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Genre of Music 1

Running Head: Genre of Music Liked By Respondents

Exercise #6

Genre of Music Liked by Respondents of Different Ages and Race

Eboni S. Austin

Social Work 300

Tuskegee University

February 16, 2010

Genre of Music 2

Variables for Exercise # 6:

Dependent Variable: Rap “R‟s liking for rap

Independent Variable: Agecat “R‟s age”

Control Variable: Race “R‟s race”

Bivariate Hypothesis:

The respondents‟ age influences their liking of rap music. The responses include like rap

music and dislike rap music. The older the respondents are, the less they will like rap music.

Their age group is 30 years and older. Younger respondents will have a higher percentage of

liking rap music. Their age group is between 18-29 years of age.

Multivariate Hypothesis:

The age of the respondents and their race influence the liking of rap music. African

American and white respondents, in different age groups, will respond to whether or not they

like rap music. The older white and African American respondents will dislike rap music.

Younger respondents of both races will like rap music.

Bivariate Discussion:

In the chart that compares the respondents „age group to their response to liking music, a

total of 21.5% of all respondents like rap music. 33.5% of 18-29 year old respondents like rap

music, 26.6% of 30-39 year old and 15.2% of respondents that were 40+ all like rap music. On

the other hand, 78.5% of the respondents did not like rap music. 66.5% of 18-29 year old, 73.4%

of 30-39 year old and 84.8% of respondents all said they did not like rap music.

Multivariate Discussion:

In both charts, the races of the respondents are introduced. In the chart with the African

American respondents, the respondents in the 18-29 age group only 47.4% liked music.
Genre of Music 3

Compared to the white and other respondents of the same age, 29.7% whites and 50% of others

like rap music. The respondents, age 18-29, who disliked rap music was 70.3% of whites, 52.6%

of African Americans and 50% of others. The older respondents of all three races had extremely

high rates that dislike rap music. Among those who were 40+, 86.4% of whites, 77.4% of

African Americans and 69.7% of others did not like rap music.

R’s Attitude About Rap By R’s Age

R’s Agecat3 (IV)

Attitude about 18-29 30-39 40+

Rap (DV)

Like rap 21.5

33.5 26.6 15.2

Dislike rap 66.5 73.4 84.8

19.2 24.2 56.6

R’s Attitude About Rap By R’s Age

Controlling for R’s Race

R’s Agecat3 (IV)
White R’s Agecat3 (IV)
Attitude Attitude Black
about Rap about Rap 18-29 30-39 40+
18-29 30-39 40+
(DV) 47.4 46.2 22.6
29.7 24.2 13.6
Like rap Like rap
52.6 53.8 77.4
70.3 75.8 86.4 65.8
Dislike rap 80.9 Dislike rap

23.6 24.2 52.2

18.2 24.1 57.7
Genre of Music 4

Bivariate and Multivariate Graphs

Bivariate Graph:

Multivariate Graphs: