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27.02.10 Keeping Canberra in the know.

INVITATIONS TO COMMENT New operating hours at the Domestic Animal Services Changes to the Domestic Animals Act 2000
Changes to the Domestic Animals Act 2000 came into effect from 18 February
Public information sessions – Wright and Coombs, From 1 March 2010 there will be new operating hours at the Domestic Animal 2010 to help victims of dog attacks or harassment to seek compensation.
Molonglo Valley Services (DAS) facility at Mugga Lane, Symonston.
The amendments enable the Registrar of Domestic Animal Services to share
New Office Hours dog owners’ details with victims of dog attacks to ensure they are able to pursue
The Land Development Agency (LDA) has engaged Cardno Young to undertake compensation for their injuries or loss.
the planning, design and documentation of the Wright and Coombs residential Monday 10.00am – 3.00pm
estates in Molonglo Valley. For more information, please visit or contact
Tuesday 10.00am – 3.00pm
Canberra Connect on 13 22 81.
The LDA is also preparing a Riparian Management Strategy to conserve and
rehabilitate aquatic and riparian ecosystems adjacent to the suburbs of Coombs Wednesday CLOSED
and North Weston, while enhancing recreational opportunities and improving
amenity for residents and visitors. Thursday 10.00am – 6.00pm ACT Human Right Commission Training Calendar and
registration form, now available online
The LDA invites the public to view the draft Estate Development Plan (EDP) Friday 10.00am – 3.00pm
for Wright and Coombs, and provide feedback with regard to the Riparian The ACT Human Rights Commission Calendar for March to June 2010 is now
Management Strategy via two public information sessions to be held at St Peter’s Saturday 10.00am – 3.00pm available online along with our new online registration form. Please go to
Anglican Church, corner of Parkinson Street and Watling Place, Weston ACT. to register. Click on the publication/education link and
Sunday CLOSED then click on the education tab.
Drop-in information session one
When: Monday 1 March 2010 (between 3.30pm – 6.30pm) Amendments to the operating hours at the DAS facility will see rangers spending The ACT Human Rights Commission offers courses regarding the Human Rights
more time on patrol across Canberra. This enhanced visibility will result in greater Act 2004, the Discrimination Act 1991 and Health Records (Privacy and Access) Act
Drop-in information session two opportunities for DAS rangers to promote responsible pet ownership as well as 1997.
When: Thursday 4 March 2010 (between 5.00pm – 8.00pm) respond more quickly to the community and incidents.
If you require further information please contact Joanne Mitchell, Senior Project Our website gives a full description of each of our seven courses, the times they
Manager on 6207 5699 or For more information please visit or call Canberra are available and course costs.
Connect 13 22 81.
If you would like to organise a tailored training session on the amendments
Canberra’s energy policy - consultation closes 5 March Seasonal influenza vaccination
to the Human Rights Act and how it affects public authorities or one of our
discrimination courses, please contact the ACT Human Rights Commission on
2010 6205 2222.
From 2010, more people in Australia will be eligible to receive free seasonal
The ACT Government has recently launched a major discussion paper in the influenza vaccine under the National Immunisation Program.
energy sector – the Draft Sustainable Energy Policy 2010-2020.
Seasonal influenza vaccine will be free for the following people:
The draft energy policy sets out a proposed framework for reducing the ACT’s • anyone aged 6 months or over who is at risk of severe outcomes if they catch EVENTS
reliance on fossil-fuel powered electricity while making Canberra’s energy supply the flu, such as people suffering from cardiac disease, cancer, cystic fibrosis,
more secure and sustainable. The draft policy proposes increased assistance diabetes or renal failure;
for low-income and vulnerable people in the light of rising energy prices and ACT Government display at the ActewAGL Royal
making the ACT Government carbon neutral in its operations by 2020. • pregnant women;
• all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people aged 15 or older; and
Canberra Show
We welcome community views on this important topic that will shape Canberra’s
energy sector future. • all Australians 65 years and over. Come and visit the ACT Government display at the ActewAGL Royal Canberra
Show this weekend. Chat with ACT Government staff about a range of exciting
People in these groups have a higher risk of developing severe complications events, services and initiatives across the ACT. The ACT Government display is
Consultation on the Draft Sustainable Energy Policy closes on 5 March from influenza, which can result in hospitalisation or even death.
2010. Copies of the draft energy policy are available to download from located in the Leisure and Lifestyle Pavilion. or for more information contact Seasonal influenza vaccine provides protection against three influenza vaccine
Canberra Connect on 13 22 81 and ask for the Senior Manager of Energy Policy. For more information call Canberra Connect 13 22 81.
strains: These are the pandemic H1N1 vaccine strain and two other influenza
virus strains that are currently circulating in the community. People who have
been immunised with H1N1 vaccine should still have the seasonal influenza
Construction Occupations Amendment Bill 2010 vaccine in order to get protection against all three strains of the influenza virus. Earth Hour 2010
The Construction Occupations Amendment Bill 2010 has been released for Seasonal influenza vaccine is expected to be available from March 2010, with Flick off your light switches and turn off the TV, because Earth Hour 2010
public comment until 18 March 2010. most stock expected to arrive during April and May. The vaccine for those in is coming. At 8.30pm on Saturday 27 March millions of people around the
the above funded groups is delivered direct to General Practitioners (GP) so world will sit in darkness for Earth Hour. For the past two years the ACT
Details about the Bill, which introduces a voluntary process that will allow people anyone in the above groups should talk to their GP or child health nurse about has had the highest participation rate of any Australian capital city so to
to get certification stating a development is exempt from either development or vaccination with seasonal influenza vaccine. register your support and find out more, visit or
building approval, can be found at
Pandemic H1N1 vaccine is free for everyone and is still available. Pandemic
Comments on the Bill (stating which section you are referring to) can be sent by H1N1 influenza remains a threat so anyone who has not yet had the vaccine is
email to encouraged to get vaccinated to protect both themselves and those who are
vulnerable in the community. Canberra Festival
You can also post comments to Construction Occupations Amendment Bill 2010
Legislation section, ACT Planning and Land Authority, GPO Box 1908, Canberra To protect yourself against pandemic H1N1 influenza, book an appointment now The Canberra Festival celebrates our sense of community through sporting
ACT 2601. with your GP or call the Community Health Intake Line during business hours on events, exhibitions, dance, art, culture and heritage, film and music.
6207 9977. For seasonal influenza vaccine, check with your GP to ensure they
have stock on hand before your appointment. From Saturday 6 March to Sunday 14 March, Canberra will play host to a range
NOTICES of extraordinary events, with each day presenting something new, exciting and
vibrant to showcase the diversity and culture of our city.
Office of Regulatory Services helping protect the
With the return of the much loved Balloon Spectacular, the flagship event
Jerrabomberra Creek Bridge closed community against fraud Celebrate in the Park, the quirky and fun Lights! Canberra! Action! and the
addition of the new event Symphony in the Park and new pilot event FlipArt, the
The Department of Territory and Municipal Services wishes to advise that Consumer Fraud Awareness Week is a national initiative and will run from 1 to 7 2010 Canberra Festival is shaping up to be the biggest Canberra has seen yet.
Jerrabomberra Creek Bridge, located between Newcastle Street and Dairy Flat March 2010. During this Week, the ORS will be engaging with the community
Roads within the Jerrabomberra Wetlands Nature Reserve, will be closed from 1 at a number of Canberra Shopping Centers to educate consumers about the
March to 15 March 2010, to allow for the bridge to be widened. prevalence and dangers of fraud in the ACT. These stalls will be open at the Mark 6 to14 March in your calendar as we celebrate our city’s 97th birthday and
following locations during business hours, and ORS staff will be present to hand countdown until our 100th birthday celebration in 2013.
The widening work will enable the bridge to be safely used by both pedestrians out relevant information and answer any questions consumers have.
and cyclists. For more information visit or call Canberra Connect on
Monday 1 March Gungahlin Shopping Centre 13 22 81.
Works on the bridge is part of the broader project to construct a new cycle path
connecting the Lake Burley Griffin circuit through Jerrabomberra Wetlands Tuesday 2 March Cooleman Court
Nature Reserve. Construction on the cycle path is expected to be completed by
mid-2010. Wednesday 3 March Erindale Shopping Centre TEMPORARY ROAD CLOSURES
Thursday 4 March Kippax Fair
Housing ACT grants Notice is hereby given pursuant to Section 4 of the Roads and Public Places Act
Friday 5 March Lanyon Market Place 1937, of the intention to close the following roads in the ACT.
Social and community housing tenants can now access grants of up to $5,000
from Housing ACT.
Canberra Connect - your ACT Government gateway
The grants can be used to run a wide range of projects, including art classes,
COMMUNITY PATH: Marcus Clarke Street (eastern side) between Alinga Street
community gardens and social outings for senior residents. New to Canberra? Contact Canberra Connect on 13 22 81 to access ACT
and Rudd Street.
Government information, payments and services.
A number of community organisations are available to support those who would
TIME: 7.00am Saturday 6 March to 5.00pm Saturday 8 May 2010.
like assistance in applying for or managing a grant project.
Responsibility of cat owners
REASON: construction of new footpath and associated landscaping works.
Belconnen Community Service (Tricia) 6278 8110
Cat owners are reminded that domestic cats are a threat to native wildlife. An
ACT study reveals domestic cats are responsible for killing a total of 67 different Any person wishing to comment on this notice may contact Colin Evans on
Northside Community Service (Sally) 6257 2255
species of birds and animals. 62076821.
Woden Community Service (Lynton) 6282 2644 Barriers, warning and diversion signs to be erected on site.
You can reduce the risk to native wildlife by keeping your cat indoors, particularly
YWCA of Canberra in Tuggeranong (Claudia) 6294 4633 between sunset and sunrise and by putting a bell on your cat’s collar to provide
a warning to other animals.If you are living in a cat curfew area – Bonner, Forde, Rifaat Shoukrallah
Mulligan’s Flat and Goorooyarroo – your cat must be confined to your property at Delegated Officer
To find out more, contact Ms Mary Burns on
all times.
62070902, or download an application form from Roads ACT Locked Bag 2000
For further information visit or contact Canberra Connect
Applications close on 12 March 2010. on 13 22 81. Civic Square ACT 2608

Phone Canberra Connect on 13 22 81 I