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archipelago counterpoint

Marcia Arrieta

Buffalo, New York

archipelago counterpoint by Marcia Arrieta

Copyright 2015
Published by BlazeVOX [books]
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the publishers written permission, except for brief quotations in reviews.
Printed in the United States of America
Interior design and typesetting by Geoffrey Gatza
First Edition
ISBN: 978-1-60964-214-3
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quest for/adaptive to environment

wild domestic like sun bear polar bear and how they grew
controlled free modernism in a sewing machine meadow tundra
upholster intellects like couches books boundaries to climb
trees claws sharp ripping seams tracing patterns cut the edges
berries sweet grass insects nourishing warm against the body passages
into quilts quiet rivers with salmon existential rosemary threads
which cannot be knotted



nebulous insurgent
you dream your life
into invariables
tidal friction
astronomical friends
you plant trees
the days are void
in conversation
you find a postcard
Timeless Auras collages,
sumi paintings, paper sculptures
thereafter solemn
books become situations
at any moment you might disappear
a thread will unravel
sword, shield, owl, rose


to some extent
the letters seem to be disappearing
my feet become the roots of the oak
i am looking for a satisfactory conversation & then a bit of silence
oblique seizures in an attempt for consciousness
the designs are in a shattered clock
bewilder imagine enclaves sober
there are gaps
a strange person made of bags stranded on the freeway encourages me to move on


the bookcases need cleaning or sometime life is exhausting

document walks stunned embankments cathedrals outside dust
exclamation displaced offshore wildfire contingent outline peace
nomad existence in the dunes in the castle bridges & windows
landscape paintings monasteries abbeys remember astronomy

holes envision eclectic trees translucent isles rocks winds & calm
captured patterns designs thus preventing build the light infinite
reconstruct possibilities rethink mountains inside the square
cyclical motion the poetics the construction imagination memory


tenuous the threads

clock threads indeterminate language wash the clothes balance the socks
the reindeer is tied to a lamppost
equalize the perimeter between/around two heads semblance of eagles
semblance of pines white blanket in winter
extreme the responsibilities green light red light blockades tapestries
wander down tranquil equate absence with denial unravel illumination


reading muraki on a calendar. trying to understand time.

the light comes in slowly. gradually. not always.
subtle realization the surreal. dreams. desires. instincts. dramas. survival.
we go shopping for trees.
birds & thoughts.
the owl is hidden on the island.
the rim of the world.

the street of miracles.

the wind tunnel.

a wireless grid.

travels within/
travels without.
through the empty corridors.


clocks & dragonflies.

small drawings of time.

within the cries of the subway

bach. "the elf king."
water sprite.
how does complication
exactly work?
could you define your life?
remember to plan for your next trip.
imagine mountains. gardens. walls lined with books.
avoid trifling conversations.
know the island & the gyrfalcon.
exit to the sea.


refraction ideal
Refraction of a Spherical Wave at a Plane Surface
Robert E. Wood
Physical Optics
the container of pink paint is upside down.
Suppose a spherical wave originating at 0 to be refracted at the plane
surface AB.
blue waves on canvas. yellow suns.
The evolute of the hyperbola is the caustic of the refracted wave, in this case
virtual of course.
the red paintbrush floats.
wave-front. radiant point.
concept time. concept space. unconventional.



paper boxes. cabooses. long rides in the night.

today rilke appearshis face collaged as a mirror.
we discuss the earth in spring. metaphor reflection.
short journeys of the soul. abstraction the ordinary
quite unordinary. like trees in a meteor shower
or old poems found in a book of art.


walking through content

pleasure hidden art words falling water theorems & abstractions
zero times two silent configurations analyze dust threshold sun
far think something speak internal/external annihilating juxtaposition
clouds without moons taste one another conscious to leap disguised
sheltered window & light edge dynamic symmetry water balancing
terraces & grace rhythm & spirit the twigs the leaves the feathers & stone


parallel forces & their effect

orange butterfly on the planes wing.
the wind. the waves.
old footsteps. the japanese poet & italian philosopher.
alleys of glass. alleys of broken books.
are the eclipses of the sun & moon
the result of shadows?
real. inverted.
real. virtual.
farther away.
behind the mirror.
bird footsteps.
pebbles. sticks.


one red blossom/moving clouds

i read of intrigue. runes. the clock manual appears. i have no clock.
dandelions & winter. the origin of spectra. there are questions i wish to ask you .
the answers are unimportant. we play word games. nothing compared to the wind.
or the snow even. last time i saw youyou were surrounded by incredibly bright light.
perhaps it was because the corridor was dark & deserted. was the apple left in front of
my door symbolic?
my head has become a daffodilit is bent by the force of the rain. i have no idea
what spectra is. perhaps spectra is a secret, which combines all & nothing. are we
an experimental test? you mentioned surreal. i mentioned light. in between there is
sculpture & a thousand poems & drawings. the trees bend in wind.
Studies of other spectra by Kayser and Rung, Rydberg and others showed that the lines
could be sorted out into overlapping series, converging to heads on the short wavelength side. Some of the series had a common point of convergence.*
like a ginkgo leaf or snowflake carried in a birds mouth.
*from Physical Optics by Robert Wood


pensive chaos. love.
we travel to the andes.
einstein speaks of how the starlight bends around the sun.
i wind a strand of hair around my finger.
you look for a yellow pencil.
squares triangles paths
around & through we must travel.


avalanches & snowdrifts

minutes & hours
where is my golden ratio book?
tonight i will go in search of the moon


a glare in the sky
over an ice field


a broken pencil. taped.

i read about the string theory & gems from madagascar. there are blue
stars pasted here & there. i remember x/y. descartes attempts to speak
to me. i do not understand. is cognition necessary? we never speak.