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1. On increasing the temperature, the resistance A. Newtonian force
will decrease for B. Maxwell’s force
A. Platinum C. Constantan C. Magnetomotive force
B. Manganese D. Carbon D. Lorentz force
2. The sky appears blue. This is due to 9. Which one of the following is the best conductor
of electricity?
A. dispersion of light
B. interference A. Copper C. Gold
C. scattering of light B. Silver D. Zinc
D. emission of more of blue light by sun 10. The maximum number of electrons in the L-
3. When two bodies are immersed in water, it is shell of an atom cannot be more than
found that the loss of weight of each body is the A. 2 C. 8
same. If so, which is true? B. 4 D. 6
A. They have the same weight in air. 11. The process used in hydrogen bomb is
B. They have the same density
A. Fission C. Ionization
C. They have the same volume
B. Electrolysis D. Fusion
D. They have the same weight in water
12. Semi-conductor materials have
4. The angular velocity of second’s hand in a watch ππ
in radians per sec. is 30
60 A. tonic bond
B. covalent bond
A. 2 π C. C. metallic bond
D. vander waal’s bound
B. D.
13. The process of separation of crystalloids from
5. In which case, total internal reflection cannot colloids using semi-permeable membrane is
be obtained? called
A. A ray going from glass to air A. osmosis C. analysis
B. A ray going from glass to water B. dialysis D. synthesis
C. A ray going from water to glass
14. Consider the following statements :
D. A ray going from water to air
Assertion (A) : The resistance of nichrome wire
6. As one goes up from the earth’s surface, the increases as the temperature rises.
temperature of air Reason (R) : The wire expands in length as the
A. first decreases and then increases temperature rises.
B. first increases and then decreases Now select your answer according to the coding
C. increases scheme given below :
D. decreases A. Both (A) and (R) are true, and (R) is the correct
7. The law governing the force between electric explanation of (A).
charges is called B. Both (A) and (R) are true, but (R) is not the
A. Faraday’s law correct explanation of (A).
B. Ampere’s law C. (A) and (R) are false
C. Coulomb’s law D. (A) is false, but (R) is true.
D. Ohm’s law 15. Which of these ores contains maximum iron
8. The force acting on a charged particle moving content?
through crossed electric and magnetic fields, is A. Limonite C. Siderite
called B. Haematite D. Magnetite

16. The chips used in computers and electronic 27. The chemical name of aspirin is
equipments are made of A. Phenyl salicylic acid
A. iron C. graphite B. Acetyl salicylic acid
B. manganese D. silicon C. Methyl salicylic acid
17. Which one is correctly matched? D. Ethyl salicylic acid
A. Electrons - Positive particles 28. Clathrate compounds are
B. Neutrons - Negative particles A. polymeric compounds
C. -rays - Neutral radiations B. linear compounds
D. Protons - Negligible mass C. cage compounds
18. The number of asymmetric carbon atoms D. having ion exchange properties
present in D - Glucose is 29. The approximate number of families and genera
A. 1 C. 3 that the angiosperms have, are
B. 2 D. 4 A. 3000 families and 12000 genera
19. Nessler’s reagent is used in the detection of B. 7500 families and 14500 species
A. Chloride ion C. 300 families and 8000 genera
B. Ammonium ion D. 200 families and 4500 species
C. Nitrate ion 30. The most important characteristic features of
D. Sulphate ion Gymnosperms are
20. The metal atom present in chlorophyll is A. two cotyledons and enclosed seeds
A. Fe C. Cl B. two cotyledons and naked seeds
B. Co D. Mg. C. one cotyledon and enclosed seeds
21. Which has the maximum percentage of D. one cotyledon and naked seeds
γ 31. Which one of the following statements is
A. Urea correct?
B. Ammonium sulphate A. Fertilisers are organic materials of a specific
C. Calcium ammonium nitrate concentrated nature
D. Ammonium nitrate
B. Farmyard manure is a mixture of cattle dung and
22. The pH of 0.01 N NaOH is urea
A. 2 C. 10
C. Green manure is legume crop ploughed into the
B. 12 D. 14
23. Which is used as a fuel in Rockets? D. Compost manure includes oilcakes and fish
A. Hydrogen peroxide meat.
B. Liquid oxygen
C. Dimethyl hydrazine 32. Ginger is an example for
D. Liquid hydrogen A. climber
24. A strong puff of air puts out a flame, because B. storage root
A. oxygen is replaced by carbon dioxide C. underground stem
B. it disturbs convection current D. water plant
C. it cools down the flame 33. Which one of the statements is correct?
D. gravitional force is disturbed A. Prop roots store up food
25. Identify the substance which is opaque in solid B. Tuberous roots provide mechanical support
and transparent in molten state
C. Napiform roots help in respiration
A. Mercury C. Bromine
B. Butter D. Naphthalene D. Parasitic roots help in absorbing food

26. Radon is 34. The 'tree' part of banana is constituted by

A. a German Radio A. the petioles of leaves
B. an explosive B. a part of central bole
C. an artificial fibre C. highly condensed auxiliary branches
D. a noble gas D. the inflorescene axis

35. Tea and coffee crops grow well on hill slopes C. steam helps in cooking
because D. the vessel is made of alloy
A. there is good drainage 44. The best treatment for Leprosy is one of the
B. there is shelter following :
C. soil is suitable
A. Multidrug therapy
D. all of these
B. Isolation of the patient
36. The practice of crop rotation is advantageous C. BCG Vaccine
A. to maintain soil texture D. Avoiding pet animals
B. to prevent soil erosion 45. Name the two colours that cannot be
C. to preserve soil fertility and control diseases distinguished by a colour blind person
D. to maintain soil composition
A. Blue and yellow
37. Geraniums, tulips and orchids are propagated B. Green and red
by apical meristem to get C. Violet and blue
A. quick yield D. Blue and green
B. virus-free plants 46. What is the normal blood pressure of man?
C. easy rooting
A. 120/80 mm
D. new varieties
B. 120/110 mm
38. Which one of the following is correctly C. 100/80 mm
matched? D. 80/120 mm
A. Pollen - intestinal flora 47. Name the State where Jim Corbett National
B. Rhizobium - nitrogen fixer Park is found?
C. Colon bacteria - tuberculosis
A. Uttaranchal
D. Mycobacterium - allergy
B. Madhya pradesh
39. Fruit of an apple is a pseudocarp because C. Gujarat
A. the edible part is bitter D. Tamil Nadu
B. the edible part is not derived from ovary 48. Match List I with List II correctly and select
C. the fruit does not soften your answer using the codes given below :
D. the fruit is formed without fertilization List-I List-II
40. Who is called “Father of Genetics”? a. Atomic theory 1. Darwin
b. Laws of Genetics 2. Dalton
A. Robert Hook
c. Natural selection 3. De Vries
B. Muller
C. Gregor Johann Mendel
d. Mutation theory 4. Mendel
D. Charles Darwin
Codes :
41. Silent Valley is a b c d
A. a temperate forest A. 2 4 1 3
B. an evergreen forest B. 4 1 2 3
C. a moist deciduous forest C. 2 3 4 1
D. an evergreen virgin forest D. 3 2 1 4
49. Match List I with List II correctly and select
42. Pick out the correct statement from the your answer using the codes given below :
following connected with Kalakad
List-I List-II
Mundanthurai forest:
a. Logarithms 1. Sholes
A. It is a tiger reserve b. X-rays 2. John Napier
B. It is a lion reserve c. Typewriter 3. J.J. Thompson
C. It is an elephant reserve d. Electrons 4. Roentgen
D. It is a monkey reserve Codes :
43. Food is cooked fast in pressure cooker. This is a b c d
because A. 1 2 3 4
B. 4 2 3 1
A. food gets cooked at high temperature C. 2 4 1 3
B. boiling point increases with increase in pressure D. 3 2 1 4

50. Consider the following statements : 57. A clock when seen through a mirror placed
Assertion (A) : The chemical substances secreted opposite to it, shows the time 1.35. What is the
by ductless glands are called enzymes. actual time?
Reason (R) : Enzymes are needed for biochemical A. 12.25 C. 11.25
reactions. B. 11.35 D. 12.35
Now select your answer according to the coding 58. A clock strikes once at 1 O’ clock, twice at 2 O’
scheme given below : clock, thrice at 3 O’ clock and so on. How many
A. Both (A) and (R) are true and (R) is the correct times will it strike in 24 hours?
explanation of (A) A. 144 C. 288
B. Both (A) and (R) are true, but (R) is not the B. 156 D. 300
correct explanation of (A)
59. A long rope has to be cut to make 23 small pieces.
C. (A) is true, but (R) is false If it is double folded to start with how many
D. (A) is false, but (R) is true times does it need to be cut?
51. Mangoes are bought at 20 for a rupee. How A. 9 C. 11
many should be sold for a rupee to gain 25 per B. 23 D. 12
cent? 60. A child was born on August 8, 1978. It was
A. 12 C. 10 Tuesday. What will be his birthday in the year
B. 16 D. 24 1986?
52.Find out the wrong number : 125, 126, 124, 127, A. Monday C. Saturday
123, 129. B. Thursday D. Friday
A. 125 C. 126 61. Which of the following figures has the longest
B. 129 D. 124 perimeter?
53.The area of a regular hexagon is 6 17453
x2. Its 11 A. A square of side 10 cms
perimeter is B. A rectangle of sides 12 cms and 9 cms
A. 15 x C. 14 x C. A circle of radius 7 cms
B. 12 x D. 18 x D. A rhombus of side 9 cms

54.If a pair of dice is thrown together, what is the 62. How many triangles does the following figure
probability of getting a total of 7? contain?
A. 26 C.

B. D.

55. In the given diagram, state who are the

intelligent as well as creative persons :
A. 12 C. 6
B. 10 D. 11

63. In one minute 37 the of a bucket is filled. The

rest of the bucket can be filled in
A. minutes
B. 21 minutes
C. minutes
A. 1 C. 4 D. 2 minutes
B. 2 D. 6
64. The wages of an employee were first reduced
56. Which of the numbers given below is divisible by 40% and then increased by 50%. What was
by all numbers from 1 to 9 except 5 and 7? his percentage of loss?
A. 140 C. 144 A. 15 C. 10
B. 142 D. 146 B. No loss D. 12

65. In the figure given below, what is the perimeter C. holy place of Hindus
of the circle? D. hole place of Buddhists
73. Which was the first animal to make a space
A. Monkey C. Cat
B. Dog D. Rabbit
74. How much ahead of Greenwich Mean Time is
Indian Standard Time?
A. 82 π C. 16 A. 5 hours
B. 42 D. 8 B. 5½ hours
C. 6 hours
66. The sum of one-half, one-third and one-fourth D. None of these
of a number exceeds the number itself by 10.
The number is 75. The Committee constituted to enquire into the
A. 60 case of the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi is
B. 72 headed by
C. 120 A. Sarkaria C. Mohan
D. 144 B. Kailasam D. Jain
67. Whose statue was erected at Kumari Point by 76. East Timur attained Independence from
the Chief Minister Karunanidhi? A. Thailand C. Russia
A. Thiruvalluvar B. Indonesia D. Vietnam
B. Kumari Amman
77. World’s highest rail bridge under construction
C. Ambedkar
in India is across the river
D. None of these π
A. Ganges C. Sutlej
68. The founder of Gadar Party was B. Yamuna D. Chenab
A. Savarkar V.D.
B. Lala Hardayal 78. Name the Indian who has been invited to
C. Krishna Varma become a member of the society of middle
D. Ganesh Savarkar. temple of England?
A. T.N. Seshan
69. The first Indian woman to go into space is
B. A.S.Ahmadi
A. Kalpana Chawla C. Ranganath Mishra
B. Asha Pande D. K.M. Menon
C. Kalpana Rai
D. Arundhati Roy 79. The year 1998 has been declared by United
Nations as
70. Which one of the following is correctly
matched? A. International Year of Occeans
B. International Year of Peace
A. Gokhale-New India
C. International Year of Women
B. Bharathi-Yugantar
D. International Year of Employment
C. Bal Gangadhar Tilak-Kesari
D. Gandhiji-Common wheel 80. Which is the largest producer of tea in India?
71. The Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Mr. A. Kerala
Kalyan Singh belongs to B. West Bengal
A. Samata Party C. Assam
B. Samajwadi Party D. Tamil Nadu
C. BJP 81. Epilepsy is
D. Congress
A. a brain disorder
72. Golden Temple is a B. a game
A. holy place of Sikhs C. a part of mathematics
B. holy place of Britishers D. an animal

82. The headquarters of Hindustan Aeronautics 92. Where is the World’s highest airport located?
Limited are at A. Nanjing (China)
A. Nasik B. Bangda (Tibet)
B. Koraput C. Chusul (Ladakh)
C. Bangalore D. Leh (Ladakh)
D. Mumbai
93. Which of the following is not correctly matched?
83. The largest operator of MIG-21 outside the
former Soviet Bloc and China is A. Aligarh Movement - Jinnah
B. Home Rule Movement - Tilak
A. India C. Iraq
C. Salt Satyagraha - Gandhiji
B. Iran D. Japan
D. Partiion of Bengal - Curzon.
84. According to the Government of India’s
National Plan of action, the disease to be 94. The religious order established by Mother
eradicated by 2000 A.D. is Teresa is called
A. T.B. C. Polio A. Sisters of Charity
B. AIDS D. Leprosy B. Mothers of Charity
C. Missionaries of Charity
85. What is the period of tenure of the President of
D. Messengers of love
a Panchayat?
A. 3 years C. 5 years 95. Which Article of the Constitution gives a special
B. 4 years D. 7 years status to Jammu and Kashmir?
86. Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome is A. 368 C. 365
caused by B. 370 D. 380
A. Virus C. Protozoa 96. The longest wall in the world is in
B. Bacteria D. Fungus A. India C. England
87. President’s rule in a State is imposed under B. China D. Japan
which of the following Articles of the 97. The name "Pakistan" was coined by
A. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan
A. 352 C. 356 B. Mohammad Ali Jinnah
B. 358 D. 370 C. Mohammad Iqbal
88. The Political Guru of Gandhiji was D. Abdul Kalam Azad
A. Tilak 98. In which year did the Muslim League first give
B. Dadabhai Nauroji the call for a Separate State?
C. Lala Lajpat Rai A. 1939
D. Gopal Krishna Gokhale.
B. 1940
89. Who won the “Booker Prize” in 1997? C. 1941
A. Salman Rushdie D. 1942
B. Arundhati Roy 99. The President of Indian Olympic Association
C. Kuldip Nayar (IOA) is
D. None of them
A. Suresh Kalmadi
90. Teachers’ Day is celebrated every year on B. Madhav Rao Scindia
A. 11th October C. Dhanushkodi Athithan
B. 5th September D. Sivanthi Adithan
C. 14th November 100. Which place receives maximum solar energy in
D. 3rd January December?
91. Which of the following sports / games is A. Kolkata
associated with Sandhya Agarwal? B. Delhi
A. Tennis C. Swimming C. Amritsar
B. Cricket D. Hockey D. Chennai