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A celebration of management excellence in growing enterprises


The KIM Annual Business Awards (KABA)

The Kenya Institute of Management (KIM) successfully launched an SME recognition awards programme
dubbed KABA last year. The event was very successful and was well received in the market. The award program
has focused its attention on an area that hitherto has not received much attention in the past. The exercise
objectively seeks to identify and publicly recognize SME‘s that demonstrate excellence and integrity in their
management and leadership practices.

KABA works with a team of competent SME consultants to administer a well-encompassing assessment Tool
to the participating SMEs. The KABA Award focuses on nine management assessment areas which also form
part of the award categories. These areas are as follows: Strategy and Management Practices, Market Presence,
Procurement and Logistics, Human Resource Management, Information Communication Technology (ICT)
usage, Business and Financial Results, Quality and Productivity, Environment, Health and Safety, and Corporate
Social Responsibility (CSR).

An interim report will be prepared upon completion of the assessment, which is then forwarded to a technical
team for further analysis. A team of judges who are experts in the SME sector, will conduct the final part of the
results analysis and decide on the award recipients. The awards winners will be publicly recognised during
the Gala night to be held on the 24th September 2010

A final confidential report will be made available to the participating SMEs after the gala night. The report
provides feedback on the firm’s key strengths and suggested areas of improvement based on universally
respected business practices. Between the KABA cycles, the Centre for Enterprise Development will work
with individual SMEs to implement programmes on the areas of improvement so that firms make continuous
improvement with every involvement in KABA. This will guarantee improvement of their business management

Objectives of KABA
KABA seeks to:
• Identify SME’s that have a practical and result-oriented management styles
• Create local performance benchmarks, identify local success stories, and develop case studies for peer
learning and teaching.
• Attract positive publicity on the work of participating SME’s and hence creating an opportunity for SME’s to
showcase their innovations.
• Provide forum for participants to share good and proven operational and best management practices for
the SME sector.
• Provide evidence-based case experiences that will be useful in refining and adding value to the current
Government SME policy framework.

Promoting Excellence and Integrity in Management Practices

SME Categories
SME’s will be categorized under the following sectors:
• Services
• Manufacturing
• Trading
• Real Estate and Construction
• ICT / Telecommunications
• Agri-business
Awards are as follows:
• Strategy and Management Practices
• Market Presence
• Procurement and Logistics
• Human Resource Management
• Information Communication Technology (ICT)
• Business and Financial Results
• Quality and Productivity
• Environment Health and Safety
• Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
• Youth Entrepreneur of the Year (‘Youth’ defined as 18 – 35 years)
• Woman Entrepreneur of the Year
• One runner up SME of the Year
• SME of the Year
KABA Eligibility
To participate, SME’s have to meet the following criteria:
• Are legally registered in Kenya
• Have operated for the last three years
• Have a minimum of 5 employees
• Have a minimum turnover of Kshs. 5 million per year
• Have a maximum turnover of Kshs. 250 million per year

A nominal registration fee of Kshs 25,000 is payable by KIM members. Non-KIM members will pay a registration
fee of Kshs 25,000 and a membership fee of Kshs 4,000.

Benefits to Participants
• Enhance your business competitiveness
• A comprehensive report which will assist your business improve its performance
• Winners will be used as role models for other SME’s
• Achievement of publicity and international exposure
• Networking - get to know other companies and managers
• KIM experts can help SME’s prepare their Strategic Plans
• Participation in the KIM Business Development Services training programmes
Closing date for applications: August 13, 2010

For more information contact:

KIM - Centre for Enterprise Development
Lenana Road • The Kenya Institute of Management • P. O. Box 43706 – 00100, NAIROBI
Tel: +254 020 2714578/9 , 2396411 • E-mail:

Promoting Excellence and Integrity in Management Practices