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Final solution

Your Majesty this letter non-anonymous

To denounce the pretentious cock with its ridiculous red crest of punk
Which tears our sleep with its resounding crowing from crack of dawn
The cat-owl
Your Majesty this letter non-anonymous
To denounce this deceitful cat-owl with its saucer eyes
Miaowing its mournful ululations in the deepest of the night
The cock
Your Majesty this letter non-anonymous
To denounce these stupid cat-owl and cock with their disheveled feathers
Cock-a-doodle doo doing and meowing at nightfall until daybreak
The dog and the donkey
Your Majesty this letter non-anonymous
To denounce this idiot non-feathered dog with its drunken mouth
Barking from daybreak to dusk
The cock and cat-owl
Your Majesty this letter non-anonymous
To denounce this non-feathered of stupid ass with its dunce's cap
Which stuns its hew-haws from daybreak to dusk
The cock and cat owl
Your Majesty this letter non-anonymous
To denounce this bovine of non-feathered beef
Bellowing like an elephant seal from daybreak to dusk
The cock and cat-owl
Your Majesty this anonymous letter
To denounce these bleating sheep with their stinking fur polluting our air
Which doesn't know anything other than to gamble the sheep of Panurge
The well-intentioned subjects of Your Majesty
To my Dear Subjects so well intentioned
Ordered that all sheep are listed and transported
In appropriate places for a final settlement of the problem posed by them
Because of their existence
For the transport of sheep
When the proximity of the remediation site will permit it walking will be adopted
Otherwise will be used Our Moving Trucks and across our continent
The freight trains of Our Railway Royal Company
During transportation of the aforesaid the destination will be kept secret
As will be kept secret the decision taken by Us of the immediate slaughtering
Of the ewes and lambs by their swift substraction of males which will go
To work in Our Synthetic Fertilizer Plants until their natural death
The best way to achieve this final settlement of the sheep existence
Will be not use the gas vans already in action too slow
Neither the shootings too cruel for Our unfortunate performers
But the gas chambers
Carbon monoxide seems appropriate
However We do not exclude the use of another gas
Some promising research is underway
In Our Royal Chemical Plants
The formidable problem of disposing of carcasses
Should be solved by the use of mass graves with quicklime
The pyres are to be avoided for their low productivity
But especially for their odor that stinks the neighborhood
Crematoria must take priority
Provided that they are sufficient capacity and adequate strength
Because they will be working 24 hours on 24
Our outstanding industry has the means to provide it
We give orders to our faithful Dobermans and Great Danes
To plan the transfer of the entire sheep population of world
Starting with our beloved kingdom
Which will be the first to be rid of this pestilence sheep
Also We make a formal order that this vital work once executed
All administrative or material traces will be destroyed
Proceedings of Conference or crematoria gas chambers
Will be transformed into shower rooms for Our Beloved People
If this justified éradiction would be denounced by some malicious individuals
We summon our Loyal Parrots to go everywhere in Our Empire of Thousand Years
Repeating that there was never a final solution of sheep problem
That gas chambers never existed nor crematoria
In this decisive moment for Our Humanimality this order will be destroyed
Although not signed by Us and the greatest secrecy will be maintained to make
This task Less difficult to perform with respect to sheep but also
With respect to Our Beloved Subjects sometimes unnecessarily scrupulous

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