Original music and arrangement BY CHRIS BURNETT, BMI

"Cyclical Connotations" was written during the week of November 9, 2009 and then orchestrated/arranged for the instrumentation inherent to the musicians participating in the 2nd Residency of the Black House Improvisers' Collective (BHIC) in Kansas City. This work is comprised of an original chord progression and melody that are supported by three diminished cycles in 8 measure phrases as the root movement. Written in the time signature of 3/4, the duple meter feeling of the eighth notes is of primary consideration to the rhythmic intent of the single melodic, harmonic and counter melodic lines within the individual instrumental parts. Since each measure contains 6 eighth notes, the time signature of 6/8 could have been used as well. However, the tendencies of performances of compound time signatures such as 6/8, 9/8 and 12/8 typically morphing into sounding like triplets being played on each strong beat of the measure was motivation to use the simple meter time signature of 3/4 instead. The goal is for the eighth notes to be "flowing" rather than "galloping". In the context and purpose to serve as a platform for improvisation, the rich harmonic progression provides great resources for the soloist to create interesting original melodies. The inherent polyrhythmic nature of the work gives enough freedom to the rhythm players to compliment the music beyond the typical static drone often associated with keeping time in an ensemble setting such as this. The unique instrumentation also adds to the presentation. The BHIC musicians enjoyed performing "Cyclical Connotations". A complete copy of this work (score, parts and mock-up demo .mp3), a recording of the initial reading of the piece and a recording of the final concert performance of the work by the original BHIC artists performing the music live in Kansas City can be downloaded for FREE by visiting Peace, Cb Chris Burnett |


KANSAS CITY USA - The Black House Improvisers' Collective endeavors to help musicians work together to provide each other resources in which to develop and support each other and the Kansas City music scene. Performance Space: The Charlotte Street Foundation has provided access to a large rehearsal space in Downtown Kansas City at City Center Square. The space is big enough for a larger group of musicians to work. Over twenty musicians could easily rehearse comfortably. Musicians have the capability to work in unusual instrumentations and groups too large to fit in living rooms, garages and most stages. There will be some storage space made available. Weekly Rehearsals: Participants will make themselves available to each other for weekly rehearsals. These regular sessions are an invaluable resource to performer/composers looking to develop their craft. Having a group to write for and the opportunity to hear your new work read on a regular basis is a luxury that few musicians enjoy. Participants will give each other that luxury. In the likely event that a participant is unable to attend a rehearsal they will need to provide an appropriate substitute. Supportive Fellow Artists: The BHIC is dedicated to scene building. The workshops will give members of the Kansas City music scene an opportunity to play together and build working and artistic relationships. We would like to have musicians (who otherwise wouldn't necessarily get the opportunity) working and playing together. Mandate for New Work: The BHIC is dedicated completely to the creation of original music. Participants will be responsible for composing new work to be rehearsed and performed at the end of their residency. The workshops serve as a laboratory in which talented performers conduct experiments, not a forum in which to study older works. That being said, the stylistic direction of the workshops will be dictated completely by the participants themselves. Outlet: The end of each residency will be concluded with a performance. -----

Chris Burnett is an alto saxophonist, composer, recording artist and educator who began his active career at the age of 18 years old when he was selected by audition and accepted for musical service as a performing artist with the US Army Bands Career Program, where he performed and toured with several noteworthy professional US military band organizations for audiences at numerous locations in the continental United States and overseas. Subsequently, Mr. Burnett has continued as a life-long learner while performing music professionally for over three decades. Born in Olathe, Kansas, he was ultimately raised in Paola after his family had traveled extensively in early childhood and lived at such places as: France, Michigan and Colorado. His studies in instrumental music began seriously under clarinetist, James R. Fuchs. Mr. Fuchs was the local school band director who exposed him to professional saxophone players like Charles Molina and Gary Foster during those formative years. He has studied with numerous significant teachers and at the Armed Forces School of Music, Webster University, Columbia College, Berklee College of Music, and American University. Mr. Burnett is a former director of the Jazz Ensemble Program at Missouri University of Science and Technology (formerly University of Missouri-Rolla); a former director of the NATO Jazz Ensemble; and, a former featured performing member of the Faculty Jazz Ensemble of the Armed Forces School of Music that was under the direction of Maurice Williams, Jr. (former leader of the Army Blues Jazz Ensemble). As a composer, Mr. Burnett is the 1995 5-Star Award of Merit Winner of the National Federation of Music Clubs for his original composition and arrangement for big band titled, Daedalus. Daedalus was initially recorded by the award-winning Engineer Center Jazz Ensemble and published on the highly acclaimed compact disc recording by the 399th US Army Band, titled "Essayons" - which was also the first-ever CD recording released in that particular military band's history. Today, Chris Burnett has established a credible reputation as one of the finest alto saxophonists of his generation and is considered among Kansas City's most respected jazz artists. He has two commercial CD recordings available on the Artists Recording Collective label. Mr. Burnett’s Professional Memberships include: American Federation of Musicians (Kansas City Local 34627), The Recording Academy (GRAMMY®), and the US Army Career and Alumni Program (ACAP). See: Press Kit at for complete biographical narrative. He has been a writeraffiliate of Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI) since 1984.


Score cover art work
TITLE - "Musical Aircycle" by Elizabeth Haidle ( Used with permission. Elizabeth Haidle Artist Statement My geographical journey thus: Portland --> Los Angeles --> Seattle --> Savannah --> Seattle --> Philadelphia --> Taos. Reasons for moving: Education, Love, Landscape, Habit, Starting a stop-motion animation company, & most recently, Rearing a Toddler in the Mountains. I think I'll be here awhile. I especially love commissions, collaborative work of many sorts & group gallery exhibits with themes. I work in a wide array of illustrative contexts: children's books, cookbooks, magazines, album art, comics, etc....and unlike most normal people, I thrive on inflexible deadlines & quick turnarounds. It makes painting seem more adventurous & less sedentary, somehow. Elizabeth Haidle Résumé CLIENTS INCLUDE: Sony Music, Harvard Business Review, Topics Entertainment Inc., John Hopkins University, American Bar Association, HR Magazine, Zondervan Publishing, Harvest House, Baker Books, Honor Books, Globe Trekker Press, Pig Iron Theatre Company COLLECTIONS: Stone Gossard, Pearl Jam guitarist, Bruce Guenther, curator of Portland Art Museum, Philadelphia Free Library, Becky Kerlin, of Gallery Joe (Philadelphia), Shelley Spector, of Spector Gallery/ (Phila) GALLERIES: Compound Gallery, Grass Hut Corp, Spector Gallery, Seraphin

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