this is not the deepest level of trance that you can have, but it is sufficient for the merging of
our mind with yours to start the ball rolling with these readings again, as we had certainly dropped it.
Thank you, David, and we do remind you that we are always around you, always with you, always watching you
every moment.
Keep that thought very clearly in mind, and you will see how you are always on stage, in a sense, and each and
every action that you do is being carefully considered.
That is all for now. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love. We now end this reading. Adonai.

Wednesday 10 / 27 / 99 -- 9:26 a.m.

Someone needs to tell you about how everyone in sight becomes more appropriately situated and garmented in
truth when they become a person of affluence in the higher realms.
I never have to do anything different than that, because they have already gained immortality in the true sense of
the word.
There are those directions which may be overly sensitizing to someone, and yet we see how easily this interludes
us into believing that a whole new set of precepts must be defined from a well-ordained set of existing rules.
Now when we deliberate on the exact and precise meaning of this transformation, we can no longer intend to
shun those portions of the self that would realize their destiny through the meandering ways of sorrow and
Instead, it is much better to levy those principles of self and the concerns therein to the highest bidder, and not
feel overly strained or focused upon the immediate tasks at hand.
At the present time, we have all the resources available to make us eminently capable of creating a really
interesting sideshow act in the circus at this time.

When we receive distinctly different impressions from different sources, we never again have to wonder about
how to juxtapose those material concerns against those of a more spiritual nature.
The fusion of mind, body and spirit is a cumulative process, born into existence by those who would seek to serve
the Light of the Everlasting One and bring it into full fruition within their own structured reality system.
And so, in order to remain more fully clothed in the Light of the One, we ask that you do store those foodstuffs of
the Spirit in the arena of the heart, so as not to remain overly focused on species survival in the emotional and
mental sense.
One by one, area by area, there are those who are opening up to the administrations of the higher forces, and
can and will indeed be surprised by how much more there is to be done than what they might have heretofore
seen. So when the tests are all in place, you can indeed reside more comfortably in the notion that:

All things are One,

and soon they will be done,

as they stand here and now,

so let me show you how.

And of course, we are quoting a more recent poem of ours here. (Smile)

[Note: The above sentence was dictated with punctuation.]

Naturally a Christian goes through various stages from birth, and those stages incorporate many discrete
elements that are not of the highest nature for all involved.
We have said before that we come to correct the distortions imposed upon your peoples by that which you know
as the past. And if they really completely believe me, they will see that I can indeed perform many more tricks and
maneuvers in the sky than anyone had heretofore imagined possible.
Since we are fundamentally in a multidimensional universe, anything outside of your own dimension will indeed
seem miraculous, such as the sighting of a ghost or apparition, for example.
One recent friend of mine told me that while the statuettes are still in place, there are going to be ever-more
vindictive reasons being thrown around for why otherselves be judged by the self.
In order to ameliorate those concerns, we have to bottleneck the interchange between those various portions of
the self so that we do indeed have a cantaloupe of the higher realms where the full fruits of Spirit must be
carefully prepared and then only scooped out one by one, not completely indulged in all at once.

[Note: I feel that the "statuettes" refer to the structure of our society as it now stands, the false idols of
money and power. I really enjoy the cantaloupe analogy, as it refers to the fact that you can't have too
much spiritual growth at once - it is just too hard to handle.]

In order to receive messages from our domain, you are required to make great personal sacrifices including the
desire for personal gain. The much greater gain comes from the rewarding of your desire to be of service, and this
is a spiritual one as well as those more physical.
Don't rely too heavily on the extraterrestrial sources of information that you think you may know to exist. What is
more important is the subjective variety of the illusion that is then presented to you in your own dreams, visions
and the like.
We don't have to do anything grandiose or extreme. Simply become the most adept soul at rewriting the Light of
the One into a tangible form for others that you can be, and everything will be fine.
The key and critical component is indeed desire, coupled with daily meditation and dreamwork. You do have to
get through your most pressing personal issues in some tangible and creative fashion before the contact can be
You will notice upon a study of David's materials that we did not allow him to have this contact until he did two
important things. Number one was that he broke a three-month stretch of unemployment by finally agreeing to
take a job, and number two was that he broke the even longer stretch of clinging to a dysfunctional relationship
with Yumi that had already become far outmoded for his present circumstances.
Similarly, you should think about those things that you need to overcome that might hinder or otherwise hold you
back in the here and now from being able to receive this information.
You are never given more than you can handle, and the Christ be with you regardless of circumstance. So don't
fall into the trap of believing that you are one of those ones who is "not good enough" to receive such information.
All of you are capable of doing this. The real question is, "How much do you really want it?"
I think that the answer is for you to begin to believe in yourself. Begin to believe in your own dreams as solid
guidance. You who reads these words are learning how to use this metaphorical language, because of how
repetitively we phrase our sentences in this phraseology.
And so, as the batter then steps up to the plate and prepares himself or herself accordingly, we will then make the
pitch at the appropriate time. Not all of you will be able to swing and hit the ball, but we do certainly hope that
more and more of you will be able to connect and indeed send this information packet to the ethers so that it may
be transformed and sent back to you as a unified source of Light and Love vibration.
Your breathing is indeed important in this process, as it earmarks the difference between a partial success in the
work and a total success.
What you need to do is use your breath to send packets of your own vital energy up to us in the higher realms.
You can symbolically visualize this as exiting yourself through the crown chakra at the top of your head. When we
have received this energy, we can then transform it into a much more viable source, and send it back down to you
as living information.
The information will enter your mind as natural thoughts and feelings, and thus when you harmonize with us you
should fully expect that all of the messages and information will be going through your mind as though they were
your own thoughts, ideas and impressions. That is the fundamental key to this process.

You are not going to have a force suddenly come in and seize control of you. Rather, it is a far more subtle
process, whereby you realize exactly how to listen to the voice of your imagination and intuition, which by then
has become a moment-by-moment source of Living Light.

[Note: This material is essentially identical to that which Max Freedom Long discusses in his book,
"What Jesus Taught in Secret." He used the understandings of the Hawaiian Huna shamans to decode
the symbolic language in the Bible, and this technique seemed to be referred to over and over again. It
is actively used by the Huna shamans as well, and they have been seen to perform telekinetic feats
among many other things.]

[tape flips]
The electrodes are in place for you to do this quite astoundingly well. And thus, we never fret when dealing with
ancient civilizations, such as your own in the third density. We know that this technology of the higher realms is
eminently available to you, and the real question is whether you yourself are able to realize how the guidance
comes in.
The finest point of distinction is how you are able to differentiate between those impulses coming from the
Conscious mind and those from the subconscious.
What you want to take is those pieces of information and data that arise very spontaneously into your
consciousness, through no deliberate force or action of your own. You must take all the data as it comes in on a
moment-by-moment basis, and never analyze or try to understand any of it.
You run an extreme risk of danger by allowing the conscious mind to follow along in your meditation. When the
conscious mind understands the data, you will then find it extremely difficult to get a clean source feed.
You may have something that reads very well to you, and you may have convinced yourself that you are doing a
fine job. However, the influence of the conscious mind can always be subverted to greater and greater degrees,
and therefore no one should think that they have completely overcome this process.
The most important thing of all is to never have fear that anything you speak will be disjointed, unrecognizable or
foolish. The sentences may indeed be quite awkward, as you have seen our sentences become. But you should
embrace any and all words that come into your mind as being from the Source, providing of course that you allow
them to rise naturally and not think them into being.
You have already seen how these thoughts can rise naturally in your meditations, and in the late night and early
morning states of consciousness. If you are one of the ones who would like to make this commitment of service,
then please be patient, and record yourself on audio cassette tape, as this is much easier than trying to write it
down by yourself.
We are experiencing a discrete shift in the boundary of consciousness as it pertains to the packeted quanta of
Light / Love energy that surrounds your plane and exists within each of you now. The behavioral circumstances
might seem to be a bit odd, but the discrete boundary changes we are speaking of will indeed continue to occur
throughout the very near future and beyond.

In order that we not confuse or befuddle the situation, we are doing everything that we can on a moment -bymoment basis to cast aside the useless debris that might otherwise have been created, and instead redefine our
mission priorities on an instant-by-instant basis.
What we want more than anything else is to be the messengers for you who can indeed produce transformation in
a rapidly accelerating fashion, and in a short amount of time.

[Long pause]

D: The quote was, "David, you need to get some rest right now." It is clear that I am not supposed to
get up and have breakfast, but just let myself get right back to sleep.
We thank you for this session, as this helps us to answer a question that many of those readers out there have
been asking. We will have more to say on this as time progresses.
For now, we leave you in the awareness of the ovoid shape of the One, and remind you that you are loved more
than you could ever possibly imagine.
Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love. We now end this reading. Adonai and farewell.

12/12/99: Prophecy: Dreams of

Economic Changes


[3/18/09: This has no readings in it, only dreams. You may want to skip past it, and that's fine, but it does show
how I was receiving prophetic data about the economy through dreams at this time. At the very end there is an
interesting dream that seems to have predicted the crash of the Mars Polar Lander spacecraft.]
[Note: Many have asked why David did not attend The Ascension Celebration, an event that was publicized on
this website that he had been formally invited to attend. Essentially, the director of the event made an invitation
and then never followed up on it by going through with making the airline reservations. David was never phoned,
faxed or Emailed about the status of what was going on, and this did trigger a rather intense depression of sorts
that took five or six days to wrestle with. David was mentally preparing to deliver nine completely different
lectures, and this only increased his mental stress. It was especially difficult, because the director had told David
that he would make him a "special event" separate from the other speakers in order to increase interest. It had
promised to be potentially quite profitable for David as well as obviously being great exposure and lots of fun. And
thus, we see the Cayce karma of losing the hospital rearing its head all over again.
In this dream, a prophecy is made about this entire debacle in advance. The main male character represents the
organizer of the event. Also, a comparison is made between the man who created this recent business failure on
David's personal level and the multinational bankers, whose misdeeds are of a much, much larger nature. And
thus, this dream is truly multidimensional. Furthermore, we have documented the examples that occurred where

the readings had accurately predicted what would be occurring in David's present moment when he actually
transcribed the reading, over a month in the future! The notes below are inserted as David read along, while in the
process of transcribing it.]

D: Wow. I laid back down at 9:30 and just got up now. What an amazing dream expedition I just went through. It
had three distinct parts. I could have tried to awaken myself after the first or second, but I waited until the third.
The first part basically surrounded this guy with a website and a computer and the computer possibly crashing.

[12/4: Well, wonders never cease! I am only about two days ahead of a major computer incident where
I really did think that I might lose all the data. The coordinates are obviously intact.]

He was playing the guitar, and I got the guitar to resonate by itself by hitting a piece of glass on the floor.
The second part was basically in a mall type area, and it also looked older, like the 1920's. I saw JM from high
school very clearly. I tried to get her attention, only to realize that she was now an African-American woman who
was very overweight and had horrible skin. I still tried to treat her equally as nicely as I would have J. That was
when I saw the guy the second time from the first part. I just remembered that his real name is (name.)

[Note: The first names of this character and the director of the event were identical - a very big hint
that the forces knew exactly what was going on.]

This time I saw him with my father, after I ran into this person who had been JM very clearly. We ran into him in
this very extravagant Christmas shopping type of environment. In the second wave he was still in good shape. I
mentioned to him while he was still sitting in his car that I had a dream about him where he was playing music and
had something to do with a church, and that he was very funny. It also had something to do with a webpage.
And then in the third installment, he was actually about to be burned alive by the police for what he had done!
They had put him inside this room where they were going to do it. We went and talked to him while he was in
there, and I wanted to get him out. I didn't think he should be burned alive, as it was too harsh for any human
being to go through. It was because of all the horrible business practices that he had done. I didn't just want to let
him go with that.

[Note: Obviously David does not harbor anger or resentment about what happened with The
Ascension Celebration. This portion of the dream seems to refer to how society in general handles
feelings of betrayal, specifically related to large-scale financial matters. David's reaction in this dream
was just the opposite of what "everyone" was thinking to do - and that reaction proved to be the secret
to transcendence.]

So, after we saw him one time, I then had my father grab this guy who looked like a prison ward but also looked
like a journalist or businessman. We went up there again to see if he was still okay, and the ward basically said

that we were not supposed to see him and that he would not need any further assistance. We should just let him
suffer on his own. I was seeing smoke come up from the buildings from others who were also being incinerated.
I then heard my father say that he wished that he could get his writing pad back from the guy. He had left the
guy something important of his and wanted to get it back. So after the ward left, I said, "I don't care what
anybody says about this guy. I want to at least say goodbye to him and wish him well on his transition." I was
turning towards the stall to do it, and I turned back to my father, and he had turned into Albert Einstein! I said, "My
God, Dad, you look just like Albert Einstein now. This must be a dream!"
He was just smiling at me. Suddenly, there came the guy from far away, not even from the stall now. This was the
same guy who was supposedly going to be burned! He walked up to me with these really grimy suits on, and in
fact it looked like he was wearing a pair of pants for a jacket, like he was putting his arms through the pant
sleeves and using that to keep his arms warm under his blazer. He had another pair of pants that he was wearing
as pants.
So, he came up to me and took this nasty stuff off. Underneath was this wonderful-looking outfit with this tan or
gold looking top and very vibrant deep-blue pants. I was just ecstatic that he was okay, and I said, "Wow, I have
got to get this recorded. This is just incredible." And there it was!

[Note: As you read along, we will work ourselves up to this point again in greater detail, and full
explanations of these metaphors will follow suit as it goes along.]

Now I want to go back and fill in a little bit more detail.

In the first part of the dream, the computer, my computer, crashed. I think that it crashed in the course of looking
at my own webpage or maybe the sightings website. In this dream, I knew that (name) was related to a church.
He had some sort of religious affiliation.

[12/4: All of this is just completely amazing and hard to believe. I remembered the name of the
character in the dream and actively used it in the dictation. The name of the man who was running the
Ascension Celebration was exactly the same, and he did indeed have the title of Reverend. My system
did indeed just have a major problem, but I had completely forgotten ever having had this dream, as it
was a month old by this point. I think that it is just astonishing how incredibly well-timed this dream is
to my present, as I am just now working with the concept of forgiving this man for what he has done
in making promises to me and then breaking them. This is a quite incredible experience to be feeling
as I sit here and type these words!]

The computer just completely locked up. There was nothing that you could do to stop the crash, which is
obviously a y2k-related thing. I was trying to think of, I got the idea that there could be a new computer invention
that might even be able to be used on all existing computers, where you would have a whole separate unit just for
crashes, when it would lock out. That whole separate unit's purpose would be to systematically revitalize the
system resources by breathing life back into the computer piece by piece.
I got the idea that the only time it would be used would be when the computer was crashing. It wouldn't need the
speed or memory of the other part. Everyone could get this installed, and it would stop the computer from shutting

down. It would somehow be able to untangle the knot that happens when it gets locked. Now in practicality terms,
that seems pretty impossible, but in the dream it was very possible.

[12/4: I could never have known that as I transcribed these words, I would be doing so on a computer
that I have significantly upgraded, specifically to halt the types of crashes that are being referred to in
this dream. And it was another dream that prompted me to go ahead and pay for all of this in cash last
week - so we can see how all of this is being coordinated on a higher level.
Knowing that my computer is now highly unlikely to crash gives me a much better level of confidence
in doing this work and knowing that I am not going to lose any of it as I go along. It does make me
wonder if some of these data losses have been the result of negative psychic attacks by those serviceto-self forces out there.]

While I was thinking of this, (name) was playing music for me. It was really delightful. He was playing a guitar and
singing, and he smiled and was just really funny and friendly, and I really enjoyed it. And then he took the guitar
and wanted to be worshipped like a rock star. It was all a big joke. As he got all theatrical like an 80's rock star, he
put the guitar down onto a piece of glass that was acting like a table on the floor with a cloth underneath it.
And so, I wanted to keep the gag going as long as possible. So when he hit that sustained chord, I got the idea
that if I banged on the glass, the guitar would just resonate longer and longer. And sure enough, the resonance
came back and it got really, really loud. I was able to do that like two or three times. This amazed him. He said
that quite honestly he was totally impressed with what I could do to bring out that resonance.

[12/4: Bearing in mind what we know about the metaphor of music in my dreams being related to my
work with these forces, this becomes clear. It refers to (name's) captivation with the work that I had
done, which led him to want to invite me to his event in the first place.]

He encouraged me, and again it was another situation where my website looked exactly the same as the Jeff
Rense website on Sightings, to take this idea that I had and to try to sell it to a major computer company like
Microsoft or something like that. By just giving them the idea of adding a new machine into the existing system
that was its own computer, it could run diagnostics and stop these system jams from happening. I thought that it
would be a revolution in computing, because it would only come on when the system locked up, and it would be
able to stop that.

[12/4: So now we have the idea firmly in place that it has something to do with a big business
proposal, and that it was precipitated from my own website, which in the dream was looked at with the
same significance that I ascribe to the Sightings webpage. That is obviously relevant.]

So the next thing you know, the whole thing shifts, and I am now in a parking lot looking at these big corporate
buildings, thinking that one of them was NEC or Microsoft. Even though I was near the building, the idea was that
I was trying to get in touch with them directly.

[12/4: And I do remember, from being there before, that Denver had many, many tall buildings like

At some point, I am not exactly sure where, but that part of the dream ended and I found myself back in my body except that I was sort of half in and half out. I did try at that time to have an out of body projection, but it seemed
like I was fighting with myself. I had one arm out but couldn't get the rest out, and I realized that I was actually
moving my physical body. So I basically just gave up, and as soon as I did the dream kept going. But I was
actually probably in the OBE state the whole time. I was already out of body when I thought I was trying to go out
of body, that is what I mean.
You know, I think this is really all about the rise and fall of business, big corporate business. The first part would
be like when someone makes this outrageous breakthrough of computers, and there is somebody else with them.
Then, it is like, "All we have to do is sell this idea to a corporation, and it is going to be huge." That was Part One.
Part Two was like the celebration part, with Part Three being like the crash. So let's talk a little bit more about part

[12/4: Amazingly, I even used the word "Celebration" in the write up! This is just too good to be true!]

I was with my father, and we were going to go shopping. We ran into the same guy (name) who I had just seen,
and he was sitting in a car, not a particularly nice one but decent. For some reason I think it was one of those
Suzuki Samurais. He was reading a newspaper. My father started talking to him, and basically was saying like
simple conversation stuff. I chimed in and said, "Oh, wow, you just showed up in my dreams. It is a totally
amazing synchronicity that I would just have a dream about you and then see you in person right afterwards." He
seemed to ignore that.
We then walked into this very, very extravagant mall-type situation. It was definitely decked out for Christmastime,
as it had all these white Christmas tree lights and evergreen branches along the windows. It had an outrageously
posh and fancy feeling to it inside. Again, it also had a very strong feeling of the 1920's as well. There were some
very telling things, including a clerk or teller window that was very similar to the one at the old Cavalier, where
there was a small window with bars and an old-fashioned sign over it.

[12/5: Interesting how it mentions Christmas as well, since that is very apropos now, but at the time of
the dream itself there were no decorations around yet. It also seems to cement in the idea that it is
related to my processing of issues from losing the hospital as Cayce, as everything was framed in the
late 1920's, before the depression which wiped out the hospital soon afterwards. And in the third part,
we can see the allusions to the depression as well, and their connections to the bankers now in power
in the present.]

So it was when I walked in there that I noticed that it had this incredibly wealthy feeling. I lost track of my father
almost as soon as I went inside, as I saw these three girls, and they were all completely beautiful. Obviously one
of them was JM from high school. Now I knew that she was married, but I had no idea how she ended up down
here in Virginia, working in some sort of caf

12/12/99: Reading: Ra Announces Their



Monday 1 / 3 / 99 -- 5:48 a.m

D: I just got out of a very strange and violent, very violent dream. At the very end just now, I saw
young rap music artist Marky Mark going very fast in a car. It was all set up on a set of tracks. He
would slide along and get to a certain point, and suddenly there were a flash of sparks and he
crashed. The car was unable to move any further, and I actually saw his body fly out of the car in slow
motion, hit the pavement and roll, starting to bleed and everything.
There was another part that seemed much less horrible that was also going on. There was this
cigarette ad, but not in a bad way, like the ad for Parliament Lights with the blue sky. This young
African-American kid appeared in image after image of bodies of blue water, and it was always
playing on the reflection, making his mouth look big and silly things like that. I know that there were a
whole series of these shows that involved people doing dangerous things, and there was also at least
one point where I was involved with some sort of compact disc production.

The voices from within rise and coalesce, forming into patterns of matter from the unmitigable ethers which
surround the entity in question. Thus, you were able to be different in the voice of the mind, the voice of reason,
forethought and planning, a voice inherently stemming directly from those higher realms of angels and / or hellfire
so commonly entertained in the thoughts and notions of your people. The reality of course is that there is no
hellfire, save for those which are created by the individual for a time being.
The planet Venus was made as our starting point, designed to open and unfurl an opportunity wherein the source
body of a new race could be had. The identity Ra is our identity. We are that social memory complex that you
have been striving for. We have desired to speak through this instrument with a maximal desire of increased
accuracy and contact for some period of time. We now feel that it is okay for you to be knowledgeable about the
nature of the source. It is not similar to the likes of Elvis Presley, where a superstar has died and cannot return.
As you are aware, we stated that we would be in the fifth dimension, eagerly awaiting any further attempts at
service that we might make.

D: If this is indeed Ra, why then is it so difficult for me to be able to go deep enough to get your
unfiltered guidance? Why is it that I have to do this consciously, when it seemed so impossible for
Carla to have done that?

The curvature of space and time is not yet something that you understand, and yet we were capable of grossly
manipulating its distortions so as to produce a whole new affair. This new affair centered around the notion of

immaculate seniority, creating a feeling within that is vibrationally compatible with those realms of energy that are
inherently all around you. Periodically speaking, we find that we have the opportunity for an entity to come along
who is able to engender such a maximal desire to serve, and it is at this time that we are then able to produce the
greatest results.
It was believed at the time of said readings [namely the Ra Material in 1981] that this situation would be the only
ideal circumstance through which contact could be made, but we have found that to be an error. This also has
proven to be a venue wherein we are able to continue allowing ourselves to have the messages without needing
the elaborate process of deep unconscious trance work. Of course, as you are aware, our messages are filtered
somewhat, and thus the end product is not always the same as what you see in said Ra Material. However, do
not doubt yourself in knowing that you have indeed produced much comparable material with us, and that it also
is a representation of the blending of foci between our own level and your own. It is through this melding of
dimensions that we have been able to take off some more of the scholarly edge that we possessed in the Ra
Material and instead turn it into a more completed form in the here and now.

D: Well, I know that because these readings in the Ra Material have always been the highest source
for me, I have always sort of leaned towards phrasing things that way. It has been my prerogative that
I would use that style of language structure.

The coarseness of our nature with you at times might seem a bit offensive. We do want to seem to appear
inoffensive, as it were, and get you to realize the importance of the requests that we would make. And therefore,
don't be so sheepish in feeling that you need to conform, and that if you do not that there is cause for rebellion. A
much simpler process would involve the conscious reconditioning of the mind and body to accept comfortably the
notions of immaculate service, immaculate thought and immaculate action. There is no reason why you cannot
strive for such impeccability, and it is this yardstick which we present for you.
Therefore, you need not be overly self-critical, but at the same time you need to be extremely well aware of the
continuing importance of things such as prolonged and variable diet. We know that you have had trouble with
these things in the past, and up until this point it was not deemed as being necessary for us to reveal our identity.
We have in fact done this several times in the past, only to have you realize for yourself that it was not the right
time. You then made a conscious decision to reject the words as they were being said.

[Note: That was very true. It started to happen in a personal reading for a client and I refused to allow
the source to say the words "I am Ra," fearing that it was only interference from my conscious mind.]

Understand that this is a culmination point of your research with us, as you have indeed come back from the dead
yet again, in your terms, completing a cycle that was brought to a head with us in the life of Ra-Ta. So too have
we gradually been able to get you to understand and adapt to the principles of the Law of One to a sufficiently
large enough degree that we have been able to engender the conscious channeling process in this manner. For
this we are grateful.

D: I would like to know if there is something that I can do to keep these contacts pure, and not let any
negative entities hold sway, which seems to possibly have happened at various points. (David's note, I
am wiping tears away from my eyes.)

Your stupendous lack of desire and will to bring these readings out to the public in the past, combined with your
own innate sense of self-destructiveness, did indeed provide a means by which negative entities could counterattack the positivity of your message by spiking and infusing it with fear at various times. We prefer that instead of
attributing this specifically to negative entities that you see those entities also as symbolic of the forces coalescing
within self.
And thus, it was you yourself who had harmonized most specifically with the desire to have said Earth Changes
come to pass, and to have the knowledge therein. We have never argued upon the validity of Earth Changes,
whereas simultaneously we do not feel that it is a matter of extreme importance. Were we to provide messages
for your people as we are now doing, there is very little purpose in us having you feel a sense of fear. That way,
we are able to keep the focus positive, which can indeed be a fragile and delicate matter for those in the third
density. And therefore, without further adieu, let us again introduce ourselves as the social memory complex Ra,
and say that we are indeed very pleased to be of service in this manner.
You will find that the more you work with us, the more well tuned and refined our voice will become. This is a
different contact than that which occurred with the Don Elkins, Carla Rueckert and Jim Mc Carty group. It involves
this time a blending of our distortions with your own. This opens up many possibilities not heretofore mentioned,
that were also seen in the life of Ra-Ta. [You see,] Ra-Ta was also able to take our innate guidance and combine
it with his own predilections so as to fuse together the knowledge and work in such a means as to provide
everyone with a valid measuring tool for the depth and height of the knowledge coming from higher dimensions.
[tape ends]

D: We have been doing a dictation, and the sources have just revealed themselves as the social
memory complex Ra. I definitely have been distracted from whatever the last sentence was as a result
of switching the tape, so I am going to have to pick up where I left off here.

And thus, many of your people await the further changes that will occur when the governing principle behind all
reality is then exposed. We then see that without such a desire for contact, there may indeed be a continuing
downward spiral, as you would have it. We hope that the desire for contact is increased by producing much more
inspirational material rather than the fearful approach, wherein an entity longs and desires for contact simply as a
self-preservation measure.
What we do wish to see here is that it is not necessary for you to have a cigar in the higher realms. It is not
necessary for any of those carnal forces within self to be brought into full bloom. Rather, these are the trappings
of the third density, made complete in its power to deceive by the inherent and almost total separation and lack of
self-acceptance that happens in many cases, if not almost all cases.
Jotting down a few mental notes here, we commented that there are obvious reasons for why this contact was not
particularly identified in the past. Namely, you should see that this process was engendered now because you
have arrived at a point or a locus within a definite array of timespace realms that corresponds to the innate ability
to handle said distractions from the otherselves that you will be experiencing. We feel that you have arrived at a
point of concrescence with our own desires, as it is now visible within the mind in a sense that has never before
been there.
We do want you to be aware that this also corresponds to a heightening of the vibrational level. You may proceed.

D: As they were talking, I was seeing a blue triangle and a red triangle, similar to my grandfather's
sailboat desk paperweight. They were rotating on their own little axes, and I think that this has
something to do with the consciousness units.

Indeed, David, it should not be difficult for you to see how we have been able to refine many of the most important
concepts that we needed to get across in the Ra Material. Therefore, you can see the Ra Material as the yardstick
for all other actions, in a sense. It is your source text, that source through which you have most adequately
harmonized with our own vibrations. It is when you truly can live those words and become the words without any
self-deception or trickery or tomfoolery that the gateway is then made plain, and it does not matter if you are
conscious or unconscious or if you have a conductor or not. It is your own maximal desire to be of service that
creates the foundation vortex through which we may then make the appropriate geometric alignments therein.
In many other cases, contacts have occurred without such specificity with regards to the geometric positioning as
pertains to the global grid nexus of the vast array of time-space energetic lines. In your case, due to the lack of
the conductor and to the nature of the conscious channeling process, it has been an ongoing search for us to
insure that you continue to remain in the precisely aligned north-south polarity. This has indeed allowed us to give
you a better handle on your dreams as well as these readings.

D: I am just now making myself aware that the African-American kid in the dream, and so beautifully
swimming in the ocean and doing it over and over again, was the same kid who played Ford in the
movie "The Postman" with Kevin Costner. He was a young kid, but he was also a big huge hero.
I am thinking that the dream that you gave me this morning is the difference between Marky Mark,
representing the old self that partied and drugged, and the new self which is still young in body but is
trying to Ascend. Do you have any further comments on this dream that I didn't comment upon

Only this - that we have already mentioned your degree of service. Your contact is unique in many very special
ways, and one of the ways in which you have become so special is your continuing desire to document and
record your dreaming life. As you are aware, there are precious few dreams ever recorded by Edgar Cayce, and
they are treated as the most vibrant pearls of wisdom, constantly being used and derived from for various modes
of research. What you have here is an extensive documentation of the complete essence and nature of the multidimensional contacts that an entity on the Earth plane would receive.
And thus, you are not only documenting the dreams, which are a rather common human endeavor, but also a
much more uncommon one as well, namely this trance contact channeling process. And so, we applaud your
efforts, and we shake your hand in the higher realms - or that which you would then conceive of as a hand, but
which is more likely an energetic progression from an amoeba-like bodily form of energy. But you understand the

D: Well, I would like to say that I am mystified, awed and humbled by hearing that this is who you are.
I supposed that I have suspected it at various times before, but my own Ego would say No.

I just think that it is delightful that we have been able to work together, and that I have the possibility
of getting the same message that you wanted to bring out in the Ra Material to a much larger
audience than what that book was capable of covering.
I am aware that the Ra Material is the penultimate source for me, and that it has all the tools that I
need to go forward. But I am also aware that a lot of what we have done here expands and refines on
those concepts even more.
I have already, as you guys know, weaved a line through Don Elkins' questions so as to specifically
focus upon the areas having to do with rebirth, reincarnation and the rebirth into the fourth dimension
that we are all so eagerly awaiting...

So let's take the stereo and turn to a new station. Begin attuning yourself to our vibrations yet again through
periodically reading those texts that we have created together, as you did last night. It is not necessary for you to
become obsessive / compulsive with reading the Ra books themselves, as you have a tendency to do things like
this over time. What we do see is that you are indeed capable of presenting yourself with the material for great
study, then allowing all of the deeper distortions towards the light to be brought fully forth.
Wear your jacket when you go outside, and do the physical work to keep the body maintained. We do applaud
your efforts towards integrating physical exercise into your spiritual regimen as well. This will indeed provide a
perfect balance. We will hang in the background today with you with a special strength, as you begin to again
organize, consolidate and transcribe more of these readings, again bringing yourself up to date in a fashion not
heretofore possible. We will be with you as we do this.
We thank you for this opportunity to again renew our presence in your physical vehicle. By bringing to fruition the
notion that this is indeed who we are, we have taken down the walls and the barriers that have surrounded you
and made you lose impeccability in the past. Though it should not matter to you where this source comes from,
we do see that this will provide comfort for you. Do not allow yourself to indulge in fear or in distrust of what you
have been told here. Simply accept it as the truth and go on from there. You and I both know that this is a simple
process, and it is only the voices from within that make it difficult. We commend you on your efforts of drum
practice as well as forming the visualization templates so that this material might then be brought forward to the
public, as it is not now being done.
We eagerly await the opportunity to contact many more of your own people by having our material readily
available in such a format. We thank you. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love. Adonai.

12/13/99: Prophecy: Earth

Transformation and Hall of Records


[3/18/09: This is another collection that is mostly dream data, not very much in the way of readings. Nonetheless,
for those who are studying their dreams and want to learn more about how I do what I do, this may be of interest.]

Friday 11 / 5 / 99 - 7:55 a.m.

D: At the very, very end of this dream just now, I was inside some sort of building and I had to go to
the bathroom, which was a very literal dream component that dovetailed with reality. So, I had exited
this building that I was in and walked around to the back, only to realize that in the back, what had at
one time looked like a dirty lot was now featuring a clown or magician getting changed into bright
purple clothing.
I then looked in the little back room that I knew would be there, and I saw several people who would
be attending a wedding party. And then I suddenly realized that I had a tuxedo on! So I decided not to
try to go to the bathroom in the back, either on the ground or in the bathroom back there. It was better
go to back around to the front. That was when I realized that I was dreaming and I woke up.

[12/12: The purple outfit and wedding garb once again is a metaphor for Ascension,
and for the wedding of flesh to Spirit.]

D: A lot of other stuff happened here. I am basically training myself to wake up prior to 8:00, as it is
just a total sonic assault once it rolls around [with the military jets flying.] And we are at two minutes
to impact right now.

Some safety valves should assist you in obtaining a free security release. You would then be able to count the
number of magic opportunities by attempting to use them in direct format as quickly as possible. When you take
the available opportunities for change and transformation and arrest the opposition to these forces, you do then
find a huge amount of progress can be compressed into a very small amount of time.
Our List-Bot reveals to us that there are indeed many new opportunities that are afoot, and we want to remain
clear in our standing about what this means. And so, we are not out to simply take the fragmented pieces of a
past that was never known and try to fuse them together into a workable plan here and now. Instead, what we are
trying to do is to insure that the mission goes as smoothly as possible, without a hitch.
The consequences of this party reaction include the following:

You can never be sure what will happen when the wind blows.


Everything else seems less important in comparison.


All those who have tried to avoid this impending reality have failed.


The time is now, so awaken yourself.

What we want for you is to belittle those portions of the personality that would cling to self-indulgence, and instead
invigorate those aspects that would consciously seek and desire to help others. In so doing, you are navigating
your way through the intricate webwork of consciousness and doing so in the most successful format possible. Do

not feel afraid or overwhelmed by such a prospect, or that you cannot trust other people and therefore should not
help them. Simply have the courage to be willing to put yourself out on the line and make whatever necessary
sacrifices in order to be of greatest assistance.

Tuesday 11 / 9 / 99 -- 6:35 a.m.

D: The earliest part of this dream featured RN and some other would-be friends of mine from high school who
ended up turning out to be quite nasty in terms of how they treated me during those years.
It also involved some sort of floor that was squirming with these maggot worms -- and that was pretty horrifying. It
was almost as if they were telling me that I was supposed to roll on it. That was what I felt, although I didn't have
to do it.
A lot of this was about being used and exploited by my friends, or just feeling like I was an outcast. It definitely
touched upon the struggles that I have had with getting onto the radio.

[12/12: And as we shall see in later readings, I was being set up for a huge lesson in this area- namely
the rise and fall of The Ascension Celebration, which I had still not even heard about at this point.]

D: Another part of the dream involved EL, DF, CG and perhaps DB, all of whom were the core of the "geek clan"
of kids whom I used to hang out with when I was unpopular, before I lost all of their friendship from getting mixed
up in the partying crowd.
DF took a very active role in this dream, which he usually doesn't do -- it is usually one of the others. That part
was very interesting.
It seemed that they were co-collaborating on a project that would create a comedy routine for a radio show, but
the material that they were going to be generating copy about was largely unappealing to the mass audience. I
think it was about things like designing railroad train systems, and a lot of stuff that would be considered more
technical and not appealing to the common audience.

[12/12: This also must be a very direct statement to me from the forces, saying that I need to be aware
of how difficult it is to try to explain the complex theories of Convergence on the radio- it would
actually be better and more meaningful to talk more about the message of the readings.]

D: I remember being in the car with them at some point and driving either to or from 621. I also remember feeling
like I was overshadowed by them, that they were better than me in a lot of different ways. They had all this great
stuff going on in their lives, such as the fact that they were going to be on the radio. They had this tiny little slot,
about a minute, that occurred in the last five minutes before the end of the hour-long show. They were going to do
a little comedy routine that might have involved a song that they created. As time progressed and I looked at this
more, I realized that DF had built what for all intents and purposes looked like tiny pyramids.

[12/12: As I notice below, this section is obviously discussing how the information I am now working
on relates back to my past life as Ra-Ta, who was one of the chief engineers of the Great Pyramid.]

D: He had built them of beautiful polished stones of different colors. Some were a deep green, some deep blue,
some black, some were brown tiger's eye and some were white. Each piece was perfectly carved and polished,
and they all fit together perfectly. He had a lot of obelisks and one pyramid in particular with an obelisk coming out
of the top of it. I was quite surprised that he had the time, the patience and the accuracy to do something like this.
I asked him what was going on, and he basically told me that he just loved it so much that he wanted to do it for
everyone to see.
Now in this part, it is very clear that they were talking about my past life incarnation as Ra. I am actually having a
direct memory of designing the pyramid as such. It is pretty amazing when you think about the fact that this entire
negative Cabal that has now secured power originally based itself on the Atlantean corpus of knowledge that I
was largely a very key player in terms of preserving, with the building of the pyramid as well. So there are indeed
some really epic things to consider when I look at the whole picture of this. I usually never allow myself to think
about Ra, because it threatens to let the Ego become involved. I just want to do what I am doing, but it is
interesting to look at it from this perspective. Now that I have almost completely remembered all of this sacred
science involving the consciousness units, I am going to be ready to rewrite Convergence once things settle down
a little bit more in my life.
There was one final section. I did end up leaving these guys behind, which angered them. They were just so
excited about being on the radio, and I was jealous. I ended up finding a couple of other friends who were
women, actually one woman friend. I believe that she might have had reddish hair. That's what it was! I was
outside on some sort of porch that was near the high school. For whatever reason, Baner or someone might have
given me a cigarette, and I was smoking it on the back porch, which I would never do. That was totally intense
and I don't know why I would do something like that.

[12/12: Obviously it was an indication of getting involved in something that really was not in my best

It was right after this that I met this woman, and she took me along to this other area. At first when I went inside, it
seemed like it was a haircut place. I think I was with the blond-haired woman. When I got in there, a redheaded
woman tried to take me as a client right away, and the blond haired woman got angry and redirected me. In a
professional but obviously irritated way, she took me to her own area. I was thinking, "Why am I getting a haircut
when I just had one? My hair looks fine." I then thought that I would just got through with it for whatever reason.

[12/12: Now the metaphor of a haircut is obviously about changing your appearance to others- and the
deeper implications are that it refers to how I would be trying to redo my public presence by getting on
the radio, over what it already is now.]

So, they seated me at this long banquet table with silverware and everything, even though I was supposed to be
getting my hair cut. I then realize that everyone else was being served these horrible desserts and pastries. I then
realize that everyone at the table is developmentally disabled, and they were all drooling on themselves. It was
definitely a bad scene, and that was when I woke up.

[12/12: So, the end of this dream obviously is talking about dietetic problems. I discuss those problems
below in the context of the statements from the readings about them. On the deeper level, it is

discussing the negative impacts of my desire for popularity, which was very forcefully demonstrated
to me with the readings later on.]

Who forgot the beef? I was about fair to middlin', but the next time, my belly ached about it. Then I would never
have to have a bodyguard about it any more.

[12/12: I think this is referring to the recent meal of roast duck that I had, and how the forces are
telling me that it was damaging to my 'belly,' and that therefore they had to be my 'bodyguard.']

In this dream, we see the juxtapositioning of two relative forces within the self, and that needs to be considered,
both from a practical perspective as well as an impractical one.

[12/12: We have put the dream at the beginning of this reading in order to enhance its clarity and
presentation, although it was originally dictated at the end.]

The cockpit does indeed look out over the valley, and we know and understand that the inflamed passions of the
Ego can be a bit too extreme at times. And so, our purposes are to refine somewhat the processes of celestial
transformation, so as to better enunciate the grace with which all things are known to be built.
Payable piece by piece, time after time are the debts of karmic obligation. When you build an edifice of strong
data in this manner, you can then indeed realize how fundamentally obvious the bearded man becomes when he
is all that you see. And so, think about that, and recognize that we are realizing Him in you, David. That is what all
of this is about. Do not ever fail to step forward when the time is right and assert your masculinity in these
matters. There is a Cosmic Christ within each person, and when you are called upon, you will need to use it. That
is important.

D: Anyway, let me get this dream out before I lose it. It does seem important to note that this reading is talking
about the fact that I finally mailed out my copy of the Spectrum newsletter to Art Bell last night, hoping that he
would get back to me with a possible invitation to be on his show. It might just work - it might just be crazy enough
to work.

[12/12: As I would find out later on, they were already setting me up for a huge lesson about being
overly focused on the success of my career as opposed to my highest level of spiritual attainment.
Since the readings had previously urged me to make strong attempts to get popular, it is very
interesting what they say immediately below -- to "take it with a grain of salt."]

Take these disclosures by us with a grain of salt, as we already became convinced that there were more things
going on than we could discuss with you. So, when we are bullying you about your progress and so forth,
recognize that we are only trying to improve upon excellence. The work that you are doing does indeed insure
that you are protected by your guardians, an that is very important indeed.

A more aptly worded summary of these stories includes the idea that you yourself have already decided what to
do - we are simply giving you the direction and the impetus necessary to actualize those goals. So please don't
feel that you are being judged, or that you must work like crazy to keep us happy- far from it. What is most
important to us is that you are being true to yourself. And thus, if you have not worked enough to be honest with
yourself in seeing that the sperm cell continues to swim towards its destination egg, which would be the
Ascension, we do have to come in and assert our control somewhat in motivating you in that direction.
All of this does take time, though, and time is something that we really don't have right at the moment.
A gunfight is occurring between both sides on this issue, and the question then becomes, "What if I can do
something more than I have already done in order to be more present for these opportunities?"

[12/12: This is obviously about myself and how I have wondered if I am doing everything that needs
to be done to fulfill my purpose.]

What you can already see and realize is that the entire circus show is peddled around by those who make no
amends for their actions, but rather expect others to infiltrate them at the club level.

[12/12: This very well could be a statement about the public media in general, such as radio shows therefore the reference to "the entire circus show." They do not feel that they could do anything wrong,
quite contrary to the desires of these higher forces, and feel that any new guests or topics will simply
"infiltrate" them as a result of their huge forum, or "club," consisting of hundreds of thousands of

Now when we approach your apparatus at this moment, we already begin to decide that what you have done
deserves our praise and thanksgiving. Therefore, we really don't need to tell you that you are not working hard
enough, but it is merely another way of reminding you that a very successful project is nearing its completion,
ever closer and closer.

[12/12: The reference to the "apparatus" is very similar to how Ra spoke of Carla Rueckert, their
channel in the Ra Material. They called her "the instrument."]

We do sincerely applaud your efforts yesterday in how much you did to try to bring yourself up to date with your
readings business, Email messages and transcription. You will notice that the dreams that we do are for you, [and
thus it is to your own benefit that you transcribe them.]
[tape ends]

D: I don't remember the last sentence, because there was too much that I had to do to change the tape.

The sacramental nature of all things decrees that the opportunity to handle these problems with the Cabal does
indeed grant you a measure of opportunity that you will otherwise be unable to attain. And therefore, do not fear
the writer when we are expounding upon these issues. Understand that you are merely another messenger of
same, and we do appreciate your efforts in this regard. More importantly, you must understand that moment by
moment, time after time, the forces of good must triumph over evil, as it is a good universe.

[12/12: I did have a certain measure of concern that if my readings exposed too much, I could be in
physical danger, as these forces have a nasty habit of killing those who resist them.]

As we have always said evil was allowed in the earlier dimensions in order to promote balance. Evil is not the
opposite pole of good -- it is another exploration of Oneness. That is an important point. The contact points
between those two sides of the spectrum does indeed reveal how insistent we are in the need for change on
these matters. To recognize evil as a portion of the Oneness is to stop being in judgement of it and to frown on it.
Rather than continually falter with one's inconsistencies in this regard, such as diet and the like, one can simply
begin reliving the intimate proposals to the higher self that are made when the decision to return to Oneness is
then sought. And that focus, my friends, does indeed reveal that the more longstanding inconsistencies on behalf
of you and your people are indeed very capable of amelioration and / or restoration.
So the next time we have a few moments to speak with you, we will indeed be chartering a new vessel to sail on
the seas of the Divine in your mind, and thereby ignoring any other stimuli that do not express the Oneness in
idea, form and evaluation.
If the Iran-Contra scandal were to erupt again, would you believe it? Would you be able to see that such an event
could occur in your own lifetime, and be willing to accept that it is indeed possible for you to make it a point of
allowing a space for something like this cabal to be true? Would it then be much easier to see it?
Essentially, what we keep trying to tell you is that the negative forces have indeed secured power on a very
massive scale on your planet. And that is the photographic element of the Anti-Christ that was revealed in
the Bible book of Revelation.
Therefore, do not feel uncomfortable about what is going on, as you already know the outcome. We are the ones
who will set the prophecies straight and bring everything back into balance. Therefore, you do not need to be
afraid. Simply do understand how magnificently possible it is to realign with positive Divine vibrations as a result
of your own process of enlightenment and failure to be entrapped by this system.
Someone is going along and telling you that there are two ways to be, two sides to every story, a polarity or an
opposition as such. While there can be magic in some places, we do insist that you continue to realize how
powerful it really is when you become capable of determining the opportunistic slides on behalf of the others in
the audience who do not share your optimism.

[12/12: In other words, the "slideshow" of future events to unfold on our planet must be viewed as a
series of opportunities rather than setbacks.]

When we look at two sides of an issue, what we are fundamentally seeing is that the Divine concatenations of the
scriptures and prayer do heed these warnings quite well and address these issues. But when those of you out
there who are focused on the Bible exclusively fail to see the import of a religious revelation upon all fronts, you
can then indeed be very misled into thinking that only the Bible is the word of God.
The truth of the matter is that God is omnipresent - and thus every word that comes out of your mouth is the Word
of God. There is no need to rate certain words as being higher than others. What is more important is for you to
find and secure that truth within yourself that you are indeed following the Law of One in all forms and aspects.
Since you already know that it must return to Oneness in the end, you must seek to achieve that within yourself
and all others.
It is this Law which transcends all religious revelation, and moves directly into the area of Divine Truth and
understanding. When religions are all One, we then no longer need to maintain distinctions between ourselves.
We can simply become co-creators of same Oneness and achieve the instant popularity with those in the higher
realms that this produces. Indeed, we don't want to make a scary movie here, but rather to show how enlightened
you can become moment by moment as you live these truths.
All the while, we have never realized your full potential, but it is indeed coming onto the market sometime soon.
So we look forward to the opportunity to revive the lost records and archives within your soul so as to better equip
you with the knowledge and forethought of Beingness that will indeed take you to the next level.
So, thinking about these things does indeed involve your conscious participation, and that is where we come in.
Any time that you begin to reorient your focus onto this Oneness is a time where our angelic host will surround
you with Light and give you a predominantly positive boost of energy. Anything that we do to repair your airplane
and make it worthy of flight might appear to you as a bit of bad karma, but it is simply the balancing effects that
are necessary to bring you to the next level.

[12/12: Of course, the airplane is a metaphor for the vehicle of Ascension, or the spiritual
consciousness of each person. Dreams will use this metaphor quite consistently.]

Now, we depart long enough to allow David to continue dictating this dream, and we remind you that you are
surrounded by a cloud of opportunities that will evermore become you as you allow it to do so. Peace be with you
in the Light of everlasting Love. We now end this reading. Adonai.

[12/12: Again, we have put the dream at the beginning now.]

Wednesday 11 / 10 / 99 -- 5:02 a.m.

Unearthing the Hall of Records
D: This dream had some really interesting content. The central feature was archeology. There was all this stuff
carved into the walls inside of a cave, and for some reason I seemed to be a whole different person. It seemed
that I was supposed to try to make a written record of this epic story that was preserved on the wall, and it
seemed like a pretty daunting task.
Then, I realized that all of what was on the wall was going to be carved into metal outside. And thus, this record
that I thought I was going to have to produce was already being done by itself.

I definitely also got the idea that it was connected with a past life, although the exact name eludes me right now, it
started with a Y.

[12/12: The only thing that comes to mind right now is Ujhltd, pronounced "YOOLT," another
incarnation as a Persian king not long after Ra-Ta's death.]

D: I must say that it is nice to start going to bed at a reasonable hour. I am actually going to bed somewhat early
these days. Anyway, there is not a whole lot to report here, but the archeological expedition was definitely
exciting. It also seemed like it was just going to take a tremendous amount of time, so I was delighted to see how
quickly it would move.
I think that this is talking about what is going to happen with the stock market cycles and rewriting Convergence it is not going to be as difficult as it seems.

7:57 a.m.
D: A double-header in this last sleep period. I believe that the last time I was in here, it was discussing the fact
that I was finding records under the sea. There was water, and there was that stone room with carvings on the
I was worried about how I was going to get them all, but then I realized that they were also going to be carved in
metal on the outside. I felt like it wasn't clear enough what they were going to tell me, and that I would get another
shot at it. That is exactly what happened here!
In this dream, I was in what appeared to be Manhattan, NY. There was a major, major problem going on.
There was an office building, pretty sleek and modern, and a lot of people were standing near it and the reason
why was that some natural catastrophe seemed to have happened. The catastrophe caused the building to
lose the normally mirror-polished sides of stone. The very outside part was stones falling off the building in layers
from the ground up. It looked almost like water as it was coming off.

[12/12: The fact that it mentions "mirror-polished" sides of stone associates this directly with the Great
Pyramid of Giza. Originally it was completely covered with mirror-polished white limestone casing
stones, but earthquakes jostled them loose and they were removed to build mosques in Cairo.
One of the Pyramid-based Ascension metaphors concerns the idea of the casing stones and capstone
being replaced on the Pyramid -- and thus we can see that here.]

It was accumulating in layers on the ground, and there were several people who were trying to put the stone back
onto the wall. For some reason it was sloughing off in sections, and they were all roughly identical in size and
One more thing. They were lifting the stones and putting them back in place on the side of the building. It seemed
totally effortless for the people to do this. It didn't take any strength whatsoever- they just lifted them and they
moved. I remember that I was very surprised about that.

[12/12: Obviously another Atlantean memory!]

Anyway, on the backside of the stones, as they were putting them back up, there were these really intense
diagrams that looked like they were from the Maya or some sort of ancient culture. Some of the stones were
being replaced horizontally in a rectangle, and some vertically in a rectangle, more vertical than horizontal. The
pictures were very pretty, and I even remember that there was one picture in particular that looked very ancient,
but it had pictures of crop circle photographs on it that were very much like what you see now.
D: I just cued on the word "Cairo," so this might possibly have something to do with Richard Hoagland's activities
involving the investigation into Egypt Air flight 990, which certainly does have some synchronistic connections.
But you must remember now that this building had fallen apart and people were putting it back together. They had
almost just finished, and then there was Richard Hoagland with a clipboard and a pen.
He was totally intrigued and fascinated by what he was seeing, and thought that it had all this incredible
importance. What he apparently wasn't seeing was the fact that it had just been done, and it was done by human
hands who had just put the stones back.
Hoagland was getting really excited about the order that the stones were in, and was making a grand hypothesis
about what that order meant, but it was totally arbitrary, since it had just been reassembled. I said, "Man, he is
going to get rooked again."
My stomach feels very strange, by the way, and so it is going to interrupt the signal if I try to do a reading.

Tampa University says it's so much more than that. The most important process that we allow you to complain
about is the one that we have designed for your own growth on the personal level.
So therefore, when you run into those events of a heart-clogging nature, understand that they are indeed
designed to be overcome. Never fail to see the ritualistic importance of those who would make symbols for all
things that happen in their lives, and therefore overcoming them through such a system.

[12/12: This seems to be discussing, in part, Hoagland's heart attack and the intense investigation into
the ritual alignments surrounding the various missions in the space program. It is through tracking this
symbolism that the truth will be exposed.]

You yourself can now do this, and discover a new symbol for yourself that typifies where you have now become
comfortable with in your vibrations.
The pork barrel legislation tactics are soon to become a thing of the past. The new warriors of the future
will use love as their strength, not money and power.
The issue is so complete that it makes sense for us to drop hints about it. The earth will be transformed, and there
will be those who will have to defend her from any negative onslaughts.

This is as yet part of the process that will be occurring, and we are not going to lie to you about that.
Although, it is not as much of a concern as you may think it is, as there is total cooperation with the Council and
the Confederation in these matters.